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1: Elizabethan England GRAPES

2: Geography | Elizabethan England is located in Northern Europe and on the border of Great Britain . Temperatures rarely drop below 23 degrees and rarely over 86 degrees. Eliazabethan England has a greatly lower elavation than the rest of Europe which results in a great amount of rainfall that they receive. The northern part of Elizabethan England has a belt of mountains including the Cumbrian mountains. People travled on foot and by horses on makeshift roadways.

3: This is a map of Elizabethan England | These are pictures of the English countryside

4: Religion | Catholicism and protestant were the two religions primarily practiced in Elizabethan england during Shakespeare's time. Religion was extremely important and passed down from generation to generation. In order to make sure that children knew the ins and outs of religion it was taught as a class during school, and they were tested in their knowledge in religion. Because of how important religion was to everyone that lived in England, there were serious punishment for those that did not follow the religion in the proper way. If people had a different faith, or did not practice either of the appropriate religions they were sentences to jain time, tortured, or in extreme cases even executed. Even though there were consequences for not following catholicism, this did not keep people from following their own beliefs even if it meant being punished.

5: This is a picture of a Christian Cross, representing the Crucifiction of Jesus | This is the inside of a Protestant church

6: Achievement | Till this day, queen Elizabeth is considered one of the greatest queens; and this is because of her achievements and accomplishments. Queen Elizabeth was home schooled, and valued education allot. During her reign there was a increase in literacy, due to her emphasis on how important getting an education was. During her time there was allot of poetry, and plays. Art and architecture also flourished. There was great expansion over seas during her reign, spreading the knowledge and increasing the reputation of england. The queen was loved by all of her people because of everything she accomplished as queen.

7: This represents there value of education | This is an example of Elizabethan Art

8: POLITICS | Elizabeth was the queen of england, and unlike todays democracy; their form of government was a Monarchy. A monarchy is when their is one ruler, and no checks put on that ruler. This means that the queen had complete power, and the people did not have much say on the decisions that she made. The monarchy related to how centralized the government was. This upset many people who wanted to have a say in the decisions that the country was making. Because of the expansion seen in this time period, many people knew about england, and the countries relationship with other countries was relatively good; and they were making allot of profit because of their trading allies. Spain is the one country that England had a bad relationship with during this time period, and because of this they never traded together.

9: This is a crown representing there Monarchy | This is a picture of the Spanish and English war

10: Economy | During this time period, england was considered to be in a “Golden age” because of how influential they were in the trading world, and the money that they were making. The art, literature, and poetry that was being produced during this time period adds to the meaning of the golden age. Many people in this part of society were merchants and artist, that relied on the upper class to buy their pieces of art work. It is interesting because a very small portion of the society were people that had allot of money, the majority of the population even during this “golden age” were farmers in the country. These farmers although not the minority, are treated as that because they were not participating in all the culture that was happening during the English “golden age."

11: This represents the amount of trade they had | This represents there Golden Age

12: Society | Elizabethan society was very divided. There was a socioeconomic ladder, either being upper class and at the top, or lower class. The upper class members of society were privileged; and got many things that everyone today takes for granted. Education is an example of this. Regardless of class today, most; if not everybody is given the chance to get an education. This was not the case back then. Only upper class citizens were aloud to education, and lower class were taught a trade by their parents. The social classes were very much based on economic status, and gender did not play a big part.

13: This represents a social pyramid similar to the one of Elizabethan England | This shows a difference between the upper and lower class

14: William Shakesperes Background | William Shakespere was born on April twenty third, 1564 in Stratford England. Three days after his birth he was baptized at the Holy Trinity church. Williams childhood and life as a teenager is very unknown but it is known that hes had jobs such as money lender, gardener, sailer and a tutor. He later pursued into marriage in his teens and also pursued his writing career.

15: This is a map of Stratford, England

16: William Shakespere's Marriage | William Shakespere married Anne Hatheway in 1582, when William was 18 years old. Anne Hatheway was older than Shakespere by 7 years, this was very uncommon in there society. Also she became pregnant with him before they were married, another uncommon idea in there time. The couple had three kids, Sussanna, Hamnet, and Judith in 1583 and 1585. Hamnet later tragicly died from The Bubonic Plague

17: This is a picture what they believed to be the "Black Death"

18: William Shakespere Plays Williams Shakesperes plays were very different than the conventional plays that his time period had seen before. He brought a somewhat sexual point of view into his plays that attracted alot of people to see his plays. Also he brought comedy into plays as well which kept viewers engaged and connected to his plays. Some of Shakesperes best plays were when he was at the age of 19. Shakespere wrote about 37 plays as well as other sonnets and poems.

19: This is showing Shakesperes most famous play, Romeo and Juliet

20: Carlito Florio | Occupation: Jester Age:20 Height:5-11 weight:140 Role in society: To cheer others up and brighten up there mood Social rank:Upper middle class Goals:To start a family and be good at my job Capulet or Montague:I am not on either side of the rivalry but I try to stay neutral with both families

21: <-- This is me! | Completlely neutral

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