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S: Becoming Jane

FC: Becoming Jane

1: Jane

2: Jane and her Brothers | Jane is my best girl She is so fun to play with. - Isaac -

3: Jane is always happy. Choose good friends. - Max - | Jane is creative. Stay away from boys, they are all blockheads. I remember when Jane was a baby and she fell asleep on my lap and no one was around to take her off my lap - Ian - | Jane is fun to play with and she is great at making crafts. When she babysits we always have a fun time - Cole -

4: What a blessed mother I am. I have the BEST daughter in the whole wide world. When you were born I was so happy to finally have a sweet little girl to call my own and then I worried that I wouldn’t be good enough for you. The Lord comforted me and showed me what I needed to do to be a good mom, not only to you but to your brothers as well. When you were a baby I remember the frizzy hair and the mild mannered baby you were. Then you grew in to a little “peanut” of a toddler and “idolized” everything your older brothers did. As a little girl you learned to write and the favorite things you would write were little notes to your father and me. We would find them mostly on our pillows and sometimes a few other places. They consisted of many “I love you very much” statements and they always brightened our day. Once we started adding a few more boys to our family it was very clear to see that you would be an amazing big sister. Now the “iodizing” comes from your younger brothers. How blessed they are to have you as their big sister.

5: Remember, remember my darling Jane that you are a Choice daughter of Heavenly Father. What he thinks matters most. He sent you THE BEST example for you to follow as you are on the earth. JESUS CHRIST lived the way our Heavenly Father wants you to live. You also have all of the examples in the scriptures to help you understand how the Lord loves his children, including you. Jane I have written down a few things that have made the biggest impact in my life. You will grow into an Amazing Women if you follow these 2 simple things. Serve with all your heart and don’t ever stop. You will be the Happiest in your life when you serve those around you. If you look at the Saviors life that is all that he did while he was on the earth. Just look at all of the happiness he brought to everyone he met. Don’t you think he felt some of that happiness too? Love the Lord with all your heart. The Love that comes from the Lord is Healing. Whatever you may be going through in your life the Love of the Lord will and can comfort you in any circumstance you find yourselfhappy or sad. I have felt his love encircling me like a giant hug when I have gone through things that I thought I couldn’t handle. How to best accomplish both of these things is: Pray often, Read and study the scriptures and Obey the commandments. Be a PRO. I love you so very much Katie Wilkey (Your Favorite Mother)

6: Jane, You're the only girl in your family, stay your same sweet self and continue to be an example to others as well as your brothers. Know that you are a child of God the Eternal Father and how much our Savior, Jesus Christ the Son of God loves you. I love you too Jane. Remember who you are. Make your mom and dad proud and turn to the Lord when you need help. Love, Grandma Wilkey

7: Jane you are a special spirit who was kept back to come forth in theses latter days, you know what is right. Don’t let Heavenly Father or Yourself down. Always stay true to the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. Then you will be Happy. May the Lord Bless you always. Love, Grandma Velma Newcomb | Jane M. Wilkey You were & are everything your parents hoped for. We were so happy when your family moved to Raleigh, NC. We had some fun times. We were so thrilled to be there and see you take your first steps in this big world. I remember the camping trip out at Umstead Park when we had a cabin all by ourselves. (You, your mom, Aunt Kim, Cousin Rochelle and I) It was a fun time. I also remember the big snow storm when the power went off at your home and you, your brothers and mom came over to Aunt Kim’s house. I am so very thankful we got to spend the many days with you and your family at the beach in N.C. You are a sweet and wonderful young lady. Your sweet smile. You have a special talents. You will be a wonderful mother someday, You are a special you and that is why we love you.

8: My Dear Sweet Jane! I felt so honored to have been asked to write a little something to you by your mother, you know something? She loves you so very much! I want to start off by telling you about a few memories I have of your mom, because I knew her when she was young, just like you. You remind me so much of her. Not only because of your beauty on the outside, but because of the beauty you posses internally. | Your mom was always a very happy little girl. SO ARE YOU! She always had a smile on her face when she saw others, SO DO YOU! She was always compassionate to little creatures. SO ARE YOU! She was talented in many different areas of her life and tried to build those talents through practice, SO DO YOU! She was always running around the house turning out lights and being very thrifty and wise with wasteful tendencies. Now, since I live far from you, I don’t know if you do this or not, but I suspect you are careful with your money. I know you have a savings account and this teaches you to be thrifty and wise with your money. She was always a good friend to others, and, SO ARE YOU! My list of comparisons of you and your mother could go on and on. However, I want you to know that as you continue to learn and grow onto your journey as a young woman, there will be many opportunities for you to mirror your mother. If you do so, you can’t go wrong, because you will be walking on the pathway of the Lord. One of my most idealistic impressions I have of your mother was that she always wanted to do what was right. She would read/study her scriptures, say her prayers and attend church, and by doing so was able to stay close to the whisperings of the Holy Ghost for guidance and inspiration in her life. This was important to her even at such a young age. If you have noticed, this is still important to her more than ever as she continues to teach you, and the rest of your family! I hope you will always make this just as important to you as well! Jane, continue to learn and grow into a beautiful Young Lady. I can’t wait to see what your future holds! You have a sweet and tender spirit that will touch the lives of those around you. I am so thankful you are a part of our forever family! | I love you Janey! Love, Aunt Kim

9: Oh, Jane. Although I have not been around you for very long; we still have many years of fun to come. I haven’t encountered a sweeter, thoughtful or more caring young girl. I have watched you take care of and show love to your siblings, even when you really didn’t want to. You definitely have a huge heart. I love that about you. I have watched you be quite tough and adventurous. That may be because you are the only girl with four brothers. That toughness will probably come in handy in your life. Do you ever get in trouble? I have yet to see it.. How do you do that? Continue the good decision making abilities you have learned and use. I look forward to continuing our adventures together. I have no doubt that you are well equipped to be the most amazing woman. Just remember that we love you lots.

10: Dear Jane, Your turning twelve and entering into young womens! I know you are going to love it! When I'm around you I can tell that your heart is full of love and service! As you mature with grace and dignity always keep the temple in your sights. Attend the temple as often as you can! When you go and do baptisms for the dead, remember those names; those people that you are helping will be eternally grateful for your service. One thing that has helped me remember the temple in my life was doing personal progress and receving my young women madallion. In doing personal progress, I came to realize the projects and activities I was accomplishing was important in building my future. I hope that as you strive for these acheivements and blessings that you may come to realize too. I Love you Jane, and Im glad you are my cousin! Remember that you are a daughter of God who loves you! He will always be your friend and He will never leave you! Love, Rochelle King

11: My advice to Jane would be: Cherish who you are as an individual. As you grow up and start high school, don't worry about always trying to fit in because you are beautiful just the way you are. Love who you are at every stage in your life. The Lord made you just the way he wanted you so don't compare yourself to other girls. You are AMAZING Jane! My Memory of Jane would be: I just love Jane's disposition. She is such a sweet, angelic girl and she is never selfish. I've never seen her angry or upset and I believe its because you can see she has the light of Christ inside of her. Blair

12: Dear Jane, In 2005 and I came to visit you and got to sleep in your" most" comfortable bed and darling lavender room. This is when you lived in West Virginia. When I was your age my room was lavender too. I enjoyed looking at all your cute dolls and pretty decorations and pictures. Many of your things showed me you were a feminine person, and that you believed in Christ. I felt a good feeling sleeping in your room. Thankyou for sharing with us. | I am the mother of four daughters and if you ask them they will tell you I was always reminding them to be feminine. It means be "ladylike" in all you do. Clothes, shoes, actions, speech, laughing, decorating, recreation, music etc. In other words behave as a righteous daughter of Heavenly Father. "What ere thou art, act well the part". Our girls love the old movie called "Summer Magic" with Hayley Mills. One song she sings goes like this, "Walk feminine, talk feminine, smile and you'll be feminine". It is a delightful movie - one you should get. I feel that being feminine allows us to really remember our divine nature as women and trust that Heavenly Father has a plan for us. It also allows us to feel the still small promptings we get from the Holy Ghost to guide our lives. So try it, it will feel good to you. Love to you, Aunt Stephanie Wilkey

13: Jane, You have always been a kind, fun-loving, happy person. I remember these qualities in you from as far back as when you were a little toddler we stayed with your family on the beach in North Carolina. You could make Elise smile and laugh even then! I was so happy that your mom and dad had a little girl to befriend my little girl in the midst of all those boys. You've been a great friend and example to Elise and I appreciate that so much. As far as advice goes, here are a few things that might help you on your journey into the great woman I'm sure you'll become. First, never forget your inherent goodness and divine heritage. The knowledge that I'm a daughter of heavenly parents who love me and endowed me with divine attributes and unlimited potential has helped shape my life. It has made my inevitable disappointments and struggles less overwhelming because I know that my time on earth is so incredibly short, that God will forgive me my failings, and that I have a very long time -- eternity! -- to learn and grow. This knowledge has also helped give my life purpose, since I know that the relationships I form on earth and the qualities I nurture within myself will be with me eternally. | I also think that having a happy life isn't something that happens to us. It's something that we do our best to create for ourselves. Nobody can predict the particular trials and problems that might come our way, and the truth is some people's lives are harder than other people's lives. Some people get lucky breaks that others might not enjoy. If we spend too much energy comparing ourselves to other people and get bogged down in thoughts like, "Why does so-and-so have it so easy? That isn't fair," or "I know I could be happy if my life looked like so-and-so's," or "I'm not happy right now, but I will be in the future when such-and-such happens," then we end up wishing our own lives away. Before we know it, years and years have gone by that could have been happier or more productive. I also know many people who have had easy, "lucky" lives who aren't very happy, as well as some very wise, joyful, content people who've dealt with a number of tragedies or challenges. Some of these people are in your family! Look to them as great examples. And one last thing: over the next decade or so you will be making some very important decisions about relationships. You will choose friends and you will choose people to date and eventually marry. Always remember to surround yourself with people who think you're awesome. It's exhausting and disheartening to be in a relationship with someone who makes you feel like you don't quite measure up, or that you constantly need to prove yourself. One of the most important things, I think, in selecting a spouse is finding somebody who will always be your greatest supporter and fan, despite your faults (because we all have them!). That quality is the foundation of so many of the happy marriages I see. So, in a nutshell, remember this: You are a daughter of God. The power to shape your life and create happiness is in your own hands. And you are awesome -- don't let anybody tell you otherwise! I can hardly believe you're 12, Jane. I wish we didn't live so far away and could see you more often and watch you grow. Have a wonderful birthday! Love, (Almost) Aunt Angie

14: Hi Jane, I can't believe you are going to be 12 years old!!! You have always just been this cute little neice of mine, who is the age of some of my grandchildren. Time just flys so fast. You are so sweet and yet able to hold your own in your family of all boys. Wonderful! What a special time for you to be growing up into a beautiful young women. Wow, you will be going to the Temple to do baptisms for the dead, a saving work that they can't do for themselfs. What a service, you will be able to accomplish. You will have lots of opportunities to serve in young womens and they will all be so important for you. You will learn to love so many different people from these service opportunities. Your Heavenly Father will bless you for this. The covanents you made at baptism will become more important to you. Now is the time to remember your most valuable companion, the Holy Ghost. Be still and learn to listen to his guidance. He is there for you all of the time. You are so blessed to have such wonderful parents. We all want the best of everything for you. Just keep your beautiful smile showing all the time and have a wonderful time with all the fun things you will now get to do. Girls camp, oh my, the best. I love you and want you to remember you are a child of God and one of our special family members. Love you, Aunt Kaye | Dear Princess Jane, Happy 12th Birthday, to a beautiful young woman! You, Jane, are a daughter, a sister, a granddaughter, a niece and most important, a princess! It’s this last title that will help you through this challenge on earth. Knowing that you are of royal birth! A daughter of the Most High King! It is so exciting to have that knowledge although; being a princess has a lot of responsibilities. Your Heavenly Father has sent you away from Him for a while and wants you to return to Him because Jane, He loves you! He has sent you away to aschool, of sorts, this school will challenge you and test you. It won’t be easy but Heavenly Father knows you can pass the test. He has sent you to Earth School with a body that you need to take care of, to keep clean and respect so this body in return will help you on earth. Another tool He has giving to you is a family. You can always count on your family to help you. Your friends help also, but your family will be with you during the bad times as well as the good times. The scriptures, the Prophet, and teachers are all here from your Heavenly Father, the King, to help guide you until you can return to Him. All you need to do, Jane is to use these tools. They will help you recognized the evil that you need to stay away from. As you learn and gain understanding, you in return will be able to help others with their tests. Princess Jane, know that I love you and even though you are in a different class room than I am, you can always count on me to help you also. All my love, Your older sister, Princess Lana

15: Jane, I love you! Whenever I see you I smile because you are so pretty, sweet, and kind. I can also tell that you like to have fun! When we went to the cabin with your family a few weeks ago I learned that you are adventurous and that you love to play hard. This is good because life is an adventure! | I know that you are a daughter of God and that he loves you. My advice to you is to live so that you always know that too. Sometimes people only feel good about themselves when they do good in school or have really cute clothes to wear or have certain friends or because they have lots of talents. But really your worth is constant because you truly are a daughter of a Heavenly Father who loves you. It is important to do well in everything you can, and if you have done your best then remember that it is good enough and that your Heavenly Father is proud of you. If you do this you will realize that you don't need to compare yourself with others because what matters is between you and your Father in Heaven | I know that someday you will be a wonderful mother. You have the example of your beautiful mother and I have watched as you take care of Cole and Isaac how kind and gentle you are with them. Because of how wonderful you are now, I look forward to seeing the kind of young woman and woman that you will become. Lots of love Aunt Merri-Lu

16: Jane, Always remember who you are – a daughter of God! Also, remember that He loves you. You know this deep down inside. Indeed, it is built into the very fiber of your being and therefore this knowledge will always be with you to strengthen you. The world is full of people and ideas that will try to convince you otherwise, but never let anyone tell you differently. You are beginning a special learning time in your life where this knowledge of who you are will be confirmed over and over again as you listen to your parents and your leaders, and as you follow the prophet. They love you and want what is best for you, so pay attention! I love your sweet smile every time I see you! It seems to me to be a window into the sweetness inside of you. It shows that you are a happy young woman willing and ready to love and serve those around you. One of my new favorite scriptures is Psalms 100:2. It says “Serve the Lord with gladness” You will have many opportunities throughout your life to serve others (which is serving the Lord!) and to serve in church callings, beginning in the Young Women program. With your cheerful personality this will be an easy thing for you that will bring joy not only to the ones you serve, but also to yourself and that is your Heavenly Father’s wish for you. Happy Birthday and happy life! Love, Aunt Liz

17: Dear Jane, My advice to you as you begin your path to womanhood is to always remember who you are and the great heritage you come from. You have many ancestors who gave their all so you could have the gospel of Jesus Christ in your life. As you enter Young Women, I hope that you will get excited about the Personal Progress program and choose to earn it more than once. Your mom can work to earn it now as well. The things you understand and feel and write in your journal when you are 12 and 13 will be very different when you are 16 and 17, or even when you're in your 50's. Always remember to stay close to Heavenly Father so you can return to Him. My funnest memory of you is your hair when you were little. Never have I seen such fun, crazy hair. So long. So unmanagable. It was delightful! You're awesome! Love you so much! Love, Aunt Jennie | When I think of Jane I get all happy inside, because Jane always has such a beautiful smile on her face. You can tell you are a happy, fun loving person just by looking at you and you pass that feeling on to those you are around. A smile is a good way to bless and serve those you come in contact with. I remember when we visited your home in West Virginia Jane, you seemed so happy to see us even though you probably didn't know us very well at that time. You made us feel so welcome. That is a beautiful gift! And you are a beautiful young women! I'm so glad that you are in our family. With Love, Aunt Ann

18: Marlene, Don't let your peers decide what you do, be strong and do what is right. You are a daughter of God. Learn everything you can from your Young Women leaders and Have Fun Love, Marlene Nordyke | Jane, Listen to your YW leaders, they spend so much time and effort on their lessons. As I think back to my days in YW I remember the hard work that was put into helping me understand the Gospel and then when I had to teach I was able to look back and remember those lessons. Stay active in the church, it will keep you safe Love, Rozanea Wilkey

19: I share this background with you to encourage you to be involved in young women and seminary. They are programs created with much prayer and spiritual guidance. They give you values and scriptures to study and ponder. They help you make goals and create good habits that will help you throughout your life. Take every opportunity to serve others through callings, assignments, and needs as you see them. Use the Savior’s life as your guide. I have learned more about primary, scouts, and young women, as I have been in leadership callings in each of these areas. The background of being involved in these programs as a youth would have helped but the Lord is aware of each of us and is there for us to help us throughout our lives. You are such a blessing to your parents, a beautiful young lady. Continue to read and study the scriptures and ask for the Holy Ghost to be your constant guide. May the Lord bless you through out your life. Love, Aunt Becky Wilkey | Jane I am married to your dad’s brother Maurice. I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints when I was 18 years old. I grew up in a Christian home and studied the Bible but I was not able to go to primary, young women, or seminary. When I joined the church I went right into Relief Society because I was over 18. Over the next 10 years I was able to learn so many things about the church and my responsibilities as a woman, a mother and a daughter of god. I wanted to share what I had learned and so I served a full time church mission at age 25 to the Massachusetts Boston Mission. I married your uncle Maurice when I was 29 and we were blessed with 6 children.

20: Dear Jane, What a beautiful young woman you are! We remember visiting you and your family in West Virginia a few years ago, and how sweet and congenial you were. You even colored a picture for us and sent it to us after we left, which really made us feel good. You have an uncommon way of doing that- making people feel good. Always remember how special you are, and continue to make others feel good by your sweet disposition and kind actions. We love you! Love, Uncle Garth and Aunt Linda

22: One of my favorite things about Jane is her creativity. The top of her desk is filled with her creations made from just about everything. There is ALWAYS something on her desk. I also love her energetic spirit. She is happy and excited to do everything! I think that is my favorite thing about her! Really I can't bear having her leave thinking that Jr. High won't appreciate her childlike spirit, enthusiasm, and love for everyone. I don't think she has a mean bone in her body. She is welcoming and kind to all! She is also forgiving. One day when we were practicing our play, another student used her desk as a launching pad causing all her creations and soda to fall to the floor. It may have bothered her more than I know, but she somewhat laughed it off and carried on. You knew she instantly forgave the other student. A few days later when this same student needed to get up for her part, Jane lightheartedly said to the girl to remember not to jump of her desk. She also easygoing. When I asked her if she wanted to dance for the feast, she said no, she was happy to dress as a lady and enjoy the feast without dancing. Another favorite time was when she created her gingerbread pyramids with her friends. I loved listening to her as she explained all the candy creations they placed inside their pyramid- the sarcophagus, canopic jars, etc. One final thought at this time, when she skips in for the first scene of her part in "A Midsummer's Night's Dream" as Peaseblossom, I get to see the bright, spirited, happy person that she is. Later is the play, she is delightful to watch as she rubs the donkey's head. I can't imagine anyone else performing Peaseblossom's part as well as her!

23: As for the words of advice I would share, the first one would be to listen to your loving mother. My mother has always given me sound advice and guidance, and I seek my mother's opinion often. My mother is my best friend who still takes care of me, so I hope Jane will always turn to you for advice and guidance only a loving mother can give. Second, find and do what you love! I love teaching!! Finally, enjoy life and family! | Mrs. White, Jane's Awesome 6th grade teacher!

24: Jane, There is nothing plain about you. You are exceptional in every way that counts. Like having blue eyes and being able to sew me a UofU pillow that’s just the right size. I remember when you were little and you’d make me lay my head in your lap so we could talk. And apparently now you’re turning twelve. Here’re some things I wish I’d known when I was your age. You’ll survive embarrassment, disappointments, most snake bites, mean people, being mean yourself and then feeling bad about it, zits, heart break, me breaking the punk that breaks your heart, geometry, tests of faith, losing someone you love, tearful nights, and brothers. Lacks of confidence, taking yourself too seriously, pickles on your hamburger when you specifically said no pickles, people making fun of you, and feelings of loneliness. You’ll make it through them all Jane. And mostly your life will be full of the joy that comes from accomplishment, friends, learning, picking leaves out of your hair, service, cleaning your room, and family – including brothers. Love, me accepting the punk you love, hiking, kindness, forgiveness, spontaneity, and liking who you’ve become after all of it. I’m very proud of the young women you’ve become Jane and know you’ll continue to lead an exceptional life. Love, Dad

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