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S: Ronald & Jamie

FC: A Masterpiece in the Making | l.o.v.e.

1: Now, the search for this person starts early. From the minute we're born, boys and girls stare at each other, trying to figure out if they like what they see. Like parade lines, passing each other for mutual inspection. You march, you look. You march, you look. If you're interested, you stop and talk, and if it doesn't work out, you just get back in the parade. You keep marching, and you keep looking. by Paul Reiser | Luckily, I found you early.

2: "A guy and a girl can be just friends, but at one point or another, they will fall for each other... | Maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late, or maybe forever."

3: The boy has found himself a permanent place in my daily thoughts. This could be troublesome. Maybe even risky. -JQ

4: Love is when he reaches for your hand, and you can feel it in your heart.

9: Love yanks at your heart strings. It's overwhelming. It bubbles in your heart and just overflows out of you. One can see it in your eyes, hear it in your words, feel it in your touch. -JQ

10: Love is also doubtless. When it's there, it's there. There is no question of its existence, no worries that your heart will change the next week, pull back its words and proclaim it was just confused. It just is. -JQ

12: "I spent such a relaxing simple day with Jamie...

13: ...and it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E. That is all." -RP

15: "You have to walk carefully in the beginning of love; the running across fields into your lover's arms can only come later when you're sure they won't laugh if you trip." Jonathan Carroll

17: A kiss seals two souls for a moment in time. ~Levende Waters

20: “''When you smiled you had my undivided attention. When you laughed you had my urge to laugh with you. When you cried you had my urge to hold you. When you said you loved me, you had my heart forever.''”

21: "Let's commit the perfect crime. I'll steal your heart, and you'll steal mine."

27: A little bit of laughs, | a little bit of pain. | I'm tellin' you my babe, | it's all in the game of love. | Michelle Branch

30: A man reserves his true and deepest love not for the species of woman in whose company he finds himself electrified and enkindled, but for that one in whose company he may feel tenderly drowsy. George Jean Nathan

33: “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach.” Elizabeth Barrett Browning

36: Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. Lao Tzu

40: Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love. -Albert Einstein

41: “For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.” -Judy Garland

42: A stolen kiss, an intimate embrace, their eyes, their fingers, their hearts-- all intertwine.

46: I know that I like you because you are the first person that I want to look at in the morning, because you are the only one I want to kiss goodnight, because the first time I saw your hands, I couldn't imagine not being able to hold them. And mainly, when you like someone as much as I like you, loving you is the only thing that is left to do. -RP

49: I may not know how it all started. I may not have boxes and boxes of memories stored up in my mind. I may not be able to whip out stories of our earlier days together very easily. But I do know what's here and now. And what's here and now is us. You and I. Together, we've racked up over 360 hours of conversations, 1000x as many smiles, 50x as many hugs and kisses, and 100x as many poetic words. Together we've ridden the roller coasters of Frontier City and life itself. We've seen flowers from around the world, eaten Japanese food, Korean food, and Italian ice cream. Together we've become jewelers, chefs, poets, painters, photographers, cleptomaniacs, and Asian Grecians. And we're not through yet. Together, we'll see the world-- California, Paris, Japan, Italy, Spain, Greece, Ireland, Vietnam! Together we'll become sculptors, pianists, street soccer tricksters. We'll watch Riverdancers, operas, Broadway musicals. Together, you and I will make the world jealous; we'll make people wonder how, in this crazy world of lust, greed, infidelity, there can possibly be a love as pure and sweet as ours. Together we'll kiss away tears and embrace away heartaches. We'll laugh 'til our sides are stitched and our eyes are watering. We'll talk 'til our vocal chords are swollen. And when we've talked our voices away, we'll whisper our secrets to one another. We'll make so many memories that it will be darn near impossible to recall the way our lives were before we met each other. Together we'll create a future. Together, we'll define love.

51: “When you fish for love, bait with your heart, not your brain.” - Mark Twain | The stars are bright against the setting beach. But what can I do when you're not within reach. My mind's hazy and confusion sets in. What's a man to do when she's under his skin.? -RP

54: "Ronald, You make my head spin. You've turned my world upside-down and inside-out. Because of you, my life became a little more stressful, my thoughts a little more cluttered, my feelings a little more tangled, my mind is working overtime. I'm sleep deprived, and I can hardly focus on anything, you caused tears to commit suicide, leaping to their deaths from my eyes. You've frustrated the sense out of me and exhausted my eyes with your eye-rolling cheesiness. And that's not the worst of it. No...because of you, my cheeks are cramped from smiling, my side is stitched and I'm gasping for air from laughter. I'm getting a workout from dodging your camera, and my eyes won't stop radiating from all the beautiful new things you've shown them. And to top it all off, I'm out of chapstick. But you know what...I'd give all the chapstick in the world if that's what it takes to keep you around. I don't regret a minute of my time with you and I wouldn't give these experiences up for anything. So, thank you, for everything, Ronald. And I say that with all the sincerity I can muster. Thank you for the side stitches, the cramped cheeks, the exhausted eyes. Thank you for wonderful 'firsts.' Thank you for caring and understanding. Thank you for your patience and honesty. You really are amazing. Please stick around. ~Jamie P.S. I hope you're enjoying your break! Miss ya much. But don't let that get to your head."

55: I still believe love is such a mess that with that much emotion built up, I tend to lose all sense of clarity. That I know how I feel but my tongue and mind are no longer in sync. Love is blind, I do agree. Like a spaceship going the speed of light, it creates a tunneling effect to the point where all you can see is what's directly ahead of you. In a way the woman directly ahead of me is Jamie. I don't want to run you over with my love, but embrace you fully so that you can understand what I feel is no lie. Yet it's not that I would lose all sense of reality with so much focus on you, but through you I can build a better reality, morals, and life. Through you I finally realize that I do not care if you feel the same towards me. I asked myself, "what's seriously holding you back, Ronald?" The fear of rejection I think, that if I say those words to her they cannot be returned and how a fool I would be. But why fear such a thing if you love such a woman that you are ready to risk everything? At this very moment I do not mind if you cannot return the same feelings for me nor whisper those words to me. I AM SATISFIED. Those tingles I have felt and my mind losing all control each time I said it show it all. I'm much better off being this way. I look down to read what you wrote (you really need to stop taking my words). . . . . . but what if all those came true? Would a person not want to just say it, that you mean so much to me that there's no where else to run, no place to hide, I'm out in the open and the only way out is to say. . . I love you Jamie. With nothing but truth and sincerity, Ronald Porcadas

56: Here is my own list on why Jamie can make Ronald's heart skip a beat. I like the way you smile. I like your bright personality. I like that you are caring. I like that you are open. I like your big puffy eyes. I like the way you laugh at my lame jokes. I like your shorty self. I like the fact you know how to play the flute. I like the way you randomly break out singing to a song. I like it when you say “whattie.” I like how you can put up with my goofiness. I like the way you move. I like how you say you're asocial but not around me. I like how you are able to not run away from my craziness. I like how your kisses make me forget about everything. I like it that you grew up in a small town, I can take you to new places. I like how you do not know how to swim. I like your random, maybe, and indecisive attitude. I like how you play the piano. I like the way you look when you puff your cute face up. I like how every time you get a drink that is too sweet you ‘water’ it up. I like how close you are to your family. I like how you go to church every week. I like how the food you cook doesn’t kill me. I like the late night talks. I like your unending will to protect people. I like your youthful self. I like your soccer skills. I like how you can freely speak your opinion. I like how when life gives you lemons you look at it optimistically. I like your humility. I like your frankness to try anything. I like your book smarts. I like your absolute beauty. I like that you have the type of personality I love. I like your writing. I like your cruel sarcasm. | I like your bigheartedness. I like your voluptuous lips. I like that you aren’t quick to judge. I like your stubbornness. I like your taste in music. I like how you can make me happy anytime. I like your gigantic calves. I like that you are easy to please. I like when you get shy around my camera skills. I like how you can put up with me. I like how I can still see the beauty in you even with your morning bedhead. I like watching you sleep peacefully in the late hours. I like cuddling with the master of cuddling. I like when you think everything will be okay. I like spending every moment with you. I like your outlook into life. I like how you get along great with others. I like that I know that you were a ‘dork’ as well. I like how beautiful you looked in a toga. I like holding your soft hands. I like how you mix every type of cereal. I like how you give a difference b/w ‘ha’ and ‘haha.’ I like your insane driving. I like how you are open to video games. I like how no matter how your hair changes you're still gorgeous. I like caring for you. I like how when my mind's not occupied you always are the first one that comes to mind. I like your athleticism I like how you gave a new meaning to being Filipino. I like when we think of the same idea. I like how you are easily ticklish. I like how I can confide myself with you. I like that you're a lover not a fighter. I like it that when I see you smile, it unlocks another unknown happiness within me. OVERALL I WOULD SAY THAT I LOVE EVERYTHING THAT YOU STAND FOR AND EVERYTHING YOU ARE. You really are a top notch woman and I don't care how many times I say that, it's just because that you're my perfect woman (no lies!). . . . . . . so yeah I actually ran out of room but there's plenty more -RP

57: How Ronald landed a spot on my Awesome List: I like your car. ;) I like your cheesy smile. I like that your facebook says you hate reading, but you're reading Black. I like your many faces. I like your lame jokes. I like that you don't let me win. I like that you're such a gentleman. I like that you care about your friends. I like that you're big on family. I like that you're so great with your little cousins. I like how you make me smile. I like how you try to fix things that aren't broken and wash things that aren't dirty. I like that you let me pay for things...sometimes. I like your persistence. I like your determination. I like your honesty. I like your heart. I like how you use the word beautiful. I like that you're health-conscious. I like that you've been a skater, a punk, a trouble-maker, and still somehow wound up as great as you are. I like that you protect your friends. I like that you're not a drunk. I like being with you. I like how I can talk to you for hours and hours and not get tired of it. I like how you can listen to me for hours and hours and not get tired of it. I like how you are so open with me. I like your romanticism. I like that you like soccer and running. I like that you can keep your room clean. I like how my dorky awkwardness doesn't scare you away. I like how you dress. I like how you get excited when you show me something I've never seen or experienced before. | I like all the new things you show me. I like our conversations. I like your ideas and views on things. I like your creativity. I like that city boy isn't afraid to get his hands a little dirty. I like how you were there for your mom when she needed you. I like how you reach out to friends when you've got a problem. I like your acceptance of other people. I like your optimism. I like how your back is ticklish. I like how you put up with my awful tennis/bowling/soccer/guitar skills. I like how you can find beauty where others just see a mess. I like your soft hands. I like holding your soft hands. I like your faithfulness. I like how you're so sweet to Abdullah. I like how you say my name. I like cooking with you. I like how you look me right in the eye. I like your rubber duckies. I like wrapping my arms around you. I like your patience. I like how right now, while I'm writing this, I want to call you. I like when my phone tells me you're calling. I like hugging you. I like being hugged by you. I like that you can play the guitar. I like your blue shorts. I like that you're just as goofy as I am. I like your journal entries. I like your random text messages. I like your "I like" list. I'd continue, but I'm afraid your head may explode. :P Long story short: I like you. You're an awesome person.

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