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Blank Canvas

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S: Anna's art book

FC: Anna's Art Book

1: Artist Statement | Art is something that runs in my family and it's an enjoyed hobby. I have taken a variety of art classes starting with the regular art in sixth grade and leading into visual arts, ceramics and painting. A goal of mine is to pursue many more art classes through out college. I have a lot more practice in working with clay, yet I have taken ceramics 3 now as well. Within the last year of pursuing art 2 and 3, I've come to decide that I am a stronger artist in drawing, especially when I have a source to look at. Art for me, use to come to be very relaxing, although now with senior year and the trouble that come with it, art seems to be more of a stress. The different varieties and medias of it use to focus my attention on my work. Now I cannot seem to focus on much of anything. As for a theme, I tend to incorporate my emotions in my work.. I explore many different feelings and emotions ranging from happy to sad to angry. My most common emotion was calm. It's the dominant feeling you get when looking at my artwork because of trees and symbols of inner peace, which is what anyone has no matter how they feel on the outside, although the majority of my pieces now show anxiety. Many of them have mistakes or places of better needed craftsmanship. More angry pieces could include fire, representing the trials of everyday life.

2: Artist statement cont. | I don't really prefer working with clay because of how versatile it is. I feel that art work, for me, is most exciting because of the surprise. The process of making a piece will always add imperfections and no piece will turn out exactly like the sketch. I love it because each process gives each piece its own story, even though I would much rather just draw a piece then make it, but only because I just do not have the patience for the process of ceramics anymore.

4: Face jugs | This is my face jug. My original sketches were suppose to be a tiger but in the process of making it, it turned out to be a pig. When trying to decide the color, I wanted to just go with something out of the ordinary which was purple with blue polka dots. Face jugs were originally started in North Carolina and Georgia. It is said that they made these jugs to store their moonshine in. The scary faces would help in scaring away little children so they wouldn't get into the liquor. It is also said that the jugs were made when a slave would die and they'd place it on the grave. The jug would stay on the grave for a year, if it broke within the year, it meant the deceased was fighting with the devil.

6: Sgraffito and Mishima | These are my sgraffito and mishima pieces. The first is a plate that had to have both designs in it. The second is a bowl which has a tree on the inside and flames on the outside representing the trials on life which show yet the inner peace people have on the inside. Sgraffito was originally considered the vessel of the kings in Europe. It had been the earthenware of "blue bloods" which lived in the finest of houses. Mishima is a japanese type of pottery. It traces back to seventeenth century where they were made as tea bowls.

8: Abstract Sculpture | This here is my abstract piece. For my piece I decided to do different sizes of moons. I then made a pinch pot that I reformed into an unknown shape. After firing and glazing all of the pieces, I then took wire and connected all of the pieces so it's now a piece to hang. It is said that we are unsure of who the first abstract artist was. Although it is known that abstraction came around at the same time in several places simultaneously around 1910. Abstraction means to not refer to anything. It can be change in colors or forms of objects which leads to a creation that is no longer an average form. Instead the mind now has to take in the art work and determine all the possibilities of what it could be.

10: Portrait Bust | For my portrait bust I did mine on the artist Johanne Corno. I loved her artwork because of the lively color and the energy in it. In her artwork she focus' mainly on the hair and the lips of the work, so in mine, I tried to do crazy hair and bright lips. Johanne Corno was born in Montreal, Canada in 1952 but she lives and works from New York City. She was a recognized artist in her hometown for many years until she decided to explore the side of international art in 1994. Her goal was to find new challenges and further self-fulfillment. My piece turned out well, I think although it was very challenging making the hair. It was difficult to make the curls without them breaking but eventually I worked with it. Other than that my piece went well.

12: Raku | For my raku piece, I made a bowl with lines coming up the sides. On the outside i glazed everywhere except the carved areas, while on the inside i did the opposite. My glaze turned out to be of a bluish color and the unglazed areas turned black because of the carbon. In the holes on each side I laced wire which gave it a unique look of its own. Raku was first originated in Japan in the early 1500s. It was developed as tea ware for the Buddhist masters. They loved the uniqueness of each piece and the luxury of it. Raku isn't watertight, therefore it will only hold liquid for a short period of time which doesn't give the pieces utility.

14: Social Commentary Piece. | For my social commentary piece, I worked with Josh. We chose to do our piece on bullying and stereotyping because it is something we've both been through and we'd agreed that it's an issue that is not recognized like it should be. For our piece we decided to make a wall that was portrayed to be in the ghetto with graffiti on it. The graffiti was many different words that stereotype people. At the bottom of the graffiti we had the one kid trying to clean the wall yet there was a bigger person with lots of faces trying to stop him. This showed that although you may think you are one person and what you say doesn't matter, it really does because you don't know how that one negative comment can lead to more negativity.

16: Monoprint | Although there is not a recorded history of monoprinting, it can be traced to early stages in which the proofing of intaglio prints can be associated to todays method of producing a monoprint. A monoprint is a hybrid among printmaking techniques, which is neither a print nor a painting, but a combination of both. A monoprint is taking glaze and applying it on plaster in the reverse order then putting a slab of clay on it. The clay will absorb the glaze and once fired, you'll have a picture.

17: Reflection | I did my monoprint based on the idea of me doing a series of tea sets. My series did not go as planned and in the end i only had one full tea set but as for the monoprint, This studio problem was to help us decide on our series. It was definitely a learning experience that I had a lot of fun with, even though I didn't exactly follow through with the idea behind it.

18: Series | Series are something that have been created for many years by artists. This process is done so an artist may produce an idea, then expand on the idea. Its a way to make something and make it multiple other ways then put them side by side and compare. I was not excited about making the same thing with just a couple differences over and over, although I did come through with one full set. I then veered off to make my angel, which wasn't the best thing in the world, but soon enough I came around and produced two more pitcher type pieces. The last two were by far the best, only because i put my everything into making them.

20: Ceramic Artist | For my ceramic artist I chose Batton Clayworks, which is a husband and wife team who works together in their studio, located in a residential neighborhood of Asheville, North Carolina. The Battons are lovers of nature, the therefore producing forms that are based on the organic shapes that are surrounding. Many customers and fans frequently comment on the "Dr. Suess" or "Alice In Wonderland" aspect of the body of work, although when asked, they generally say it was not intentional, even though they live their lives with a sense of spontinaity and whimsy. I don't particularly think that researching the Battons influenced my work any because I did not produce whimsical pieces. My pieces were more of a typical shape with an original glaze.

22: This year in ceramics, I've done a lot better than in ceramics one. I payed more attention in class and put more effort into my artwork. Each nine weeks I did reach my goals at staying on track and getting the proper grade that I wanted. I am very proud of myself for this and I feel that I had an all together better experience of ceramics this semester which I am glad to have had. | Reflection

23: Reflection | This year in ceramics, was not my best year. Between senioritis and having a job and everything else, I just couldn't handle having two art classes. It was too much work for me. It wasn't until my grade was in jeopardy, when i finally had to pull myself together and get anything and everything in me to make some good pieces. I finally made the final two pieces and did the extra credit project, in hopes of raising my grade. This has been a fun class and I am glad I got to experience it although I don't know that I will continue taking it in college.

25: Work sited | "Batton Clayworks Handmade Pottery Ceramics Stoneware Contemporary Asheville North Carolina Whimsical Functional." Batton Clayworks Handmade Pottery Ceramics Stoneware Contemporary Asheville North Carolina Whimsical Functional. Web. 30 May 2012. . "Monoprints - a Brief History." Monoprints - a Brief History. Web. 30 May 2012. .

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