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S: Memory Book for Randy Stieghorst on the Occasion of his 40th Birthday - June 2, 2011

FC: Friends | June 2, 2011 | Randy, 1 year old

1: For Randy Stieghorst... son, brother, nephew, cousin, uncle, friend, godfather, boss, fellow RPCV, co-conspirator, boyfriend, best friend, confidant, party thrower, tour guide, travel buddy, true friend, old friend, new friend, and all around dear one. I love you and wish you at least 40 more healthy, fun and fulfilling years! June 2, 2011 | -Monica | Your Life, 1961 to 2011

2: On June 2nd, 1971 at 5:18 pm, you became the first child of our new family. You were the first grandchild for both grandparents, and the first great-grandchild for both great-grandmothers. Do you remember any of these things that happened before you were 3? Broke your collarbone (10 months) Had stitches in your forehead (11 months) Carried TWO blankets When we brought Bret home from the hospital you were so excited. “You brought me a baby brother!!!!” The invisible men under the bathroom sink in our La Crosse apartment Our Sheltie/Huskie puppy named Stanley Took walks all by yourself down the alley Went trick-or-treating in a devil costume and walked right into someone’s house. Getting the Fischer Price castle for your birthday Liked to bite windowsills We babysat for 2 ducks and you took your first steps by chasing them When you were done eating you threw the bowl over your head Liked to pour powdered laundry soap all over the basement floor Sitting by the dryer while your blankets were drying Here are some things that happened after 3 but before 5 Played with Jenny and Scott Snuck out the living room window and went for a walk Went to the theater to see a Disney movie Dapper Dan Went to kindergarten on the bus all by yourself After 5 Brought home a flattened frog and wanted to keep it as a pet. Lived on top of Grandad’s Bluff Moved to Madison Went to Ella’s Deli Toured the State Capital Had your own library card Walked to the library all by yourself Going to my college graduation

3: Things you did in Waukesha Went to Great America with Grandpa and Grandma Linn Took a tap dancing class Walked on stilts Pogo jumping so you could be in the Guinness Book of World Records Asked if you could bring home a puppy Became Class President Car trip to Colorado and camping on the way Went to Mork and Mindy’s house in Colorado Went riding in Grandpa’s little car. Took a train trip to Chicago and got caught between the moving coach cars Learned to play “GO” Went to an ABBA concert Spending weekends on the beaches at Nagawicka Fran’s scary stories Flew to Vegas Saw the Hoover Dam While living in Sullivan Played on the tennis team Worked at Ulbing’s Went to the Dominican Republic as an AFS student Practiced driving the car up and down the driveway until you got your temps Played on the Jefferson Tennis Team Could twist yourself into a pretzel Permed your hair at Beth’s house Took Beth to her Senior Prom Graduated from UW-Oshkosh Parachuted in Omro Had your appendix taken out Became good friends with the other Randy - who also went to UW-Oshkosh

4: After graduation The Camaro Hosting Thanksgiving dinner at Yankee Hill Skiing with the family at Indianhead, MI While you were in Latvia Became an Uncle for the first time Went sightseeing in Paris with me Gave me a 3 day tour of your Peace Corps world Back in the USA No Illinois currency Staying at our house in Menasha 3 month tour of the US in Monica’s car Graduated from the University of Chicago - Graduate School of Business There were so many wonderful memories, I tried to remember as many as I could. I hope these bring back wonderful memories for you too. Happy 40th Birthday Randy! With lots of love, Mom "You are as many times a man as the languages you speak."

8: Uncle Randy

9: Dear Randy First I wanted to say congrats on making it to 40. You’re the first one out of all of us kids to make it that far. Ha, aren’t you lucky.. I remember: when we were little and you told me that I was born in a dumpster (oh wait, that was Bret), I was the adopted one I remember: when we had a contest to see who could eat the ice cream the fastest(by the way, putting salt on ice cream does NOT make it taste any better I remember: that you were actually pretty nice to me when we were younger I remember: when you were gone for a year in high school for AFS, who would have thought, that was only the beginning of your travels I remember: the letter you gave me after I told you I was pregnant with little Carl. I believe you were over in Latvia at the time. I remember: visiting you down in Argentina, going to some kick azz dance clubs and just having a good time. I remember: the picnic table in Hawaii(I know you know what I mean ) I remember: having 1 drink in Ushuaia(ok more than one), couldn’t find the hotel, but found the porcelain god.. I remember: you driving me around looking for baby stuff for Zach and basically that day I had Zach. Was cool that you were around for that. I remember: The help you gave me when I was on my own. Thank you I remember: My 30th birthday party. Was one of the best ways to start my 30’s and I thank you so much for that I remember: The family trips we’ve taken. Priceless and something I never thought I would be able to do. So thank you for that too I remember: that you’re a pretty cool brother and hope things are going great for you. You deserve it. | Love, Amy

10: Although by blood we are only half I consider us one. We’ve experienced more in 22 years than many could possibly contemplate, from the coasts of California, to a spontaneous trip to N.Y.C., to Grandpa’s cabin and to Bret and you carrying me home on my 21st birthday. Hell, you were there when I first experienced what losing money in a casino felt like. Imagine the amount of craziness and sound that would emit from turning a snow blower on in a hallwaythat’s how much I love my big brother. Sean

11: BRET

12: Feliz Cumpleanos Daudz Lames Joyeux Anniversaire Dzimsanas Diena Fodelsedagen

13: Mi Primo Sobrino, Randy, Wizard of Oz Officinado, ABBA Enthusiast, World Traveler Happy 40th Birthday OMG Remember the time you were visiting me in Las Vegas and made my morning coffee - it was the best coffee I have ever had!! (you were 6 or 7) How about the time you and Bret came to visit me – traveling all by yourselves on the plane, to Las Vegas? (you were 8 or 9) This must have been the beginning of your career of international travel. How about the hound dog you made for me when you were in grade school? Her name is Ursula and she is one of my favorite things. I am so proud of you and all your accomplishments. There was never a mountain you did not summit, a river you did not cross or a moment you did not seize. Whatever you have set your mind and heart to – you did. You have grown to be a loving, considerate, generous man and we are so lucky you belong to us. Uncle Bob and I celebrate with you today and send birthday hugs and wishes. Love, Aunt Helen

14: He once was a young boy...

15: ...who has now become an old man! | Love - Dad, Patti, Kelly and Kristin

16: I don't have any one particular favorite memory of Randy, I just remember that family gatherings were always better when he was around. He was always so funny telling jokes and being silly. Being 9 years younger than Randy, he was always someone I looked up to and admired. His accomplishments with his travels abroad and his participation in the Peace Corps were an inspiration to me. Being bilingual is something I was definitely lead to because I wanted to be like Randy. | Randy gave me a journal to write in when I left for my study abroad and that is something that I treasure. I remember when he came home from his study abroad in the Dominican Republic.We had a party at Grandpa Linn's house to welcome him home and he made flan for all of us to sample. I remember greeting him at Mitchell Airport when he came home from Latvia after his service in the Peace Corp. | I thought to myself "I want to be just like Randy and join the Peace Corp, too." That dream never became a reality for me, but I still aspire to be as worldly and kind and smart and funny as Randy. I think the best compliment I ever got was during my last conversation with Grandpa Linn. It was about one month before he died and Grandpa said to me, "You are smart like Randy. You two have a gift." | From Jessica | Fr

17: The Godfather | Love, Ash

18: When I first met my “skittles” as I used to call him, He had just returned from Dominican Republic as an exchange student with AFS. Me and a friend of his from high school, Jim met him at the airport. I saw this handsome skinny kid that was very sweet and I will never forget sitting on his front porch that night talking for a couple of hours. As Jim and I were saying goodbye to him, he leaned over to me and said “this is how we say good bye to pretty girls in Dominican Republic” and he kissed me on the cheek. I was absolutely stunned and I think I totally fell in love with him at that moment. We were inseparable for the next 4 or 5 years. From going to see Cocktail on our first date or him taking me to Dominican Republic to meet his host family and meeting his friends, we always had so much fun together. My trip with him was something I will never forget.. We were so sunburned at this beautiful resort that all we could do is rub Noxzema on each other for 2 days. That was also a culture shock for me to be at this resort that we were 20 steps away from the most beautiful ocean but in an instant, we had cows at our front door. He worked at the Gobbler restaurant there in Johnson Creek and he would come to my house after work and stay at my house sleeping on the couch. Our couch was a sectional and my family got a huge kick out of watching him sleep on one square of the couch. He would sleep on his back with his legs folded and resting on his chest. That was so funny to see. I think one of the most memorable memories I have of Randy is when we went to see beaches for the first time. I don’t remember who cried harder me or him. I just remember driving home from, I think, Waukesha and we were crying and laughing at ourselves all the way home. I believe that we cried for about an hour and a half, ATLEAST! Then the following week we went to the movies to see it again and we went to the bathrooms afterwards and snuck into the next showing. So we saw it 2 times that night. Every time I watch that movie, it reminds me of Randy and how funny we were together.. Randy seems to have such a selected memory as he has gotten older.. he forgot one of my most fond memories of him. He loves Wizard of Oz and one time around Christmas there was a fundraiser for a children's hospital in Milwaukee and he took me to see all the things they had on display, such as one pair of the ruby slippers, all of the wardrobe, but I always remember because we stood in line for about an hour to meet 2 of the original munchkins. It was really cool, but the old goat doesn't remember this.. LOL.. I wonder if he still remembers the one time we prank called a 900 number. 1-900-RITA.. We were laughing so hard.. Something about a banana?? He used to go to Sizzler for the buffet and only eat the dessert bar, nothing else.. I would just sit there and talk to him as he would inhale anything with sugar.. I would gain 10 pounds just watching him..

19: Now the reason I call him skittles.. there was one night that he came to my house after work and he was in the bathroom for a long time. I couldn't figure it out.. I was watching TV and he came out with my makeup all over his face and like 3 different colors of eye shadow on his eyes. I said “you look like a rainbow and he said “just call me skittles”.. From that moment on, I did.. Randy was a huge part of my life for a very long time, I believe that he proposed to me while he was in school in Spain, actually I have the proof if he doesn't remember.. We always knew that we were better off as great friends and that is what I believe we will be, until the day we die.. I always knew he was going to be successful and I am so very proud of him. I have no clue what he does, But he seems to be very happy doing it. I have so many memories of him and I think about him often. It was very hard to be around him for so long and then I don't see him or talk to him for a long period of time.. Thank goodness for face book so I can at least see what city or even country he's in now, that he is ok and that he's having fun. No matter where he goes, he seems to have great friends to have fun with. Please give him a big hug for me and a kiss on his cheek to tell him that I miss and love him and hope he has a great birthday.. Beth Schrock-Valles

20: Something I really like about you is your ability to make a decision without thinking too much about it and standing by it. So many people spend so much time going through endless possibilities on what to do with their lives without looking and experiencing any of them. Happy Birthday! | Hugo

21: Randy Memories I don't know of someone as important throughout my life as Randy has been. You know those rare friendships you hear of when you haven't seen each other for years, literally!, and then you get together and the time just slips away? I don't know how else to explain my relationship with Randy. My memories of Randy start when we met in Spanish class in college when we both constantly heard "Abre la boca!" from Sr. Almazan. This began two years of unforgettable fun which included the "releasing" of a 4 foot passport from the gas station, cigarette races at Mollys with Heidi, 2 am Macaroni and Cheese with water and no butter, waiting for the "whoosh" with paranoid Cynthia, forever "reserving" our seats at The Library, and months of free beer as a result of a Pope and a few cows! Sprinkle in racing to the dance floor every time we heard "Head Like A Hole" and a memorable evening to a bar in Appleton and Voila! You have some of the best years of my life. And crazy as this sounds, I think I had even more funafter college! There we were, starting our lives. Living off no money, racing back and forth between Chicago and Milwaukee, and watching Melrose Place together...hundreds of miles away. But life did set in, and we started traveling down different paths. Me in Chicago and Randy...just about everywhere else. We didn't see each other as often, but always kept in touch. I loved where his life was taking him and have always been truly in awe of what he has done and accomplished. Perhaps my best memory of Randy has been in these last few years when I needed a friend the most and he was there. He is one of the few people I trust with my greatest happiness and deepest despair. How many people can we honestly say that about? I'll love him forever. Mary

22: Peace Corps - Latvia to Chicago | I met Randy in Latvia, during a visit to see Monica in Latvia. This photo is from her Wedding in Chicago, when some of the old Peace Corps gang got back together. I have all the respect in the world for Randy, if for nothing else for his ability to work with Monica. ;) - Michael Francois

23: Without Randy, my time with the Peace Corps would have been a lot less fun. Always smiling and pretending to be a whole lot more fluent than the rest of us, Randy kept me optimistic and up for the challenge. Our morning walks to school remain one of my fondest memories from our eleven weeks of training in Engure. In this photo, Abra and Randy and I are laughing at the ridiculously skimpy towel that Chris was provided at the hostel we frequented in Riga. The four of us had many really great laughs together. | Happy Birthday My Dear Friend. May your next few decades bring to you the happiness you deserve and bring to everyone you know. Were I there with you to celebrate, I'd give you a kiss to rival the one we shared after Swearing-In. Love to you, Jenna

24: Happy Birthday, Randy! I wish I could be there to celebrate with you. I will be thinking of you on June 2nd and send all my love and best wishes for a wonderful birthday! As you embark on this your 41st and undoubtedly best year yet, I thought a look back might be appropriate...

25: 15 years ago, almost to the day, I met a tall and charming, albeit slightly nervous, Wisconsinite smoking on the curb outside of a Chicago hotel. I was nervous too, as we were both preparing to move ourselves and our lives to a small country that my friends and family could not find on a map. I did not know then how important and wonderful and friend that cheesehead would become.... | Together, we survived IO and pink soup, Engure and our daily language lessons (at which it turned out he excelled). We developed a taste for pankukas, pelmeni, Prata Vetra, and, yes, even pink soup. | We formed "the square" with Jen and Chris and entertained ourselves by reading the dictionary and singing the National Anthem on the beach after a couple of bottles of Aldaris. We spent weekends at Purvs, the Daile, Paddy Whelan's, and Chris' and Benny's casa. | We supported each other through our first year of teaching and battles with homesickness, culture shock, SAD, and even a real (or imagined) case of Amazon river blindness. We traveled the world together, visiting Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Poland, Israel, Egypt (for 24 hours), and Russia, as well as Maine, Quebec, Cincinnati, Chicago, Milwaukee, and Madison. Randy, this is all to say that I have loved the last fifteen years, look forward to the next fifteen, and will be thinking of you on your birthday. All my love, Abra | A Pizza Hut with a view of the Pyramids

26: Daudz laimes dzimsanas diena, Randij! Aija

27: 1. You eating something (?) after a heavy night of drinking, most likely at that Disco in Valmiera (we're in the kitchen of the Valmiera dorms during the last summer when we were trainers) 2. You playing poker with the boys in my room of the Valmiera dorms... (LaVolpe was so nice to set up the poker table in my bedroom instead of his!) 3. Me, You, & Monica on our flight either to or from Sareema. Fun! 4. You & me in the Peace Corps office hangout room. | Happy 40th! Wish I could be there to see your face when it all goes down. You are the best! Hope all is well your way. so great to see you last month! Tara Damhoff

29: Randy Stieghorst, 40-year-old. Randy, I met you in Valmiera in 1997. Probably at the school, or maybe a bar or disco. But probably smoking and drinking coffee after a crushingly awesome, fried lunch. I was (and am) hesitant of meeting other folks, especially do-gooder types, because of the inevitability of lacking, err, context for shit like punk rock and hiking and things that I like to spend my time doing. You, Randy, were among the folks that summer that helped me realize that a shared experience, common goals and voracious appetite for alcohol could overcome all that. I have memories of you singing, at top volume, the vocoder-rich chorus of Cher's "Do You Believe In Life After Love" (followed by "Lidmashina," perhaps) at Multiklubs and realizing, "hey, this is gonna be all right. Even though you hate Cher and all this godawful pop music drivel, there's something totally fun and unhinged about all this." That combined with your natural fucking linguist's ability to master language set the bar totally high for us, and made the idea of language acquisition and understanding a totally encompassing quest. And Quattros. What about a "man luudzu, pacinu Quatro laits un serkocinus." Time for you to quit those, by the way! Not exactly what you'd call deep thoughts, man, but some honest musings, hopefully! My PC experience was huge, and the friends from then have a totally unique, dedicated place in my weird mind. You're all folks (and you're a dude) who encouraged kissing contests with nearly-strangers, pioneered new peaks of drinking-game creativity, and figured out no matter what, how to have a good time. These are some photos I thought you'd get a kick out of. I think my favorite is the Zhigulis in the river. After that, maybe that weird ass one of you and Aija. The others, you know, folks you worked with, had an influence on, befriended, helped and inspired. To at least 40 more, Randy! UZ VESILIBU! Josh Vanek

30: EXCERPTS FROM LCW BIZPLAN 10/99 Previous experience of small business? - none Why do we want to go into business? - to do what we like to do on a full-time basis - to create our own work environment/structure - autonomy - [the potential for] our first million! - control over and balance of our own phun, profit, and purpose How long have we been working on this? - since July 99 (3 months) Goals: - minimum short term goal: keep BOTH Monica & Randy BUSY, happy, and as well fed, clothed, drunk, etc. as possible (and randy out of debtors prison) - 2002+ goal: enough business revenue to fund trip for 4 to Rio (partially written off as business devt)

31: A seed was once planted... my how it's grown!

32: When asked me about favorite Randy memories, the first thing that came to mind was the way he swooped in and basically took care of me that day of “the breakup”. After I went into Monica's office and broke down crying (how embarrassing now that I think back!), Randy asked me to meet him at Sidetrack, in Boystown, right after work. I hadn’t really explored the bars in Boystown, since I’d come back from China just a few months earlier, I was working a lot in my new job (lol!) PLUS I had a girlfriend, after all. So, he ended up giving me a virtual tour of the Boystown bars, buying me drinks at every venue, telling me how awesome and pretty and smart I was and that I could have anyone I wanted (excellent choice of words right after you’ve been dumped!) and not only telling me this, but telling strangers around us, in every bar we went! I remember it was the Monday night after the Super Bowl (in which the Bears played and lost, mind you) so there weren’t many people out and about. Long story short, we stayed out pretty late – I would say til at least 11pm, and for a few hours I completely forgot about my sadness. It probably meant little to Randy, but it meant a GREAT deal to me, I don’t think I’ll ever forget it. Happy 40th birthday, Randall!!! You are a great boss and an even better friend. | I was with Randy in all of these photos, during our trip to India, Bulgaria, and Hungary back in April 2007. I remember this 3-week trip as very cathartic for me, as I was still trying to get over the heartbreak of being dumped for the first time (by Costa Rica Tania, remember?!). | Rebecca

33: Happy Birthday Randy.! Here's to 3 great years of working and having fun together, and no telling how many more. Sean

34: Happy Birthday! From all the translation teams – NO Google translate! MARIA

35: Van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag. | Tanti auguri di buon compleanno caro Randall | Selamat Ulang Tahun, semoga panjang umur dan bahagia (Happy Birthday, may you have a long and happy life) | Sto lat! (Literally: “May you live 100 years”) | Joyeux anniversaire

36: So at approximately 3:30 this morning, I was gently awoken by the pitter-patter sound of rain on the windows. No wait, that was the pitter-patter sound of bat wings hitting my bedroom windows...from the inside. As is customary (given that this is the second time it has happened), I "calmly" slam open the window, fly back into bed, and watch the bastard do loops around my ceiling fan until he discovers the open window and flies to his freedom. Tonight, apparently, I got stuck with either the most stubborn or the most stupid bat of all times...he seemed to be enjoying the loops, like an Olympic runner training for the marathon. Loop-d-loop. Loop-d-loop. After about 10 minutes [spent mostly worrying that he was going to crap on my bed, or worse...on my head], I jumped to the door, turned on the light, and stood watching from the hallway as he continued his loops. Still not giving in to the joy of the outdoors, I went in search of the broom and tried to "kindly" guide him to the window as he completed each new loop. Nope. Then I run in and out in a flash, managing to open the 2nd window, hoping the larger exit would be easier for the nocturnal idiot. 5 more minutes of waiting and I decided it would take more daringness on my behalf. This time, I came in swinging! Unfortunately, my angle appears to have been wrong and he disappeared from over my bed. I couldn't tell if he was on the window side or on the closet side. Either way, I knew I'd have to go in after him. That's when I noticed that both of my closet doors were open a crack. At this point, I thought..."well, may have to shut this room up for good and never enter again." Yet, at 4:05, a sudden burst of bravery gave me renewed strength; I started emptying the closets in hopes of finding him gently reposing amongst my jeans and shirts. Nope. Now with the broom, I start moving the pillows, moving my shoes, moving the closet doors...and that's when it happened. With my windows wide open, facing a quiet courtyard of apartments, I let out a scream that to anyone would sound as if I had just been attacked by a band of street hooligans...because the bat suddenly "fell" out of the other closet and scurried under the bed. | This is my all-time favorite PROSE written by Randy. I pull it out at least a couple of times a year – just to CRACK UP at picturing this flurry of activity! I have actually emailed this story to several people around the world who are experiencing a bat crisis in their life to let them know they are not alone! Love ya. Mick

37: While waiting for the police to arrive (because surely someone was going to call the cops after that ghoulish scream in the night), I decide to pull the bed towards the door, revealing the bat and allowing me to use the broom to shoo him out the window. Oddly, he must be smarter than I had assumed, because at this point, he doesn't seem to be where I saw him when I peered under the bed. Mmmmmm. Now comes the 2nd 10-year-old-girl scream as I realize that he's scurried TOWARDS the door and is right next to my left foot. Like a Chinese gymnast, I leap into the hallway and stare in disbelief at the little freakazoid. Luckily, he's not moving...just resting casually as if this were a frickin' club med! So I grab a bucket from the kitchen, return to my Stephen King nightmare, and gently place it on top of him, caging him in blue plastic. It's now 4:48...and there is still a bat under a bucket in my bedroom. As "Doctor Seuss" as that rhyme sounds, I'm not really finding it funny. I think I'll close the door, sleep on the couch, and have the doormen come up tomorrow and escort my intruder elsewhere. That is assuming he doesn't find magical powers, lift the bucket with his mighty wings, and continue flying around until morning. See, this is why you need to have a "man" around the help get rid of bats in the night! Ugh...although I'm fairly awake now from my adventure, I guess I'm going to head down to the couch and catch some sleep. If my dead body is found in the morning with 2 bloody holes in my neck, its because all of his friends decided to come take revenge on me for enslaving their buddy. Cheers! Randy

38: Dear ACME Training Company clients (in the airline industry): We are proud to provide the airline industry with Leadership Development and Customer Service training programs. We are writing to inform you of our new rates and policies that will go into effect immediately. Effective immediately: The price of all programs is somewhere between $1,000 and $10,000. (These rates are per half day, with a minimum required program length of 1 day). There are approximately 250 different program fees, depending on the time of day you make you inquiry. These prices will also vary depending on how far in advance you schedule the training program. Last minute requests for a training program, even if we have extensive trainer availability, will be on the higher end of our fee range, for obvious reasons. (This is because it is evident that you have an immediate need and will likely pay more for the training program.) We must take this approach because once a training day comes and goes, there is no way that we can sell a program on that day. Should you choose to give your employees a half day program, the program fees are doubled. In cases where you schedule a full-day program but your employees are unavailable, for any reason, for the 2nd half of the program day, we may choose to bill you at the double program rate. Similarly, if anyone is not present for any part of the day, the remainder of the program will be cancelled and you will be billed regardless. If your company provides in-house training and your trainer should become deceased we will gladly provide you with one of our trainers on an immediate emergency basis. Because this makes it clear that you have an immediate need, you should expect higher program rates, regardless of the fact that your employees and staff may be in mourning. Given these slightly higher rates, we will allow you to change the dates of the program to accommodate funeral and mourning needs. | This is another doc I pull out often to read and laugh! Randy is proof that truth is funnier than fiction! And he’s a GREAT story-teller! Mick

39: In addition, if it evident that the participants need the training program for business reasons, we will automatically present you with the higher rates. To determine if it is truly for business reasons, any programs that are scheduled during the work week will be charged at the higher rate. If your employees are willing and able to attend our programs on the weekends or at off times, this will indicate that your organization is eligible for the lower program rates. If we later determine that the program was provided for business reasons, you will be in breach of contract. Please note that if you schedule a training program with us via any method other than sending us an e-mail, we will be forced to charge you an additional 10%. All program fees must be paid at the time of confirmation. Should you need to cancel a training program, you can do so at any time. We will, however, retain $2000 of the program fee. The difference can then be used to schedule a new training program at any time, up to 1 year from the date of the original program request (not the date of the training program.) And while we will always attempt to provide the training program at the scheduled times, there may be instances where we are forced to start the training program late, and therefore end late as well. Regardless of the start time, the participants will not be allowed to leave the training room. (This is in case the trainer is suddenly prepared to begin the program – it would not be efficient to have to wait for the participants to re-convene.) Out of respect for your employees, we will cap the time they can be locked in the training room with nothing to do at 6 hours. Although we understand that your employees may have other meetings or commitments after any given training program, we are unable to guarantee that the program will conclude as scheduled and that they will be able to attend to other job responsibilities in a timely fashion. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any compensation for the negative impact of our program delays on your business or your employees’ lives. All of our training rooms are equipped with tables and chairs designed for 3rd graders. If you would like a training room with adult tables and chairs, you may pay a yearly fee or a one-time fee of 5% of the training program fee.

40: As you are probably aware, most of our trainers are underpaid, so while you can expect them to provide the necessary content, you should not expect them to friendly or conversant with the participants. For longer programs, we prefer to leverage the more senior trainers only, most of whom you will likely find to be even more jaded and frustrated with their careers than the younger trainers. In case you forget this fact, we will remind at the beginning of each training session that the trainers are there to provide you primarily with knowledge and facts, not to be personable, helpful, or understanding. All training program fees cover the facilitator only. Handouts, guides, and other classroom materials are provided for a small fee per person. In addition, we often include audio and video in our programs as an additional learning tool. Participants are encouraged to bring their own headphones, or we can provide them for a small fee per person as well. Training programs that are over 10 hours long will have a small lunch provided. (This is because we lock the training room doors and realize that not everyone will have brought a sack lunch). For programs under 10 hours, we will have snacks available for purchase in the training room. While we understand that many participants may need to take notes in order to get the full benefit of the program, each participant will be charged $25 for the first notebook they bring to class, and $50 for all other notebooks. We do offer premium training programs for $20,000 that include all materials, adult-sized tables, permission to bring as many notebooks as desired, and training staff that you will undoubtedly (or at least in most cases) find more friendly than our standard trainers. Do not, however, assume that merely because a premium training program costs more that the date can be changed. There are an additional 25 premium program rates, some of which are equally as restrictive as the cheaper rates we offer.

41: Lastly, we want to thank those of you who have used our programs regularly over the past years. To that end, we have tracked the number of programs you have scheduled. After 25 training programs, we are happy to provide you with a free program. We have one trainer (of the 250 trainers on staff), Bill, who is available for these free programs. He is usually only available on Saturdays, bank holidays, or weekdays between 3:00am and 7:00am. Please feel free to schedule your free program with him during any of these times, assuming he is not already scheduled with a different client. Please be aware that we have coordinated with all of the other training companies that provide this type of training and you will find that our rates differ by only a few dollars, at the most. We have also agreed to the same terms and conditions that are presented in this document. We believe this exact mirroring of services and rates makes it easier for you to differentiate our services and rates and thereby make an informed judgment about the training organization that will best suit your needs and is most worthy of continued success. As a final reminder, you should never ever compare the training program rates you have paid with those of another client. Even if the same type of program is provided on the same day in the same location, it is unreasonable to think that we would be providing both of you with the same price. This type of price comparison will only serve to disappoint and frustrate you, our most valued clients.

42: HAPPY BIRTHDAY | One of the many things I always appreciated about Randy is that despite always traveling to new parts of the world, he was always such a great ambassador for Chicago. I remember visiting one time and, knowing what a big baseball fan I am, Randy took me by Wrigley Field, which I was super excited to see. It turned out there was a game going on, and even though it was almost over, Randy insisted that we go inside. So, we bought our cheap standing room only tickets and watched the last half-inning or so of the game. As the last batter came up, we moved down towards one of the exits so that we could beat the crowd. Just as we were about to walk out, a foul ball came right at us. I'm pretty sure Randy let out a very high-pitched scream as he ran one way and I ran the opposite direction. The ball landed right between where we had been standing and bounced lazily up into the seats behind where we had been standing. Needless to say, it wasn't the most manly pursuit of a foul ball and I'm pretty sure the entire stadium (and perhaps a national TV audience) was laughing at us. We got out of that stadium faster than I've ever moved before. To this day, though, whenever I tell the story to family and friends, it remains "the time I caught a foul ball at Wrigley Field." That is just one of many great memories I have exploring Chicago with Randy. Randy, I hope your birthday is the best one yet, and I hope our paths cross again soon! --Chris

43: Happy Birthday Randy! Thanks for all the great memories! I think these were taken about ten years ago and you don't look like you've aged a day! Really not fair... Hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration! -Dustin

44: Brazilian Beaches with Antonio

45: Randy, Voc sabe que sempre achei voc incrível. Acho que a pessoa mais interessante, viajante e generosa que já conheci. Com todo o seu dinheiro e inteligncia, voc é um cara que no se importa em dormir em um colchozinho num canto da sala ou comer no restaurante mais porcaria e barato da cidade quando as outras pessoas esto sem dinheiro. Quando te conheci, estava em um momento complicado da minha vida, numa relao que no me trazia mais nada. Voc me fez abrir os olhos e ver que eu no era mais feliz, que precisava mudar. E me fez perceber que há muita gente legal no mundo, que devemos aproveitar o momento e sermos positivos, no importa qual for a situao. E acho que nunca te falei isso, mas foi voc que me mostrou que o sexo pode ser to bom. Devia te mandar um email todos os dias pra te agradecer haha Adorei cada momento passado com voc, em Barcelona, Paris, Chicago, So Paulo, Ilhabela, Atenas, Loire, Rio... E sei que teremos outros. Te espero em So Paulo em setembro, voc vai adorar meu novo apartamento. Feliz aniversario !! Desejo que os próximos 40 anos sejam to legais quanto os últimos 40. Beijos Antonio.

46: Europe with Antonio | Brasilia!

47: Lucy

48: I remember the day I met you we were at Sitges in Buenos Aires. We spoke for a while and I thought you were a porteño from the suburbs! Couldn’t believe when you told me you were American. You have the best porteño accent!!! After that, nights... days... drinks... and lots of times of visiting each other. Your best phrase: “Never regret abandoning a drink at a bar” (It applies even if you earn in pesos and it cost you in dollars!!) Your funniest story: (Can’t be published in detail) I will only say: “Bucaneras, niños, oh oh Volvió mama!!” Our best memory: ALL OF THEM!!! Felices “dos veces veinte” Randito!!! Te quiero mucho!!! Fede.

50: Thank you for the invitation ... I love it! Send it different pictures for the randys album. Pardon my bad English ... google translator help me. Kisses, Laureano


55: from argentina, the best wishes for your aniversary!! laureano, victor, brian and gustavo say : lo mejor para vos, Ran! feliz cumpleanos!! todos deseariamos estar hoy aca, pero como no podemos, te mandamos a un embajador de lujo!!

56: Birthday Boy!

57: Randy, I feel very blessed to have known you for these few short years, in comparison to your colossal 40 that you have been in this universe. I'm truly appreciative to have you as such a great friend to have made so many cherished memories and shared such unique experiences, like my first AND second time out of the country. So few people in this wold give so much expect so little in return. This view on life, along with your experiences and stories I find to be very inspirational. I feel very privileged and honored to have had the chance to make friends with your friends, and to have shared my friends with you. I'm looking forward to being in your life, having you in my life, and sharing many more experiences for 40 more years! Your friend, Mark T | PS: Watch what you say, you wouldn't believe how many black mail pictures I have of you!

59: Randy, Often a night out with you ends with us asking: ''How much did I drink... how did I get home?''”Lucky for us your generosity goes further than the vodka tonics you purchase by the gallon, because we've traveled with you to many other states and countries so we can see the interior of their bars. We cannot thank you enough for all of these experiences and fuzzy memories you have given us. You truly have one of the biggest hearts. | With Love, Matt & Dawn

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