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S: Weapons of the Foot Soldiers

BC: The best book for the new foot soldier deciding which weapon is best. -J.K. Knighting We gave this to the soldiers, after reading it, they used it as a weapon. It works well. -Warlock's Weekly

FC: Weapons of The Foot Soldiers The guide for the new Soldier. | Kevin Lang

1: Weapons of the Foot Soldiers The guide for the new Soldier. By Kevin Lang | 2011

3: Kevin Lang is a 7th grader at Eyer Middle school. He enjoys volleyball, skiing and swimming. Kevin also likes to hang out with friends and play Xbox 360. He also participates in some clubs after school.

4: Hi, I am Geoff. I will be introducing everyone to the weapons our foot soldiers will be using to conquer the enemy. It will consist of armor, light weapons, and heavy weapons. Hopefully this can help us succeed and know how to use the weapons with tactics.

5: There are some things that are needed to be known before anyone learns about the weapons, first is how foot soldiers and high knights are different. Knights are higher leveled and have better armor and strength. While foot soldiers tend to be weaker, with worse armor, and no horse. Also people need to know what weapon someone will most likely have, you may have a pike, sword and dagger, or even a war hammer if someones lucky. O.k., it seems like we can start training now!

6: Part 1 Heavy Weapons

7: Time to start training. First, the heavy weapons, this big weapons are mainly for impaling and breaking bones. They can also be sharp for stabbing, slicing and a slicing impalement. First up, the war hammer, this weapon can be devastating, looking much like a hammer, entirely metal, this is used to impale the enemy with its weight. Hopefully causing internal bleeding or bone breaking. | An example of a war hammer a soldier might get.

8: Next up, two weapons that go hand in hand, the Mace and Morning Star. The mace is a wooden or metal club with a heavy metal spiked ball on the top for impaling and ripping all in one blow. The morning star works in the same way, it is a club with a metal spiked ball at the end. But there is a chain connecting them together. This brings centrifugal force into the weapon, adding extra power with every swing. And if you are a really good soldier you may get a morning star with more than 1 ball. | An example of a mace on the left and a morning star of the right, these are truly fun weapons!

9: Now, for a weapon with two uses. It is the Battle Axe! It is another heavy weapon, it is a large, wait for it, Axe! It is all metal, mainly swung toward your enemy to slice into them in hurt them greatly. it also tends to be double sided so it doesn't matter what side you hold. It will always provide a great slice into your enemy. Or if you need some firewood, it can do that too. | A battle axe to slice into someone enemy! OUCH!

10: Last of the heavy weapons, a weapon for kings. A Two Handed Sword, this sword is like any normal sword, except is a lot larger to bring a lot of force into every swing. And possibly cut through bone and kill your enemy. This is why it is so efficient, it doesn't just cut far into the enemy, it cuts through the enemy. Just read this account of obtaining this weapon from a soldier. | A two handed sword, a sword fit for kings.

11: 8/9/1011 I was excited, that my fellow soldier just informed me that I am receiving a gift today, he said to go to the barracks to receive it, so there I went. When I went in, there was the most magnificent weapon I had ever seen, it was a giant, hand crafted, steel, hilt designed, 2 Handed Sword. For me! This was definitely the best weapon in the arsenal, I am so proud and happy to receive this. | An example of what a reward the soldier could have received.

12: Part 2 Light Weapons and Armor

13: Time for the second area of weapons, light weapons. These weapons are for faster units. The first weapon is a pike. This weapon is a type of spear that has a light wooden shaft with a heavier metal tip looking much like a leaf. This would a good weapon to throw or just stab at a long range with it to pierce the enemy to make them bleed out. | A pike

14: Now we have well known weapons, two average weapon, the sword and dagger! They are one of the most well known weapons and two of the most common weapons in the armory. The sword is varying in metal, size, and even hilt design. It can be copper, iron, even steel and many more. There is also the dagger, it is basically a very short sword that can have varying blade types. it can have jagged, straight or even wavy edges! | A dagger on the left and sword on the right,

15: Next are the long range weapons, the Crossbow, and the Bow and Arrow. The first is the Bow and Arrow. This weapon has many variations, from long to short, this weapon fires wooden arrows with sharp metal tips and fletchettes, fletchettes are feathers arranged to make 3 "wings" on the arrow for stability. It is fired by pulling back on the string and after getting enough tension let go to fire it at least 100 meters. | A possible arrow a soldier may have above and a bow that they might have to for those arrows on the right.

16: The other weapon is the crossbow, it is a high power weapon that you don't have to hold tight to be ready to fire. It can either crank or pull back into a latch. Then place the bolt, not arrow, into the shaft and fire it by pressing the trigger. Like the bow it can fire a pretty lengthly distance. | Bolts | Crossbow

17: Now, we have the thing that keeps everyone alive from these vicious weapons, Armor! There are two main pieces of armor that soldiers wear. A large leather body is worn to lessen blows to the body so you can survive a little bit better. Everyones head is protected by a iron helmet that can protect you from minor blows and will also keep you alive longer. | A soldiers helmet and leather armor

18: Hopefully this guide has helped everyone to know how to use the weapons. We will be using these weapons to attack and conquer the enemy in many exciting battles. Now get out there and fight!

19: Bingham, Jane. Usborne World History Medieval World: New York: Scholastic, 1999. Print. Corbishley, Mike. The Middle Ages. New York: Facts on File, 2007. Print. Hart, Harold H. Weapons & Armor: a Pictorial Archive of Woodcuts & Engravings : over 1,400 Copyright-free Illustrations for Artists & Designers. New York: Dover, 1982. Print. | Works Cited

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