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FC: The Greatest Feast of All! | Made by: Stephanie Rinker Kim Knappenberger

1: Vocabulary that you may stumble on!! | Mutton- A name for sheep. Trenchers- Flat piece of stale bread, that in the medieval time period they used as plates. Buttery- Next to the kitchen, a room from where wine was dispensed.

2: One day a king named Bryan wanted to have a feast. This feast was not just going to be a regular feast it was going to the biggest one anyone has ever been to. Bryan was nice up to a point. Two poor people named Bob and Carol wanted to go to the feast but they did not have enough money to go. The only way they could go is if they helped with the feast and sat under the “salt” which was were all the poor people would have to sit if they were to come. Two rich girls named Zoey and Alex were laughing at Bryan and Carol, because they did not have enough money so they had to work. Bryan told them both that they better be there bright and early tomorrow if they wanted to go to the feast. Right away Bryan made them plant a garden with the main vegetables that people loved which were onions, garlic, and herbs. The garden had to be right by the castle to make sure no one would steel anything because they had just the right amount for the feast. The feast was in three weeks which would give the two boys enough time for the vegetables to be grown. As a week passed the vegetables were growing like weeds. Sheep were getting brought in to be killed. King Bryan loved to watch the sheep die. It was like watching television for him but television did not exist back then so this was his television . Bryan also loved the taste of mutton which is sheep. The second week Bryan and Carol went to go check the garden and noticed that someone pulled the plants out of the grass.

3: They knew that it was Zoey and Alex. The boys were planning to go in to the castle and find them and confront them cause Zoey and Alex had came over for some tea. While trying to find them they ran into King Bryan. King Bryan asked them ''WHY ARE YOU IN MY CASTLE?'' He was so loud it hurt their ears. Carol answered ''We were coming in to get water for the garden but could not find it and thought that it was up stairs''. ''Okay, but the water is down the well outside, you have to get it yourself'' said King Bryan. He also asked how the garden was, of course Carol answered great. Carol was more of the risk taking one of them. Once the boys went outside to go home, since there was no garden to work on the boys felt good that they had lied to the king. It made them feel accomplished because no body has ever lied to him until now! They new he would not find out they lied, unless they don't find a way to supply food.

4: While they were leaving, they ran into Zoey and Alex and asked them why they pulled their plants out of the garden. Zoey and Alex just laughed and said have fun trying to find a way to get King Bryan his vegetables, and sitting home while we are at the “AMAZING FEAST”. You don't know that it is going to be amazing until you are there said Alex. The two girls then walked away and started to talk about the two unweaelhey boys and laughed. Down a couple blocks their was a garden that had onions ,garlic, but no herbs. They asked the owner if they could have their vegetables but they said no. Carol and Bob begged them. But that did not do any good the owner just didn't want to help them. Espeacialy because they were so poor.

5: Bob and Carol were about to give up, but then they came up with an idea. They knew it would work out fine and they would get what they need for the feast. They thought if one of them would destract the owner of the garden, the other one could take some of the plants. Just enough for the feast. But of course they would leave some money and plant more later. They knew it was bad, but they also knew it just had to be done. Carol and Bob, planned this risky task very prisisly. They knew they could not get caught, if they did they would defanitly not be able to go to the ''AMAZING FEAST''. They desinded that Bob would be the one to distract the owner of the garden, while Carol would steel the goods. They got right to it, and took action. That night Bob was talking to the owner about everyday things. Carol took the plants making sure he got all the roots and placed them in the wheel barel They did this fast and wasted no time at all. Before they knew it they succeed and were on their way to the garden at the castle.They planted them and it turned out a success. In the next week they were growing like normal they knew they would have almost everything turn out as it should have been.

6: Now as the weeks went on the plants grew exactly as they should. They felt very successful. There were also herbs left over from previous meals, which they happen to find sneeking around in the kitchen which was next to the Buttery in the castle. Which they gladdly didn't get caught. But Carol and Bob were very careful this time. They made sure that nore Alex or were anywhere near their plants. They took care of them and time flew by. As the days went by Bob and Carol got more and more excited. The day was coming They thought about it everyday. Mostly because they knew since they were poor, this would be probably be their first and final feast. Now there is only one day till the feast!! Bob and Carol got all the vegetables and gave them to King Bryan's workers. King Bryan had tried all the food that was ready and thought it tasted wonderful. Now the beef and the mutter were being coked. There was some other food too. The cooks designed the food to make it look like it was alive but it really was not. The day was finally here. The cooks were short of meat so they took the old meat and put herbs and spices on the meat to make it taste better which worked. they didn't want to tell the king because they knew he would get mad. But they worked it out and the feast was about to begin. To make the food look good and pretty they decorated containers with salt witch is called saltcellars.

7: As everyone started comming in to sit down and start the feast, Bob and Carol were looking for Zoey and Alex. Bob and Carol really wanted to see the look on their faces when they saw it turned out a success. Zoey and Alex failed at their prank, cause now Carol and Bob were at the feast waiting to be seated. They ended up sitting where they could all see each other. Zoey and Alex got extremely mad, because their plan had failed. They felt as if they let the poor kids win, and that just wasn't right. The workers had came with the food then. When it was survivedeveryone began to eat, the expretions on their faces looked as if they were enjoying it very much. Most people said the cooked eels were the best out of everything there.This made the King very happy. They ate on trenchers which were their plates.

8: When everyone fished eating, they all began the entertainment part of their evening. King Bryan thought the day was going great. Every one had a fine time singing and dancing. They thought they would just sing but it was such a good time the King did deside to extend the time length of the big occasion. Bob and Carol were getting involved and singing along. They also played some of the games with the others. Such as ball games. One of the common games they would play with balls is rowling it down a garden and hitting plants. Baseball was another common game that they played the king loved that game the most. Some of the other games that the king loved with balls was throughing it back and fourth. While the adults were playing those game the kids next door were playing a game called "Joysting". Joysting is when kids ride a wooden hobby-horse and their weapons looked like lances or something like a mindwill at the end.

9: Joysting is when kids ride a wooden hobby-horse and therir weapons looked like lances or something like a mindwill at the end. King Byran laughed at the kids who were playing he thought it was funny that the kids wanted to be in a fight like that adult had.When everyone was tired of playing even the king Bryan they went inside and played chess witch was a fun game to cool down from outside. After everyone was coolied off they went back out side and decided to watch bear-baiting. Bear-baiting was when a bear was chainded to a post and dogs were made to fight them. The bear would kill a few dogs but in the end the bear would get so tired the dogs would end up killing the bear. They were playing all those game cause they wanted to have a good time.

10: They knew this would most likely be the best day of their lives, so they knew they had to make the best of it. Once the guests started leaving and the workers where cleaning up Bob and carol decided they would head home. They thought they would go the back way, and go past the garden. Just to see if they forgot anything there. When they went to the garden, they saw that Zoey and Alex were there talking. Both Carol and Bob knew this wasn't going to end well. They kept walking and as soon as Zoey say them she shouted '' Hey! How in the world did you pull that off?'' Carol didn't want to get cought up in a huge fight, he was tired and just wanted to go home and rest. He said '' thats for us to know and you to never find out.'' Zoey and Alex were mad at them selves because their plan didn't work and they ended up going to the feast, and had a great time.

11: Bob and Carol decided to keep walking and just ignore the two rich girls, Zoey and Alex. They knew explaining was a waste of their time. Walking home Bob and Carol thought they should stop at the owner of the garden they stool from their house and apolagize, and make up for their mistake. When they got to the house and talked to the owners they were really mad. But also very forgiving. Bob and Carol said they would plant them a new garden with more plants, and take care of them into they grew enough so they were ready to be eaten. Now Bob and Carol felt better and didn't have the birden of gilt on their shoulders. They left the house and went home. As soon as they got home they went to bed, for its been a long day. A long fun for filling day.

12: Sources!! | 1. Macdonald, Fiona, and Adam Hook. Town Life. North Mankato, MN: Smart Apple Media, 2005 2.Davies, Penelope. Growing up in the Middle Ages. Hove, E. Sussex: Wayland, 1972 3.Sheehan, Sean, and Peter Dennis. Castles. North Mankato, MN: Smart Apple Media, 2005.

13: THE END!!

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