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BC: As we all know, Titanic is the famous ship that sank. But, do you really know how it all went down?

FC: Titanic: Lifeboat Number 8 | By:Kayla Nash and Kiley O'Neill

1: How It All Started | The R.M.S. Titanic,was designed by William Pierre's Belfast Firm Harland and Wolff. It was thought the unsinkable ship for many reasons including that; it was the biggest and most luxurious of its time, and also that it had 4 water-tight compartments that could fill up with water without it sinking. It was set out on the Atlantic Ferry Route, which was where it started out in Southampton, England, and was suppose to come to port at New York. But, as we all know it was not meant to be. Lets go more into dept. We are going to go on about Lifeboat number 8 specifically. | Introduction

2: Lifeboat Number 8 | At 1:10 A.M. lifeboat number 8 cast away from the boat Titanic on it's port side. The man in charge was Thomas Jones. It could of had the capacity of 68 people,but only 28 people where aboard when it cast off.Since, it was like one of the first lifeboats cast off there was about 24 ladies on the lifeboat and about 4 men(it was actually the 5th one to cast off). You know,that mainly, it was just the ladies because ladies go first.And the only reason there was even men was because all these men were part of the crew.

3: Passengers On Lifeboat Number 8: 1st Class... Mrs. W. Bucknell Age:60 Occupation: Unknown (husband was founder of Bucknell Collage in Philadelphia) Survived Albina Brazzani Age:36 Occupation:Maid to Mrs. W. Bucknell Survived Miss G. Cherry Age:30 Occupation: She was the last daughter of the 18th Countess of Rothes so she didn't have really a job, just had money Survived Countess of Rothes (Cousin's Husband of Miss. G. Cherry)Age:27 Occupation: Countess of Rothes so she didn't work just had money Survived Mrs Maloney Age:Unknown Occupation: Maid of Countess of Rothes Survived Mrs. F.R. Kenyon Age: 39 Occupation: Unknown Survived Miss. F.A. Leader Age: Unknown Occupation:Unknown Survived Mrs. T. Pears Age:29 Occupation:Unknown Survived Mrs. V.Penasco Age: Unknown Occupation:Unknown Survived Mlle Olivia Age: UnknowOccupation: Maid for Mrs. V. Penasco Survived Mrs. F.J. Swift Age: 46 Occupation:Unkown Survived Mrs. Emily Taussig Age:52 Occupation:Unknown Survived Miss. R. Taussig Age: 18 (just that she was daughter of Mrs. Emily Taussig) Occupation:Unknown Survived Mrs. J.S. White Survived Amelia Bessetti Occupation: Maid to Mrs. J.S. White Survived Mrs. G.D. Wick Survived Miss. D. Wick Survived Miss. M. Young Survived Mrs. Straus' maid (Ellen Bird) Occupation: maid to Miss. Straus' My Titanic Scavenger Hunt A new inquiry has been launched regarding the sinking of the Titanic. You have been hired as a researcher to find the answers and possible solutions to some of the events surrounding the demise of the great ship. Use the questions and links below to aid you in your search for truth and understanding. You have the option of working alone or choosing a partner. Answers are to be recorded in a word document and placed in the drop box for your class period on my website. 1.What are some factors that played a role in determining who survived the tragedy? Was there equity? Would the same rules apply today if the same tragedy happened? 2.In 1912 journalistic photography was still enjoying its adolescence, the editorial cartoonist, therefore, provided a familiar and significant service reflecting the popular emotion and sentiment of the tragedy not captured by film. Two basic slants were taken by the artists: The following evocative images will highlight these themes. Define them as you would interpret each theme. 3.Locate a survivor’s story from one of the occupants from your lifeboat research. What was their story? 4.Why do you think the Titanic sank? After composing your response, check to see if you agree with the facts as we know them. Did you find different evidence on another site? Make sure to list the site and your findings. 5.Much speculation has been made as to whether 3rd class passengers were locked below and not allowed the opportunity to save themselves as was seen in The Titanic movie. Using the Gates power point linked on my website and The Movie versus History site, come to a conclusion as to what you believe the facts to be. 6.Could more people have been saved? Look at a diagram of the boat and put your mind to work. What floatable objects were on board the Titanic that could have been thrown overboard to save more people? Also, click on the tab marked ship to see images of how areas were furnished for more ideas. 7.Why were the passengers going to America? 8.What changes would you recommend for sea travel with your knowledge of the Titanic's disaster and tragedy? Just for fun! Be a passenger Listen to the journey. You won’t know who you are or if you survive until the very end! NOVA Online | Voyage of Doom | Buoyancy Brainteasers! Go to the bulleted items and test your knowledge of buoyancy!

4: Crew: Thomas Jones A. Crawford J. Hart Paul Mauge | People on Lifeboat Number 8 (Continued)...

5: Interesting facts... | One of the men on board knew a lady before she was on the same lifeboats with him. They also knew each other after the tradegdy and wrote many letters to each other. Even, when she died he bought a plauge for her.

6: Alfred Crawford Before: Alfred Crawford was born on December 28, 1858, in Pickaway county, Ohio as the third son of ten children. He later got married to Miss Frances Merrill, who died in 1861, leaving two children, Jacob William and James I. After her death he never married again. During: When he was boarded on the Titanic his occupation was a crewman; he was 36 years old. The night the Titanic sank he was last to board Life Boat 8 and that was the 5th one to leave. Surviving, he safely reached the Carpathia at 3:16 a.m. After: Alfred Crawford Survived the sad, and scary voyage of the Titanic. After reaching America he settled back down in his hometown of Pickaway Ohio with his two sons. And never boarded another ship again.

8: 12% | 28,88% | Crew total Passenger

10: Titanic Layout

11: Layout

12: Secondary sources: | A secondary source is coming from something that was published or made after an event occurred.Sources that digest, analyze, evaluate and interpret the information contained within primary sources. Examples: A newspaper, a book, a magazine.

13: Primary sources: | Sources that contain raw, original, unevaluated information. Coming straight from someone or something who was there when the event occurred. Examples: An interview, a diary.

14: What we learned: Me and my partner Kayla didn't know much about the titanic going into the project, but after all the research it's as if we were on the same boat with everyone....Well if you have seen the movie, you know the basic story. Four days into a transatlantic crossing, the ship hit an iceberg just before midnight then sank hours later. In one of the deadliest disasters in maritime history, over 1500 people died in the icy water south of the Grand Banks of Newfoundland. We also found that it only took about 15 minutues to sink to the very bottom of the ocean. And, that NO BOAT IS UNSINKABLE completly.

15: Websites Used: htt

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