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S: Siege WEapons an Besieging a castle by: Nick Quinn Murphy Pan

BC: Nick Quinn is a student at Eyer Middle School. He enjoys theatre and singing. He is in the Vocal Ensemble at Eyer, and is involved with Civic Theatre. | Murphy Pan is a student at Eyer Middle School who enjoys learning math, and science. He plays the violin and practices karate.

FC: A Dummies Guide to: SIEGE WEAPONS AND BESIEGING A CASTLE With comprehensive comparisons | By: Nick Quinn and Murphy Pan @@@ at: Eyer Middle School

1: The Dummie's Guide to: SIEGE WEAPONS and BESIEGING A CASTLE With comprehensive comparisons | By: Nick Quinn and Murphy Pan at: Eyer Middle School | Copyright 2011 by Nick Quinn and Murphy Pan. All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of Murphy Pan and/or Nick Quinn. LCCN: Pending

2: Authors Note: The authors that wrote this book, are only familiar with the topics. We have absolutely NO experience in besieging a castle. For your own good, please do not siege your house, as that will only result in a disastrous punishment. As well as DO NOT build the weapons shown in this book for it would be very expensive and the punishments will be brutal.

3: King Stephen 1138 | Now, Siege warfare can be described by King Stephen (to the left of this paragraph) in 1138. He says this: "Day and Night he perserveringly pushed the siege, at one time mounting the hill with his troops, on horseback, and challenging the besieged to fight; at another causing his slingers to annoy them by hurling stones... Do you get the point of siege warfare because next we will show you siege weapons

4: Weaponry: The Spear | The spear is a throwing weapon, used to impale the besieger's enemies. It's a metal arrow head, on a stick, or metal rod. This weapon dated back to prehistoric times. Sometimes, the spear would be lit on fire, and thrown over a castle wall.

5: Crossbow | v.s. | Longbow | This weapon is similar to a longbow, but it is mounted on a stick. It has a higher accuracy, and power, but slower firing rate. | The Longbow is a wooden bow, binded together by string, or hair. then, a spear like arrow, is attached to the string, pulled back, and launched. The arrow would be lit on fire, and then fired in the castle.

6: Catapult | v.s. | Trebuchet | Built during the Greek Empire, the catapult was a base, with an arm. On one side of the arm, was an spoon like craft, on it. It is launched by string being cut, and the catapult being fired. | Invented in China, the trebuchet is a base with an arm. The trebuchet is almost like a giant slingshot, but more accurate, and powerful.

7: Cannons | v.s. | Battering Ram | The cannon is like, a larger gun, except the bullets, were cannon balls, and the gun powder was still gunpowder. The cannon, had an immense amount of power, and large target zone. | The battering ram is a man operated weapon. Often used tree trunks, carved as a ram. They would have a group of people hold the battering ram, and thrust it at the object, trying to be taken down.

8: Mobile Siege Tower | The mobile siege tower is a rectangular wall, with 4 wheels, moved to protect archers, constantly firing at the enemies. They would drop the plank near the tower, knock the tower down, and move across.

9: Strategies | Trickery Mining/Sapping Artillery Bombardment Breach Blockade Escalade

10: Mining and Sapping | In mining and sapping, a hole would be dug under a turret or wall. Then, bombs, or mines would be ropped in the hole. They would blow up, and the turret/wall would fall, leaving an easy entry way into the castle. | (above) the explosion after a mine has been detonated

11: Artillery Bombardment | In artillery bombardment, the besiegers would fight with every weapon, every soldier, and all the cavalry they have. In doing so, the enemy would have no idea what to do.

12: Blockade | In a blockade, an attacker would block off the city from any | outside sources. They would wait for the city to: starve, die of boredom, dehydrate, or die of infectious diseases.

13: Escalade | In an escalade, ladders would be placed next to castle walls, and turrets. The ladders would be used to scale the wall, and get into the castle.

14: Journal of Prince Tomas | 5/ 15/1300 Dear Journal, Today the Italians are attacking our province of Gaul. All I can see out my turret window are cannons firing cannonballs at my father's castle. They are huge weapons with an intense amount of power. All the besiegers are busy digging holes under this castle, and filling it with bombs. Every so often this castle gets rattled by bombs exploding. | GAUL

15: 5/17/1300 Dear Journal, Day and night, they keep trying to besiege our castle. Night watchmen guard the castle, making sure nobody leaves, if they do, they are shot by the crossbow, or longbow in their hands at all times. Right now, they are using an escalade strategy, scaling the walls on their ladders, trying to attack the people trying to defend this wonderful province I call home. Big towers on wheels are being pushed through the city, on them are archers. If they get close enough to the walls, and let down their planks, who knows what will happen?

16: 5/18/1300 Dear Journal, Today the besiegers are growing close to getting into the castle walls. My father's army keeps pushing them away with their slow refiring crossbows, and fast, but less accurate longbows. All the weapons they have are strong, too strong. They have weapons that I have never even seen before! All we have are longbows, a limited amount of cannons, and a catapult. I hope these weapons can stand a chance against theirs!

17: That was Prince Tomas' last journal entry.

18: Bibliography | Currier, Richard L., and Rivka Gonen. Weapons and Warfare in Ancient times. Minneapolis: Lerner Publications, 1976. Print. Koch, H. W., Ian V. Hogg, and P. L. Gwynn-Jones. Medieval Warfare. [Englewood Cliffs, N.J.]: Prentice-Hall, 1978. "Renaissance and Medieval Siege Warfare Tactics." Renaissance Faires, Renaissance Fairs and Renaissance Festivals. Web. 14 Apr. 2011. . "The Siege of Amida in 359 by Ammianus Marecllinus." De Re Militari: The Society for Medieval Military History. Web. 14 Apr. 2011. . Wyley, Stephen F. Siege Warfare. 2002. Print.

19: Thanks for reading!

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