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S: happy 65th birthday from your friends and family

FC: If you carry your | childhood with you, | you never | Here's to 65 years young... | grow old

2: On a beautiful Sunday in May 1946, Douglas Lynn came into the family and the world. As the old poem goes "The child that is bonny and bright and gay (original translation) is the child that is born on the Sabbeth day". So was Doug- a happy, blue-eyed baby. However, he led his parents quite a life; as a baby, he was awake 20 of the 24 hours and the house was never quiet again. With his birth, his parents received another ration book allowing them to buy extra sugar, butter and shoes. The war was over but rationing continued. Doug grew up on the farm playing with Jamie and teasing Sally. They had ponies, puppies, kittens and a cabin and swimming. He had a lisp before going to school and he would strum the old guitar and sing "lagtime cowboy Joe" and tell us about the "Labbit that was lunning down the load." | D | Douglas | He took part in 4H "(mainly because he wanted to play ball, his dad had to help him finish his project the morning of the fair). He took piano lessons but wasn't great on practicing but did put thumb tacks on the old piano hammek parts to make it sound honky-tonk. In high school, he found his niche in chemistry and graduated with an award in music and a 4 point average. After he went to college, we didn't see him as often. I guess he discovered girls (but no, that's not right- he discovered them long before, in first grade there were seven girls and Dougie in his class). He had good college years, came out with a special grade point award, a new wife and several scholarship offers. His grad day was extra special- a brand new son! Things always hummed when Doug was home, music, people, activity plus. That's why we missed him so much when he left! Love, Mom | Lynn

4: "Happy #65!!!!. But, worries...65 is the NEW 55!! You're just getting younger!! Enjoy the next decades!...." The Walls | "Still kickin' & still pickin'--Happy 65! & mind your G string! Love, Chuck & Kaye | It takes many special qualities To make an uncle just like you, A lot of care and kindness And understanding, too... It takes a special kind of love That seems to know no end And the thoughtfulness and patience Of a true and trusted friend... The many things you’ve done, And all the times that you were there, Help me know deep down inside, How much you really care! Even though I might not say, I appreciate all you do. Very blessed is how I feel, To have an uncle such as you! Have a great Birthday! Love you lots, Erin Slavik And remember..."I'll always be in your prayers"...

5: Sue, John and Britt all wish you the best on your 65th. You are living life just the way you are supposed to---making the most of every moment with Kathy, family, and friends. There are many more years to travel, live big, and of course not sweat the small stuff! Best wishes, The Andersons | What? I'm 65? How the hell did that happen? | I have been cleaning out closets and shelves and found old boxes with treasures of old memories. This little card I am reading from is one of them. It is a card that my mom made back in her tatting days. 'I asked God for all things that I might enjoy life-- God gave me life that I might enjoy all things.' You are one person that I know who has deemed in your heart to enjoy life and has found new hope, love and happiness. My wish for your birthday is that you will continue in your pursuit and live to enjoy all things! I hope that you have a great celebration and your family enjoys the day! We will be thinking of you. Karen & Al

6: Dear Doug, Now that you no longer have to worry about maturity, you can really do what you have always wanted. We can just see you cruising with your guitar and crooning to all those fish. Certainly the fish will be curious but finding which melodies will excite each species will require trial and error implying significant preparation and rehearsal time. We suggest recording your most successful tunes for playback; could come in handy in the rain for instance. Other jealous fishermen may express concern over the technique as you approach their anchoring spot. Suggest avoiding confrontation with these out of tune types. Then there is the Warden issue! They may question your seaworthiness and ask for a NMMA certification. A sobriety test is a distinct possibility. Never-the-less YOU CAN DO IT – achieving your lifelong ambitions and dreams is yours for the taking! We wish you fun, health and happiness as you cruise along! All the best, Barbara and Joe Movizzo

7: There once was a lad named Douglas And a fine young man he was He grew up on a farm in Wisconsin With a love of huntin' and of fishin' Fond memories I recall from days long gone Horseback riding at the farm was a special one Days spent at Bone Lake were always fun A carefree time spent in water and sun Off to college Doug went and marry did he To a wonderful girl - they raised a family A boy and two girls, now also wed With babies arriving to delight "Granddad" | His successful career took him far and wide Many friends he made along the ride With a gift for gab and plenty of "chutzpah" We always knew that he would go far! But life took a turn and delivered heartache As loved ones passed, his heart would break Time heals all, they always seem to say Still. . . one is alone at the end of the day But now, we're delighted that he has found A new love and happiness felt all around A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY - we wish you the best The future is a happy one - you are so blessed! Love, Buzz and Gail

8: Remember when? | Celebrate 65 From someone who's past 65----it's not all bad!! We have so many memories of fun times spent with you and your family. We remember when Barb brought you to Clear Lake for the first time. We felt comfortable with you and bonded that day. We knew you were at ease with us when you went to the refrigerator helping yourself to a drink. We remember our trip to California and taking a trip in your Duster--7 people, no air conditioning, no car seats!! We remember the many times we were invited to your families cabin and the fun we had. Don recalls your nickname "Dougals" which for some reason ticked you off. Other highlights include our traditional week long Christmas holiday celebration, many gifts, lots of games, shopping, etc. We thoroughly enjoyed your wedding celebration this past year and know that we will be making many new memories with you and Kathy. Look forward to our time at Brookside. Happy Birthday to a great guy!! Don and Phyllis | To Doug: One of the true joys of my life has been sharing and performing music with you! I will always cherish our Christmas morning sessions at Grandma Fox's church and the fun they generated, especially when the girls joined us. I think we should pick up that tradition again, maybe in a new form and a different place, but with the same heartfelt spirit and joy! Music, like wine, only gets richer with age! Have a wonderful birthday! Charlie

9: Ode to Doug There once was a man from Stillwater Who met a sweet lady and got her He wooed and pursued Off to Timbuktu And earned the love and respect of her daughters Happy birthday Doug! Love, Kerry, Nate, Liam, Katie, Jono & Olivia

10: Doug aka “Doogie Howser'. Doug will always remind me of Dr. Doogie Howser – a young kid -- extremely smart with an unsatisfied energy level and an ability to adapt in all social scenes. Doug forever possesses that energy level, that challenging edge, an intellectual sharpness and an eidetic memory. As friends we have worked, golfed, traveled, partied, and shared the difficult discussions. Doug’s friendship is simply real and indisputable. Dick Peters

11: When I think of Doug, I think of music, travel and great conversations. Doug loves music. We have sung Eagles songs together in a yellow jeep bumping across an old sugar cane field in Kauai. Doug loves to travel. And when Doug travels, he likes adventure. I'll always remember the wonderful warm downpour on our white water rafting trip in Costa Rica and the half mile zip line we did together. During our travels together, we've had some great discussions. Doug is a deep thinker and is not afraid of confrontation. I'm honored to have him as my friend. Happy Birthday, Doug! Susan Peters

12: Hey Doug, Happy Birthday! Welcome to the official “senior citizen” category and the land of special discounts for us “old folks.” It is wonderful that you are surrounded by your beautiful family at this special time and I am sure you are inundated with letters and emails from the many people whose lives you have touched over the years. We share some fond memories of consulting together but better ones of extravagant dinners and after-work camaraderie. Marty and I wish you the very best and hope to see you again before too long. Fondly, Mary Vernick | Here's a toast to Doug on a very special birthday--to a great neighbor, to a great friend, most of all, to the man who inspires us all to say "YES" to every opportunity to live life to it's fullest! Happy Birthday Doug! From, Melissa and Dave

13: 1. Don't feel guilty about too many hobbies. It is perfectly normal to have at least fifty. These should include but not be limited to the hunting of turkeys and ducks. Fishing of all species, especially in other countries. Golf. Down-hill skiing. Card playing. Foreign travel. Etc. 2. You do not have to be able to play the guitar well or know all the words to the song to enjoy music. 3. If you are outdoors, you must have a fire burning at all times, preferably with music playing. 4. Life is about your attitude. Anything, including yard work, is fun if you think it is. 5. NO is a perfectly acceptable answer among friends. 6. The key to being a perfect neighbor is knowing when to come and when to leave. 7. You can be 'cutting edge' even when you are 'upside down'. Inside joke In all seriousness, we could not have been more lucky with the position of our house and the neighbors we have. Happy Birthday Todd and Tina | Things I Have Learned from Doug Swanson

14: My freshman year of college I got all A’s and B’s and I was feeling pretty proud of myself and when I told you, you said, “that’s great Megster, I’m sure next semester you’ll work even harder and get all A’s.” It was a message that stuck with me. It’s important to work hard, and you can always work a little harder. | Lessons From My Dad | I remember traveling with you once to New York and the trip wasn’t going very well, there were delays and long layovers, baggage was lost, etc. A lot of other people were complaining very loudly and you said that you had learned from all of the travelling that you had done that no matter how much you complain it doesn’t make the plane go any faster or your bags get there any sooner. You said travel was hard enough when everything went smooth and getting upset every time something went wrong just made it harder. I learned that you can’t control what happens to you, but you can control how you react to it. I think of that every time a trip or event doesn’t go as planned. | After my HS graduation I had a trip planned to Europe and after getting to the airport I realized my tickets were for the day before (thanks for that) and was told I’d have to fly stand-by if I still wanted to go. I was scared to death. I called you just sobbing and you said “Megster you have a decision to make. You can pass on this trip and who knows if you’ll ever be able to take it again, or you can just make the most of it and see what happens.” So I took the trip and getting there was a headache, but it made every other trip after it seem like a piece of cake.

15: I will never forget you driving me to Madison the summer before college. We were going to the orientation and I was starting to get scared about leaving all of my friends and not knowing anyone at such a big school. You said that I would leave college with so many new friends that I would be friends with forever, friends that would end up being in my wedding someday. At that moment I could not imagine that as a possibility but you said with such certainty it made me believe you and feel so much better about the situation. And as usual, you were right. | At the same time that you were turning 50 I was trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up and you told me that you were still trying to figure out what you wanted to be when you grew up. It didn’t seem possible to me that you didn’t know everything, but I believed you and it made me realize you don’t have to have everything figured out right away. Life is about the journey & it goes by fast so you should take advantage of every opportunity you have. | It strikes me now how important it was that you were always interested in whatever I was interested in. In HS you would take the time to listen to the music I listened to, even if you hated it. When I was obsessed with the NBA, you would watch games with me. If I told you about a book I loved, you would read it. All of those seem like little things, but they all made me feel like my interests mattered to you. You always find a way to connect with people and that is important.

16: t feels like just yesterday that I had the crazy idea of and originally it was to go back to school. I will never forget receiving the rejection letter in the mail and calling you late at night crying that I didn’t get in. You got in the car and drove to my townhome to comfort me. You told me that if this was something I really wanted to do I couldn’t let one little rejection letter get in my way. Looking back now, you probably regret talking me into that, but I will always remember that. | Anyone who knows me, knows that you hold a special place in my life. You have my love, respect, admiration and trust. I am always just a little envious of the way you live life & am always so incredibly grateful that I have you as my Dad. Love, Megan | moving to Seattle | I

17: Watching you with Adelyn is one of my favorite things. You are so interested in her and show such a fascination in everything she does, I love it. I truly believe what you said in your letter to her that since mom is gone, you will love her twice as much to make up for it. I can tell she already knows her Papa is somebody special. | P A P A | DDY &

18: You've shown me how great of a relationship a father can have with his children. I've had the privilege to see the incredible relationship you have with Megan, Keri, and Tad. My wish is that Adelyn will look up to me the way they look up to you and think of me the way they think of you. Keep up with your fitness regimen and thank you for all of your unmatched generosity over the years. Happy 65th! Brian Evert | ear Doug, or as you asked me to call you the first time I met you, Dr. Swanson, Though your memory seems to be fading, your enthusiasm and sheer curiosity with life continues to grow even at your "advanced" age. You are the best father-in-law a man could ask for. You've always expressed an interest in my life and shown me how important family is. In the 8 years that I've known you, you've faced some difficult challenges, but somehow you've managed to pick yourself up with your head held high and not dwell on the past. | D

20: oug- Wishing you a very happy 65th birthday, 65 years ago, 1946, was the start of the Baby Boomer Generation. You have lived through some interesting times. We remember many stories, but one that stands out is the time that Henrik & Ines stayed at our house in North Salem. You were on one of your many business trips to New York and staying in Tarrytown, so we decided to meet halfway in Mt. Kisco for dinner. Since there was a hurricane going on, we talked about canceling, but then figured how bad could a little rain be and decided to go to dinner. Well, the main roads were flooded, so we headed for higher ground on the back roads. Rivers were flowing down each side street, but fortunately we didn’t get carried away and the car kept going. You had already arrived, and we ended up being the only ones in the restaurant. After a very enjoyable dinner, with the wind howling outside, the staff started giving us dirty looks since we were the only ones preventing them from going home. We decided to leave and once again brave the elements. We consider ourselves fortunate to have you as our friend. Enjoy yourself on your birthday and best wishes for many more to come. Joanne and John Kirby | Dr. Doug, time sure does go by. Just a few old random thoughts that come to mind: Class A solos/duets, dance band, senior prom 1964, Wale's tails, Trumpet Voluntary, L.A. Coliseum, '65 Cad cross-country (cold) ride, Priester Realty, Scandia land development fizzle, '35 Ford panel from neighbor's pasture-free, and John Fogarty. Welcome to geezerdom. Butch-020975, 425 Portland Ave. (and your Mother was right) | D

21: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOUG The big 65, it doesn’t seem that long ago we were kids riding horse, going to church together, then college and now its Medicare. Life is great and your positive outlook only makes it better never let that change. I wish you the very best, you deserve it. And remember you have many more golf and fishing lessons to give me. Bob Sorensen | THE BRIDGE GIRLS ANNOUNCE ! MN MEETS MATRICULATION WITH MISGIVINGS !??! Yes the Bridge Girls are certainly all atwitter in trying to comprehend the effect of aging on the eminent player of the Group. One Kibitzer asked "Will he forget to unblock the singleton king on the board before running trump"? "No" the other opined, "MN may be over the hill age wise, but his mind is like a steel trap, BUT he does need to use it so that no rust forms"! Happy Birthday Doug & many more bridge games to come! JW

22: 43+ years ago, you and Barb, carrying little Tad, walked into the auditorium of Angelica Lutheran Church and into our lives. We talked back and forth most of that evening and got to know each other as much as possible in that short time. (Boy, can you talk a streak.) We had just met - how could we know that we had just met two people (Oh, I forgot about Tad) who would be our friends forever. Gosh Doug, you were only 22 when we first met. No wonder we were so concerned about this "wet behind the ears" farmboy getting himself lost in Los Angeles. Why, driving on paved roads and seeing intersections with traffic lights had to be a totally new experience for the kid from Cushing. But somehow, with our guidance, you managed to adapt! Remember the early years of our friendship? Sure we had no money; but we still found fun ways to enjoy each others' company. Church basketball and softball games, playing Idiots bridge after USC games while drinking Sangria and going on young adult trips to Basting's cabin in Tahoe. Those were some great fun times spent together. Of course, Tad was always part of our times together. The five of us then became six when Keri was born. You were one busy guy! Hey, when did you ever find time to study? | Douglas Lynn Swanson's Birthday Memoirs HAPPY 65th!

23: Then a sad day came for us. Just when you were beginning to dress and act like an Angelino, you go and get your Doctorate. You immediately pack up the yellow (?) Duster with everything you own and take off for your homeland. At the time we were afraid we might be losing a friend forever; but happily for us it was the beginning of many new chapters in our friendship. Chapters of get togethers that included your new family addition of Megan and our new additions of Amy and Courtney. Although we didn't see each other every weekend like in L. A., there were visits with you at the farm, Bone Lake, Clear Lake, Eyota, Glacier Nat Park, Talkeetna, North of Forty, Stillwater, and those infamous fishing and duck hunting trips. Wonderful, wonderful times together! | There are countless stories about these get togethers that can be told where we laughed with you and mostly at you.( I will never forget "the shirt" in Jackson Hole.) Far too many to tell in detail; but in our minds' eyes we can still see Tad's face when Micky Mouse called him, Amy crying at the sight of caught sunfish at Bone Lake, Keri bouncing out of the raft at Jackson Hole, Megan and Courtney perfecting their dance and song routine as we traveled the "Going to the Sun" Road in Glacier and our "Anniversary" Tent in the field in Eyota. It's been a long, memory-filled friendship that is most cherished! | WE LOVE YOU- HAPPY 65th BIRTHDAY! Kathy & Dave



26: 1. I remember when he was our music teacher for Sunday school, he'd always stop us in the middle of a song and say "ENUNCIATE YOUR WORDS!". I would get so frustrated with the other kids for not enunciating because I just wanted to keep singing! I don't think I even knew what "enunciate" meant, I just figured I was doing it and the other kids weren't. 2. I always loved staying overnight at the Swanson's. Obviously for the pancakes in the morning but also because when Doug drove us home, or to a basketball game, or to somewhere else very important for pre-teen girls, he always had the BEST music in the car. I LOVE Doug's taste in music! I also liked when Barb would ride along because they always held hands :-) And he would always say something corny that would embarrass her. 3. On that same note, I loved waking up at the Swanson's because his fabulous music would be playing through out the house. Every time I hear a Neil Sedaka song, or Jimmy Buffett, I think of Doug! 4. Lastly, I remember one time he was driving us to Eyota in the winter and we came to the "T" on the gravel road. He told us that if we were ever sliding on the ice to never slam on the brakes or turn the wheel, just keep going straight. Every time I drive in bad weather I think of that! Happy Birthday, Doug!!! Love, Kristi (Campbell) Hammel | Happy Birthday Doug! We're sending wishes to you for a wonderful birthday. We always look forward to our trips back to MN, especially when they involve a Swanson family reunion. You have a great way of bringing lots of laughter to every situation. I have had lots of fun over the years with trips home from college, weddings, Christmas gatherings and all the joy in between. You're a terrific father and it was never more clear than the night you gave Megan's wedding speech. I was so impressed and touched, I'm glad to have you in my life. Love, Erin, Jason and Baylee | Doug! A very happy 65th birthday to a fantastic guy! How lucky was I to meet Megs at Madison?! Believe me when I say we spent all 4 years in the library working to make our fathers proud! But seriously, I don’t know anyone who admires her dad more than Megan admires you. She is a very lucky girl! Wishing you a wonderful day and a fabulous year ahead! With love, Jessica Olson

27: Usually the person celebrating their birthday picks their own birthday wishes but I have a couple suggestions for you to wish for. They will guarantee a fun and fabulous birthday and certainly one that you will never forget. I know this from experience. Some of my favorite memories while hanging out with Meg when we were younger involved you! My first wish recommendation- wish for those ever-so-famous blueberry beer pancakes that you always used to make us. What's a better way to start off your day than with blueberry beer pancakes! Just make sure you eat enough for you AND me! My second wish recommendation for you is hope that someone videotapes your birthday. Any special event during our younger years you were always there to capture every moment on tape, and of course, added your witty comments, asked silly questions that made us blush, and caught every embarrassing moment on tape (like being the Easter bunny in your 3rd grade play, skiing for the first time, or sending a bunny to our study hall with balloons on our 16th birthday). Twenty-some years later and I still mark these memories as some of my favorites! So, thanks for all the fun memories and I hope your next 65 years are as memorable as your first 65! Love, Megan Hoehn (Lawler) | Not sure where to start...of all my friends I have so many great memories of you. One thing that has always been so apparent to me is the fabulous relationship you and Megan have. I remember you singing and laughing all the time. My first memories come from when we were really young attending church at Our Savior Lutheran Church and you would play guitar for the children's message. We would all gather around and you had every child so engaged, one of your many talents! I specifically remember you picking us up in Eyota for something and we were driving out to your place. It was a winter day and while driving on the country road you and Megan belted out a familiar song; going back and forth from verse to verse. Lastly, all the great memories of you proofing my notes, birthday cards, etc TO MEGAN:) The fabulous beer pancakes...I can't believe you gave alcohol to such young children. Most important! You have always been so welcoming and extremely generous; It is obvious why you are loved by so many. Love, Kelli | HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOUG!!

28: It's hard to write about my brother (or anyone for that matter) when you're the more quiet member of the family, but I'm forcing myself to speak out about growing up with Doug and what I think of him. I associate a lot of my growing up experiences with both Doug and Jamie, but I think Doug was the inspiration behind many of these (Jamie was too nice). I think I'll start at the age of two & my love for water. Jamie & Doug took me swimming in the creek in the woods in April along with ice chunks and extremely cold water. I'm sure they thought my tears were tears of joy vs. tears of "I'm freezing to death". The water theme continued into water skiing when Doug would drive the boat at Bone Lake once I learned how to ski. He would graciously help me start from the dock (in dry clothes) & drive around the lake at the perfect speed until mysteriously the motor would cut out & die and I would sloooowly sink in the "not as warm as dry clothes" water. Then, just as mysteriously, he was able to start the motor and proceed to shore as if nothing happened.

29: Horses were a big part of our childhood. Riding horses, playing cowboys & Indians (I was usually the Indian), being tied to a tree and stealing my horse come to mind along with the other "fun" times. We also trained horses. Slowly slipping the bit into their mouth, I would be sacrificed to be the first to get on the back of the "never been ridden before horse" with that look in its eye that said "if you do what I think you're going to do, I'll bite you". The horse didn't really like this, neither did I, but Doug seemed pleased. | When I look back at those times, I know Doug was just trying to tell me he loves me... or was he trying to get rid of me? I will never know. What I do know is that I can call him at anytime, ask him to do anything, and know that he is always there. I love you Doug, Sal | We would also swim across the St. Croix River near Nevers Dam to the sand bar on the other side. The current was always quite strong and Doug would just tell me to keep my feet on the surface so the current didn't "take me away."

30: Happy Birthday to a special nephew. Love, Carm

32: Dear Doug, We wish you the best on your 65th! It is amazing that we have known you for 20 years now – from Rochester to White Plains, Somers to Duluth, Stillwater to Alaska, and Argentina to Evergreen. The question is where will you be found next? And what critical skills will you need? | Doug was well liked by his clients, on his skills IBM had great reliance. He proved that he knew about processes too. Retired, his reputation was giant! | Our logic Swanson does arrange, he understands reaches and ranges He thinks things up new and we welcome his view, as long as he doesn’t make changes.

33: One mate on our teams’ name is Doug. The blondes’ hearts he absconds with a shrug. With our group he did jell and he skis pretty well, tho’ he’s better by far with a jug. Our approach to bridge may confound. We count our lead to be sound. We bid six spades for Doug the shade, and hope he won’t go down! Doug’s expectations for fish are quite dim, but they pleasantly entertained him. While he became quite enthused he was somewhat confused, when circling him they did swim. | Our best wishes for a great PARTY, Dan, Ann, Lindsey and Austin

34: Happy Birthday Papa! Love, Jack

36: In many ways my grandpa is like a cat with nine lives, he has survived through a heart attack, open heart surgery, cutting himself with a chainsaw, and most recently cutting his calf with a chainsaw. I love him to pieces and if you get to know him I bet you would too.! But sorry he is taken by Kathy. The only thing that he did that he shouldn't have was sell this one lot that he had because now we can't have anymore Halloween parties, and they will be using OUR SWING.! Otherwise I could not have asked for a better grandpa.! | Love, Sydney | I miss u and I just started twilight and have been thinking about you forever, it sounds awesome in Africa and pretty cool except every time mom and I go in ur house it is not happy and joyful it is just a plain old house and with u guys in it it makes the house what it really is......Joyful!I cant wait to see u again | Jan | J | 1/24/2011 email from Sydney to Papa

38: When I hear | A whistle, I think of you. | Back in the day before cell phones, whistling was your way of finding us (because mom’s “clock in her head” wasn’t always so accurate). I don’t know how many times to this day I’ve been shopping and heard someone whistling and I pause for a moment thinking it’s you and on occasion, it actually has been you! | Or when I hear | a Song | that you love, I think of you. | As a kid, I always remember you playing songs over and over (and over) and notifying us when your favorite part was coming up. I can remember riding in the back of the car groaning while you played your Ronnie Milsap tape... I hate to admit that I actually like some of those songs now. | When I smell | A fire, I think of you. | I can picture driving up the driveway on a summer night with the music playing in the background and a fire burning in the firepit. Of course, you can never sit too long relaxing in front of the fire because the kids are begging you to push them on the swing.

39: Or when I | pancakes | Your beer-battered blueberry pancakes are legendary. If you can actually get Sydney to try one someday, I’ll be impressed. | I think of you | remember the most | while growing up... | You buying me a horse. That was the best gift ever, I loved that horse! Of course, getting two puppies for my 16th birthday was a close second. I probably shouldn’t be writing about this—my kids will be reading this and unfortunately they won’t be getting similar gifts during their childhood. | smell | And now that I’m | grown up | What I | the thing that I'm | most grateful for...

40: Our kids having you for a | Papa | w | Whether it's a push | on the | swing | singing and playing guitar | (the "muffin song", "Let it be", "What a wonderful world") | biking, reading (Harry Potter), practicing piano, firepits, Booya gatherings or Halloween parties... we | fishing | Love | that you do it all | and look forward to many | more years of making | Memories | with you | I love you very much! Happy Birthday Dad! Love, Keri

41: Doug, Since we’ve met you’ve been a great inspiration to say the least. We would still be building my house if it weren’t for your coaching “good enough for government work” and late night help sessions. I’ve also realized what it means to “measure twice/cut once”...well maybe I’m still learning that motto as I tend to “measure three times cut twice”! I’ll always remember the good humor of the boat bottoming out after we met, and your interesting water skiing start method from the beach. I also fondly remember many nights of playing 500 with you and Barb. I hope when I’m 65 I’ll have half of the energy you exhibit, and the same fearless nature! Happy Birthday! Love, Brian | A from your son-in-law | note

42: A Journey with Doug oug, your 65th Birthday is a bridge to the world of “real retirement” evidenced in your case only by Medicare eligibility. You carry with you none of the other common characteristics of slowing down your life style. But for the rest of us, it gives an opportunity to reflect on the journey we’ve shared over the years. Who would have thought that two small town country boys growing up 200 miles apart would share many of the same dreams, the same opportunities, so many family times together, so many common friends, and so many hobbies and interests. Luck and opportunity have a lot to do with life, and much of our good fortune started with a common decision to attend good old River Falls. From that sprung a friendship starting in September of 1964 (nearly 47 years ago) that I will always treasure. Getting married before our senior year, sharing a little time together that year as couples, and having our first child the same year we graduated had a lot to do with starting down the same path. Joining IBM turned out to be not only a good professional decision for both of us, but a great personal opportunity to cement our friendship. For me, the mark of our great friendship is that there can be time breaks when the friendship is put on hold - like the time right after River Falls when you went on to get your PhD and Elaine and I were moving to Atlanta with IBM, but when we get back together it has been so easy to simply pick right up where we left off. | D

43: here are a few memories we have created over the years that seem to rise above the others. First is your penchant for remembering the lyrics to so many of the songs, and the lines to a few of your favorite poems. Our personally adopted theme song “Dream On” by The Oakridge Boys and the lines from “The Shores of Gitche Gummee” capture memories of many of our summer travels together with Barb and Elaine. And, while the words to the Hank Snow tune “I’ve Been Everywhere” didn’t roll of your tongue as fast as others, they do provide a recollection of many of the places we have been together. The Canadian fishing trips always provide a lot of good memories, not to mention the great camaraderie and friendly competition. While our frequency of golf outings has slowed (too much, by the way), there is one common theme that sticks in my head for these activities – they are never without a fair share of bets. Maybe better left unsaid, but your penchant for facts, details and logic seem to often times take a back seat to the mere presence of a bet. In fact, I don’t think you could every engage in either of these (or a basketball game, or a game of horseshoe, or simply throwing around track balls, or . ) without a side bet – it would be like a day without a chance of sunshine. Our many hours of playing bridge, not without their element of friendly competition, with the kids wandering around the homes was always a pleasure. ‘Action packed’ is a good description of our times together, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Capturing many of our life events could go on and on and on. But undoubtedly the largest single bond we share was on January 17, 1979 when our Daughter / God Daughter came into this world. We have been truly blessed. Life isn’t good – it’s GREAT! Enjoy your day with Kathy and your family and friends. Happy 65th Birthday, and do keep in touch. Love, Dave and Elaine | T

46: Doug approached dating as he does with everything in his life-wholeheartedly. So in 5 months, he dated 35 women. I was #36. I thought I would share what Doug posted about himself on his e-harmony website. | "A little bit about me. I grew up on a farm just north of St. Croix Falls, WI. Undergrad at UW and then graduate school at USC. PhD in Physics. taught at UofM for 4 years and then 24 years with IBM. Great career. Retired at 55 to care for wife. Single now, emotionally stable, great family, multiple interests", ... I'm really into: | Golf Fishing Bridge Music (play guitar, piano, listen) Bird hunting Wine tasting Working out (5+ days/week) Red Cross (just back from Hugo this AM) Concerts Reading Gardening Hiking Biking Boating Water skiing Downhill skiing Sending emails to you | We met on e-harmony

47: How could I not be interested, especially when I realized he really DOES do all those things. But really, I knew he was special when I realized he also had a mother who sang silly songs to him while they were washing the dishes. And he was the only other person-besides me- who knew ALL the lyrics. Plus, he didn't mind my singing aloud. How could I resist? Of course, now you can add dancing and plane flying to his hobbies. | Guitar solos Doug-with Jono's -insistance brought Jono's guitar with him when we toured the South Island of New Zealand. (Jono is my daughter's fiancee) I thought it was really a hindrance, but Doug didn't want to hurt Jono's feelings so we loaded the guitar in the small plane. Every night Doug played, and every night we met more people because of it. Soon we were looking for unusual places to play-like a tree. We even had a couple of jam sessions with an old farmer and a young rocker. Like everything he does, Doug created his own fun, and everyone loved him. Happy Birthday Doug! Love, Kathy

48: "A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty" | A Family Is A Gift That Lasts Forever

49: Dad, you know how much I love authoring these heartfelt anecdotes. I really wanted to write a poem, but the only words I could think of that rhymed with Doug were Rug and Bug, and the only word I could think of that rhymed with Dad was Tad. (Thanks again for that BTW) All kidding aside, you are a great man, father, and grandfather. Living a football field away certainly gives Robin and I a comfortable feeling. Knowing that if we need someone to watch the kids, help with a two man job or a can of tomato paste, you and Kathy are always there, that really is a good feeling. I would say what I remember most was listening to Dr. Hook and Neil Diamond on the way to Clear Lake and Cushing on weekends, farming and fishing (not catching). There was my favorite year, yanking me out of Dover Eyota High in the ninth grade to drag me half way across the country to Ridgefield, Connecticut. Of course, you made up for that by getting a pool, the pool parties and sand volleyball seemed to happen every day during the summer. Dad, you have been a great inspiration and role model through out my life, and I hope by the time this book is published you will still be young enough to read it..... Your favorite son with teeth straighter than 95% of the kids my age, Tad Doug, I am thankful everyday that you came into my and my children's lives. You are the most fun loving, adventurous, and enthusiastic man that I have ever met. Your energy for life is limitless and admirable. You are such a positive influence in the children's lives. I love coming home to the kids excitement of you teaching them a new silly song or to play the piano, reading stories, and working with them in the yard. Thank you for taking the kids countless times, thank you for your generosity, your thoughtfulness and kindness, and above all for raising Tad to be a great man and wonderful father. Love, Robin

50: Papa Doug You are the nicest man I have ever met. You have always been there for Tyler and me and we appreciate that. I can't wait to fly airplanes with you. You are a very adventurous guy and I like hearing about your trips to Africa, New Zealand, California and Seattle. You are funny and goofy and I want to be just like you when I grow up. Have a great birthday, you deserve it. Les

52: "A truly rich man is one who's children run into his arms when his hands are empty."

54: My Papa by: Isabelle Swanson I I love my papa and grandma too. They read me stories like Pat the Bunny, Little Lady Bug, and Good Night Moon! He shows me things like birdies, ducky's, and deer. Shhhhh, I will tell you a secret, in church papa whispers in my ear! We sing songs about muffins, and play his guitar. We are so very lucky, he doesn't live very far! When I'm with my papa there's one thing I Know, he will love me and take care of me, as I continue to grow! As my papa you're great, what else can I say? I hope you enjoy this book, and have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love, Izzy

55: Papa & me

57: Happy Birthday 65th from all of your friends and family. We love you very much! Here's to the next 65...

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