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FC: "Poetry is a deal of joy and pain and wonder, with a dash of the dictionary." -~Kahlil Gibran Created By: Emily Matt Dylan 1st Period

1: Table of Contents 1-2. Best Friends Till The End & Analysis; Emily 3-4. The Song In Our Hearts & Analysis; Emily 5-6. The Road Not Taken & Analysis; Emily 7-8. Poor Stephen & Analysis; Matt 9-10. Tennis & Analysis; Matt 11-12. Your World & Analysis; Matt 13-14. Haikus & Analysis; Dylan 15-16. Robber Bob & Analysis; Dylan 17-18. Silver & Silver Analysis; Dylan

2: Best Friends Till The End To me your more than just a peer, Your truly a dear friend, Someone I could pour my thoughts out to, knowing you'll cherish them till the end. You've made me laugh, when I wanted to cry, You made me stronger when I felt so weak I could die, Whenever I'm upset I know you're there with a shoulder to cry on. Whenever I face a problem and I need some help, I know your the one I can rely on. | 1.

3: 1. Best Friends Till The End 2. Emily Ashley 3. Free Verse 4. A, B, C, B 5. Rhyme scheme the 2nd and 4th lines of each stanza rhymed. 6. 1. The first stanza, means they are someone who you can trust with what you say to them, and know that they will keep it to themselves. 2. This talks about someone who is always trying to make you feel better no matter what the situation is, that is a true friend, someone who can make you smile when your having the worst day. 3. The thrid stanza, means that your friend is someone who will always be there for you, they won’t ever leave you alone and they will always be by your side to comfort and protect you. 7. I chose to include this poem because I felt like everyone needs that type of friend in their life whether they find it in a soul mate or a peer, you need to have someone in your life that you can depend on and have support you no matter what. 8. I chose this title because I feel like that’s really what a best-friend is someone who is there for you until they are no longer able to be, someone who will do anything for you no matter what, If you don’t have someone like that in life, then you really don’t have anything. 9. Rhyme scheme; the 2nd and 4th lines of every stanza rhymed. Hyperbole; "When I felt so weak I could die." 10. “This poem was good, it had lots of things to relate to, I believe that everybody needs a best-friend in life or else it would be no fun. You also need someone that you can trust, the world is full of people that will not treat your right and you can’t trust but once in awhile you come across someone special who you can put all your trust into.” | 2.

4: M-usic is what feelings sound like U-nique flows that heal the heart S-peaks what cannot be expressed I-n the secret places of the soul C-annot be put into words and cannot remain silent | 3.

5: 1. Music 2. Emily Ashley 3. Acrostic Poem 4. N/A 5. Personification "speaks what cannot be expressed" 6. This poem means music is everywhere and it can be interpreted in many different ways, each person can personalize music or a song to relate to themselves. 7. I chose to include this poem because I believe everyone can relate music to some event, at some point in their life. 8. I titled this poem "Music" because it just flat our explains what the poem is about. 9. Personification; “speaks what cannot be expressed” Metaphor; “Music is the sound of feelings” Hyperbole; “Cannot be put into words and cannot remain silent” 10. “"This poem is very true, I believe people can relate to music, some people who may live in Kentucky or Tennessee might like country music, but people who might live in New York might like rap or hip-hop, the environment around you largely effects your taste in music."” | 4.

6: The Road Not Taken Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrowth; Then took the other, as just as fair, And having perhaps the better claim Because it was grassy and wanted wear, Though as for that the passing there Had worn them really about the same, And both that morning equally lay In leaves no step had trodden black. Oh, I marked the first for another day! Yet knowing how way leads on to way I doubted if I should ever come back. I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. | 5.

7: 1. The Road Not Taken 2. Robert Frost 3. A Lyric Poem 4. A,B,A,A,B 5. Personification; " Because it was grassy and wanted wear". Hyperbole ; "Somewhere ages and ages hence". 6. 1. The author is deciding which road would be a better option, such as in life when you are at a point where you have two options in which your life can take. 2. The author says that he cannot see down the first road so he decides to go down to the second road where the grass hasn't been touched and has new opportunity. 3. The main character decides to stick with the second road and possibly come back to the first one in the future, although he believes he won't ever come back to the first one. 4. One day when he is older he reflects back on his decision and realizes how much it effected his life. 7. I chose this poem because I believe everyone can relate to it, at some point in your life you will have to make a decision to either follow everyone else or make your own path. | Emily | 6.

8: Poor Stephen There once was a boy named Stephen One day he said he was leaving He threw a big fuss Got hit by a bus And now there’s no more Stephen | 7.

9: 1. Poor Stephen 2. Matthew Walters 3. Limerick 4. A,A,B,B,A 5. Rhyming 6. My poem is about a boy who threw a big fit, as stated in line 3, and got what was coming to him, as stated in line 5. There isn't really a serious meaning to the poem, it was just for fun. But in a twisted way, it could mean that you should be careful, because what goes around come around. 7.I chose to include this poem because I felt it was very funny and wanted to share it. 8. I named this poem "Poor Stephen" because in the poem I said that he got hit by a bus and it was bad for him. 9. The only element I included in this poem was rhyming in lines 1, 2, and 5. 10. My belief is that the author meant to give an example of how karma is real. In the first line he introduces a character named Stephen. In the second line, he brings up that the character left one day. Next, the author shows that Stephen threw a big fuss and then got into an accident. In the final line, it states that Stephen is no more, meaning he died. In conclusion, the poem was meant to show that the author believes in karma. | 8.

10: The worst sport Everyone I know hates it Never interesting Never fun I can’t stand watching it Soccer’s way better | 9.

11: 1. Tennis 2. Matthew Walters 3. Acrostic 4. A,B,C,D,B,E 5. Alliteration, Rhyming, Hyperbole 6. The purpose of the poem was to show my feelings about tennis. I think tennis is boring, because all they ever do is just run and hit the ball back in forth. Also there are only two people playing most of the time. 7. I chose to include this poem because I wanted to show my thoughts about tennis 8. I titled this poem tennis because it's about tennis 9. The elements in my poem are alliteration in lines 3 and 4, rhyming in lines 2 and 5, and hyperbole in line 2 10. I believe that the author was trying to explain to its readers how he doesn't enjoy tennis. In the first line he clearly states that he believes it's the worst sport ever. In the second line, he includes the fact that everyone he knows hates it. In the next three lines he gives his opinions on how he thinks the sports boring and uninteresting. In the final line, he gives an example of a sport he believes is better than tennis. The conclusion is that the author dislikes tennis and enjoys soccer more. | 10.

12: Your World By: Georgia Douglas Johnson Your world is as big as you make it. I know, for I used to abide In the narrowest nest in a corner, My wings pressing close to my side. But I sighted the distant horizon Where the sky line encircled the sea And I throbbed with a burning desire To travel this immensity I battered the cordons around me And cradled my wings on the breeze Then soared to the uttermost reaches With rapture, with power, with ease! | 11.

13: 1.Your world 2.Georgia Douglas Johnson 3.Narrative 4. 1:A,B,C,B 2:A,B,C,B 3:A,A,B,A 5. Rhyming, Metaphor, Hyperbole 6. In the first stanza I think the author is trying to say you can be what ever you want and do what ever you want it because it line 1 it says "your world is as big as you make". In the second stanza I think the authors trying to give an example of how he tried to make his life as great as possible by chasing a dream. I think this because through he talks about this desire and and wanting to chase after it. In the final stanza I think the author is trying to say how being him self and doing what he wanted to do, made it easy for him to soar to great heights, because in line 3 and 4 he says he soared high with great ease 7. I chose to include this poem because when I read it, the meaning stuck out. It talks about how you should just be yourself growing up and it will make things easier for you. And to make the meaning even stronger, he then give an example about how he was himself growing up and how things turned out. | 12.

14: HAIKU Flying Sea turtle Short crane, more animals Kung fu positions HAIKU People will pass by On the very busy street That is my whole life HAIKU Peacefullness in the Ocean and the forest but, Too much construction HAIKU Expectations are Not being met, think smarter Or you will fail class | 13.

15: 1.Haiku Explication 2.Dylan Basilice 3.Haiku 4.(n/a) 5.Metaphor, hyperbole, imagery 6. 1st haiku When this haiku talks about kung fu positions it talks about the things people dream of 2nd haiku "the very busy street that is my whole life" means that they feel like there lives are busy 3rd haiku The author thinks that there is too much construction and that nature is too great a thing to be torn down for unneeded resturants or buildings. 4th haiku In the final haiku the author thinks that he is slacking off and that if he starts now it'll get worse when you could always make it better 7. I choose these because they are my Haikus and I liked them 8. I titled my poem haiku because it is the traditional name 9. Metaphor( the busy street that is my life) Hyperbole (Flying sea turtles) and Imagery (peacefulness destroyed by nature) 10. " I think it is talking about humans destroying the natural world ' Too much construction' is an example"- David Clancy | 14.

16: ROBBER BOB There once was a guy named bob whose houses he liked to rob but CPI caught him and teared out his own limbs and with that he was a shish-ka-bob | 15.

17: 1.Robber bob explication 2. Dylan Basilice 3. Limerick 4. AABBA 5. Imagery, Hyperbole, symbol 6. I believe it is about a person who liked to rob houses but then he decided to rob a really cool house and got caught by CPI security systems 7. I choose this because I thought it was a funny story about why you shouldnt rob houses 8. Because it was the story of a robber with the first name bob 9 Imagery(CPI) Hyperbole(no one can be a shish ca bob) Symbol (robber bob is the symbol of all stupid robbers) 10 " i think this is about a human male robber named Bob, who was caught in the act by Cpi. They tore him up and made him like a shish ka bob" - wishes to remain unkown | 16.

18: By: Walter de la Mare Slowly, silently, now the moon Walks the night in her silver shoon This way, and that, she peers, and sees Silver fruit upon silver trees: One by one the casements catch Her beams beneath the silvery thatch. Couched in his kennel, like a log With paws of silver sleeps the dog: From their shadowy coat the white breasts peep Of doves in a silver feathered sleep: A harvest mouse goes scampering by, With silver claws and a silver eye: And moveless fish in the water gleam, By silver reeds in a silver stream. | 16.

19: 1.”Silver” explication 2.By: Walter de la Mare 3. Free verse poetry 4.AA,BB,CC.GG 5.Lots of metaphors, 6. I think this poem talks about how silver is a good thing and so is lots of other things 7. I choose this because I value its opinions. | 17.

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