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S: Rhyme Through Time--Mrs. Miller's Homeroom 2011

1: The Civil Rights Movement was so LARGE that it spread over two decades. Our thoughts and words will be about the most courageous of that movement. 1950-1969

2: Colored Signs Jaiden Sanders Colored signs not letting blacks sit with whites. Why can't they just sit together for once? Why not stop these signs and get together? Why can't they share a waiting room? | I wanna hear a poem about Rosa Parks. How she didn't move when a white person told her to. Mercedes Gonzales

3: Rosa Parks Kira Ruiz Rosa Parks strong as can be Standing for her rights. Strong as an eagle. Brave as a bull A leader like no other. We honor her now, but then they didn't. She hoped and she dreamed and it all came true. They had no peace They had no justice They had no kindness | Ruby Bridges Julian Tinajero I hear words full of hate as I walk to the school full of cruel people. I know this is going to be a bad day. I meet my teacher. I have no friends. I'm always alone. I'm sick of these of voices in my head yelling, screaming, but I still forgive them as these people don't know what they speak of.

4: Ruby Bridges smart as a calculator. Standing for black folks She is brave as a bear protecting her property. Ruby Bridges as focused as a hawk trying to catch his prey. Ruby Bridges changing the world! Ruby Bridges didn't care if the crowd yelled at her. She still prayed for them. She didn't care what they said, she kept going and never stopped. -Jonhjairo Melo | Signs By Rebekah Hinton Why? Why? Why? Why? Why only whites? Why only blacks? Why say the signs, "Whites or Blacks." Water fountains, schools, jobs, anything! There are not any signs but I know that Signs probably used to be hated by blacks!

5: Martin standing up to segregation like a King. He saw all the signs It made him like a bee. He wanted sting segregation. He was caring like a mother bear. He was peaceful like Chief Ourway. Martin the King for integration. -Juan Lopez Escobar | Rosa Parks stood her ground. When they said move, she was a rock not moving a bit. She went to jail for doing the right thing. Think herself out of the cage she is forced to call home She stands tall, She never lets hope the hope go. Her dream came true. Too bad she can't see it. -Kira Ruiz

8: 1970-1979 The 1973 Oil Crisis was a big part of the 70s. We still haven't learned that we must not be dependent on fossil fuels!

9: Day to night cars Lined up for gas 1 to 12 Still lined up People were as mad as a lion chasing its prey Lines were LONG, LONG, LONG And go on FOREVER People saying, Sorry, Sorry, We’re out of gas. SORRY! -Mariah Grimaldo | Oil Crisis Taylor Isaacs Long lines of cars Sorry, no gas. Broke people Their wallets were crying They said, “Put money in me!” Sorry, no gas. I’m going to ride a bike, because People on the highway are saying, “I’m out of gas.” Sorry, no gas.

11: The 1980s was a time of collapse. During this time, the Berlin Wall Collapse, the Soviet Union began to collapse. This time was also a time of disaster. We had incidents like Chernobyl and the 1989 Earthquake in San Fransisco 1980-1989

12: The Wall of Shame Kira Ruiz The wall of shame. The wall of shame. Keep me on one side and my family on the other. Everyone wanted to fly from this place that some call home. We will take no more. Time to leave. We all say, they will keep us here no more. We celebrate as the wall goes down! | Radiation Air Rebekah Hinton Explosions and gas masks and side effects too. There were people scared like they had been blew. Breathing this horrible air can give you cancer. This radioactive air can even kill a panther. Nothing like it at all. The air made people fall. I don't like radiation. Do you?

13: The Berlin Wall separated families. People in tears. Bam! Smash! Crash! Slam! Cheering out loud, "Yahoo!" You can hear them in South Africa! -Taylor Isaacs | I wanna' hear a poem about the Berlin Wall. How people got separated from their families. I wanna' hear a poem about how people started to break the Wall and jump over the fence! -Mercedes Gonzales | I wanna hear a poem about radiation. I wanna hear a poem about separated families. I wanna hear a poem that causes cancer. I wanna' hear a poem that makes you almost see the explosion. I wann hear a poem that makes people breathe radiation. -Juan Escobar Lopez

14: Great Wall Great Wall Why don't you fall? You know what to do, so why don't you let me travle and go home, instead of being trapped like a science chip going to space? Great Wall Great Wall Why don't you fall? You just cost me my decision and my family, Now you can pay Great Wall Great Wall Why don't you fall? The only thing you did was rip families apart like a worn out pair of pants. Finally you got old and that law passsed away like a new month. Families reunited, cheering, dancing, and once again HAPPY! -Lilly Burress | I see the wall I left my justice, liberty, and independence in my habitatat, my home, I feel alone. My eastern friends, why do you build walls and demolish families. Your wall is as powerful as me. I hear families and friends with demonic crying in my head. I fight for my rights. I got what I wanted: family, peace, and happiness. -Julian Tinajero | Freedom: About the Berlin Wall By Fernanda Tello Martinez People wanted to be free, not trapped! I wish I could get through, can't do this anymore. Boom!! Pow! I hast been broken down. I just want freedom! I 1989 we destroyed it! Happiness We got our freedom!

15: The 1990's marked a period of great change all over the world! Our class decided to focus on a great man: Nelson Mandela! Mr. Mandela had the courage to stand. That courage cost him over a quarter century of his life. 1990-1999

16: Life By Rebekah Hinton Who's dad was a chief? Nelson Mandela! Who was sent to prison for 27 YEARS? Nelson Mandela! Nelson Mandela went underground! The radar could not find him! The law made he A.N.C legal! But Nelson stepped down and helped people all over the world! No wonder he was President! This all happened in his life. | Nelson Mandela Figting with courage Stuck in a man cave of shame. Still standing for 27 years! I cannot believe he protested against Apartheid! A black man, he won the Nobel Peace Prize and now he is a leader for standing up for 27 years He was so smart! He went under the radar They cannot find him! He was beyond believable He was legend President of South Africa He is my hero -ELias Martinez | Nelson Mandela Joseph Washington I'm a strong man Fighting for all I got Trying to make a difference in teh world Having mahogany skin is hard Went to jail for no reason I fight against Apartheid I am very peaceful That is why I won the Nobel Peace Prize I was a president and always will be Tanskei, South Africa was were I was born Sent to prison for 27 years I struggle My people helped me I was accused My hair is now white as snow Figting with courage!

17: Nelson Mandela By Mariah Grimaldo There was a brave man named Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela was born 1918. When Nelson Mandela's dad died he lived with other boys his age. Nelson Mandela got put in jail for 27 years. Nelson Mandela went to jail on a little island named Robben island surrounded by water... When Nelson was released from jail he became president of South Africa in 1990. He still helps people all over the world

18: Was born in 1918 in Tanskei Went to jail in Africa He was brave! -Avyonie Parrilla | Time to be Proud Fernanda Tello Martinez I am the son of a chief I had my head up and forward even though I was in a birds cage for 27 years.. I keep moving forward

19: Nelson Mandela standing behind enemy bars. Prosting for black people going to jail for them. Born in Tanskei with his chief father. President of South Africa. Protesting around the world. Cops trying to chase Mandela out. But Mandela is fast as a cheetah. Mandela fighting Fighting for freedom. -Jonhjairo Melo | Nelson Mandela was in jail. He was born in South Africa He was born in July 1918. 1n 1966 he got arrested. He was wanted by the government. He had 3 wives. He won the Nobel Peace Prize -Taylor Isaacs

20: Solid like mahogany wood Staying strong like a lion on Robben Island He saw 65 killed like squashed bugs Mandela spent almost all of his life protesting against apartheid -Juan Lopez Escobar | He had endurance like a lion Helped seeds grow to plants Fist in the air He is brave to stay in jail for a quarter century He knew what was right He is older than dirt With hair white as snow Skin dark as tree bark He fought -Nathan Urquidi

21: Mr. Mandela By Jayla Lamb 1 2 3 2 languages Mr. Madela was in jail for 27 years In 1993 he earned the Nobel Peace Prize. | 123! By Lilly Burress Protesting with power making the earth rumble in power pride and bravery! | Nelson Mandela, hair white as snow. I see a different world all around me. I fought against government. I was tough as a human justice fighter. -Galeno Garcia Williams

22: Nelson by Kira Ruiz I stood tall for what I believed. I got trapped behind these cold as ice bars. Black and silver bars confined me in this cell. 27 years later, I came out, the light shined on my silvery glass hair. All my friends were there to say "Hello!" I became president of South Africa. Ruler over everyone, IT FELT GOOD!! I met my third wife as I stepped down form my mighty throne. today I travel, the world is mine, I help people all around. | Nelson Mandela by Jaedan Lee Mandela The man of peace leader The protester of violence and rage. My home of Tanskei falling apart like a house from an earthquake, because of the rage and the violence. He was ready to go to prison for his people. The people wasted almost 30 years because of them racist people. I came out that day with a s mile as massive as the sky So happy to see my frineds. Now I am free to live my life As I walked the crowd applauded and the microphone had my name written on it and it winked at me to say my speech. | I feel the cuffs pinch me as I walk back and forth in this dark, black, cold hole. I am a convicted prisoner. I am the first accused. I see gray straight bars. I hear the guard say, "You're free." I say I can finally be someone, I can be number one! I am prepared to die. I am the first accused I am a symbol of a movement. I am the king of Africa! --Julian Tinajero

23: On September 11, 2001, terrorists attacked America. These attacks changed America forever. 2000-2010

24: 9/11 Jaedan Lee 9/11 Nobody knew Until its too late I've might not have been there But, I can still feel it And hear the sreaming I can feel the vibrations from the ground and people running It's just like it happened yesterday Planes CRASH EXPLODE People jumping like rain falling from the sky... Osama Bin Laden a monster of terrorists trying to scare us but he can't because WE ARE FREE!! | Lives Rebekah Hinton Millions of people died because the people said "It went off track!" The plane was highjacked at 9:00 am to be crushed like a hard hammer. Pounding lives like a nail in the two twin towers of no life at all Rebuilding a new tower to reprsent freedom for all lives that lived The new freedom tower.

25: 9-11 Nathan Urquidi They were the twin towers Then they fell Six mystery men hijacked the plane One man planned it He destroyed like a lion catching its prey They were perilous people that planned the assault I was so sad when it happened, my tears could flood the earth. | You can take the towers but you can't take Justice Liberty INdependence You can't take anyone's freedom My freedom is as powerful as the two greatest towers in the world. The violent, malicious men killed the heart of New York. I don't see towers I see destruction Things demolished Now my heart is as sad as a dead flower Julian Tinajero | The twin towers standing straight and tall. Two airplanes crashed into the building like cars. A large bang. Red as fire. Kids, mothers, dads all are dead. Like dead fish in polluted streams. People flying out windows like shot birds. Juan Lopez

26: I wanna hear a poem about 9/11 A plane zoomed and smashed POOF. The twin towers collapsed People jumped off the twin towers like monkeys jump in a tree But falling straight down to the ground. Mercedes Gonzales | The Day to Remember Fernanda Tello Martinez We will still remember the days when they were up. Not the day of disaster. When that plane came and snuck up on us like a lion hunting its prey That's the day when we stood up like never before. We will still fight! We will remember the shiver of buildings when the people lost lives We will remember

27: Twin Tower Joseph Washington My heart was pounding like a hammer when I heard. I am really sorry for al the people Those people in those people in that plane were cruel. Lots of sad people Crying and Pain Lots of destruction It happened September 11, 2001 The ground was cracking, even shaking Why did those people do that? Planes crashing and smashing I feel really scared to go on a plane now. Lots of people tried to get out | Why? Why did you just hurt those innocent people who had lives and had hope for themselves? Blazing red fire glass bursting into parts people exploding into tears running for their life--not to get hit The collapse of the twin towers The shock people had when their loved ones had been destroyed. No matter what they will never forget you. The collapse occured in two hours The collapse was horrible. Avyonie Parrillia

28: 6 passengers 4 planes 2 towers And 1 day 3 2 1 The twin towers were no mistake and it sure wasn't fake Smoke, glass, fire, and death More people lost their lives in Afghanistan than flying, mjumping, landing in blood... They jumped for their lives but instead they umped inside of themselves and never came out Twin Towers was no joke it was real Lilly Burress | The world was OK, then 9/11 came. The towers got hit with a force that nothing could beat. Black and red smoke flew up fast, race car fast. They jumped from windows and fell to the ground below. The planes stabbed the towers, fast Windows broke rapidly one by one CRACK Fell to the ground 30 feet below We have rage like a bull would when he sees a red cloth We will never forget! Kira Ruiz

29: September 11, 2001 BAM! BAM! Twin Towers gone like a piece of candy. People are running out of their minds They jump into heaven. But the terrorist jump into Hell. Bin Laden needs to quit! Flight 93 is the best because they have the key to freedom! Let's Roll Jayla Lamb | The buildings were destroyed lots of people died. There was lots of glass and dust I felt so sad my heart was crying Galeno Garcia-Williams

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