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S: The autobiography of Jamie Stefani

BC: Written by Jamie Stefani Published on the 29-3-2011.

FC: The autobiography of Jamie Stefani | The autobiography of Jamie Stefani | The autobiography of Jamie Stefani | The autobiography of Jamie Stefani

1: This is the autobiography of Jamie Louise Stefani 6th of November 1996

3: Introduction I am Jamie Stefani and this is my life, I live on a small farm in a small town called Buffalo. I have a younger brother called Corey and an older brother called Nick. My Mum's name is Renate and my stepdads name is Michael. I own one horse whose name is Billy. As a family we have two cats called pepper and Oscar, we own four chooks one of them is called friendly and another is called purple. We have two dogs one called jess and the other is called doc. I love cooking and crafts and most of all animals, that why my ambition is to be a vet.

4: Family My immediate family is very small but my extended family is huge I have over 100 “wogatives”, (there Italian relatives). That’s on my stepfathers side. On my mother’s side we are very small and very Australian. I have an Uncle Tim and an auntie Deb. they have a daughter called Mietta, who is in prep this year. They also have a son called harry, who is now three. I also have another uncle called mark. And of course my grandmother and grandfather, Catherine and Bruce. On my step dads side I have a Nonna and a Nonno, Nadia and Frank. My aunties and uncles are Damien and Fleur who have a little baby girl, Julia Kate who is now 9 months old. Gabby and Greg have 3 children. Emma who is the youngest in the family, Jake, and Sean who is the eldest in the family. Gabby is a nurse at the foster hospital, gabby and Greg own the sandy point mini golf. Anna who has 1 child whose name is Liam, Anna is a nurse and mid-wife at foster hospital. And last but not least Corrina. I have many more cousins but they are just distant cousins.

5: Family I spend a lot of time with my family. If anyone goes out anywhere we all tag along. All our holidays are as a family. If someone doesn’t want to go we change our destination, so that we will all enjoy it. We are very close as a family. My family mean the world to me, one of my favourite family members would have to be my grandfather, Bruce. He is always helping me build stuff out of wood. I also love spending time with my auntie Fleur. She is the person who found Billy for me. When I first got Billy Fleur thought me how to ride, I love to spend time with her and go for a ride on the rail trail with her. She lives about 6 kilometres from me, so I can just ride to her house when I would like to visit her. I am also very fond of my auntie gabby, she lives near the beach so in summer I love to go and stay with her. My mum Renate is 35 years old. She works at SPLASH, Leongatha. My step dads name is Michael is 38 years old and runs his own earth moving business. He has a dingo mini digger. He works on the dingo during the day and when he isn’t on the dingo he is working on a farm in fish creek, milking cows. I have two brothers one who is older than me and the other is younger than me. My older brother is Nick. Nick lives in Cann River and he is 16. My younger brother is Corey James he is 4 and he is in kinder, at times he can be very irritating but at the end of the day he is my brother, so of course I love them both. | Corey

6: 0-5 the early years My life started at Yarram hospital at 10:30pm, on the 6th of November 1996. I was 51cm tall and I weighed 8lb 2oz/3.720kg. I lived in Yarram until I was three months old. We then moved to foster, and we lived there for six months until we moved to a different house in foster. About the same time that I started to crawl about four months after that I started to walk

7: When I was eighteen months old I split my lip open whilst I was ridding my little plastic bike down the concrete driveway. I hit a bump on the concrete and face planted into a terracotta pot, my lip came open and it bled a lot so mum took me to the hospital. The nurse gave me three stitches and sent me home. I took a very long time for me to learn to talk, I still blame Nick because he would always tell mum that I would need something, so I wouldn’t have to talk at all. I could mumble some words but I couldn’t turn random words and mumbles into sentences. But finally when I was about two and a half, I could talk in understandable sentences. Another unfortunate event in the same house was when my big brother, nick cut off all my hair. It all started when nick came into my room one night, it was around 12:00 and he woke me up and took me into the bathroom, nick got the scissors and started cutting. At the time he was only four so he didn’t have the best cutting skills in the world and I was only two so I just agreed. When he had finished I had big clumps and little clumps all over, some places were near bald. In the morning when mum woke up and came into my room she was not happy with Nick. When I was about two years old we moved to Hoddle. By the time I was three I was working on the farm and helping milking cows. I helped get the sheep up for sheering as well. We spent about a year there before we moved to fish creek and I started kinder. I went to Fish Creek kinder in 2001, I enjoyed going to kinder and seeing my friends.

8: My favourite place My favourite place would have to be my bedroom. It’s where everything I like is kept, and is where I like to just sit and think about things. It has everything I need. If someone was to walk into my room they would be able to tell my personality straight away, because I have everything I like around my room and everything I’ve ever won is on display. My favourite thing to do is probably listening to my music whilst drawing. I love my room because it is quiet and it represents who I am and what I like, I enjoy sitting on my purple hand chair in the corner of my room, because it is quiet and I can just sit and think. I got my purple hand chair about 4 years ago for my birthday. It is one of my favourite things in my bedroom. Next to my hand chair I have all of my arts and crafts stuff. It is mainly filled with paints and paper. Since I was little I have always liked arts and crafts especially painting. I have recently started painting t-shirts, using screen printing on t shirts. Mum bought me glow in the dark pints and I enjoy using it on my t shirts. It is now my favourite paint. Near my arts and crafts desk are my clothes. I love shopping for clothes so that I always have something different to wear. Most of my clothes are old clothes for around the house or pyjamas. I get a lot of my clothes from my older friends or cousins when they grow out of them.

9: In the corner of my room just beside my door I have my bed. I got it for my birthday in 2010. Because always complained about my old bed was. I always said that I needed a new one so after a lot of nagging my mum and stepdad finally bought me a queen bed. It was a huge surprise because on Friday when I left for school I had a single bed, and when I came home with Sophie and Evelyn for my party I walked into my room and got the biggest surprise, I was so happy that I jumped on it.

10: Hobbies I enjoy lots of different types of hobbies that include netball. I enjoy netball because it is fun and challenging, it is a team sport. I play in defence and wing attack. I have been playing netball for five years two years at Fish Creek then I moved to stony creek. I play netball to keep fit but mainly to have fun. I have made numerous friends from playing netball. I play for Stony Creek and it is a really good club to play for, when I started I felt very welcome. I also love to play basketball, I play at Meeniyan. I enjoy it because it is fun and it keeps me fit when netball season has finished, and I get to meet lots of new people. I have played at Meeniyan since I was six years old. I also umpired basketball at Meeniyan for a season. I love riding horses, especially my horse Billy. I have loved horses ever since I can remember, billy is my first horse. I had never owned one until the 17th of October 2010. Before then the only other horses I rode were friend’s horses. The first horse I can remember ridding was sandy he was such a good horse. I learnt tricks on him and how to look after him, but I never rode him by myself because I was too young. The only other horses I really remember ridding was our neighbours horse called splash he was a beautiful paint, with blue eyes. I also rode some of their other horses. Horses are such affectionate animals; they will love you and obey you as long as you are kind to them.

11: I also love to do art and crafts, I really enjoy it because the only limit is your imagination and anything you make you can put up in your room. If you make it you can say I made it not I got it from some shop in town. Art lets you express yourself in so many different ways. One of the crafty things I really enjoy is designing and making shorts tops and dresses. The thing I like about designing it yourself is that you can make it however you want it. I also love making things out of wood, whenever I go to my grandma’s and grandpa’s I bring something new home. My grandpa is always helping me build stuff, My favourite thing that I have made with my grandpa is a coffee table.

12: Pets My family and I have 12 pets altogether, but my favourite would have to be Billy, my horse. I only got him in October but I still love him the most. Since I got him I have learnt a lot more and so has he. He is a palomino X stock horse, he is a golden colour with a silver tail that touches the ground, his mane is also very long and it is silver as well. He is 14.2 hands high. Billy is a very quick learner he learns something new each week and he gets better a something as well. He is very docile; the only thing that he gets scared off is alpacas. The other animals I have are two dogs one of those dogs are called jess she is a red kelpie, she isn’t really a playing dog because she is there for work, she always smells and she doesn’t know how to play fetch. She is my stepdads dog. Our other dog is called doc he is a pure breed black kelpie with brown eyebrows. He is called Doc he is called Doc because we found him at the Welshpool docks, whilst we were having a barbeque. Nick and I saw him come running over. He was super skinny; you could see all of his ribs. I wanted to keep him so mum said if no one claimed him we could keep him, so Nick and I feed him some pancakes and sausages, no one claimed him so we got to take him home. Nick and I were arguing about a name so mum said we will call him Doc. When we found him he would have been about 5 in dog years and he is now about 50 in dog years. Since we have had do he has been bitten by a snake and survived but the bite made him show his age a little bit. Doc is a very good dog, Corey can do anything to him and he will just sit there and put up with it, but the one thing he is scared of is lightning and thunder storms. If we are out and there is a storm he will run down to a house near us or down to the shop. But if the storm is in the middle of the night he will sleep in my room.

14: We also have cats, we got our cats for Christmas in 2005 Nick called his cat pepper because it was black; the colour of pepper. Nicks cat was a girl she was so beautiful that we argued over her but my cat Oscar who is a tabby he ran straight over to me so I decided he was better. I called him Oscar because I liked the name Oscar. Pepper has a habbit of sleeping in the bird feeder, on top of the chook pen. We also have 4 chooks, my favourite chook is friendly she is dark brown, she is my favourite because she is so friendly, hence why she is called friendly. I love her because when she was a chicken I trained her to sit when you put your hand near her back. When I was 7 I used to go out and talk to her straight after scho. Whilst wtitting this friendly died, RIP freindly. We have named one of our other chooks, her name is purple because she is purple/grey in colour, she was mums first chook and she lays green shelled eggs, she is an Araccana. Our other two chooks are just plain light brown and unnamed because we just never got around to naming them, but we called them brain heads when we were little because we thought it looked like they had a brain on top of their head. We also have 3 fish that are my little brothers one is a plain silver fish, he also has two spotty fish one is called freckles and the other is called sparkles, it is easy to tell freckles and sparkles apart because sparkles has a longer body. They all live happily together in a big fish bowl with a weed basket and a pirate ship in the middle.

16: Holidays As a child I remember going to lots of places and doing lots of stuff. We were always going to a new place or doing something new. We still love to go on holidays as a family. We have been to places like lawn and Queensland and we have been everywhere in between. The first holiday that I really remember was lakes entrance, when I was six years old. Mum picked us up from school, and took us on a holiday. We didn’t even realise that we were going any were until nick realised that we were too far to be going home, when we asked where we were going mum said it was a surprise. By the time we got to sale mum was sick of us nagging her and she then gave in and told us we were going on a holiday. We stayed at a hotel and went to Kakoona country, a small adventure park wit ride animals and waterslides. I lost my favourite stripy rainbow hat as I was going down the toboggan ride, so me and Mick went down again to collect it. That same day I was going down the water slide when the lady turned off the water and I got stuck half way down. And I rode a camel and patted a kangaroo.

17: The holiday that was most remember able was our first holiday to Queensland. When I was six years old. It took us one whole day and one whole night before we reached Moree, at 10.30 at night. As soon as we got there we got in the hot springs, before going to bed. The next day we continued driving until we reached the Gold Coast. That same day we went to SeaWorld. We stayed at Ashmoore Palms. Over that week we went to movie world, wet n wild and then to movie world again. We then continued driving to a resort called Treasure Island resort; we stayed there for about a week. Whilst we were there, we went together ‘riplies believe it or not ‘ museum.I really enjoyed reading all the stories of amazing things that have happened in the past. At one of the Gold Coast beaches we went and saw a firework competition that went for about two hours. At the compotion there were all different kinds of fireworks. All of them were different colours and sizes. On the way back we stopped at Dubbo zoo and had breakfast after we watched the animals have breakfast. I fed a giraffe some bread, they had very long tongues. | H O L I D A Y S

18: On the way home from Queensland, we stopped at Byron bay. We went and got some fish and chips for lunch. We then stopped at a park and had some lunch. When I finished my lunch I went to play on the playground and I decided to run up the opposite way on the slide, when I got to the top I slipped over and smashed my nose on a metal bar at the top of the slide. It knocked me out and I got concussion. On the way to the hospital I passed out four times, when we finally got to the hospital I had to go into the emergency ward. When we got to the hotel that night I wouldn’t let mum take a photo, I was hiding my face for the rest of the night. The latest holiday that we have been on was when we went to Pambula beach. We went to Pambula beach in September 2010. This was Corey’s first big holiday, he was always wanting to do more things. It took us about 6 hours to reach Pambula. We stayed at the BIG4 holiday park, we stayed in a lovely villa. Whilst we were in Pambula we went shopping and we went swimming even though it was freezing. We went to Magic Mountain; I really liked the roller coaster at Magic Mountain. After about a week staying at Pambula beach we went home.

21: Conclusion Now that you have read my autobiography I hope that you have a better understanding of me, my life, and what I like. As you can see I have always been around animals, they have always been and they always will be a big part of my life, as my ambition is to become a vet. I love to go to new places and do new things, as you may have noticed in my ‘holidays’ peace. I hope to always be travelling to wild and wonderful places. No matter how far away I go my family will always be a major part of my life.

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