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BC: About the Author's | Sameer Lal is in 7th grade at Eyer Middle School. His favourite subjects in school are Math and Science (physics and chemistry). Some of his hobbies include playing the piano (he has played it for seven years), computer programming, and reading about quantum physics. | Ryan Villaveces Also a 7th grader who happens to be in the same Social Studies class as Sameer is. His favorite subject is Social studies and is really good at it. He has a brother and a sister along with his two parents.

FC: Time Travel and the Black Death | By: Sameer Lal and Ryan Villaveces

1: Time Travel and the Black Death | By: Sameer Lal and Ryan Villaveces | April 2011

2: Text copyright (c) 2011 by Sameer Lal and Ryan Villaeveces All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, or stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without written permission of the publisher. For information regarding permission, write to Scholastic Inc., Attention" Permissions Department, 557 Broadway, NewYork, NY 10012. Library of Congress Control Number: 8675309 ISBN 3-141-59265-3 All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental.

4: FORWARD | The plague's roots started in scattered Mongolian communities. There it may have killed a lot of people even though there were barely any humans that called the steppes home. Then the fierce Mongol conquerer, Genghis Khan, took power in the northern Song dynasty in China. Probably some of his troops were infected and spread the disease throughout China and on to India. By now millions were dying every month. After India, its reign of death targeted Persia and Egypt. When in Cairo, the Black Death killed 200,00 people in 5 months. On the bright side, though, world hunger was demolished, which was a GUGE impact on Society. In late 1357, the deadly virus silently entered the Italian port of Genoa. In Europe it killed 1/3 of the population in around 5 years. So that would be a few million dead. That would create a huge population drop in population. The largest in history. So here you see that this disaster is no laughing matter.

5: Author's Note | This book was designed to symbolize the rough medieval time period when the Black Death was taking over every citizen's life that lived in Europe. Throughout the book, various points of controversial topics will be discussed, which aren't meant to cause confusion amongst the readers with hard-core facts. We advise you NOT to repeat actions from this book, since imprisonment is more than likely to occur.

6: But what was the virus that caused all of this trouble? Yersinia pestis, more commonly known as Y pestis, is the Eubacteria that was the original cause of the Black Plauge. Y. pestis usually infects the flea population. The fleas infect rats, and mostly any other mammal. The rats then act as the carriers, carrying the disease to humans, which thereby get infected. | Clockwise from top: An infected rat, Y pestis, and bacteria

7: The following are some informational maps regarding the Black Death and its spread throughout Europe and the rest of the world:

8: "The world is ending. Ending like my life. Humanity is going to destroy itself--once again. Our own creation will turn against us, and we will live no more. The world is ending...ending... life is coming to a close..."

9: copy C://GovernmentFiles//Topsecret//plauge//whereabouts sendto I know this is it. My last chance to prove my intellectual mind, about the plague. People may think I am an evil scientist, but I have legitimate reasons. After sending this virus to the government, I will get all files associate with the plague. SEND. I walked up and down across the lab, and went to the water-piston. After quenching my Dihydrogen-oxide desire, I checked back to my email. NEW MESSAGE. I opened it in awe. YES! I succeeded. Now it was only a matter of time before the FBI and other authorities showed up before my arrest. If only they knew what I was going to do, I wouldn't have even a second of survival. I scanned over the notes looking for any information on a black plague virus. Simultaneously, the door of my lab was bolted open, and I saw a heading of the LAST isolated body with the plague on the Swiss Alps in a triangular cave. Written underneath were the words: IN PROGRESS. My hunch was correct. It was a matter of seconds before the law-force arrived. They must have known... The S.W.A.T. pointed their guns at me and opened fired. Too bad they didn't know I was wearing a bullet-proof vest. The intellect of my mind blinded me of my consciousness, and next thing I new, I fell down on the floor in a counterfeit act. The authorities dragged my body out the door. They checked my pulse, which I conveniently lowered to a minuscule. At the exact moment of my body left alone, unguarded, in the notion of notorious killer, I lurked back into my lab. Jumping into the portal, I screamed Swiss Alps, and was instantly transported there. Phase I of the operation was complete. More was coming. I could just feel it. | page 1

10: My prompt expulsion of presence, had helped me not only escape countless hours of imprisonment, but also contributed to my life-long dream of curing the plague. It would be quite expectable if danger was on my way. Since curing the plague from the medieval ages would be a huge achievement, It would make sense to time travel. The cold weather of the Alps chilled my body, an drained all of my body heat. The view was quite unexpected. Instead of everything covered with snow, the environment was rather quite normal excluding the extreme temperature. This news changed my plans, however. After contemplating like a detective for a few minutes, I decided that the cave must be south, in a place no-one would expect it to be. After a couple of treacherous hours, I decided that it was quite inhuman, to pass through the rough weather, so I decided to camp out, and continue the journey to-morrow. That night my dream seemed too real to be just a dream. I hallucinated arachnids of all species coming after me, ready to eat the flesh of my very skin. It was only seconds before my "death" that made me realize two things: (A) the world's arachnid population can't possibly completely be here, and (B) all of this was a dream. Upon waking up, I promptly continued my journey. * * *

11: Eventually, after reaching the heart of the cave, I approached an isolated figure, sterilized, in ice. His skin entirely covered in disgusting, black blotches of dark, dried skin. It was nothing close to the most sickening image I have ever laid my eyes on. It was plainly visible that the plague had taken over the bloodstream, which was now jet-black in color. I grabbed a pickax, and smashed the ice, until the body was manuverable, and I was safe from harm. My escape was considered under the category of epic. Soon, I reached the triangular cave. On the contrary, the cave's configuration was rather a circular shape with an acute radius, extending in the form of a tall and skinny ellipse. After making way through the threshold, I ducked into the cave, and continued through the anti-light tunnel.

12: * * * Returning to the lab, I decided it was time to test my quantum theory on the microorganisms that infect the human genome. It was theoretical and completely practical, that my exquisite potion would not only free the victim, but also change, or manipulate the human genome, and undoing all of the harm the plague caused. Relaxing on my recliner, I came up with theoretical observations to execute my plan, on time traveling. For not only time travel would marvel the scientific community to my plain sight, but also help once and for all, defeat the plague.

13: After countless hours of controversial debate with myself, I settled on the idea of traveling in the opposite direction of the Earth's rotation. Reaching 465.1 m/s would be the minimum velocity to travel at...yes...yes it would...Soon I caclulated how long my flight should be, I hopped into my personal space shuttle, and traveled in a clockwise motion. The scenery dramatically changed from the place we know as Earth. Soon, the elevation that I reached was too much to stand for, and dipping down was the only option available to see what time frame I was in. Do my eyes deceive me?

14: One side of the street was full of dead people, and those on top of it, were dying. It was plainly clear that all of the dead bodies were shoved at any place that was fit with space. Those who were still living, however, had black spots on them. I roamed around, with the dead body. After extracting DNA from another dead body, I conducted my way back to the shuttle, and compared the DNA to the isolated body's DNA. The whole entire universe was different. Luckily, I was elevated above Europe. A town was seen before me, with dead bodies everywhere. I landed my aircraft in a secret place, which happened to be under a bridge with poor architectural design.

15: After looking at my surroundings, I logically concluded that my very presence was in the medieval city of Genoa, Italy. Sight was terrible. People were scattered across the streets, coughing, and gasping for dear life. The more recent dead body was a horrible sight, for the plague had taken over all of the blood vessels in the body. I extracted a blood sample from a lump (tumor) in the arm, which was the initial spot of the disease. Soon, my super-computer developed a formula. The only ingredient was the weakened form of the disease, which was a superbug. Programming the locaterinator, I found that the infected body just due west of my current position. Making way across town, I located the body, which was half dead.

16: The poor person was gasping in horror. Being the cruel person I am, I stood by his side, and waited for death to greet him, after all, it was "for the greater good". After his life vanished, I stuck a needle into his tumor, and withdrew a blood sample. Making way back to the shuttle, people would surround me, and beg for the cure. I ran even faster, to ensure every poor person dying would survive in Genoa. * * * The potion that my super-computer dispensed had a sinister look, bubbling pink bubbles everywhere. After a few calculations, dealing with the density, and other various factors, I perfected the potion by adding redox reaction preventer. The moment I set out in public, people that were either infected, or on the verge of death swarmed around me. People were so desperate, that they didn't even ask permission for the potion, they simply grabbed it with their hands that were full of black spots, and lumps.

17: Randomly, they all dropped dead to the floor. ...and that is when I realized that I got the exhaust of the potion, not the potion! I ran back to the the CORRECT potion...and came back to the place where my presence previously was. Logically, I thought people would hesitate, but I once again, was denied. It seemed like people were so helpless, they were prepared to do anything to get better...or escape tragedy. As the potion was drunk, people instantly were getting better, and it was all of my work! The dead now lined up, and people would take a drop of the potion, and drink it to get better. I approached a smart fellow, and explained my situation. I gave him the rest of the potion to use. Eventually, we both decided it would be the best for me to escape old time, and travel back to present.

18: I hopped into the space shuttle, and this time, traveled in a clockwise direction, with the Earth. It took about an hour until I recognized a new structure being built from present day. I landed on the streets, expecting to see a more advanced civilization that the normal community of mine. Instead, I saw disaster. A rebellion of robots seemed to have gathered around a group of fifty to sixty people, and were firing balls of heat at them. I made an inference that it was just technology gone wrong. Waiting for help to come to them, I walked around town looking at the stores. Things greatly changed.

19: Instead of people in the store buying and selling goods, there were robots. ROBOTS! It was to my fear's greatest extent that humans creation has taken over them. Just by a mere moral deed, I changed the earth. Just leaving out one even in history, I changed the future by a lot! I wiped my tears with the top portion of my shirt. Oddly, there was a bump. At first, I didn't understand. Then the fate struck me--I caught the plague. Going back to the lab, I laid onto the table (there is probably no such thing as doctors--everyone is probably immune to everything, including superbugs), pondering what my deeds cost humanity.

20: Laying down, I feel black/brownish spots cover my arm...disease is now going at ten times the normal rate, because of time travel. Pain excruciated from my chest, in the form of a burning sensation. The pain expanded like a hydrophobic material injected into water. My life was draining from me. I had one last chance. A potion I developed previously has the ability to either cure or kill me. I decided it was best to take the chase. Injecting the mysterious liquid into me, I took a deep breath. As I went to sleep, I composed one final thought that was all my fault:

21: "The world is ending. Ending like my life. Humanity is going to destroy itself--once again. Our own creation will turn against us, and we will live no more. The world is ending...ending... life is coming to a close..."

22: FIN

23: Works Cited | Ardley, Neil. Health and Medicine. London: F. Watts, 1982. Print. McGowen, Tom. The Black Death. Danbury, CT: Grolier, 1995. Print. Zahler, Diane. The Black Death. Minneapolis: 21st Century, 2009. Print. Special Thanks to Discovery's "United Streaming" videos for confirmation on information

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