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BC: DEUCES!!!!!!!!!!!!


1: Angelica | from Rugrats | The Shrew Angelica was known as being the mean older sister to Tommy Pickles. She was never nice to Tommy or any of his friends calling them dumb babies that didn't know anything. She was always nagging and picking on Tommy and Chuck, fulfilling her role as the big sister.

4: Bambi's mother was shot and killed when Bambi was just a baby. His father was never around and he was left to fend for himself. Thumper his friend became a very important person in his life. | The Orphan | Bambi

5: Cruella DeVille | The Villan | Cruella DeVille stole the 99 dalmatians puppies to kill them and make herself a new fur coat. She lied about having them and showed no remorse.

6: Dennis the Menace | The Scapegoat | Dennis the Menace was just a 5 and a half year old boy that always tried to help out. His help always put him in some kind of trouble. Mr. Wilson, his neighbor, was always annoyed at Dennis for destroying his property. Although Dennis usually was the one that always caused the trouble, he always got the blame.

7: Eugene from Tangled | Sacrificial Victim | aka Flynn Rider | After stealing the lost princess' crown, Eugene runs away to Rapunzel''s tower. The two make a deal and he takes her to see the lanterns that appear for her birthday ever year. The two fall in love on there journey and her evil "mother" binds her. Eugene tries saving her but is stabbed. Rapunzel's magic hair can heal him and she promises to stay with her mother if she is allowed to help him. He refuses to let her risk her life and sacrifices his. He cuts off her hair so she can live free.

8: Fiona from Shrek | The Damsel in Distress | In the movie Shrek, the Princess Fiona is lock up in a tower to be rescued by her night in shining armor. Shrek wins the privilege of saving Fiona and does so. He passes the dragon guarding the tower, the bridge hanging over lava and manages to bring her home.

9: Grinch | The Outcast | The Grinch is known in Whoville for how evil and cruel he is. Cindy Lou Who believes that he has to have a heart. She isn't afraid of him and realizes he really isn't a bad guy. As a child he was an outcast because he looked different from all of the other Whos and was made fun of. One day he was sick of it and climbed to the top of a mountain to live on his own. Cindy Lou Who brings him back to Whoville and he celebrates Christmas with all the Whos.

10: Hannah Montana | or | Miley Cyrus | The Double Personality | Miley Cyrus lives the double life. She is an everyday kid, but also a pop teen star. She is afraid people will treat her differently if they know she's Hannah Montana so she keeps it a secret from everyone, including her best friends. They eventually find out because it is hard for Miley to keep her two very different worlds separate.

11: Indiana Jones | The Reluctant Hero | Indiana Jones is an archaeologist in search of the Holy Grail. On his quest, he fights snakes and saves the people along with him. His job is to prevent the treasure from the Nazis, who would abuse the Holy Grail's powers. | and the Last Crusade

12: Jo Frost from Supernanny | The Teacher | "Jojo," as the children called her was a wise teacher for parents. She taught a different set of parents every week how to control their own kids. She showed them methods of teaching the children to behave and by the end of the week the kids were already better. From dealing with inappropriate manners to kicking and screaming, she knew ways to help it all.

13: King Kong | The Monster | Kong is captured from "Skull Island" and taken to New York City to be put in the "Eighth Wonder of the World." He becomes enraged when he finds that Darrow is not the lead actress. He climbs the Empire State Building with Darrow in his hand. She finds out he is extremely intelligent and gentle. He is shot and killed for taking Darrow because he looks like he would hurt her.

14: LEONIDAS 300 | THE HERO Leonidas stood up to a huge army away from his home with only a few hundred soldiers to make sure democracy had a chance to survive for the rest of Greece and us today.

15: Matilda Wormwood | Matilda The Heroine | After living at home with parents that don't appreciate her above average intelligence Matilda Wormwood develops psychokinetic powers which she uses to her advantage when she encounters injustices put on her and her classmates.

16: Nemo | The Trickster | In the movie Finding Nemo, Nemo is always trying to impress his friends. Marlin, his father, is very protective of his son and although Nemo would love to be a dare. One day at school Nemo is trying to be brave and swims away from the reef to touch the bottom of a boat. This impresses his friends, but not his father. As Marlin screams from Nemo to come back he is captured by a scuba diver.

17: Oprah | In Africa Oprah has a school for kids from bad backgrounds who might not have a mother or father. Naturally it is common for these children to look at Oprah as a mother figure. Oprah has helped these children get their education and they love her very much. | The Mother Figure

18: Peter la fleur | Dodgeball The Underdog | When Peter La Fleur finds out his gym is going to be taken away from him he desperately signed up to play in a dodgeball tournament which offers 50,000 dollars to the first place team. This was enough to pay for his gyms debts and make sure it wasn't put up for auction. His team wins the tournament and gets to keep the gym.

19: JUNEX VS SENEX | ROBERT TURNER VS KALE BRECHT | Kale is a troubled teen under house arrest during summer in his average suburban town. With his TV and other electronics taken away he is forced to look at the outside world. Him, his friend, and his new neighbor/love interest start noticing strange similarities between their quiet neighbor and a unknown serial killer. In the end the face off in a battle that determines the fate of his mother and if this killer will be brought to justice. | DISTURBIA

20: Syndrome | DEGENERATIVE HERO | When syndrome was a little boy all he wanted to do was be Mr. Incredible's sidekick. After he was rejected Syndrome disappeared and plotted to get back at the person who crushed his dreams. This rejection lead to him turning evil when he was once good. This is the definition of a degenerative hero.

21: Viola | The Seeker | In the movie, She's the Man, Viola Hastings finds out her school is cutting the girls soccer team. She cannot go without playing soccer, so when she finds out her twin brother Sebastian is skipping school she has an idea. With the help of her friends she transforms herself into a guy to pretend to be Sebastian. This way she can try out for the boys soccer team, which she ends up making. While seeking her dream, she finds out a lot about being a guy and who she is.

22: Will Shuester | The Star-crossed Lovers | Emma Pillsbury | Will Shuester, Glee Club's director at McKinley High, recently divorced his wife after finding out she faked her pregnancy so he wouldn't leave her. While the couple was still together Emma Pillsbury, the guidance counselor really liked WIll, but knew she couldn't be with him. After the divorce Will realizes he has the same feeling for her, but right before he tells her, he finds out she's seeing someone. Turns out that Emma and her new boyfriend get married. Will and Emma are meant to be and both have feeling for one another. The only problem is they can never get the timing right.

23: XENA | THE SIDEKICK | Xena lived a quiet life, until one day when the titans decided to return to earth. after this things got weird. She was mowing the lawn one day when Hercules decided to show up and ask for her help in beating the titans. She accepted reluctantly and acted as Hercules' main sidekick.

24: YOLANDA | DA TEMPTRESS PULP FICTION | Yolanda was your typical white girl from south central Los Angeles. She was short and very "pretty", so as you can imagine when she strolled into a local diner no one seemed to pay notice. This was true until she pulled out her gun and held everyone in the place hostage. She was like," yo everybody drop."

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