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BC: "Ti amo" | "Mahal kita din"

FC: In the first 12 days, I had met you and fallen in love with you. Then I went through 157 days of crying, loneliness, and countless phone calls just to spend a birthday and New Years with you over a time span of only 7 days. After knowing how painful missing you is, I still willingly went through 116 more days of seeing each other only through computer screens and more " I miss you's" than one could count, just so I could slow dance with you and be reminded how happy I am when I'm with you. Feeling that powerful amount of happiness and love in only 6 days, was enough to keep me strong through 53 more without you, until I could spend my summer with you. Only 14 days have passed so far and I realized that we have finished the first chapter of our lives. We have made it to our first | 365

1: Tom | Thank you, Tom, for creating the website which allowed me to unintentionally creep my way into finding the love of my life.

2: 5 years later. . . | "So I had a dream last night that you and David were on your way here. . And you got lost and some how ended up in Canada. So my mom and I drove all the way up there to get you because you ran out of gas and you were in the middle of no where. When we got there the whole backseat of your car and your trunk was filled with stop signs. :) ahahhahahahahahahahah I woke up. And I laughed. Because I could TOTALLY see something like that happening. PS: Your license plate was "Nancy Pong" bahahahah" - Brittney

4: July 2010 | I couldn't believe that I was finally meeting you. Never in my life have I felt such intense butterflies in my tummy. My heart racing, my palms sweaty. . . As I stepped out of the car and locked eyes with you I thought to myself "Ok, this is it. Just let yourself fall."

7: " Cool thing, snake ring. Patchless thought, parking lot. No sleep, humid heat. Do it live, long drive. Cute miss, first kiss. Lancer's band, hold your hand. Summer of 2010, when will I go back again? "

8: " Cool . . .

9: . . . it swims in the pool of life. "

14: 157 days later. . .

16: December 2010

22: "Happy birthday baby!:) even tho I'm laying right next to you, I just felt like I should write on your wall and make my "happy birthday" Facebook official:) can't wait to spend the entire day with you!:) I love you, birthday boy .... Ps. Can you give me a kiss after you read this? You need a birthday kiss" - Brittney | "Hi:) I'm gonna miss you, Jordan. I love you soooo much I can't even describe it in a way you'd understand I'm glad I am spending the New Year with you. ps. I can't wait for that kiss at midnight" - Brittney | "Hi:) I'm sitting next to you right now" - Brittney

23: "New years with you is gonna be toohoo perfect. Again, something tells me Sunday won't be sad, just like last time. Only goodbye's are sad. And this is NOT goodbye. This is see you later or I'll be back. With me around, you'll never be alone. That's a promise. Best kiss at midnight I'll miss you, but I'll survive until next time. You'll miss me, but I'll always be right here I love you B :)" - Jordan | "Hey! Guess what? I'm sitting next to you, and you look really cute when you're concentrating on your laptop. I love you :)" - Jordan

24: "I'm sitting next to you in the car eating Mcdonalds breakfast singing Ms Jackson :) oh I forgot to mention the fact that we are on our way to the airport:/ yeah its not a very cool thing... I love you tho. Foreva? Foreva. Foreva eva?! YES. this is a shitty day but saying goodbye isn't so hard when I know I'm going to see you again in 114 days. So its more of a "see you later" than goodbye I love you Jordy :)" - Brittney

26: "I just wanted to tell you that I love you. It's a cool thing really. I laid down for a few minutes before getting ready to go to the gym and my pillow smelled like you. I miss you honey" - Jordan | "You're on your way to sleeping, and it's pretty late there. But I just wanted you to know that I love you honey. And I can't wait to wake up to the sound of your voice in the morning :) goodnight boo" - Jordan | "Can I come back to Washington now?:'( :'( :'(" - Brittney | "Watching James and the giant peach with my little brother and skyping with my boyyyyy I wuvvv you Jordan Estrellado:)" - Brittney | "Hi. We skyped for 7 hours today........... I think I'm addicted to seeing your face It's cute:)" - Brittney | " thinkin' about you:) that just proves that the saying "out of sight, out of mind" is total bull crap:)" - Brittney | "Hi thank you for staying up on the phone with me when I cant sleep:) I love how no matter what, we always have something to talk about, even though we talk all day everyday. It doesn't matter to me if we talk about how cool how dogs are, how the degrees of murder and assault work, what we miss about eachother, how many days we have left (29) , the things I adore about you, my photography, old age, or catheters, I'm glad I have someone so special to talk to until 6am. I love you Jordan" -Brittney

27: "So I'm just gonna start writing. I apologize if it gets annoying haha (: But I just wanna tell you how much you mean to me. You're asleep right now and I can just imagine how peaceful and perfect you look. I miss the feeling of your fingers laced between mine. I miss what it feels like to feel your lips against mine. I miss feeling you in my arms. I miss being able to reach over and brush the hair from your face. I miss being able to hug, hold, and kiss you whenever I want. I miss looking into those gorgeous green eyes face to face. I miss running my fingers along your cheek and jawline while I kiss you. I miss running my fingers through your hair. I miss being able to be there when you need me. I miss being able to wipe your tears away with my thumb. I miss kissing you better. I miss getting kisses on the cheek while I drive. I miss feeling your small hand on my leg and seeing you just smile at me.I miss walking downtown Minneapolis hand in hand with you at night. I miss writing in the book with you. I miss reading the book to you. I miss taking pictures with you. I miss going out to eat, just you and me. I miss looking over at Lynn and Breezy's dinner table and thinking to myself "She's really all mine . I miss playing with your brothers at pie in the park and pretending like i was a dad, and loving it. There's so so so many things I miss about you. So many things we did that I miss. But it all still boils down to one thing. I miss you. " -Jordan | "Hi. You're at school, and I miss you extra bad today :/. I dreamed about picking you up at the airport again. I hope you're having a good day! And thank you for the morning wall post, that and a phone call start my day off amazingly . I'm about to head to the gym, but I hope we get to talk some later tonight. I know I already said it. But I miss you.. And I love you very very much Brittney! Talk to you soon babe. (: " -Jordan

28: "I miss your kisses :(" - Brittney | "Woke up next to Jordan Estrellado:) forgot we were on skype and fell asleep together :)" - Brittney | "Brittney Georgiana - "I just... I don't know. 'Cool', it swims in the pool of life." Hahahahahahahaha this is my life. (:" -Jordan | "Thank you for staying up late with me and helping me study for finals :)You're an amazing boyfriend I love you so much, Jordan:)" -Brittney | "I loved staying up with you to help you study, and I'm very proud of you! I'll talk to you in the morning, I love you princess:)" -Jordan

29: "Dear Brittney Renee' Georgiana, I'm lying in bed, I can't sleep, and I absolutely can't stop thinking about you. You are hands down the greatest thing that's come into this crazy, hectic thing I call my life. But that's where you help, your love quiets all the chaos in my mind. With your love everything's so clear and sure. Even the darkest and scariest memories I have are illuminated and destroyed by your love. You make me forget I was ever hurt or betrayed. You alone have shown me that there's still some good in this world, some compassion. You taught me how to love again. What it means to truly and honestly care for someone more than myself. The beauty I see in you isn't skin deep, it doesn't even start there. The beauty I see in you comes from deep inside. A beauty so intense it shines all the way through to your eyes, your smile, your laugh. When I hug and kiss you, I can feel your beauty. I guess I just wanted to say, no matter what. I'll always be yours, you'll always be mine, and I'll always be right here princess. I love you Brittney Your best friend, Jordan"

30: Valentine's Day 2011

36: "Today's just one of those days. . where missing you is harder, April seems farther and the distance between us seems more stupid and inconvenient than usual. But it helps to remind myself that we've already made it 211 days together, with only being physically together for 16 of them. And we've already waited 170 days for me to be able to spend my Christmas break with you, so waiting 116 days from January 1st to April 27th isn't so hard. We only have 82 days left. And by then, we would have waited a total of 195 days out of the 292 days we have been together . . . . I think I mixed up on my math somehow? But anyways . . . . If we have made it through 211 days apart from each other, and only 16 days of waking up next to each other every morning, spending ever second of every minute of every hour of ever day together, then waiting only 82 days until I am able to do that again is easy:) And only 491 days until there's no more waiting" - Brittney

37: "I love getting to talk to you in the morning, starts my day amazingly :) Have a good day honey, I love you! :) " - Jordan | "I just booked my flight to come be your prom date! I'll see you soon sweetheart. :)" - Jordan | "roses are red violets are blue. . . get some money so you can visit your boo. like right now. not in 49ish days. " - Brittney | "I'll be seeing you soon I'll also be... Holding your hand, Dancing with you, Kissing you, Hugging you, Snuggling you, And loving you, All very soon :)" - Jordan | "I fall more in love with you every day:)" - Jordan | "You're the best boyfriend a girl could have :) I love you so much. Thank you for keeping me company while I work on homework <3 42 days" -Brittney | "Tu sei il mio tesoro. Italian for You are my sweetheart." -Jordan

38: "I'll be seeing you soon sweetheart. :)29" -Jordan | " hurry to me<3" -Brittney | "It's okay sweetie, I'm aaalways right here. Whether it's 1500 miles away or laying next to you in bed. My heart's pressed up against yours" -Jordan | "Hey there beautiful! I hope you're having a good day, I miss you. (: Love, Your Jordy (:" | "Hi. Thanks for being my girlfriend. You always know what to say when I need love, your love. Even things you don't think mean much, mean much more than you know to me. You may think I'm the world's best boyfriend, but I couldn't be that boyfriend without a girlfriend like you. As much as it seems like I might know, you've taught me a lot about how to love and protect someone, and a lot about myself. I thank you so much for being the girl I love. And for helping me be the man I am. I'm glad to have you as a part of me. And I hope this makes your day. Thanks for the support in everything I do honey :) I <3 you" -Jordan

39: "I wuv youuuu:) i know i already wrote on your wall today but idgaf! I miss the shit out of you! I really cant believe that you're going to be here in only TWO FREAKING DAYSSSSSS im gonna hug you so hard youll shit your pants. Well, hopefully not :p haha Im the luckiest girl in the world to have a boyfriend like you:) i cant wait to spend 6 frickin days with you:) just me. And you. I lovee the sound of that. Ill FINALLY be with my cuddle buddy:) I cant wait to be able to go on dates with you, hold your hand, slow dance with you, and....... Show you how much I've missed you! :) hehe. Tomorrow night im gonna get like nooo sleep because ill be too busy flipping shit cause im soooo excited:) i love you so so so so much baby Ill see you soon:)" -Brittney | "I love you sweetheart :)) 12:30 tomorrow, I'll be there we're gonna have so much fun! I can't wait to take you out on dates, snuggle and watch movies, and dance with you! :D it's gonna be great, I've missed you so much!!! I'll see you tomorrow afternoon Brittney. And I'll be ready for lots of hugs and kisses :) I hope you're as excited as I am hehe :p" -Jordan

42: 116 days later . . .

44: Prom 2011 | April 29

55: Thank you, Molly Schweim, for the stunning photos! | "You look so happy now that Jordan is there :) Just keep thinking the distance will be over sooner than later :) And time only goes forward! You and Jordan inspire me to find love again.. Cause it's real :) I love you girl, and I'm so glad to see you so happy!" - Rhiannon Root

58: "I've been creepin on you a little bit and you look SO happy now that Jordan is here! You can totally tell from the smile in your pictures(: " - Random girl we don't know

95: "Hi sweetie. You're sitting next to me right now :P but I just wanted to tell you that I had an amazing time while you were here :) tonight is our last night together, but surprisingly I'm not sad. I know that we are going to see each other again VERY soon:) 60 days will fly by! :) I love you so much Jordan and I hope you had as much fun as I did xoxo - Britt " | "Have a safe flight sweetie 59 days:)" | I'm glad you missed your first flight <3 Those few extra hours were much needed | "Can you come back to Minnesota, please?? You forgot something." -Brittney | "I'll be back as soon as I can! What did I forget? :)" -Jordan | "You forgot to bring your little minnesotan back with you :(" -Brittney | "It was an absolute honor being your date to prom sweetheart :). I had the most fun I've had in a long time, and I was obviously the happiest I've ever been! I can't wait for you to come here this summer! I'm excited to take you to dinner at the winery, and give you our 1 year present :) I'll see you in 57 days princess <333" -Jordan | "I just woke up from a dream I can't remember, but I know you were in it :). I miss you and can't wait to see you on July 1st!! I hope you have a good day at work tomorrow :) I'll be thinking of you, as usual :p I better get back to my dreams though, hopefully you're having a good one right now! I love you best friend! Goodnight sweetheart :)" - Jordan

96: "Hi:) At first, I was just going to write a simple "I love you" on your wall, but then I realized that " I love you " is a too small of a statement to describe the feelings I have for you. You mean soo much to me, Jordan and despite the fact that we have our haters who have their doubts about us, I KNOW we will be together forever. People can laugh, roll their eyes, and doubt us to their little heart's desire, but they obviously don't know our relationship at the same level as we do. They don't know how hard it is to wait months at a time to be with the person they love, even if it's only for six days. They don't understand the friendship we had before this all began. They don't feel how happy we feel when we are together. Their little pessimistic minds can't comprehend that such love exists. If two people didn't truly love each other, they wouldn't go through 157 days of loneliness, crying, and "I miss you's" just to have seven days of happiness. If our love wasn't true, we DEFINITELY wouldn't go through another 116 days of emptiness, just to have six days of comfort. Having to wait 58 days to see each other again is NOTHING compared to what we have been through. And the fact that we are not only willing, but DETERMINED to go through another year of waiting, crying, and counting down just to be together forever, proves that this is more than just a "teen fling" or "young love". I never completely believed that every individual has someone, somewhere in the world that they are meant to spend forever with, until I met you. We live 1500 miles away from each other. Out of 100,000,000 people on Myspace, I just happened to find YOU. I never thought we would ever meet, and I DEFINITELY never thought we would date. I spent nights crying because I had met this amazing boy online but was never going to meet him. I'm soo glad we took a chance, made life an adventure, and let ourselves fall. I can't wait until we are done with these stupid countdowns and lonely months. I can't wait until our forever starts I love you sooo much Jordan. Words can't even describe how lucky I feel to have YOU as my "someone, somewhere" My Jordan Estrellado, 1500 miles away. MY someone" - Brittney

97: Mr. Kooky Bird

98: The Soundtrack of Our First Year | 1.Kelsey - Metro Station 2.West Coast - Coconut Records 3.Tik Tok screamo cover - Woe, Is Me 4.Animal - Neon Trees 5.Giving Up The Gun - Vampire Weekend 6.Colors - The Cool Kids 7.How You Like Me Now - The Heavy 8.Explosions In The Sky - Your Hand In Mine 9.My Chick Bad - Ludacris 10. Disco Pogo - Die Atzen Frauenarzt & Manny Marc 11.Perfect For Me - Shwayze 12.Hello - Martin Solveig & Dragonette 13.S&M - Rihanna 14.Alligator Sky - Owl City 15. My Neck My Back - Missy Elliot

99: There are so many more quotes, pictures, and memories than what I can fit in here, but that's only because the website I made this on only allows me to have 99 pages. I hope that what I was able to fit gives who ever reads this a good idea of just how special our story is. I hope who ever reads this understands that it doesn't matter how old you are, what you've been through, who's hurt you in the past, or how many haters you have, there is someone out there for everyone. Every person has their own love story, their own fairytale. This is ours. I hope that one day, our kids, whoever they may be, can read this and be given hope to find true love someday; because it DOES exist. I hope that we will never forget the memories that couldn't fit in this book. I know that there are more memories to come, more chapters to our love story, more books that won't have enough pages to hold everything. But please, promise me that when we are old and crabby, we will NEVER forget what we have been through. Never forget.

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