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S: As the years go by

BC: Class OF 2012

FC: As the years go by

1: When I was younger I used to spend all sorts of time with my paw-paw Jake it the best memories of childhood I have of me and him just us having fun and us being together.

2: Well there’s many things to say about my brother is 11 oh he is a handful he has ADHD so he takes medicine for it which helps. But when he forgets its had he has a bad attitude and he doesn't want to listen to anyone. But he has them moments he can be sweet if he wants to. When the moments come there price less I wouldn't change it for anything.

3: Through time my sister hasn't really been there for me.But I'm now 17 and I'm still trying to get her to be in my life. Trying more to get her maybe not to be a sister but maybe a real good friend.

4: I have to say my mom may be strict but I cant help to love her to death. She has been really good mom to me | my 17 years and I'm pretty sure that she will always be there for me and love me even though I may make a bad decision she will be there to tell me that was wrong but will always help me out and be there afterwards. After everything I still love her.

5: Now my dad wow well to say one thing I think he means well. It just seems that he doesn't care what I do unless I'm playing softball. But he will help me if I asked him to or if I needed him and called him crying he was ask me what’s wrong and be there but except for that a simple normal day we barely say may be 3 sentences to each other and I wish we were closer. I still Love him though.

6: I definitely can’t forget Hank he has been there for me through so many things. When my na-na was in hospital and had to have her bypass surgery he was there to tell me everything would be okay and it meant the world to me to hear it from him and for him to be there for me. He was there when my mom and dad fought and just when I need him he is always there. I can’t help but to love him after being with him for a year.

7: The only person that can be as special to me as Hank would be my paw-paw Henry he means so much to me ever since I was younger I was his shadow I was his girl every weekend we did something together. He stopped smoking and drinking just to be able to see me when I | was born which says so much to me. But there was a break between him not understanding that I still love him and that he means so so much to me. I don't know my mom says he's jealous but he doesn't have to be I love Hank and him both. It's hard to watch him get mad just because I'm dating Hank. I want him to be there.

8: There is one little girl that means so much to me. She is the sweetest thing and so cute. Her name is Lexi she is 2 years old now. I was there an hour after she was born. And ever since then if I could I would take her as my own. I love her to death.

9: My other cousin Tabby she moved to North Carolina about 5 years ago. She has a little girl named Zoey she is so cute but we get to see her every few | months and sometime more than once in one month. But when Zoey was born she was sick and had to stay in the hospital for the first 4 months. Then they released her and they had to bring her home with a feeding tube and an IV in her chest. Now I seen her over the weekend 3-13-11 and in a week she gets the feeding tube out because she is doing so well.

10: Ever since I was young my cousin and I weren't really close to be completely honest. Then lately we have got a little close because I talk to her more. And of course I watch Lexi for her as much as I can. I think that’s one way that made us close. But now we try to hangout and everything. Cause I like to be around her and getting away from the house. My mom thinks she is such a bad example but see I'm 17 and completely over me not making my own decisions. It not like she is going to tell me to do something and I'm going to jump to do it I can make my own decision. My mom says she trusts me she just doesn't trust her.

11: My Aunt Teresa is on my mom side she has tried to be so good to be and she lets me come up if she doesn't have plans. But I tried to talk to her when I was younger but it didn't work that well I told her something and she went back and told my mom. She after that I really didn't trust her to talk to it wasn't on purpose it was just one of them things that I had to have someone to trust. And I think that’s when I really started keeping a journal and writing about my day and stories. It was that since of not keeping it in and security I guess to know I had somewhere to put all the stuff that was hard for me at the time when I was younger. But it just soon became a hobby just writing to show what I was feeling it's like the one thing I had for myself and no one could take it away it helped me deal with everything that was going on.

12: Now my cousin on my mom side they have money. They invite me and my brother to come over the summer and have a fun time. We get to do all kinds of fun and different things. And every time a go I have so much fun. I do miss everyone when I go up there because I don't leave home that much. But this summer it's going to be fun but most of all it's going to be hard to leave Hank for 2 weeks up to a month and not have that much contact with him because I have never been without him for more than a week.

13: They have 2 little girls that are so cute. They have one named Juju she's the oldest and then the youngest is Emmy. I haven't seen them since September so it has been awhile. Alex and Juju get along really good they are close to the same age. Last time we were up there Juju was into ballet classes and Emmy was still young but I can only remember that she liked to just play with her toys. But can't wait to head up to North Carolina this year. Then just go up there have fun and have a great time.

14: Can't forget about my 5 pets I have a 2 dogs a cat, a ferret and a bird. My 2 dogs are Genny and Nibbles. Genny is 30 pound she is about 6 years old she is small and she listens very well now Nibbles is a year old she is about 60 or 70 pounds she is big and she doesn't want to listen almost at all but she is learning and getting better slowly. But Nibbles is so hyper and Genny is like laying there looking at Nibbles jumping around her saying leave me alone.

15: The cat that we got its name is silver. We got it from a place where it had been saved and we thing that it had been treated badly before we got her | cause she was so scared and wanted to hide most of the time. So we let her come around in her own time. When she would jump up on the bed we would slowly go over and rub her and give her treats so she would start to get used to us and start to feel safe. But we have had her for about 6 years now and she is still a little jumpy but I think she likes it now.

16: Now the ferret my brother named it Che-Che. It's so funny it just hops and around and it has so much energy it loves to play. He likes hiding under covers and stuff like that but he is very cute. Oh and he likes my cat but the cat just runs away cause its like this 20 pound cat and this like 10 pound ferret. So it looks so funny cause the cat doesn't know what else to do but run away.

17: Then the bird it is quit most of the time but when it gets hungry it will let you know it will chirp until you give it food or water so we have had it for about 4 years now it has been awhile I think he is the easiest to take care up tho.

18: When I got a little bit older I stated to understand more things about people in my family finding out my uncle was gay but I got to spend time with him as I went on it didn't matter if he was gay or straight he was my great uncle who was funny and really smart.

19: My Aunt she used to be so good to me. When I was younger she had a little girl named Beth and me and she used to play together. Beth isn’t too much younger then I am. But when I was about 12 they moved away. And after that she really didn't keep in touch until recently.

20: My family is pretty crazy my mom and dad side my dad only sees his sister like twice a year and since my paw-paw Jake died well really haven't seen my uncle Wille and my dad’s mom we see her at least 3 times every 6 months the thing about her she tells you what she thinks not always a great thing believe me. But she’s the one that always is like I want you to do your best and not give up so I guess it equals out. Then to put it all together the family that lives in the area of around Buena Vista that live like 20 minutes away we see maybe on one holiday or when someone dies or moves away now how is that ever a good way to get together and see each other not when I have to say good bye to some.

21: My mom’s side well my uncle Teddy married a women that wasn't right for him so we don't see him much anymore. My aunt Teresa well she lives a few blocks of from us but we talk to her like a few times every week but don't see her but like twice a month. My na-na and my paw-paw also talk to them lots but don't see them that much either I guess it depends on which month it is and what my na-na wants to do. My mom’s family that lives far away we see them once maybe twice or more if we’re lucky. My mom’s cousin Joey and his wife Kris live in North Carolina and they have made a really good life for themselves and their kids. We see most that family at family reunions and maybe holidays.

22: There has been so many things in my life that has changed me and how I am now. It’s been when my house burnt down losing all my animals including my paw-paw Jake and losing my stuff. Have to go through therapy and a grief camp for 2 years. Still to this day it’s hard to talk about but I can at least talk about it now. What made it worse is a few months later my granddaddy fell in the bathroom went into a coma and they flew him to Augusta medical then we stayed up there or drove back and forth each day this went on for about a month then the doctors said to think about making a decision. All of the cousins stood in a circle in the waiting room crying cause we made the family took 2 days to make the decision to take my granddaddy off life support the night before we went home the next morning there was a call about 7 a.m they told my mom he had passed away my mom came and told me and even though we went that close. He was still my granddaddy and I loved him all I could do is set and cry.

23: The thing is that everything happens for a reason. I think that everything does happen for a reason maybe sometimes it hurts but it’s meant to be. And that if these things wouldn't of happened to me. I wouldn't be who I am today. And these things have made me stronger as a person. | Strong

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