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S: Our Poetry Son!

FC: Our Poetry Son! Nick M, Garrett, Karlee 1st period 3-8-11

1: Table of Contents page 2- page 3- page 4-Grace Howard page 5-Heartbreakers page 6-Nice and Mean page 7-Valentines day page 8-The City is so Big page 9-Silver page 10-Thumbprint

2: The Cage | A cage big and tall Screaming fans up with a roar Like the ocean two men facing off in the cage faces cold As stone They clash and bang until One falls his hand is raised For all to see The victor of his destiny | 1The cage 2Nick Maynard 3Narrative 4n/a 5simile onomatopoeia Imagery 6This describes combat in many areas This describes gkadiator times as well as modern day fights whether in the street or sanctioned. 7Combat is a reality of life and this gives a description of the rawest combat 8I titled it the cage because not only is it a literal cage in some combat but when you are in combat you are alone. 9I used similes as descriptors and to help the reader understand I used onamatopeias to appeal to the readers in a different way than only words but sounds I used imagery to give the reader a picture in their mind

3: MMA for Life | MMA Drive, Push, Banging, Hitting, Kicking Men, Strong, Big, Tall Attacking, Bleeding, Winning, MMA | 1MMA for life 2Nick Maynard 3Diamonte 4n/a 5diamonte Imagery mood 6this tells of MMA and the sights and sounds you would hear It describes what MMA is 7MMA is my favorite thing and this helps describe me 8i titled it MMA for life because MMA is a lifestyle 9I used diamonte because it structures descriptive words well I used imagery because it makes it so people can not only read it but see it in their mind mood for this is fear i used this so people can understand MMA

4: Grace Howard | I know she'll be there 'till the end Grace Howard is my best friend There's not a day we don't spend together No matter what the weather Sometimes we fight about dumb stuff And times can get really rough But i know she'll be there 'till the end A helping hand she'll always lend We have some of the wierdest jokes Sometimes we laugh so hard we choke No one's friendship is quite like ours We sit and talk about nothing for hours I know she'll be there 'till the end On each other, we can always depend | 1.Grace Howard 2.Karlee Perry 3.Rhyming Poem 4.a b a b a b a b a b a b a b a b 5. I used repetition, rhyme scheme, and an idiom. 6.In this poem I am talking about my genuine friendship with my best friend Grace Howard. In lines 1, 9, and 15 I repeated “I know she’ll be there ‘til the end” because I know the two of us will always be best friends. Other than that, this poem is about is about what Grace and I do together. 7.I wanted to include this poem because Grace is one of the most important people in my life and she plays a big part in who I am. 8.I titled this poem “Grace Howard” because that is who it's about. 9. I used rhyme scheme. throughout the whole poem the rhyme scheme is a b. I also used repetition in lines 1, 9, and 15. In each of those lines I said “I know she’ll be there ‘til the end.” I also used an idiom in line 10: “a helping hand she’ll always lend.” 10.Valerie Perry: “This poem is about Karlee’s best friend Grace, and even though they don’t go to the same school and occasionally disagree they have a special friendship.”

5: Softball | I like to play lots of softball All of the Summer, Spring, and Fall Taylor plays first base In the stands there's Grace Sometimes the umpires make bad calls. | 1. Softball 2. Karlee Perry 3. Limerick 4. a a b b a 5. Hyperbole, rhyme scheme, and meter. 6. This poem is about how I love to play softball year round and some of the people I play with. 7. I chose to include this poem because softball is my favorite sport and its a big part of my life. 8. I titled this poem "Softball" because that's what the poem is about. 9. This poem has a rhyme scheme of a a b b a. There's also a hyperbole in line two because i don't play ALL of summer spring and fall, because thats impossible and I think I would die. Also the poem has meter throughout it because the first, second, and fifth lines all have 8 syllables, and the third and fourth lines have 5 syllables. 10. Valerie Perry: "This poem is about really loving to play softball and the events that go on at her tournaments"

6: valentines day | What is Valentine’s Day? It’s the spark to a relationship It’s good for some And bad for others It’s the glue that keeps people together It’s a time for romance, love and laughter Crying, hate and remorse | 1. Valentines Day 2.Garrett Fisher 3. Free Verse 4. No Rhyme Scheme 5. Simile hyperbole alliteration 6. This poem means to explain what the importance of Valentine’s Day is and what it means. 7.I included this because I thought that it was a good poem and it had a good meaning. 8.I titled this poem “Valentine’s Day” because the entire poem is about Valentine’s Day. 9.Metaphor- I used this because it makes the poem more interesting. Alliteration- I used alliteration to make the poem sound better.

7: nice and mean | Nice Happy, Joy Comforting, Friendly, Fun Kind, Inviting, Sad, Evil Resentful, Bad Jealous, angry Mean | 1.Nice and Mean 2.Garrett Fisher 3.Diamante 4.No rhyme scheme 5.Line Stanza Alliteration 6.This poem states the relationship between being nice and being mean. 7.I chose to include this because it was a fun poem to write and it made me think of how people treat other people 8.I titled this “ nice and mean” because it relates being nice to being mean 9.Alliteration-comforting, friendly, fun Line- the entire poem uses line Stanza- the entire poem is in a stanza.

8: The City is so Big By: Richard Garcia | The city is so big Its bridges quake with fear I know, I have seen at night The lights sliding from house to house And trains pass with windows shining Like a smile full of teeth I have seen machines eating houses And stairways walk all by themselves And elevator doors opening and closing And people disappear | 1.The City Is So Big 2.Richard Garcia 3.Free verse 4.None 5.A simile is used in the second stanza when he compares a trains windows to a smile. Personification is used in the first and second lines of the third stanza: “I have seen machines eating houses, and stairways walk all by themselves” He also uses sensory appeal in the first stanza when he says “Its bridges quake with fear” 6.I think the first stanza is repeating the title for emphasis as well as describing the way the bridges sound when cars go over them. The second stanza, I think, is mostly about the trains of the city and the way their lights reflect onto the houses. In the third stanza I think he is describing the way the city comes to life even without the help of people. 7.I chose to include this poem because the city is a place that has always interested me, since I’ve lived in the suburbs my whole life.

9: Silver By: Walter de la Mare | slowly, silently,now the moon Walks the night in her silver shoon This way,and that, she peers, and sees silver fruit upon silver trees one by one the casements catch her beams beneath the silvery thatch couched in his kennel, like a log with paws of silver sleeps the dog From their shadowy coat the white breasts peep of doves in a silver feathered sleep a harvest mouse goes scampering by with silver claws, and silver eye and moveless fish in the water gleam by silver reeds in a silver stream | 1.Silver 2. Walter de la Mare 3. 4.A,A,B,B,C,C,D,D,E,E,F,F,G,G 5.Alliteration-(Slowly,Silently) Hyperbole-( couched in a kennel) Simile-( like a log) 6. This poem is about the serenity and calmness of the night time and moonlight. 7. I included this poem because i like the nighttime and how calming it is.

10: On the pad of my thumb are whorls, whirls, wheels in a unique design: mine alone What a treasure to own! My own flesh, my own feelings. No other, however grand or base, can ever contain the same. My signature, thumbing the pages of my time. My universe key, my singularity Impress, implant, I am myself, of all my atom parts I am the sum. And out of my blood and my brain I make my own interior weather, my own sun and rain. Imprint my m ark upon the world, whatever i shall become. | Thumbprint by:Eve Merriam

11: 1Thumbprint 2Eve Merriam 3free verse 4n/a 5alliteration hyperbole simile 6it says how she has her own thumbprint and how she is the only one who has that thumbprint. No one can take that away. 7it included many elements and was very meaningful.

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