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S: The making of Milk'n'Cookies by:Reighley Paige Carlson

BC: Made 3/31/2011 thanks to my parents, Mia and my writing teacher Mrs.Edgar :)

FC: The Making of Milk'n'Cookies | by; reighley carlson

1: It was a peaceful day in New York, New York as Carrisse finished her science project. "Carrisse!Are you going to make those cookies?" Carrisse's mom hollered. "I forgot!" Carrisse exclaimed as she stood abruptly. Then all of a sudden the bubbling concoction of a science project spilled onto her shirt unnoticed by her. Carrisse hurried into the kitchen and began whipping together the recipe for the cookies. The green liquid dripped from Carrisse's shirt and into the cookie dough, the drops turned the cookie dough a faint green as it spread through the batch. "Bark!Bark!" Carrise's dog,Mia begged and whined as she walked in. "Don't tell mom!" Carrisse commanded as she tossed her a chunk of cookie dough. Mia gratefully ate it and walked out of the kitchen satisfied. Carrisse put the blobs of dough onto a pan, separating them and spacing them accordingly and put them in the oven to bake.

2: 45 Minutes Later....... "Ding!" The timer went as Carrisse pulled out the pan of cookies from the oven. The aroma of cookies filled the air, and something else as well, but Carrisse couldn't quite put her finger on it. She set the pan on the oven top to cool and headed towards the cabinet. Carrisse opened the cabinet door and pulled out a glass, she went over the fridge, opened the door and grabbed the milk. Carrisse poured the glass of milk and then put the milk up. she went over to the pan of cookies and grabbed one that looked bigger and gooier than the rest. Carrisse dunked the cookie in her milk, and several more times to make it the way she liked it. she pulled the drowned cookie out of the milk and took a big bite.

3: Carrisse chewed the cookie, savoring the taste in her mouth. She chewed and the cookie and as she chewed a strange feeling filled her mouth traveling through her arms and legs. Carrisse cautiously glanced towards her cookie. It glowed a vibrant green, pulsating every second or so. Carrisse stood and stared in horror as her arms and legs did the same. As she stood dumbfound ed Mia came in, but to Carrisse's curiosity she wasn't green. " How come you aren't green? I mean you ate the same stuff right?" Carrisse questioned out loud. As she starred inquiringly at MIa she jumped, just as she always did, but instead of gravity taking its affect on her she floated mid air! " THat isn't possible!" Carrisse exclaimed in disbelief. "What isn't possible?" Carrisse's mom asked as she entered the kitchen. Carrisse turned around to see MIa on the ground waging her tail and Carrisse's arms were their normal color without a trace of green. " Nothing," Carrisse replied still shocked by what she had seen.

4: The Next Day At School... Carrisse walked down the hallway dodging people as she went when the strange feeling filled her body.She paused and cautiously looked toward her arm......" Phew!" Carrisse said as she let out a sigh of relief. "No!No! PLeasse!" an innocent voice cried. " Without thinking Carrisse headed over to the scene of the crime. 'Gimme your lunch money nerd and I'll put ya down!" A voice boomed above the crowd of spectators. "Put him down!" Carrisse yelled as she broke through the crowd. "And what are you gonna do about it?!?!" Hollered the bully. Carrisse paused, what was she going to do about it? The bully dropped the boy, leaving him to scramble away. Instinctively Carrisse put her hands up in front of her to keep the bully at a distance. | SPLAT!

5: Carrisse cautiously looked up to see the bully smothered in soggy cookies and splattered with lumpy milk everybody's head turned towards Carrisse. She stepped back and looked at her hands then the bully just as confused as them. At Home..... "Throwing food?" Carrisse's mom scolded. "I... I.." Carrisse stuttered. "I don't want any explanation...just go to your room!" Carrisse looked at her mom pleadingly then headed up to her room. Carrisse thudded up to her room, but as she did a feeling welled up inside her. Not a feeling she had had before but a different feeling. One that told her she would no longer be Carrisse average student.No. She was..... Milk'n'Cookies!

6: Four Months Later..... "HELP!!HELP!I'M BEING ROBBED!!!!!!" A voice cried out. Carrisse stopped as she was walking her dog,Mia, to listen. Quickly she looked around scanning to see if anybody was watching, and then jumped behind some bushes with Mia close behind. The next moment Milk'n'Cookies and her sidekick Cookie Dough jumped out of the bush and flew to save the helpless victim. When Milk'n'Cookies and her sidekick Cookie Dough got to the scene they were approached by a man in black sweats and a ski mask with a lady's handbag. " Stop in the name of justice!!!" Milk'n'Cookies cried. " Ruff!" Cookie Dough Barked at the criminal. " Make me!" the man challenged. " Gladly!" Milk'n'Cookies exclaimed. In a flash she slapped him with burning cookies and scalding milk. " AUGH! AHHHH! OOOOWWWW!" He yelled and screamed Cookie Dough finished him off by covering him with enough cookie dough to make several thousand cookies, and flew over to him and retrieved the handbag. Carrisse flew to an old lady not far from the scene."Oh thank you!....Uh...Um..What may I call you dearie?" The old woman questioned as she gratefully took the handbag. " Milk'n'Cookies ma'am" She replied as she flew away.

7: Milk'n'Cookies saved the day, along with her sidekick Cookie Dough. And thus that is how Milk'n'Cookies and her sidekick Cookie dough came to be.

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