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Blank Canvas

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FC: English 2 Archetype Project By: Zach Brupbacher & Adam Campbell

1: A | Austin Powers- The Hero | Austin Powers is not your typical hero. He is a comical hero who seems so find himself in lucky situations that helps him catch the bad guy. Austin Powers is the hero in the "Austin Powers" movies. His enemy is Doctor Evil, which is actually his brother.

2: The Reluctant Hero- Bruce Banner | - Bruce is the main character in the movie "The Hulk". As a young scientist Bruce worked on mutated genetic material. One of his experiments went horrible wrong causing Bruce to have a genetic mutation of his own. This new mutation causes Bruce to turn into a muscle filled, green monster. The mutation also cause Bruce to lose his relationship with his girlfriend, and Bruce begins to hate the amazing powers he was given. | B

3: C | The Double-Personality- Charlie Bailey Gates | - In the movie, "Me, Myself, & Irene", Jim Carey plays a police officer with a multiple personality disorder. Charlie finds himself in a constant struggle between his timid and shy personality, and his bad boy personality. The bad boy personality goes by the name of "Hank" and finds it comical to get in fights and injures Charlie.

4: The Fool- Donkey | Donkey is played by the always hilarious Eddie Murphy. Throughout the movie, "Shrek", Donkey adds mystical humor with simplistic jokes to lighten the mood. He also helps Shrek on his adventures. | D

5: E | The Heroin- Evelyn Salt | Evelyn Salt is a Russian spy in the movie Salt. Many think that she is an enemy since she appears be an assassin for Russia. She realizes that what she is doing is wrong and ends up stopping a group of nuclear bombs from destroying America. Although she saves the US, the American government still thought she was an enemy so she was forced to go into hiding yet again.

6: F | The Monster- Frankenstein | In many different movies the character Frankenstein has basically played the same role. He was a scientist creation who people see as a scary monster. When in reality he is a human being that just wants to be loved.

7: G | Mrs. Gump- The Mother Figure | Mrs. Gump is the mother of Forest Gump, in the movie "Forest Gump". In the movie Forest tells of stories involving major historical events. In each of his stories Forrest finds himself sad or confused and could always rely on his mother for help.

8: H | Harry Stamper- Sacrificial Victim | In the movie "Armageddon", Harry Stamper is played by Bruce Willis. The plot of the movie is that a meteor will collide with earth and destroy it. So Harry and his team travel to this meteor in hopes of blowing it up. At the end of the movie Harry stays on the meteor to make sure the bomb goes off, sacrificing himself to save Earth.

9: J | The Joker-\ Trickster | The Joker is one of the most famous villains in comic book history. Recently the hit movie"The Dark Knight" followed the battle between Batman and the Joker. The Joker used many tricks and secretive plans to elude Batman and cause chaos in the city of Gotham.

10: K | The Nerd- Kramer | In the long running TV series "Seinfeld", Kramer plays the wacky nerd that knows too much for his own good. In the series Kramer shows that his nerdy personality has its benefits and its downfalls. But never the less, Kramer is a true nerd.

11: L | Lois Griffin- The Shrew | In the animated comedy show "Family Guy", Lois plays the wife of Peter Griffin. During most episodes Lois is a patient and obedient wife to her idiot husband. However, Peter sometimes pushes her too far causing her to freak out and beat up Peter. Also, Lois will yell and scream at her family.

12: Marion Raven- Damsel in Distress | M | Marion Raven is the main female character in the movie "Raiders of the Lost Arc". "Raiders of the Lost Arc" is the first movie in the Indiana Jones series. Multiple times throughout the movie Marion finds herself captured by the enemy Nazis and requires to be rescued by Indiana Jones.

13: N | Nick Twisp- Junex v. Senex | The Adventures of Nick Twisp in the movie "Youth in Revolt" are classic of a youth pitted against adults. Nick is a shy boy who one day falls in love with a girl named Sheeni Saunders. Sheeni's parents hate him so he is banned from her house. At this time Nick creates an alter ego named Franois Dillinger who helps Nick revolt against his parents and move out, burn down a store, steal his dad's car, and fake his own suicide (to avoid police), all to win the girl of his dreams.

14: O | Oliver Twist- The Orphan | Oliver Twist is the famous orphan found in Charles Dicken's book "Oliver Twist". He endures a miserable existence in a workhouse and is then sent to an evil undertaker, from whom he escapes. He then joins a group of juvenile pick-pockets, where he naively commits these petty thefts. Oliver was inspired by the waif-children in London, which were the large group of orphans in that time. It shows that all children need parents to grow up properly and humanely.

15: P | Peter Parker- Degenerative Hero | In the movie, "Spiderman 3" Peter Parker plays a web spinning super hero protecting New York City. During the movie, Peter finds a mysterious suit that gives him even more power than he has ever had before. However, what Peter does not know is that his new suit is slowly turning him into an evil superhero. Peter must decide between the increasing power or losing his self morales.

16: R | Raymond Barone- The Scapegoat | Raymond Barone is the father in the TV show "Everybody Loves Raymond". He is both a loving father and kind son, but he often gets blamed for the awkward situations that he gets his family into. Raymond's wife believes that Raymond is a goofy husband who is responsible for most of the family's mistakes.

17: S | Santiago- The Seeker | The world-wide known book, "The Alchemist" has one of the most known archetypes. Santiago,the main character, is the seeker. Santiago sets out on a long journey in hopes of finding his personal treasure. He travels to a new parts of the world in hopes of discovering a treasure that will truly change his life forever.

18: T | Tinker Bell- The Sidekick | Tinker Bell is the tiny fairy side kick to the well known Peter Pan. In the movie "Peter Pan", Tinker Bell stays by Peters side through good and bad times. She is always there to help Peter when he is in grave danger. Even though she is tiny in stature she makes a big impact on her best friends life.

19: U | Underdog- The Underdog | The Underdog is another famous comic book character who has recently found himself in a modern movie. The Underdog is a talking dog who has super powers and is the main character in the movie "Underdog". Underdog is misunderstood by many people in the movie, and is under estimated because he is a scruffy looking dog. No one believes in him except for his loving family.

20: Victor Von Doom- The Villain | V | Victor Von Doom is another famous comic book villain. A recent Marvel Comic book movie, "The Fantastic Four" showed that Victor was a wealthy and clever villain that would stop at nothing to kill the Fantastic Four. Victor is normally outfitted in a silver mask and a robe like costume that shows his inner darkness.

21: W | William Thatcher & Jocelyn- The Star-Crossed lovers | Heath Ledger plays William Thatcher in the movie, "A Knights Tale". The movie take place in medieval times where the competition of choice is jousting. William is an athletic serf who acts as his deceased master and starts his new life as a jouster. When William finds the love of his life, Jocelyn, he discovers the fact that his real identity causes problems with Jocelyn's royal family. William and Jocelyn struggle to be together while William becomes the best jouster in the country.

22: X | Xavier- The Teacher | Xavier is the head master at a school that provides a safe haven for mutants. In the movie "X-Men" Xavier helps his students by teaching them how to control their extraordinary powers. Throughout the movie you see Xavier and how his teaching of the mutants deeply impacts the lives of his students.

23: Y | Yoda- The Outcast | Yoda is Luke Skywalker's famous teacher in the Star Wars franchise. As we find out in the new films, Yoda had to move to a swampy, empty planet to escape the evil empire, since they were killing off all the Jedi. He stayed on this planet for many years, hiding from society. Eventually Luke came to this island and Yoda was able to teach him about the Force and how to destroy the empire, but he could never go out and help Luke because of his age.

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