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S: The Great Escape!

FC: The Great Escape!

1: The Great Escape! Written by: Ms. Taigen's Fifth grade literacy class April 2011 Prompt: Imagine you are an animal at the Denver Zoo. One night the zookeeper accidently leaves your cage door open. Write a story about your adventures. Objective: Students will be able to write a story using the writing process. Students will be able to write a creative story that has a beginning, middle and end. Colorado State Standard 3: Implement the writing process successfully to plan, revise, and edit written work.

2: Gorilla By: Cristofer Hi, I’m Jack the gorilla. It is really boring in the zoo. There’s nothing to do in the zoo. I eat the same thing every day. That is until the zoo keeper left my cage door open. So I broke out. I was so happy! I was like I’m finally out and I left the zoo. When I got out I was like now what, but then a saw a mall. I could already smell the food in the food court. So I dashed to the mall. The mall was almost empty. When I got to the mall I immediately ran to the food court but I got lost because I could not find the food court. When everyone saw me they ran. Everyone ran like I was going to eat them. I couldn’t blame them I might of eaten them but, I didn’t. I ate Chinese food instead. It was kind of good, but I liked it. Then I went to this place called Sports Center in the mall. I saw a go-cart but the terrible thing was that you needed a key. So, I didn’t get to ride it. It stunk! So, I left. Then, I saw a place called Glow in the Dark Mini Golf in the mall. Now that was cool! I broke the golf clubs, but it was still fun. Then, I started to get sleepy so I went back home. Well that’s what happened when my zoo keeper left my cage door open! =)

3: The Great Adventure By: Yazmin It all started one night when the zookeeper left the tiger cage door open because he was going to give me food. But he forgot the food so he went grumpily to get it. When he went to get it. I quickly walked out of my cage and out of the zoo. The library door was open so I entered the library slowly. When I walked quickly into the library the librarian saw me. She screamed ‘’Help me there’s a tiger in here’’ so I quickly got out of the library. When I left, it smelled like red meat. I followed that smell and I got some of the most delicious meat from a nearby restaurant. The zookeeper grumpily called for me. I heard the zookeeper screaming, “Tiger! Come on! Come here!” I ran and I hid. He couldn’t find me. Finally, I thought it’s getting dark, so I went back to the zoo. Since that day I have been happy because I like being home but that was a great day out!

4: Nancy the elephant By Arleth One Tuesday night the zookeeper left my door open. I saw that the door was open, I slowly went outside from my cage, and I went to the food storage for the zoo and ate all of the food, the drinks, the chips, the vegetables and the candies. The next day in the morning when they opened the zoo, they saw me outside of my cage they tried to put in my cage but I did not wantto go. My zookeeper said “go inside gray and huge elephant!” But I did not go inside of my cage.My zookeeper called the police. Fifteen big and strong police officers tried to catch me quickly but they could not catch me. They could see I was not dangerous outside of my cage for the people. All of the families, children, men and women, big, little, large, tall or medium people could touch me but my zookeeper needed to take care of me. The next morning on Wednesday the zookeepers carefully put one saddle on my back. The people needed to pay $ 25 dollars for the children and the adults paid $ 50 dollars for a long ride. The people will pay $15 dollars more for a picture. I lived happily from then on because I am outside of my cage and with the people. The End

5: Tiger By: Monse One night my sleepy zookeeper left my tiger cage open. I ran like the wind out of the open cage. I went to the movies. I bought popcorn and I bought a soda. I even bought a chocolate bar. I took my friends with me. I took other tigers and I even took other kinds of animals. I do not bite, I’m kind and friendly to all animals. I usually will never ever bite, only if I am mad or when you disturb me or make me nervous so all animals like to hang out with me. I am very happy when you feed me treats. Now back to the movie, I was watching King Kong. He was a black gorilla. I went to the movies and watched king Kong in 3D it was so cool when he stood up. I thought he was going to get me but it was just a movie. Next, we went to a restaurant just for animals. They had all kinds of food like meat, apples, grapes, juice, and milk. We could eat whatever. Then, I went out for a walk. A woman saw me she screamed so she called the zookeeper and the zookeeper came and I ran like the wind but I was sad because caught me. He put me back in the tiger cage but I found a key. I quietly grabbed the key and I tried to open the door. I did! Phew! I snuck out again and left the zoo and found a home to live in. That is where I live now and I am very happy! The end

6: Where is the Tiger by Karla One starry night at the zoo the zoo manger called the zoo keeper. He was so angry because the zoo keeper had left the cage open and the tiger was nowhere to be seen. Meanwhile, the tiger had carefully snuck out and found a car; he got in and quickly drove away. He first went to the movies and he bought popcorn and saw a romantic comedy. The next trip he went on was to 7-Eleven for some hot cheetos and a soda. Everyone ran quickly like crazy people when he went in because they were scared of him. The tiger ate everything in the store. He broke the freezer and took all the ice cream. Then, he cleared all the shelves and stuffed himself with chocolates, hot cheetos, Gatorade, energy drinks and slurpies. After that, the tiger ran to the park and destroyed a picnic. He took all the sandwiches. Finally, the angry zoo keeper found the tiger and took him back to the zoo. Now everything is the same as it was before. The same old meat, the same old boring cage, and the same old people who visiting every day. Tiger thinks back often to my world and wishes he was there again!

7: Penguin Adventure One day my zookeeper left my cage door open. He was just leaving my food and I saw the wide open door. I ran out as fast as I could and I ran and ran out of the zoo I went to the park to play soccer and football. When I was at the park a big hawk swooped down and grabbed me. I was so scared. Luckily, I was too heavy and he had to let me go after awhile. I fell into the mountains and had to walk back to the city. After 4 hours of waddling, I got there. A man saw me and took me back to the zoo. It was a great adventure. By the way, in case you didn’t know that is a big adventure because I’m a penguin!

8: My Great Adventure by Erik Hi, I’m a gorilla and I live in a zoo. One night my lazy zoo keeper left my cage door open. Then I got out of the zoo, and I started walking on the side walk towards a car dealership. I got to the dealership and I saw a black and red truck. I looked for the keys for the truck. I found the keys. I left the dealership and I went to the zoo and I ran to go get some friends. Along the way I picked up some food from the zoo store and I grabbed some money from the cash register. I also got myself an outfit there was a pair of pants, a shirt, underwear, some shoes and a pair of socks. After going to get my friends, they were hungry and I can always eat more so we went to McDonalds. I got 500 Big Macs and one diet Dr. Pepper. I left to go to a hotel and I rented a room for the night. The next day I went to the store and got some stuff like some tools and a big bike. I went to the park and rode my big bike. I went fishing too! I spent the night in the park. The next day I left to go get some more food at a restaurant. I saw a nice human girl and I ran to her and kidnapped her. I took her to the zoo and asked her to marry me, she said yes. So, I married her. Her name is Lupita. Everyone liked us at the zoo and that was the night my zoo keeper left my door open.

9: The Adventure By One night the lazy zoo keeper left the keys on my capuchin monkey cage while she was feeding my monkey family. It was late, very late it was about 9:00pm. I quietly grabbed the keys. Without a doubt everyone was sleeping expect for me. I ran HAPPILY out my cage. The first thing I did was my dream i went and tickle the tigers, it was so funny how their faces looked while they sleping and i laughed, but one woke up and tried to catch me but I ran as fast as the wind and got out of the cage. FEW! After that, I went to explore what all the crazy people liked about this place called the zoo. So, I went and opened the door to a freezer I found it and I saw a lot of bananas, pizza, and, hot dogs ,without thinking of it I ran for the Pizza! It was so yummy, but after an hour of eating I got really full. I started to feel lonely so I went to get my friend her name is Lizzett she is a capuchin monkey just like me. After she got out we went to go see what all the crazy people talked about as they passed our cage, so we went and saw “the amazing little red train” and when we saw , IT WAS AMAZING! So we jumped on but, then we had a better idea ..we went to go get the other monkeys. We all had a great train ride. After that, I was getting tired so I went back to the cage and I went to sleep. Good Night!

10: THE BLACK WOLF One night the zoo keeper left the wolf cage open, because the zoo keeper thought that the wolf was a sleep. So the wolf ran out of the zoo but the zoo keeper did not see the wolf run out. The wolf went to a house and stayed there. He stayed there overnight and was starving to death. So he carefully went to find some food. So the wolf saw a man with a taco covered with hot chili. The wolf meanly took the taco away and ate it. Then 1 minute later the wolf eye’s were watery because of the hot chilly in the taco. The wolf quickly ran to find water because of the chili in the taco. He drank 4 bottles of water because he was so thirsty. The wolf went back to the house and he saw 6 people in that same house. The wolf went with the people and they put him outside in their yard with their big black dog then the wolf took the black dog around the city and they were best friends. When they were done exploring they went back to the house, the black dog went to bed and so did the wolf. The next morning the wolf was gone he had gone back to the zoo. He went back to tell the other animals the story of his trip out of the zoo.

11: Arctic Fox By April One night as I was sleeping I saw a light as an arctic fox I am curious. I ran to see what it was, it was the cage door left open. There was a cold breeze coming through the door but as an arctic fox it was not as cold as the arctic. I am a small fuzzy arctic fox. When I got out of the cage the lion said “I will eat you” and I said “Ha I got out and you didn’t.” I jumped on the tree to rub it in a little bit. “I got out, yeah!” I went to see a movie, but when I got there I saw a lion, I ran out! I went back in the movies just to make sure I had really seen a lion and I saw that the lion was just a toy. I was really glad and I sat down to watch the movie and eat my yummy popcorn. After the movie I saw Alex the zookeeper and I darted away. I got on an ice cream truck and I ended up back at the zoo. I ran quickly into my cage. Alex was still far away so I got out again so I could play with my friend. Alex then chased me back into my cage. So, now I’m back in my cage. I am sad because I am back in my cage and not free anymore but now I am back to my old life, it really isn’t so bad. I hope you enjoyed the story of my happiest day!

12: Cheetah Adventure By Manuel One creepy night the zookeeper left the door open and I zoomed out of the cage. I ran to the soda machine and I got four cans of soda and I went to the tiger, fox and the lions cage. We drank it and we got crazy. Then we went to go race and I won, well I am a cheetah and the fastest animal on land. I told them let's go get a car so we got a car and drove to the airport, we then snuck onto a plane. We went to the jungle and we met a poisonous dart frog called Jumpy and we also met a penguin. Tiger, fox and lion left me so I went with Jumpy and Penguin instead. Jumpy was going to touch me but I heard something and I ran. Then I saw an airplane that looked for wild animals to bring to the zoo. They got Jumpy and penguin and I secretly snuck back into the plane so that I could go back to Denver. When we landed I was going to run away fast but I noticed some of the cages were knocked over and so I went over and opened the cages and I helped Penguin and Jumpy get out. We got out of the plane and we ran to the zoo store. Once inside we saw Gorilla who had escaped as well. I grabbed some chips because I was hungry and I shared them with my friends. Just then we saw the zookeeper, before we could even try to run he secretly called backup and they caught us! They took us back to our cages and we went back to sleep. What an exciting cheetah adventure!

13: Dayana the Arctic Fox By: Kayle Hi my name is Dayana the arctic fox. One night my zookeeper left my cage door open just a little bit. I saw it open so I crawled quietly out of my cage. I was so hungry. I found an ice cream cart. It had popcorn there too. So I happily sat and ate. I was cold because I ate lots and lots of ice cream. But it was delicious! The popcorn was crunchy and sweet too. I was really full. Then I saw a pond so I went to the pond and I played in the water, it was fun. After that, I went to see the fish, but I thought that the fish were boring, they were only swimming. After that, I went to my friend’s cage she is a gorilla and she is my best friend. Her name is Ashley. We went to get my other friend. She is an elephant but she was too sleepy to get out. Then, we went to get my other friend, she is a fox named Daniela. So, Ashley and Daniela and I went to the penguin center. There was a party so we started dancing and we ate fish it was delicious and we started to play games like tag, and hide and go seek. The penguin made up a new game called who can clean up the cage the best. We all cleaned, but I think they just made the game up so we would clean up after the party! I was really mad but got over it quickly. Then I heard my zookeeper he had found out that he had left my cage door open so he came looking for me. When he found me he caught us all and put us all back into our cages and we went to sleep. I had lots of fun on my adventure out of my cage!

14: Spider Monkey By Alondra One night my weird zookeeper left my cage door open and I went outside, it was freezing! For a moment, I was so cold I thought about not going out. Then I went to the kids play ground. I was playing with my best friend in the park. My friend and I then left the zoo and went to the mall and we were trying on cute clothes and cute shoes. In the mall there was food we ran quickly to eat and it was super good! We ate a lot of hot cheetos and vegetables, they were good! Then, we were thinking of going home back to the zoo we were thinking of our moms. They would be scared if we left for too long. We walked back to the zoo and we were so tired when we went back with our mom’s we fell right to sleep. Oh, sorry I didn’t tell you my name is Alondra and my friends name is Nancy she is my best friend and we are spider monkeys.

15: The Arctic Foxes Adventure By Annel It all started one shiny Saturday night. The zookeeper went to go close all the animal cages but the zookeeper did not lock my cage by accident. With my paw I slowly and quietly opened the cage door but before I opened the door I checked to see if any of the zookeepers were around. When I didn’t see anyone I got out of my cage and was ready to have a free life. So, I got out ready to start my adventure. My adventure started when I went to McDonalds to eat. Then, I went to Justin Bieber and Prince Royce‘s concert. When their concert was over I got to meet them in real life. Next, I went to borrow a ford truck, I drove around the streets. While I was driving around a cop stopped me and he gave me a ticket. Then, I went to flatirons mall to buy clothes and shoes. I even went to one of the stores inside the mall. When I went inside the store to buy some stuff of Justin Bieber’s and Prince Royce’s it was strange because nobody inside the mall got scared or anything. The cashier lady said that I could have anything I wanted so I decided to take a lot of things that had Justin Bieber and Prince Royce on them. When I got the stuff I went back to the zoo. I realized I only wanted out of the zoo because I wanted some things of Prince Royce’s and Justin Bieber’s. Finally, when I got back to the zoo the zookeeper was mad at me and said that he was going to lock my cage every night from now on!

16: Giraffes Escape By Brandon One night at the Denver zoo, my zookeeper left my door open and my friends and I went outside. The zoo keeper had left the main zoo gate open too. There were five adult giraffes and one baby, suddenly in the zoo parking lot. We could not wait to go eat some of the leaves of the trees that were all around the outside of the zoo. While we were eating we heard a scream! Someone in the park across the street saw us eating. A few minutes later we heard and saw the lights of the police coming. We became scared and we ran away from the police. The baby giraffe did not run as fast and he hurt his foot. He fell on the ground and was taken back to the zoo to a giraffe doctor. The rest of us ran through the park and tried to hide. We hid behind some huge trees in the park. The police came to see where we had gone. Quickly we ran so the police didn’t see us. More police were coming to see where the other giraffes were and then the zookeeper saw on the news the giraffes running around the zoo and he came out of the zoo and talked to the police and he asked, “What happened?” “The zookeeper of the giraffes left the door open and the giraffes got out of the cage and one of the five giraffe is running more than the other giraffes.” They said. One of the giraffes didn’t know what she was doing and she fell off the sidewalk into the river and she died and the police found her body. The zookeeper started crying and crying because he thought it was his fault. The police went to see if anybody else saw the giraffes because the police are scared that another giraffe is going to fall in the water too. Then, the police went to see if they were around the lake. After that, they saw the giraffes in the lake. So they took them to the zoo doctor to check if they had something wrong. Finally, they were back at the zoo and everyone was happy again.

17: Cheetah By Irving The night the zoo keeper left the door open I ran out of the zoo. I went to the movies. A lot of people got in line to go see the movie. I liked the movie because the movie was a scary movie and was fun. I saw the ghost on the screen and I screamed. Finally, I ate popcorn with my friends. Then I played football with my friend the tiger. It was a lot of fun because we ran a lot for the ball. I caught the ball and I made a touchdown. Then we came back to the zoo. We ate hot dogs, chips and soda out of hotdog cart. I scared little kids and they ran up to their moms. Next, I went swimming at the zoo. I found a new friend and his name was Joe the cheetah. We went to eat meat at the zoo restaurant. At the restaurant I saw the zoo keeper and I ran away, but he got me. He had a big net. He got my friend Joe too. We had to go back to our cages. They gave us more food to eat. It was fun on my adventure.

18: A CUTE MEAN BUNNY A little cute mean bunny lived in a mean neighborhood. Her name is ....hopa. Hopa was mean to her friends. One fateful day, all her friends moved because she was mean. Hopa heard her friends saying to each other Hopa is so mean and annoying and that’s why they are going to move to another zoo. Later on, Hopa got sad and she started crying. She never stopped crying. Then, one month later new people moved to the zoo. Next, she got nice friends. Finally, Hopa learned to never again be mean to people. She learned that a cute bunny can act ugly if they are mean. By Roxana

19: My Big Escape One night my sleepy zookeeper accidently left my cage door open. He also left my monkey friend’s door open. We both went to the theater to watch King Kong. I went to get popcorn with extra butter and a large soda for my monkey friend. Soon, the movie ended and then we went to the skate park. We left because we did not have a skate board. So, we went to the store to steal bananas. After we finished eating our sweet bananas, we went to jump street. Next we saw two blue bikes lying around and my monkey friend wanted to ride the bikes. We rode the bikes for an hour and a half. We decided to go back to our cage because our legs and feet got tired. So we went back to our cage. It was a fun day, but we were so happy to be home.

20: The Adventure of Cheetah By Sam Hi, my name is Joe, I am a cheetah and I like to run a lot at the zoo. It is boring there because every day the zookeeper gives me the same food. Oh, I see a lot of people as well but at 6 P.M. all the people go home except the zookeepers. Next, I saw the zookeepers working at night. I saw a guy cleaning my cage and he dropped the keys. then got the keys and the zookeeper left. I didn’t know what they were for so I tried to open my cage with the keys and it opened so, I got out of my cage. I took the keys and was hungry so I went to a restaurant; I saw a big pile of meat so I jumped up on the table and ate as much as I could. I made a big mess! After that, I went outside, I still had the keys and I went to open the doors so the other animals could get out as well. Then, it was about to be morning so we all went to get 8 limos and we drove to Las Vegas, there were a lot of lights. There was also a green Lamborghini. Then we got out of the limo, and we were hungry so we snuck into the restaurant. We got whatever we could eat and we took the food back to the limo and we ate the food there. It became morning so the zoo was going to open. The zookeeper would be going to feed us soon. We hurried back to the zoo from Las Vegas. Meanwhile the zookeeper saw a cage door open and he looked inside and he said Nooooooooo! So he looked for the animals but he had a hard time finding us. It was raining and we didn’t have anything to cover us after we got out of the limo. We gave up and went back to the zoo. We were walking in a line. The zookeeper saw us and said, “Yes, Yes, Yes! I found you just in time!” So, we went back to the same boring life again.

21: Adventure with a Dart Frog By Gary One night I was sleeping when the zoo keeper came to give me water. He closed my lid and then we heard something, so he went to see what it was. Then we both saw a gorilla walk into the exhibit. He ran from the gorilla and the gorilla let me free. I think the gorilla chose me because being a poisonous dart frog I am very eye catching. I ran outside but I fell off of my aquarium into a bowl. The zoo keeper came back and put the bowl in the lion’s cage, not realizing that I was at the bottom of the bowl. I was so scared I ran and opened the lion’s cage. I was so scared, I fainted. I opened the cage door and I jumped out. Next I saw a cheetah he was so amazing. He ran so fast. I went to see him, he said, “hi.” Slowly I went to touch him, but he said to me “stop, you can kill me! Suddenly, he put me in a cage, I yelled not again! He put me back into my cage at the tropical adventure exhibit. I was so sad but then I saw something running. It was the gorilla. Then he saved me. I was so happy I jumped up and down. When I got out of the zoo I saw a sign that said game stop. I went in with the gorilla his name was Scooby. I was playing all the videos games. Then I went to Walmart. I was watching movies and eating. I saw a box of legos. I was playing. I saw gorilla in a black car. He said to me let’s race! I said yes. He won! I went to sleep in a small house, the next morning I woke up in a car I’m not sure how I got there. I was so scared and then I saw an energy drink. I drank it then I got hyper and jumped so fast that I jumped out of the window. I saw the zoo I was thinking about all of the cool stuff outside of the zoo. I did not want to go back but I had to survive and I couldn’t outside of the zoo so I went back to my aquarium.

22: Capuchin By: Lizett Garcia One night when the zookeeper was closing the cage of the other animals, saw the keys to my cage hanging from his pocket. When the zookeeper came to close my cage, I noticed the keys fall on the floor. After the zookeeper left I picked up the keys and opened my cage and left the zoo to go to the store to get bananas, popcorn, a soda and some candy. Then I went to see a funny 3D movie. After that, I went to play at the park but then I saw people. I hid quickly so the people could not see me. I waited about 2 hours and I got angry because the people didn’t leave the park. But then a cop came to the park and the cop told the people to go home because it was too dark to be outside so they left for their home. So, then I stared to play everywhere I loved swinging in the trees. It was lots of fun. I went back to the zoo to go see my best friend capuchin monkey Amy. I knocked and knocked; she then opened the door, and said “what do you want?” I said, “Let’s go to the park!” but Amy said, “no!” Because it was night and we should not be awake at that hour. I then said, “what if we just play around the zoo?” Amy said “ok” and I said “ok, let’s go play and get crazy.” When we got out in the zoo we started playing tag, then we saw a flach light coming and we ran to hide, it was scary. “Let’s go back to our cages!” said Amy. Right then we saw the zookeeper and the zookeeper said “Come on, capuchins.” We went with the zookeeper and the zookeeper took us back to our cage. Finally, we were safe at home in our cage and we fell asleep quickly!

23: Adventure It all started on one stormy night when my zookeeper left my cage door open. I think he did it because he was mad at his manager. Since I am always so curious, I wondered off. When I was halfway to the zoo doors I noticed the zookeepers following me, I fell and all of the zookeepers attacked me but I still escaped from them. I was really tired because I was running all over the zoo. After a while I got out of the zoo. I was scared because was I hearing very loud noises. Then I went in the movie theater and it was full of people and then they all ran out of the movie, I’m not really sure why. I got some popcorn at the display counter. After I got into the movie I began eating popcorn and watching a spooky movie. I got super scared and I ran out of there as fast as my gorilla legs would carry me! I went next door to the next theater and the movie there was the one about Justin Bieber. I only got to see the end but I hated it! When I got out of the movies my zookeeper was waiting. All the people who had left screaming called the zoo and told him where I was. The zookeeper then took me back to the zoo. THE END By JAILENE MENDOZA

24: The Tiger By: Noel One night a tiger was sleeping in his cage. Suddenly, the boss said to a zoo keeper “Go clean the tiger’s cage.” So the tiger had a chance to get out of the zoo. The tiger put all the dirt in the corner so the zookeeper would be busy with that corner. When the zookeeper came, he saw the corner all dirty. The zookeeper “accidently” left the cage door open, the tiger ran to towards the door and closed it behind him. The zoo keeper had left his keys in his office. The zookeeper was shocked and he started to panic, the tiger was so hungry he just wanted to eat a lot of meat. Then his wish came true, there was a lot of meat in an open box. The tiger ate all the meat. The boss was looking if everything was in good shape when he saw the zookeeper panicking. The boss ran to the door and he unlocked the cage. The boss said, “Where is the tiger?” The zookeeper said “I don’t know,” the boss gave a needle to the zookeeper so he could make the tiger sleepy. This way the tiger would be all dizzy and would let the zookeeper take him back home. The zookeeper found the tiger eating meat, the zookeeper did what he had to do to tranquilize the tiger and when he did he took the tiger back to his cage. When the tiger woke up, he thought the boss had been the one to tranquilize him so he wanted to attack the boss, luckily, the boss was not there. That is the story about the day the tiger escaped from his cage.

25: The Penguin’s Great Escape By: Jesus The penguin slithered out of the cage sneakily when the zoo keeper went home. The people never saw the penguin again but I know where he went. People say that he is on an airplane with the red frog and they went to find food. The zookeeper tries to find the penguin. He looks in the trees and he looks in the penguin’s cage, hoping that he made his way back there. The penguin is in the jungle and is very happy that he found his way out of the zoo. The next day the zookeeper went to the jungle trying to find the penguin. He was very excited when he found him. When he saw him he asked the penguin “Why did you run away?” The penguin said, “I ran away because I didn’t like it at the zoo.” Then the zookeeper decided that the penguin could stay in the jungle. The zookeeper went back to the zoo and told them that he knew where the penguin was but that he decided to let him stay hidden. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

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