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S: By: Charlie Garbutt

FC: The Civil War

1: Battle of Gettysburg July 1-3, 1863 This was considered the Bloodiest battle in the Civil war. The COnfederates tried to invade the Union but were cut off and mowed down at Gettysburg | Battle of Antietam September 17, 1862 This was the First real battle to take place on Union Soil. It was known as one of he Bloodiest one day battles. The union soldiers were trying to pursue Robert E. Lee and kill him.

2: First battle of Bull Run July 21, 1861 The Union forces wanted to attack the Confederates when they were unseasoned. Brig. Gen. Irvin McDowell Marched his troops across Bull Run in Prince WIlliam County VA they collided and the Confederates took the union by surprise by how good they fought. The Confederates ton this battle. | Battle of Shiloh April 6-7, 1862 This was a very important battle in south western Tennessee. THe Confederates were trying to surprise the Union soldiers by attacking them and trying to drive them to the river and swamps nearby. The Union soldiers rallied and beat out the confederate troops.

3: Sherman's March to Sea November 18, 1864- December 21, 1864 William T. Sherman Marched from Georgia to the Atlantic Ocean with his troops. | Surrender at Appomattox April 9, 1865 Robert E. Lee surrendered his entire army to Ulysses S. Grant. This was a very important time because Lee was the main general at the time.

4: The Siege of Petersburg June 9, 1864- March 25 1865 This was a series of Battles that took place in and around Petersburg, VA. This eventually ended the Civil War as a whole. Assassination of Lincoln April 14, 1869 Abraham Lincoln was attending a play when suddenly John Wilkes Booth (who hated Lincoln obviously) shot him in the back of the head and ran, he was found later and killed while Abraham Lincoln died the next day.

5: Emancipation Proclamation January 1, 1863 Lincoln wrote and declared that all slaves in slave states were free. This was a motion to end slavery. | The Gettysburg Address November 19, 1863 This document basically summed up all of the things that happened during the battle. It was short, at only three paragraphs long. It addressed the idea of a national cemetery.

6: Major Players Abraham Lincoln He was the President of the Union for the duration of the Civil War. He passed a lot of things to piece together the country and did a lot of other thing to help end slavery. | Jefferson Davis He was the leading president of the Confederates during the Civil War. He was the one that wished to be separated from the Union.

7: Stonewall Jackson He was a very prevalent and well known General in the Civil War. He played a big role in most of the Confederate victories and was very good at strategizing. | Robert E. Lee He was the leading Confederate general in the Civil War and took part in almost all of the Union based raids. He also was the leading strategic captain when it came to on the spot decision making.

8: Ulysses S. Grant He was a prevalent Union general that lead his troops to many victories the most important being where he made Robert E. Lee surrender at Appomattox. | Frederick Douglass He wasn't really physically in the war but he wrote books and speeches about the freeing of slaves and he was a very well known abolitionist.

9: William T. Sherman He was a well known Union general that marched his troops through the Carolina's, Georgia, and the Florida's. This kept the Confederate army at bay because this march basically acted as a flank to the other Union armies that were pressing the Confederate troops.

10: Causes of the Civil War Fugitive Slave Acts This act literally gave slaves no freedom in America. This stated that slaves that escaped to free slave states could be captured and brought back to their owner | Bleeding Kansas Kansas was allowed to vote on if they wanted to be a slave state or not but come voting time, 4,000 people came form Missouri and voted for a slave state but Kansas didn't really want to be a slave state, 2,000 people voted when only 2,000 should have.

11: South Carolina South Carolina decided to secede from the Union which started to cause turmoil in the Union because once South Carolina seceded, they knew that a lot more states would secede too. SOuth Carolina's reason for this decision was that they didn't agree with Abraham Lincoln's ideas on slavery. | John Brown He was a very well known and reoccurring abolitionist in his time. He was also well known, though, for leading large sieges on slave towns and cities and killing quite a few people. Sadly, though, he tried to take over an armory and hold it off by eventually taking the town over but then the army came and stopped John Brown and he was hanged later.

12: Strategies Union The Union forces actually had a very good plan when it came to strategizing the Civil War. Their first strategy was to blockade all of the Confederate ports, which would literally cut off ALL their trade. Their other strategy was to go straight to the heart of the Confederate army and take out their head quarters which was ultimately Richmond and Petersburg

13: Confederate Strategies Their strategy was to rely mainly on trade from the British troops and France troops and they also wanted to keep a good defense to tire the Union troops but Washington D.C. was the only exception.

14: Elements of Era Women In the Civil War Women played a very important role in the Civil War. They volunteered to do numerous jobs for the armies they served for like being in the Hospital and cooking for the troops. They also did other more personal things like giving their house up for other troops to sleep in and other such things. | African Americans African Americans also played a huge part in the Civil War given there was about 180,000 enrolled African Americans in the Civil War. In fact, a lot of the major battles had a lot of African Americans fighting.

15: Spies Spies were a crucial part to the Civil War. The Union had more the Confederates and their job was to figure out enemy strategies. Much like they are today. | Ironclads Weaponry These were ships that were used mainly by the Union armies to blockade the Confederate ports which was one of their tactics. This stopped the Confederates from getting resources | Pickett's Charge As a large battle was taking place, George Pickett decided to rally his troops and lead a head on siege against the opposing Union soldiers which when put into action, made the Union troops have to retreat.

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