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S: These _____ Times by Desiree Dunnlap

1: I chose the title "These ____ Times", because this portfolio describes different phases, settings and emotions throughout my life. I hope you find it interesting, it's only just the start of this short life I have here, but this is just a small scoop of it. I think you could fill in the blank with almost any word and find that it somewhere along the way through my "travels". - Desiree

2: Table of Contents... | 1. Title Page 4-5. A Scratch Off the Surface 6-7. Pink and Black... 8-9. Likes and Dislikes... 10-11. If I Were a(n)... 12-13. A Personal Symbol... 14-15. Never Find a Love Like This...

3: 16-17. A Lesson Learned, but Just a Little Too Late... 18-19. Lauren and I.... 20-21. How to Fill a Pickle with Fake Blood...or Make an Enemy... 22-23. Cookie...

4: To tell you a little bit about myself, the first thing you should probably know is that I've moved around...allot. I'm a military brat so therefore I've been through many different types of weather as well as people. I'm a "water baby" and I love seahorses. I love to cheer and play volleyball and basketball (but only for fun). I enjoy photography and hope that I have a future in it. I'm blunt, but not over the top. I can be obnoxious if I'm comfortable enough to be. I love the Lord, my friends and my family. | A Scratch off the Surface...

5: It's not faith if you use your eyes. | I firmly believe in faith and trust in God, I think it can take people a lot further than they expect. Paramore is my all time favorite band, they have a lot of acoustic and alternative. I think theres a lot more to their music than most people hear, I can see a lot of God in it, and I think that's really cool.

6: Pink&Black | A place of refuge, to call my own. Familiar faces cover the warm walls, as well as snow white butterflies, art projects and items that give me nostalgia. Gifts from around the world decorate my shelves. Music never ceasing, my ears are always looking for a new sound in the comfort of my own room. A peaceful place to ease my mind and let go.

8: Likes: God the Father in heaven,tempura, skirts, the beach, seahorses, dancing, sprinkle covered gummy bears, music, flat irons, cheer, bubbly eyed fish, cherries, friendships, helping those in need, youth groups, singing, laughing, tie-dye, new clothes, exercise, hide and go seek, dirt bikes, go karts, drums, high tops, glittery anything, hoodies, sunshine, picnics, swings, summer, fishing, dead stuff,, funny & scary movies, skating.

9: Dislikes: Squid, spiders, tiny cuts that burn as if they were gaping scratches, holes, yellow teeth, worms, those little swarms of gnats that you walk through, wasps, bees, yellow jackets, smacking, brautwurst, being fat, rushing, passive aggressive people, mosquito bites, being underestimated, homework, those that over use the word 'like', itchy grass, cold showers, feeling homesick and the most random times, people that try to jump back into your life from the past that should STAY in the past, webs, making decisions, creepers, failing.

10: If i were a(n)... | Animal- Black panther, because I couldn't be anything else. Car- orange 370z, because it's a casual sports car, classy. Article of clothing- black skirt, because they go with almost anything. Day of the week- SATURDAY, because that's such a chill day. Food- Trail mix (without the raisins, I don't like them), because you can pick and choose the what you think the best of it is and enjoy it. Arizona Tea- Arnold Palmer, because it's the best of both worlds: sweet tea and a kick of lemonade. Song- Someday by Sugar Ray, because to me it sounds like a beach symphony, it's really relaxing but it also makes me think of a fun day under the sun. I also think of a loved one, so for me this song has a lot of good elements that ease my mind.

11: Season of the year- Summer, a time to take time. To venture out, to be with friends, to relax, to develop a better relationship with God, a time for camp, making new friends,non stop picture taking and to sun bathe. These are my most favorite things to do...ever. Cartoon Character- Buttercup from the Powerpuff Girls, no doubt. She's tough but she has a soft side. She's outgoing, funny, lazy, and protective of her sisters in my case, close friends.

12: A personal symbol... My bear Tweety. To start, I really can't explain why I gave it that name, I was never a fan of Tweety bird. This bear has been everywhere with me since my 6th birthday. It was a gift from my mom and I've treasured it ever sense. Strange enough, to this day I still haven't decided whether it was a boy or girl, and I still don't think it matters. It 's probably the only thing I've held onto for as long as I have. Every time I lose it, it returns to me or I find it, no matter what I always get it back. It's always there when I'm in tears for me to hold onto or when I'm scared or paranoid. It probably sounds creepy but I think it's the one thing I never gave up on. Although Tweety is probably full of old salty tears and has mangled fur, it has a little place in my heart.

14: Never Find a Love Like This | The day I met Trent Kitching. Now your probably expecting me to tell you time froze when we first met eyes, no. Nothing like that. In fact it was on a Wednesday night at Switch (youth group), my best friend and I were walking towards the parking because we knew it was almost time to leave and my mom would pick us up soon. On our way towards the parking lot we walked past two boys (mind you we were two obnoxious 6th graders and my friend was quite the flirt). First impression? Two phsycos, well Alliz at least. She asked for a hug from Trent he reluctantly said okay. The next Wednesday I was dying to go to youth, for all of the wrong reasons but hey, it was puppy love. I had insane butterflies and sweaty palms and was pretty much speechless, we met them again and properly introduced ourselves. Eventually Trent and Alliz dated. I was furious, and later on as we became closer friends Trent and I started dating. Well, as much of dating as middle schoolers really could. A couple years later he was my first kiss and to this day we still talk even though we've both moved to different states we keep in touch. I would say he was my 'first love', I wish I could say love at first sight but his older sister strongly believes we're going to get married, funny stuff.

15: Although I can't lie we fantasize about getting married when we get older. The day we met means more than I could describe. To relive it would only make my feelings stronger than they are now, yes it was cute but now I'm only hoping we could be one of those cutesy coupes that almost grew up together and have families and what not now.

16: A Lesson Learned...but Just a little too late. | So, being the sweet older sister that I am (not), I baked a cake for what was Judah's X week old birthday. I had worked so hard, from deciding on the topping and icing and batter. I had prepared the batter, following every direction on the back of the box to a T. It was time to put it in the oven and play the waiting game. I was so excited that as soon as the timer rang I pulled it out and started decorating with I don't know if you know this but icing melts when it's heated. Let me tell you that cake was like a confetti loaf of fire.

17: It was already to late, by the time I had finished my mom had walked in onto my "master piece". She had told me about my terrible mistake and laughed. What kindof mom laughs at that. I wanted to scream. I guess everyone feels differently about things. OH and I couldn't forget that on top of that hot mess, after the icing had melted into the thick bread, I noticed I had spelled birthday wrong. It read Happy BIRTday Judah.

18: Lauren and I

19: Sitting on a rock, watching the waves crash and the salty mist falling onto our skin. Watching birds search for fish, nose diving into the cool water. It was only my cousin and I, practically sisters. We told each other things we never thought we'd ever got through, recognizing each other better and realizing we're really growing up. We tell each other secrets, and remember past times and try to sympathize for one another and lend an open ear. It was a sweet moment to see how we've matured, no longer much. I'm hoping we can only grow stronger and learn to depend on one another more and to take different perspectives from one another and to relate.

20: How to Fill a Pickle with Fake Blood...or Make and enemy. | 1 Take a large pickle, like the ones you get at carnivals or movie theaters. 2 Create a hole in the pickle about the diameter of a quarter.

21: 3 Take the skinniest, longest teaspoon you can find, and just as you would a pumpkin, carve it out and throw the remains away ( don't forget to keep the little circle cut out, you'll use it later.) 4 THE FUN PART! Fill the pickle with FAKE blood, hide all of the evidence and put your little pickle lid (the circle) back onto the pickle and serve it to your victim. Don't forget to record their reaction, it'll be worth seeing again.

22: Cookie | She can be a very strange individual. She has light, short brown fur, and as shes grown older, she's developed a bit of a gray beard ('Gray Beard' is her nick name). I've had her since I was about 7, so I've practically grown up with her. A few of the many strange things she does it when she poops her tail gets super crooked, you'd imagine someone broke it or put it through gears. If I wink at her, she winks back. I like to think of that being her way of saying "I love you!". She's extraordinary because she's never bit me, unless it was playful and it's almost as if she can sense if I'm having a hard time , if it's stress with an assignment or a loss, she comes to comfort me, or if I'm bored as heck from studying or it's just one of those lazy days she keeps me company. I wouldn't trade her for anything int he world. If she looked like me in any way it would probably be the tan spots of fur being where her 'eyebrows' would be and around her muzzle, being my complexion, and brown eyes.

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