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1: Brittney, You are beautiful, you are generous, you are caring.... you are loved. This book is full of fond memories, wishes, thoughts and happy pictures to get you started on your most amazing journey yet. May your life ahead be filled with happy memories!

3: One of the many reasons I love Brittney is because of how much she loves life, people, and, more particularly, animals. I often kid that we would have three dozen pets if I didn't object. The number is actually closer to four dozen. I'm not kidding. Roady, the turtle Shortly after we moved to North Carolina, we took in a new pet - a box turtle from the side of the road, who we dubbed "Roady". We made Roady his own crib - a makeshift terrarium from a plastic bin that we had retooled and filled with lots of damp black soil. The turtle loved the place - and Brit loved watching him navigate it. She'd check in on him regularly. She'd feed him tomatoes and other food (though we never actually saw him eat any of it). In just a few months, he became a part of the family. Gradually, our two dogs, Spencer and Lola, began to take a stronger interest in our new pet. Occasionally, we would notice the door ajar to the room where we kept him and find one of them nosing the mesh netting at the top of his chamber. The turtle was of course oblivious to it all, burying himself in the soil, away from their curious snouts. Worried when she didn't see him, Brit often rummaged through the soil until she felt his hard shell submerged inches below. Inevitably, the dogs would get the closer look they'd been seeking. We came home one day to find the terrarium torn apart, dirt scattered on the carpet and our little turtle balled up into a shell that had been cracked, chipped and bloodied. By then, our two dogs were in another room playing, having already forgotten the day's big conquest. Meanwhile, Brit was distraught. We did what we could to clean the wounds and get Roady back on the mend. Still he barely moved and gingerly at that. He lived another week before we found him completely still. We buried Roady beside the house. Brit made a little tomb stone for him. After several years, I still remember seeing how upset Brittney was at the whole situation. Losing the turtle really hurt her. It took her a long time to get over it. At the time, I remember seeing her reaction and realizing how much she loved the turtle and how much she loves anyone or anything she cares for - big or small. At the time, I felt lucky to be in her life. I still do. We have never gotten another turtle. But every time we go window-shopping at the local pound or SPCA I see the way she eyes the animals. It reminds me how much she loves those close to her and how much I love her. Love, Paul

4: Dear Brittney, We want to wish you and Paul all the best in your upcoming marriage. As I was thinking back on memories of you, of course my first flashes were of the "kitchen band." How you all entertained us every time we had a family event, starting with the first day we met! We also enjoyed many plays that were thoughtfully rehearsed before the presentation on New Year's Eve. Now we are looking forward to seeing you as the beautiful bride we know you will be. Best wishes for your wedding and all your future years! Love, Becky and Joe

5: Best Wishes!!! | Love, Cousin Vern

7: Brittney - Thinking back to 1991, when our parents decided to get married in only a few short weeks, I would have never thought that the two of us would get along anytime in the future. In my childish brain, I thought we would for sure stay mortal enemies until the end of time. But, over the past twenty years I am glad that we didn't become enemies, but became such great friends. Even thought we do not talk all the time and see each other only occasionally, I feel like when we do talk, we just pick up where we left off. I know that we are not technically blood related, but I want you to know that I will always consider you my sister no matter what. One of the fondest memories that I have of the two of us, is the trip I took to Raleigh before I left for Thailand. I had such a blast hanging out with you for those few days. I really loved going camping and kayaking with you and Paul that weekend. Kayaking was something that I never had really done before, and I am glad that you introduced it to me. That weekend is one that I will take with me for the rest of my life. I know we are both busy in our own lives, but I would really love to spend more time with you in the future. Britt, I am glad that you found someone to spend the rest of your life with. Seeing you so happy when you are with Paul, makes me happy. I know that you and Paul have had many great memories in the past, but you are starting a new chapter and are about to make many more. If there is anything that you ever need, don't forget that your bother will always be there for you! Love - Your Brother J.T. Always remember to live life to the fullest and have fun everyday. I leave you with a quote from the wise Ferris Bueller, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

8: You have been like a big sister to me my whole life and now you're getting married! You used to help me blow dry my hair and put up with repetitive watching of The Little Rascals. You are such a good role model. I'm very thankful that you've been a part of my whole life. You are now starting the next chapter of your life. I am excited to be there with you for it. Love, Cassidy

9: So many memories so little page space. There was the Brittney doing flips in the pool, wearing dangling earrings and sewing up a storm. The Brittney who wore all those flowered dresses is now the Brittney wearing one that is long and white. No words are good enough, so remember to laugh as much as you breath and love as long as you live. Love you Sara and Don

10: Rob and I met Brittney for the first time at our son's rehearsal dinner five years ago. We knew then that Paul and Brittney would become husband and wife sometime in the future. | The second time we met Brittney was in New York for the one of the last New York Yankee games at Yankee Stadium. Paul and Brittney were kind enough to put us up for the night and go to the game with us. We went to one of their favorite places after the game for real New York pizza and breakfast the next morning. Love, Linda

11: One fond memory I have of Brittany is from a Yoga Retreat I attended with her in Emerald Isle, October of 2008. Brittany planned and prepared the entire "raw" menu for the retreat. The attached photo is of a delicious zucchini spaghetti dinner she made one evening. The view, of course, added to that special evening... Mary Ribando

12: Dear Aunt Brittney, You snuggled with me on the first day I was here and I still love giving you hugs. We have so much fun at Monkey Joes and Carowinds together. Please come see me all the time. I love you. Love, Jack

13: I remember Jim, Paul's Dad, going out to New York to take in a Yankees game with Paul. When he came back, Jim could not say enough nice things about how sweet Brittney was, pleasant, pretty, and smart... and that I would definately like her. A few years later, after Brittney and Paul had moved to North Carolina, we invited them to join us on a vacation in Asheville, NC. It was just about 2 weeks before we were set to leave and Paul called with a very urgent tone in his voice and need to speak with his Dad. I feared something had gone array with our plans to get together. His voice was so serious, I feared even worse. Then, I found out that he had finally proposed to Brittney and she said yes! We were very excited!!! I wanted to make sure she knew it, so when they joined us, we brought her flowers with a card that said 'Welcome to our family!' She was so appreciative and gracious, it really touched me. Then when I found out she was a dog person, well that sealed the deal!!! She was a keeper! Ha ha ha We had a wonderful time exploring Lake Lure that week and getting to know Brittney. And that is how we met! Briitney: Thank you for the joy and sparkle that you put into Paul's eyes! Many, many wishes and blessings to the both of you! Congratulations! Love, Marita

14: Dearest Brit, We starting chasing dreams together. We held hands as the curtain of our adulthood rose, and stood together through the years, miles, schools, plays, boys, love, dramas and traumas of our lives. Thick and thin I would say. Thank you for that from the bottom of my soul. It breaks my heart not be with you on your wedding day. I am beyond excited for you to begin this new chapter in your life. Thank you for the life long friendship, support and your genuine deep love. Lets continue chasing those dreams, ok? No matter where they take us. It makes it easier knowing you are in the world. We have been through some pretty great times, my girl. I am excited to hear all of your stories about you and Paul's love and new life together. I will be there on your wedding day, in my heart, in my spirit. My arms are around you. Congrats, my Brit. I love you. Love, Gretchen

15: Brittney, From our early days of meeting and playing at the Shala, then to Triangle and finally the Garden, with beach stops, gatherings and collapsing on the floor in laughter in between! You have been such a blessing and ray of sunshine in my life. I wish you both the happiest of futures together. Love, Light, Oms & Blessings, Dharma

16: Brittney was the biggest inspiration to me, as a friend and yoga teacher. She was my very first real teacher, she sort of took me under her wing. She guided me to my teacher training, and supported me as a new yoga teacher. Recently, a student of mine wrote me this poem, and I feel the same way about Brittney that this student feels in the poem. Out of her guidance and love, came another yoga teacher, and happy students! Namaste Samantha | Oh yoga teacher so young with so much beauty oh spiritual creature giving like it is your duty sunshine glow moonlight force we trust mystical flow created with special stardust moving grace love flowing from your soul smiling face makes us feel whole safe and warm feeling the energy of yoga love out of the storm this is what happiness is made of your teaching through your yoga embraces keeps us reaching moving us to new places thank you for your sharing for your unconditional caring thank you so very much for the awesome power of your touch you inspire us all in oh so many ways help us to stand tall turn our clouds into sun filled days you give us great physical and spiritual lift thank you for sharing with us your magical gift...

17: "For happiness is anyone and anything at all, that's loved by you!" Amber

18: One of my funniest – ( in retrospect ) – memories of Brittney is of her second birthday celebration at Disney World. At the time it was a heart stopping, panic stricken moment which seemed hours long. Honey, Granddad, Uncle John and Jay had gone to get drinks. I took Melissa and Brittney to the ladies room while their Dad waited outside with the stroller. Melissa had trouble with her belt and needed help; so there we all were – Aunt Claire, Melissa and Brittney all in one little bathroom stall fixing the belt. All of a sudden, with no warning, Brittney ducked under the door and took off as fast as she could run (and a two year old can run fast) back to the wonders of the outside World and the million or so people who were at Disney that day. I began frantically trying to open the door to get to Brittney, wondering what to do about Melissa, and generally going into a state of complete panic. I screamed at the top of my lungs – “Jack – Brittney is loose and coming out – Grab Her!” Luckily, really loud panicked voices carry well in cavernous tile bathrooms. Jack was able to catch her as she came racing out of the door and off to find the Country Bear Jamboree all by herself. Love, Aunt Claire

19: When i first met Brittney I believe it was on a visit to Paul when they were living in NY. Not long after they started dating Paul told me all about her and he seemed very smitten from the beginning. When I met Brittney the first thing I thought was how beautiful she was and what a pretty smile. But then I also noticed how she looked at Paul and how he returned the look. I went home and told Gene I thought they were in love and this might be it. I was very happy to see that, she is a wonderful person and I know Paul loves her with all his heart. They are adorable together and it is so nice to see two people who aren't afraid to show how much they care about each other. I think they have found their true soul mates. ~ Dottie | Dear Brittney, One of my favorite memories of you is when Rick and I visited yourhome in West Palm Beach for Sun Fest and you gave me a unique necklace that you had made using black, silver, and turquoise beads and using silver safety pins. I loved it. I still have it and treasure it because YOU made it for me. I wish you and Paul the most wonderful life together. Love, Hazel I’ve been a friend of Paul’s since we were in middle school so I was delighted to find out that he had moved down to North Carolina and we would hang out from time to time. However, for about two years of seeing Paul, I would always hear about Brittney, but she would always have something going on so I didn’t meet her for a very long time. I thought that Paul was just making her up! The first time I met Brittney was at Starbucks almost a year ago when her and Paul were first engaged. I had told Paul that I would love to design their wedding invitation so we met at the coffee shop to discuss design concepts and the rest is history. From then on Brittney and I have become fast friends and she is a joy to be around. I think she is a beautiful person, inside and out. She’s one of those blessed people that can go out without makeup and look radiant. It has been so much fun helping her out with the wedding and I hope that we will stay friends for years to come! frances soo

20: Your Uncle David and I raised six children in a large country home. As part of this rural living, we kept kitchen waste for composting and to feed our chickens. When you and your sister visited, you launched right into the chore routines with your cousins. I recall your small eyes squinting at the smelly green compost bucket, but you did not flinch. You and Beth and Monika each grabbed part of the handle and hauled the scraps to feed the chickens. It was a large, full 5 gallon bucket and it was a pretty heavy load for three little girls to carry. When you all returned from the chicken house, Brittney in particular looked positively green. Brittney also had three eggs festooned with chicken poop, in her hands. I am sure that life in West Palm Beach did not particularly involve hauling garbage scraps, or gathering messy eggs. None the less, Brittney shouldered on and was not about to shrink from her county- mouse girl cousins chores. I see now that in her adult life, this sort of determination has made her a great teacher. Brittney does not give up on her special students and probably has the same steely determined look in her face. Possibly Uncle David and I should give her a five gallon green bucket as a symbolic wedding present. We are enormously proud of you for many reasons. May this same determination live in you forever. Aunt Merry Ann

21: It's incredible that it's been twelve years since we met. From that first trip to Florida, you felt like family. We've been through a lot together and it's made us not only family, but friends. I'm so glad you are the Aunt to our boys, Godmother to Jack and my sister. You of all people deserve to be happy and I'm glad that you have found that in Paul. Best of wishes and many happy memories. Love you! Weston

22: Brittney, It has been wonderful to practice yoga with you every Tuesday at the Yoga Garden. I always think of you when I use 'spider man' hands, pressing every finger tip into the floor. I love the way you balance stability and detailed consciousness of the body with exploration and the sheer enjoyment of practicing-your abilities as a teacher shine in your classes. I wish you the very best in your marriage to Paul. You already know it, and just keep coming back to this: all you need is love. love, Shana

23: I remember running out the door of my classroom, turning the corner, and running into Brittney. The first time I saw her, she was so quiet, and kind, and a bit apprehensive. She cautiously asked questions, and listened intently, carefully thinking as she worded her sentences. I confessed that I barely knew what I was doing, as I had been changed from a 2nd grade teacher, to resource, to self-contained. I was refreshed to have another new teacher at my school, then realized she was from New York, like me! I often joked with her that she should be on an LL Bean cover-hiking to the top of a mountain with her yoga gear strapped to her back. I drank her smoothies, read her raw cookbooks, and often had a desire to smear the avocado she was eating for lunch under her eyes to resemble war paint. Then, as I continued to mock her and giggle, I watched as she became one of the most important people in my life. I was pregnant, my husband was in Iraq in combat, and I had a new kindergrtener who wouldn't have gotten out of the car if Ms. Brittney wasn't in that building. She made Christmas cookies with us, she made my little boy smile when I couldn't raise his spirits, and she taught me about random acts of kindness. So many days I didn't think I could get through, and I would find a plant on my desk, or a porcelain cup with "mommy herbal tea". Birthdays were dismal, but Brittney would surprise me. She is younger than me, but I always have known she's an "old soul". Elegant and simple. Eclectic, yet balanced. She is wise beyond her years, and a model for what I want to be "when I grow up". I hope to be as inspirational to others as Brittney has been to me. I hope her wisdom, knowledge, and innerpeace shines a lasting light on what is sure to be a bright future for her and Paul. All my Love, Kate Benner

24: To my little sister, Watching you grow up and blossom into the wonderful person you've become has been amazing for me. I still remember the little girl that I had to bribe to stay quiet at bedtime, the bigger girl who followed me around wanting to do everything I did... and now the beautiful grownup who I consider my best friend. You are generous, loving, kind, compassionate and you live and love with your entire heart. You do everything in life to the fullest. When you are happy, sunshine radiates from every inch of your being, reflecting off others and leaving them feeling your positivity. When you are taking care of others, you don't hold back anything - time, talents, love. It is a blessed person that is lucky enough to join you on your life's path. From a little girl, you have always been very passionate about everything you do and everyone you meet. Paul is very fortunate to have found you for his partner. In my almost eight (short) years of marriage I have learned two things that make the "work" of a relationship not seem like work at all. The first one is that in the day to day routine that you fall into, always hold onto that passion that first made you fall in love and remember to say I love you every day. The second thing is to keep perspective - try not to let the little things get in the way of the big picture. I love you, my little sis, and I'm so proud of where you are and where you are headed. I hope you always live and love with your entire heart. Love, Melissa You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching, Love like you'll never be hurt, Sing like nobody's listening, And live like it's Heaven on Earth. ~ William W. Purkey

26: Brittney, We have been through so much together; years of friendship with good times, laughs, family trips and slumber parties. My childhood would never have been the same without you. Having a best friend across the street who I could hang out with anytime was priceless. Whether we were bike riding up and down Rugby Rd, jumping on your trampoline, watching tv under our care bear blankets in the blue room, decorating Christmas trees, or going to the cabin in Georgia, we were always laughing and having a good time. I am grateful I had you by my side as I was learning about who I am and how to be a good friend. I am so glad I will be by your side as you embark on one of the greatest adventures of your life. I wish you and Paul all the best, and know that I will always be here for you. Maybe not across the street, but definitely nearby. I love you. Best wishes! Love, Lexi

27: I remember one night, at Rugby Road that you and I slept together. We really did not do much sleeping as we talked all night long. Your mother said we kept her awake. I can’t remember a thing we talked about but I had so much fun that night. Love, Mimi

28: I remember Brittney as a little girl with her little lunch pail going to Theatre Camp for years. So cute! Love, Dennis Sims

29: On Your Way | Talented | Always moving... | Home Sweet Home | Little Monkey | "Spear-ments" | Creative | We love our stupid pets | So many memories... You are the BEST! Love, Mom | Beautiful

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