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Blank Canvas

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1: I discovered my love for art not too long ago. I had some skills but as time passed I learned even more than I could imagine. I learned about acronyms such as TVFLOSS or CUBPERM. One of my favorite new skills is slip trailing. Most important thing I realized was a common theme in my art, which is nature. I carve trees into my ceramic pieces not just because I like them but because it symbolizes a variety of things. It symbolizes growth in me as a person and an artist. I love to decorate bowls with different stages of tree life such as winter and summer. Nautical is another aspect I include in my art. This is important and meaningful to me because growing up I always went to the beach since we lived so close. Watching the wave’s crash on the shore and watching the water as far as the eye can see is both calming and exciting. I like to incorporate those emotions into my art. I use time to indicate change. People change in a matter of days, weeks, or even years. This incorporates into my nature theme because of the days that go by. An example of time going by would be the sun and the moon with the numbers around the border. Finding my niche (theme) in my art has helped define me as a person and serves as an outlet for my emotions. People around me (artists of tomorrow) are the people who inspire me and allow me to set my artistic level bar higher, I am glad that I took on Ceramics II. I do hope that I can continue to build on my ceramic skills because this is something I find joy in. | ARTIST STATEMENT

2: Pocket full of Sunshine | Mishima was first created in Korea during the Koryo period (935-1392)A.D the technique is used by inlaying slip,clay or glaze to contrast the clay body. This bowl was made for charity so i gave it a cheery theme and the sun peeking through the clouds to show that there is a silver lining to everything. The texture of this bowl is smooth with no ridges or bumps. I decided to choose this design because if someone is having a bad day they can look at this piece and automatically get a smile from it. I picked pocket full of sunshine because the title like the song just seem to fit the piece. The most successful part of this bowl is the rim. The glaze turned out excellent. i think this is a good example of me reaching ,u goal because i imporooved my glazing skills.

3: Night and Day | Sgraffito pottery was started by a variety of different groups of people. These groups includes Japanese, Italians, Native Americans, and Egyptians. I had to create a plate using the Sgraffito and Mishima techniques. Line was one of the biggest elements used in this piece. There were lines carved in and lines scratched out. I decided to do the half day and half night design to go with my nature theme. Also i decided to do the clock border to go with my days passing nature theme. The most successful part to this piece is the middle design. The only problem i had with this piece is the scraping around the middle design because it was my first time and i was experimenting with the piece. There is nothing I can really do accept learn from this mistake for the future.

4: Face jugs originated in western N.C and northern G.A. They were used to scare small kids away from them and the contents in them that was usually moonshine or other types of liquor.

5: The Thinking Sailor | I thought to do a sailor to tie in with my nautical theme. I used my favorite method to construct this piece which is the coiling method. Texture in the mustache and eyebrows are key to give it its old man look. I had a few ideas for my face jug but nothing really tied into my nature theme like this one did. The best parts of this piece are the emotions that it expresses. and how one eye is kind of in a squinting position to show hes angry but pondering something. The only issue I had with this piece is the face that the glaze after the first firing turned out really bad so i glazed it again and got a deeper color although i could have used different colors. This helped me become a better artist because i learned how to put texture in things and learned from mistakes like glazing better.

6: Raku | Raku pottery was first discovered in Japan in the early 1500's. The Japanese Buddhist masters intended it to be used for tea and tea ceremonies. It was supposed to be for the present time and when they were done drinking the tea they would smash the piece. The Raku piece is fired normal like a bisque fire, but the glaze fire is what sets raku firing aside from regular glaze firing. The firing process is very fast. The piece goes into shock. Then once the piece is at a scorching temperature then you put the piece in a trash can or container filled with newspaper. From there you have to "burp" the container to let the smoke out. The finished result should be blackish gray. The parts that you glazed however can be a mystery, Sometimes they come out the way it's supposed to and sometimes you can get a warped or completely different color.

7: For my Raku piece I wanted to do something that would one, go with my nature theme, and two, look good in my room. Instead of putting holes in the | top of the toadstool i put it in the base. It did not turn out exactly how i wanted it to but it still came out looking pretty well. Also the red gaze was not raku glaze but all the imperfections make it perfect. Its for sure one piece that was one of the most difficult pieces and maybe the most enjoyable to make. | Illuminate

8: Paradise | Abstract art is a form of post-modern day art. Early abstract work was glazed with simple colors like blue and red. Abstract doses not focus on the main point or does not show exactly what the pierce is, but it makes you think outside the box.

9: Constructing this piece was one of the more challenging pieces to make. For my abstract piece i used the pinching, coiling, and slab method. | The flower petals itself were made with the pinching method and the back of the flower was the slab method. The most challenging part to this whole project was the coiling for the flowering pot. It was difficult to make the pot attach to the flower even with score and slip.

10: Portrait Bust | I based my portrait bust on Toulouse Lautrec. He was a French painter most known for his piece "the Moulin Rouge. His paintings almost look watercolor and don't pay much attention to facial features. The paintings mainly look like outlined blurs.

11: My bust represented my artist by the colors i used. I used pastel watercolor glazes to give it the dreamy look. I also covered the one eye not only because thats how my hair lays but its because the artist never really defined any facial features and the hair covers the eye. Also some features stick out more than others. The nose sticks out and the one eye but the other eye is carved in to show depth.

12: The Bullying Tree | This was a group project constructed and born to make a statement. This was our political statement for the school. The tree is divided into two parts. The one side represents the negative effects of bullying and the flourishing side shows what kind words and actions can do for a person; it can help one grow. Words were carved in the trunk of the dead side to represent what everyday hurtful words can do. They can have small effects that eventually will add up to a serious life long problems. This tree was not just for one type of bullying but for all categories of bullying.

13: Social commentary art and how it came to be | Political art was crated to bring awareness to issues that really mattered. One example that we were shown in class was hunger. While in America we have freedoms to have anything we want or let alone need, people in other countries do not have that choice. Another example would be about war or politics.

14: Coming into Ceramics I with no experience was a challenging task. I wanted to give it a chance and see where it went. Learning the basics helped me to create better and well constructed pieces. | Final Reflection :( | I enjoyed Ceramics I so much that I signed up for Ceramics II. My pieces came along way since the first day of Ceramics I. I learned how to make a whistle and plate along with previous knowledge such as coiling or pinching methods. I plan on using pottery as a hobby and a outlet for stress.

15: END

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