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S: Williams Flaningam Wedding August 7th, 2010

BC: Until death separates us or Christ returns.

FC: gabriel & jamelyn august 7, 2010

21: DanVader, Casey Worth, Sheila Knapp, Mike Reuwer, Lindsay Knapp, Amy Warren, Dustan Balkcom

26: Best Man

27: Maid of Honor

33: Terry and Carol Flaningam

36: Angela, Wyatt, Noel, Mike, Corrie Carol, Terry, Jeff, Brion, Kathleen

37: Coralie, Clarissa, Coleman Gail, Clarence, Kaitlyn, Keira

40: Grandma Violette Funk

50: Gabriel, Gabe, Gabby, Sweetheart... I can't believe how much I love you! And I know that within you lies a love for me that cannot be shaken or lost or tempered, because it comes from God. I want you to know that I am your great admirer and you are my best friend. I prefer you to all others and am unchangeably drawn to you. Because there exists no better, sweeter, more pleasing course for my life, and because you have asked me to, I pledge to be your wife. I will always honor you, esteem you and believe the truth of God for your life. I want to help you respond to Jesus as best you can and complete everything He has for you in this life. So, I promise to love you, respect you, admire you, follow you, trust you, serve you, and build with my actions and my words the wall of protection that rightly should surround you, so that you are free to build, without fear or doubt, the house that God has anointed you to build. I promise to listen to you and honor you as my leader. I will submit to you and desire to be like you, confident that everything about you was intended by God for my good. From this day forth, I choose to forsake all others and be faithful to you. With God's help through the direction of the Holy Spirit I will live according to this covenant all the days of my life, until death separates us or Christ returns.

51: Jamelyn, Jamie, James, Darling... I can't remember what it's like to not love you! God has given me a love for you that cannot be lost, forgotten, or denied. You are my best friend, my teammate and my partner in life and I thank God that He has chosen me as your husband and your leader. A long time ago the thought of marrying you was only a dream, but now that this dream has become reality because God desired it, there are some things I would like to pledge and promise to you. I pledge to love you, admire you, pursue you, support you, lead you, and serve you. With God as my example, I promise to lay down my life for yours, just as He laid down His life for us. I promise to love you unconditionally and, after God, I will put you before and above all others. I promise to give 100% of myself to you and to always do my best to give you a strong and stable love. I will seek nothing but the highest good for you and I will strive to always love you in word and in deed, always leaving you completely secure in my love for you. From this day forth, I choose to forsake all others and be faithful to you. With God's help through the direction of the Holy Spirit I will love according to this covenant all the days of my life, until death separates us or Christ returns.

62: Howard Lalgee – Things that God no longer desires that we walk in, some of them will be to do with the way you made decision in the past, the way you've thought about things in certain contexts. It's to do with selfishness, sometimes, because marriage is all to do with selflessness. I believe that from this day onwards, God is looking for some things to die. But at the same time, as He's looking for these things to die, He's now looking for new things to live. This scripture talks about the grain of wheat falling into the earth and dying. I believe as this happens in your life, as you allow things to die and you allow new things to live, there will be a tremendous fruitfulness in your life. As John has already spoken, the four things that God put on his heart, I believe there is a spiritual family that you are going to be part of building. You are going to be like parents to people. Probably before a natural family, I believe there is going to be a spiritual family, it's going to be a fruitfulness that you guys are going to come into. Teresa Reynolds – Psalm 29 I believe that God wants you to tune your ear to his voice, and his voice is going to be really powerful to you guys and His voice is going to be the thing that shakes these things in your life, l believe you will feel lost if you are not tuning your ear to his voice, because he's going to do things and be shaking, how it says it's so powerful that he shakes and he creates and he's going to do things in your life, but he's going to tell you what it is and you're going to walk through it knowing this is what God is doing. | And I also believe that he is going to make you into a polished arrow or a sharp sword, when you speak to people they are going to know what God is saying and they are going to know what God is not saying. You are going to come against the lies that plague people's minds, where people feel disjointed in life and not know what is going on and feel the turmoil of life can overtake them you are going to come in like a sword to cut through the lies and bring the truth of God. Lindsay Knapp – I had a series of pictures as I was seeking God for you. The first picture I saw was of the people of God blindfolded, swinging a bat at a piñata, and all of them were taking turns. And they were frustrated, but sort of full of expectation that maybe this hit will break open, maybe this hit, they knew that there were goodies inside. The next picture was of a sword in a deep cave with an inscription on it. God began to take me through a picture of you guys traveling down this cave, deep into parts, working together, moving together, helping one another along in a deep place and finding this sword. And I thought, surely this sword is to break open the piñata. But you didn't use the sword to break open the piñata, you used the sword to lop off a lock to an ancient door that no key could fit and when the door opened it was an arsenal of weaponry and more swords. And you began to direct the people who were swinging the bat at the piñata down into the cave, even still blindfolded, you patiently endured, directing them how to get to this weaponry.

63: And God says, “I do not desire to have a people that would swing aimlessly at a piñata of blessing in their life. I desire my people to be girded up standing with valor with my sword at their side to demolish strongholds. And I will use you and bring you to great depths in me. This is a decision of your will. You will decide to go deep to find the treasure I have for you. And when you grab the sword, it will unlock many things for the lives of my people, for I will use you to equip them with my word. And there will be an army that emerges where there was a party of children before. I will bring maturity to my people through clarity and might in my word. Also..Judges 13, God has a key for you on how to hear God together as a couple, in helping each other into this place. It's about Samson's parents. Jonathan Reynolds – Isaiah 61 The Lord showed me a plot of land, like a yard or a garden, and it was overgrown with ugly weeds about waste high and it needed to be cleaned, it was obviously unruly. The most logical thing in my mind was to get a weed-whacker out and chop this whole thing down. But the Lord spoke, No, there is a bonsai in there. In the middle of it all I knew that there was something that needed to be protected, something needed to be carefully cleared out. It wasn't just to go in and take the whole lot down. The Lord spoke this word about he bonsai and I had to look it up about them. The word that goes with it is cultivation, careful, meticulous cultivation. | They are very hard to look after. I felt the Lord was saying to me that as you word with individuals, as you protect them, there is a dwarfed tree in there and God is going to do something miraculous as you cultivate meticulously and strategies how you are going to look after it. And it will then turn into, from this scripture here, Isa 61, an oak of righteousness. There was something miraculous that took a dwarfed little tree that has to be protected and cultivated, and the Lord is going to turn it into an oak of righteousness. Brian Knapp - I feel in praying for you, I had this scripture in Nehemiah 6 that I'm going to reference, you guys can look into to. In it, it is where Nehemiah is still building and he is attacked by all of these accusations and there are enemies coming against him saying different things that aren't true and he continues to build. I got the sense in praying for you that as things come your way, as attacks from the enemy or distractions or accusations you are to continue together to build. Even as we were looking at these stone walls I was thinking that he was asked four or 5 times ‘Come down from the wall, from what you are doing, let's reason together, let's talk about this,” And it was because they meant him harm. I felt like a measure of warning in it, that you guys together are to refuse to negotiate with your enemies, to negotiate against lies and tactics that would distract you from building what God has called you to build. So, let it be. Amen.

64: Kim Lalgee – 1 Corinthians 2:9-16 . I am amazed at the consistency here, we have not talked together, so you all know, this is incredible and miraculous what God is saying to you. I felt God speak to me that the key for you is the Holy Spirit. He is going to put you into tests and trials immediately. You are going to be in them, but He wanted you to be inspired because He is shaping you to be used by Him. The key is, do not gratify your flesh, do not gratify your flesh. Do not allow yourself to be defensive, or self-indulgent. It is in the Holy Spirit you are going to find such victory. God is so for you. I felt so encouraged as He was speaking to me, there are deep amazing things He is going to do in you guys and it is in the Holy Spirit. One ~ God spoke to me about this venue. When you described it to me and when we were driving here yesterday, I was thinking, “Really? This is like Gurnee Mills?” And then suddenly you turn down this road and another little road and you're in a little bit of Ireland. It reminded me that you yourselves are foreigners and aliens, you are of a different people and kingdom, yet you are right smack bang in the middle of things. I felt God say to me for you for you that you have got to retain the fact that you are of another kingdom. But you must be within the context of rubbing shoulders with many other people. Two ~ The natural beauty of this place, and not just this place. You are beautiful people. But despite the fact that you are beautiful people and this is a beautiful place the truth is that great amounts of work have gone on to make it far more beautiful. | And frankly you two look the best I've ever seen you and I suspect work went into that! My point is that even though God has caused a beauty to reside in you guys, you musn't become complacent about it. I feel God saying you must continue to work at the beauty He has put inside of you and to work out that beauty for the sake of many that will look at your lives. I felt God saying, warn them against the complacency to fall back on who they are naturally, and what they are naturally. As much as you are great people naturally, with many people loving you, what matters most is who you are spiritually. And that is going to take work. Three – This is outdoor, this is a marriage on display and I felt God say that this is a couple whose lives are going to be on display for everyone to see. With that comes responsibility, for the light that God has put in you is not to be hidden under a bowl, it's to be put on a lampstand. You're a couple who are supposed to shine very brightly. Four – the elaborate nature of this wedding. It's take a great deal to pull this off. To have this day is really miracle on many levels. I was talking to Carol yesterday and we were saying that with most couples it's one big day, but with these guys it's three big days. Everything seems to be elaborate and expressing something. It is required you finding resources way beyond your natural resources. As I was praying about that I felt God say this to me for you, so it will be with your life. What is God is going is going to do through your life is going to require more than your natural resources.

65: It's going to require you to ask people for things that others might consider audacious. To use that great British word, cheeky. It's going to require you being bold. It's going to require you opening your mouth in a situation when most others would keep quiet. What God is going to do through your lives is going to require you to be bold and to ask Him for much, but also to ask others for much. But understand this, it's not to do with you, it's to do with Him. There is a man in scripture named Nehemiah who had the boldness to ask a king for everything he needed to serve the purposes of God. A king who would have been just as happy to take his head off. He had the courage to ask him for whatever he needed. I believe God has put an exceptional courage in you to ask for things. But I want to say this to you as a people (addressing the guests), you who have been asked for much, you who have done much, and maybe even will go unthanked, because that can happen. I felt God say this to me for you, it's not to do with them, it's to do with His purposes. In sowing into them, you have sown into His purposes and so it will be in their lives. So be inspired, understand that this is for far bigger things that will happen in their lives. You and are privileged to sow into it on this day and many days to come.

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