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FC: Civil Rights Yearbook

1: 1946-White Primary is Abolished in Georgia Elections were held in Southern States, where only whites could vote.Now, whites and blacks are allowed to vote in those elections.

2: William Hartsfield the Mayor of Atlanta. He won city elections from voters who were black and white. He tried to build a biracial community, and intergrated schools.

3: 1948-Intergration of Armed Forces President Trauman wants to take steps in ending segregation. He announces that he is intergrating the armed forces

4: 1954-Brown Vs. Board Of Education Linda Brown was not allowed to go to "White School." Her dad sued the Board of Education, with other parents for racial segregation. Thurgood Marshall was the plantiffs' lawyer, and won the case.

5: 1955-The Murder Of Emmett Till An African-American boy in Mississippi murdered for 'flirting' with a white married woman. The husband found Till and murdered him, throwing him a river. Later, the husband admitted to murdering Till.

6: Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott Rosa Parks was an African American woman. She is most famous for refusing to give up her seat on the bus to a white man. She was later sentenced to jail.

7: 1956- Change to Georgia's State Flag A Democrat and two state senators' wanted to change the state flag to the above. They thought it was a new way in showing change with intergrating schools and much more that was to come.

8: 1957-Southern Christian Leadership Conference Founded The Southern Leadership Conference or the SCLC is an organization. This organization basically supports the Civil Rights. It is one of other Civil Rights organization.

9: 1960-Sibley Commission This was a commitee, where governor Ernest Vandiver Jr. had to decide whether to desegregate schools or close them down. He had to choose, because people were not happy of the idea of intergrating schools.

10: Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee SNCC is also an organization. It is one of the main organization for the Civil Rights Movement. It has many projects supporting rights for African American people SNCC is short for Student Non- Violent Coordinating Committee.

11: 1961- Freedom Rides Freedom Rides were African American people who tested the court in the case Boynton v. Virginia . They rode on segregated bus rides to challenge the law. The riots on the bus resulted in people getting arrested.

12: Integration of The University of Georgia This was when whites and blacks were allowed to go to the same universities. Hamilton Holmes was an African American male. He was one of two African Americans that was admitted into the University of Georgia. The other, was an African American woman named Charlayne Hunter.

13: Albany Movement The Albany movement was a group of local African Americans in Georgia. Particularly Albany, Georgia that wanted desegregation. The walked around in Georgia for desegregation.

14: 1962- Ivan Allen Jr. elected mayor of Atlanta Ivan Allen Jr. led the city through growth in many area. For example the ecomony and racial equality in Atlanta. He worked with Martin Luther King Junior in Civil Rights for African American. He also, made an agreement to desegregate hotel, restaurants, etc.

15: 1963- Alabama Protests This started off as a march down Birmingham demanding equal rights, it soon led to the arrest of people. The police 'calmed' the riot down by spraying the African Americans with water hoses, etc

16: March on Washington DC The March in Washington was a march for Civil Rights as well. They marched for Freedom, jobs, etc. They African Americans wanted Civil Rights for blacks

17: 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham Bombed The Church bombed killed four girls. This helped the Civil Rights' Act to get passed.

18: John F. Kennedy Assassinated John F. Kennedy was the President of the United States during this time. He was going to pass the law for rights of Blacks,but was sadly assassinated before he could sign the act.

19: 1964-Civil Rights Act 1964 passed After the assassination of President Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson took over and signed the Civil Rights Act. Finally, the Civil Rights Act was passed.

20: 1965-Voting Rights Act of 1965 Passed This act was also passed. The Act is basically, outlawing disciminatory voting rights against blacks.

21: Selma To Montgomery March These were three marches. The African-Americans were seeking a political and emotional in the Civil RIghts Movement. These marches were long and bloody.

22: 1968-MLK assassinated Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in 1968. Everyone was really upset, especially African Americans. Georgia was upset too, but was honored to have such an important person in history born on Georgia's soil, that Martin's house is now a tourist attraction, as well as the MLK tour mueseum.

23: 1969-GA State Board of Education sued by Federal Government The federal government sued the GA Board of Education due to the Brown vs. Board of Education case.

24: 1973-Maynard Jackson elected mayor of ATL Maynard Jackson was the first African American mayor of Atlanta. He did many things to equal out rights.

25: 1981-Andrew Young elected mayor of Atlanta Andrew Young was the mayor after Maynard Jackson. He was the second black mayor of Atlanta.

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