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BC: Credits | 1. 2.] 3. 4. 5. 6. Thank you for reading, -The End Created By Janisse Flores

FC: The story of ... | Created by Janisse Flores

1: One of the greatest formulas ever made | E= Energy | M= is for Mass | C= Celeritas ( Speed of light ) | 2= Squared | What does is stand for?

2: In the beginning the world didn't have knowledge over what energy was. The world thought everything had an individual power such as the force of a door opening, a pencil falling, jumping, kicking a ball, or falling in your back. They were disconnected things with individual forces. | London, England 1812

3: This lack of knowledge from the society was educated and turned around with a man named Micheal Farady | In 1812 Faraday imagined invisible lines of force that connected the various forces into one common energy source, thus creating energy as a major term in science. | Micheal Faraday

4: Humphry Davy, was Faraday's most admired chemist. One day after an accident Davy had in his lab he had to hire an assistant to be of extra help. He then hired Faraday which gave Faraday the opportunity to learn from Davy. Eventually Faraday would out due Davy with his discovery of energy. | While experimenting one day with electric wire and a compass, Faraday realized that electricity affected magnets and vise versa. These two forces were not separate forces but instead one force as we know it today as energy.

5: "The Great Revolution" | Faraday's new discovery was the biggest news in science at this time, he said electricity didn't have to travel in straight lines but also traveled in "invisible lines" | His world of forces led to a whole new understanding of energy.

6: Einstein as a kid developed a huge love for science | He was always so curious about everything surrounding him. | Meanwhile Farday discovered energy.... Einstein was growing up

7: Paris, France 1771 | M= Mass | Antonie Lavoisier a wealthy tax collector, with a deep passion for chemicals . He demonstrated the conversion of mass through his exact measurements in his experiments.

8: An important person who played in Lavoisier's discovery of mass conversion was his wife Marie-Anne Pierette. She learned English making her able to translate contemporary scientific works of her husband. She took drawing lessons to be able to record in forensic detail the minutiae of their work together. She ran their laboratory and was the public face of "Lavoisier, Inc." She contributed greatly to the image of Lavoisier's work and proper distribution of his work to the public. | love and Chemistry

9: C= Celeritas (Speed of light)

10: Micheal Faraday come back into the story by trying to convince the people that light was an electromagnetic wave.

11: He struggled to convince the public because of lack of accurate evidence through his experiments. | However a man named James Clark Maxwell came to his rescue after correctly solving the mathematical equation needed to prove his Faraday's theory of light being electromagnetic waves right.

12: Meanwhile... Einstein had grown up and was fascinated by light. Light was his deepest passion he could not quite understand how it worked but little did he know that light would become a major component of his formula | Light!

13: 2 = is for Squared

14: Emilie du Chatelet | This young wealthy girl named Emilie at age 16 enjoyed reading books on mathematics and science.

15: This love and intelligence for science and math later led her to discovering later in age that the energy of an object is a product of the square of its speed. Hence this later became part of the final piece of the puzzle to E = mc Squared!

16: Einstein accepted Emilie's ideas and kept becoming for fond of the light day by day. He theorized that light had a constant speed and he accepted it as a fact. He understood that as something approached light's fixed speed time slowed down. Imagine that time slowing down, ha that'd be a miracle.

17: He was deeply convinced and from that point stood strong into believing that light was one true constant of this world

18: After Publishing four great papers about his finding, Einstein found that energy and mass were being fused together by light's incredible fixed speed! he later published a 5th paper to support his grand idea.

19: Final Conclusion | Einstein finally concluded that Mass and Energy could be converted into each other This led to his grand question that we all know today:

20: 1905, Einstein's BIG Idea bloomed!

21: E = mc2 became the Holy Grail of science. It held out the promise of vast reserves of energy locked deep inside the atom. Einstein suspected that it would take a hundred years of research to unlock it. (2005 WGBH Educational Foundation; Nova Transcript of Einstein's Big Idea)

22: His "Big idea" was not so big in the beginning. It did little for Einstein in the first few years he had published it. | little success

23: Eventually Einstein made a break through after many years of waiting patiently his work became recognized and was approved by society and scientist . He was then given higher prestigious positions in science

24: A man named Max Planck had sent an intelligent physicist to visit and examine Einstein's work , this later led him to his fame in the science world.

25: Einstein Becomes known as the Father of Modern Physics!

26: Einstein's success lead to a downfall in his marriage. In 1919 he divorced Mileva and married his cousin. His fame led to numerous affairs

27: Along cam a lady named Lise Meitner, who helped unlock the secrets of the atom with a man named Otto Hahn a chemist in a university of Germany. She was studying in the field of science in the radio activity. They worked together in various experiments.

28: In 1912 she and Hahn moved to the brand new Kaiser Wihelm Institute for chemistry where they held equal positions. Lisa had become the first women in Germany to have the title of being a professor after being reorganized for her help in unlocking the atom

29: Their studies led to the golden age of nuclear research which ran from the 1920s to the 1930s. The largest known nucleus, the Uranium atom had been discovered which contained 238 protons and neutrons. Meitner and Hahn were Chemistry challenging the world to see if even bigger nuclei could be created by adding more neutrons. These studies later led to the development of the atomic bomb.

30: Their published discovery became a hot topic in the science world . | Lisa Meiter and her nephew, Otto Frisch, published the discovery of what they called, Nuclear Fission.

31: But unfortunately... | Meitner's old partner, Otto Hahn took all the credit for Meitner's discovery and received the Nobel Peace Prize.

32: In 1942, an effort to build a huge atomic bomb spread all across America, known as the "Manhattan Project."

33: The nuclear bomb was never used in Germany. | But, it was tested in Hiroshima and Nagasaki to demonstrate the terrible destruction and power that e=mc^2 had.

34: Meitner was asked to join the Manhattan project, and she refused. She refused to have anything to do with the atomic bomb. But Robert Frisch was different. He was an important member of the team, because he was convinced of the need to beat the Nazis in a nuclear arms race

35: Every time a patient undergoes a positron emission tomography, or PET, scan, she is "paying direct homage to Einstein's insight | We take advantage of that realization today in many technologies. PET scans and similar diagnostics used in hospitals, for example, make use of E = mc2.

36: The elements that make up our bodies and all other matter on Earth originated within stars like our sun, which are E = mc2 factories.

37: The equation help found a whole new branch of science—high-energy particle physics.

38: The equation also come in handy today when studying about antimatter. This is when a particle meets it's anti particle they destroy each other to leave the same pulse of energy | Anti-matter

39: Einstein's formula also accounts for the heat in our planet's crust, which is kept warm by a steady barrage of E = mc2 conversions occurring within unstable radioactive elements such as uranium and thorium. | Earth's Crust

40: As Einstein himself knew, the journey of discovery is sometimes painful, sometimes joyful. It is as old as human curiosity itself and never, ever ends. | The story continues , this equation has had a major impact on the world today.

41: Let tomorrow's generation bring forth their gifts and bring new discoveries to the world, like all the people contributed to the equation E=mc squared

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