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S: The San Juanitos Freshmen Year 2010-2011

FC: The SAN JUANITOS The Life and Times of the Girls that Rocked 303!

1: This Book is Dedicated... To Taylor Swift Karaoke and Gilmore Girls Marathons To Nutella and ET's Chocolate Chip Cookies To anyone who has ever born their testimony and said "I just LOVE my roommates" To the Best Band in the World..."The San Juanitos" To Cooking Accidents and Quesadillas To Top Model Pictures or Not so Top Model Pictures To Cleaning Thursdays and a Full Garbage To Singing in the Rain and Trips to Walmart...Or both together To Awkward Boys and Awkward Moments To Quote Walls Full of Post-it Notes AND MOST IMPORTANTLY TO FIVE BEAUTIFUL WOMEN WHO HAVE EACH TAUGHT ME MANY THINGS, BEEN A SHOULDER TO CRY ON, MADE EVERYTHING FUN AND BEEN THE BEST FRIENDS A GIRL COULD ASK FOR! I love you! With Love, Sarah Jane P.S. REMEMBER: "To me fearless isn't not having fears. It's not that you're not afraid of anything. I think that being fearless in having a lot of fears but you jump anyway!"--Taylor Allison Swift

2: Meet The Girls

3: ET | Emilee Tanner | "We should go to Disneyland together...I don't know why you guys don't think it is possible.

4: SARAH SAYS....Sweetie, You can make anything fun! You have such a bright and happy disposition that is contagious! Hanging out with you, is always a blast! I love that you have a good attitude and positive outlook on life! You have taught me so much through your example of happily serving others! You are the best friend a girl could ask for! Thanks for always being there for me this year! Love you so much, Cedric! P.S. I am glad we are living together for the rest of our lives...and getting married! | EMILY SAYS... ET, Disneyland is possible and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Remember when you introduced me to the free slices of bread at Great Harvest? I will forever be in your debt. You are probably one of the sweetest, smartest people I have ever met (that rhymed). I've never seen you in a bad mood and you always brighten my days! PS Your cookies are to die for. PPS I will always be jealous of how you spell your name. | KENZY SAYS...I love your laugh and how you're constantly happy! I love your love of cookies and Disneyland. I admire how hard you work and your kindness towards others. I love you! | CALLIE SAYS...You are my pocketful of sunshine! All the funny things you kill me and I love it! "How did he get that guitar?!" You are one of the most optimistic people I know! I love you, LONG LIVE DISNEYLAND. | ,MEAGAN SAYS...Can I just apologize for all the times we picked on you. You’re just like our baby sis; it was just too easy to tease you. Haha! You’re always such a good sport. There are too many funny memories to pick from, but I just love that we lived in Logan, it would be a blizzarding outside, and you would have a short sleeve shirt and flip-flops on. And your cousins. You have so many cousins.

5: Grandma | One time I found an Oatmeal Square up my sleeve... | Sarah Jane Boucher

6: ET SAYS...Sweetie! You are the best roommate anyone could ever ask for! I know that I can always count on having a great time when I am with you! You genuinely care so much for others and I love the effort you make to always encourage and support us in everything we do! Thanks for being such an amazing friend! I love you! | CALLIE SAYS...Sarah my sweet, You are an angel. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your sympathy. You held me together during all my stressful times with school and when I got sick. I am blessed to know you! I love you! | KENZY SAYS..."Shweetie" "Ruthel" "You know what they say..." "I'm a Gummy Bear". Sarah, I love all the great memories we have together! I am grateful that we have been able to help each other this year! I admire your concern for others, your a great example to me! And "I think it's time to tell you I love you!"--Grandpa | EMILY SAYS... Sarah, you're an extreme expert. Expert at Tangled, expert at the color pink, expert at Titanic, expert at Dr. Pepper, expert at singing, aaaannd almost an expert at making microwave popcorn San Juan 303 definitely wouldn't have been the same without you! One of my life goals is to be able to finish a Cafe Rio salad; you're an inspiration. You know what they say, "Mac and Cheese cupcakes = great big huge delicious success." You rock. | MEAGAN SAYS...My beautiful Sarah. You are great. I like so many things about you. I love the the love we share for Titantic. Remember how we’d go home for the weekend and you, me and, Emilee would have watched it on TV? Haha! I love Jack. I think after living in Logan we both could have lived through Titanic and that cold water. And our JB heart attack on the boys upstairs. That was seriously brilliant on your part.

7: Miss Kenzy | I was trying to fall asleep and you want to know what I just thought of...I'm a GUMMYBEAR...!" | McKenzy Lunt

8: SARAH SAYS... Kenzy, You are a country gal through and through! I love that you enjoy the rodeo and CMT (or GAC). But not only that you are a really hard worker, whether it is in school or with after school club, I really admire that! I also really admire your vivacity and passion for life! I love you so much, never lose that country girl personality! | ET SAYS...Kenzy I love you so much! You can always make me laugh! I love your fun personality and the ability you have to love everyone! I admire your patience, your musical ability, and the hard work you put into everything you do! I love you! | CALLIE SAYS...Yo Roomie! My favorite memory with you is...the late nights we spent laying in bed, laughing, telling (fat) jokes, and eventually wrestling or scaring each other in the dark! I love you! | MEAGAN SAYS...My karaoke babe. The fort we built was EPIC!! Getting the tables from all the different floors in San Juan and trying to get them through the door was so funny. I am so stinking proud of us for not giving up when the blankets kept falling. It was incredibly rewarding once we got it to stay. Sleeping in it and watching Napoleon Dynamite was the best. Fort building, karaoke singers for life!! | EMILY SAYS...Kenzy, you crack me up! You do and say some of the funniest things in the whole wide world. Remember when we got to hear a baby lamb noise? I do. I think I will forever hahaha...oh goodness gracious. You made karaoke possible and introduced us all to gymnastics. Your crazy snow driving is the bomb. Just so you know, you're basically fabulous! -- and if you ever need someone to watch Bride Wars with you, give me a call.

9: Is it HOT in here or is it just me? | Cal | Callie Woolston

10: SARAH SAYS.... Cal, I love your ability to speak your mind! You are willing to be honest about everything but you always says things in a kind and caring way. You give great advice because you not afraid to tell the truth! You know how to make conversations interesting because you are not afraid to ask direct questions! I hope to someday possess the honest and open nature that you have!! Callie, I love you so much! Thanks for the SASS you brought to 303! Keep Sweatin' Girl...You're just so hot! | ET SAYS....Callie I love your outgoing personality and your desire to be friends with everyone! I know that if I needed to I could come to you with any problems I was having! I admire your honest, loving personality! I will miss you next year! Good luck in Virginia! I love you! | KENZY SAYS...Oh best friend where to start...Thank you for always being there for me and giving me advice. I love that we can sit for hours and laugh, talk and cry together! Honestly, we are the funniest people I know! I love you so much and love the crazy things we do! Love, NFB | EMILY SAYS...Cal, my easy mac momma! This year has been so great! Getting you addicted to Gilmores and making you laugh during ward prayer, I could go on and on. You are such an amazing girl and I can't wait for you to be the one to raise my kids...haha kidding! You are so understanding of everyone and are always trying to be your best. You're awesome! You are definitely gonna show SVU what's up. | MEAGAN SA;YS...Oh Callie...Nutella will forever run through our veins. How many late night conversations we had while enjoying our favorite snack. We have had so many incredibly fun and memorable experiences but one of my very favorites is the night we were up at 4:00am wanting to take the fire extinguisher and spray Emilee Tanner so so bad cause we knew she was the only one that wouldn’t get mad. Hahaha! We thought better of it...or actually just thought that it would be better if we did it wearing Ghostbuster costumes. Remember when we went looking for Matt? There were so many Matts!!!!!!! Our mission to find Matt was intense and incredibly epic. Callie, you are amazing!!! I love your attitude, and appetite for food and that we’re sweating buddies. Haha! I love your testimony and drive for life, and the way you always play the role of mama bear. Cal-Cal, you have light about you that is certainly special. I’m thankful for your friendship everyday. Love you!

11: MEG | ...Dare you to RUN... | Meagan Allred

12: SARAH SAYS...Meg, You brought a positive atmosphere with you as soon as you moved in. Not only did you dress the place up to make it more of a home for all of us, you reminded us all daily to be a little more positive. You taught me to really look for the good in my life and appreciate what I have!! I especially love to watch the "Kittens" video with you! Love you Meg! | ET SAYS...Meg! I love your positive outlook on life! I admire your friendly personality and artistic ability! I love that you were always there to help us stay positive and you never let us put ourselves down! You are a great example to me of how to be confident and love life-no matter what! Love you Meg! | KENZY SAYS...Meagan, I admire how optimistic you are and your caring personality! I love your opinions, advice and support! I love how outgoing you are and your ability to stay in tune with the spirit! I look up to you in so many ways! Love ya girl! | CALLIE SAYS...My Meg, I came to Utah State so I could meet you, simple as that! You've changed me, you inspire me to be better, work harder and love bigger! I love you, soul sista! | EMILY SAYS...Meg: Nutella poop stain! (did I get you to laugh??) haha so funny! I loved having you as my room mate darlin'. You definitely made such an impact on all of us here in 303! You always know exactly what to say and are so good at putting things into perspective. I've been so lucky to have you in my life for all these years! ...If we were playing truth or dare right now I would "dare you to run!" - I just had to throw that in. Love ya!

13: MAX | Wait... their Christmas is in July? | Emily Payne

14: SARAH SAYS...Em, Your sense of humor was just perfect for our apartment. Your sarcasm always takes the conversation to interesting places! You always makes me laugh with your whitty or sarcastic comments! Also, thanks for showing me how to see the good in others! I am going to miss the daily laughs with you Em, I love you! P.S. Can we still make Mac and Cheese cupcakes even though you will be married? | ET SAYS...Em! You are so good at always finding the best in people! Your sarcastic personality and the fact that you are hard of hearing have lead to many great laughs! I admire the kindness and love you show to everyone and your willingness to help others! Love you! | CALLIE SAYS...I am going to miss you! My favorite memory of you would probably have to be our awkward hug when we first met! I loved it! I'm going to miss your sarcastic "Jack Black" sense of humor! I love you! | KENZY SAYS...Em, I love your sense of humor! I love how accepting you are of people! I admire that you are always willing to help others. "Wait...there Christmas is in JULY?!" Haha! Love you, Max! -Rapunzel's Dad | MEAGAN SAYS... Emily, how I love you!!! My curly haired friend from birth. I couldn’t have asked for a better roommate. You were like my mom... and my refrigerator up at school. Haha! Such fond memories we have. A favorite of mine though has got to be, one, walking in on you and Ron making out...ha. and two, when we decorated giant panties for Callie. Remember when we bought those and opened up the package in the car? We were laughing soooo hard!!! The size of those panties were unreal. Seriously. Unreal. Through you we got our one and only “thumbs up” motion. When all else fails, thumbs up right??? Emily, you are just such a good girl. For reals. Your goodness just exudes through you like this bright light. I have been so blessed to have you in my life. Can’t believe you’re getting married. I’m so happy for you! Love you!


17: The San Juanitos are born! | The Logan Rode0 | The Logan Temple

18: Hiking the Wind Caves | Kalai Concert


20: Utah State Homecoming

21: Rainy Homecoming Games | Cleaning the Sink at Angie's

22: Top the FUN PARK


24: A Visit from Friends and a Trip to Callie's Lake House

25: Living Room Sleepovers and "Rompin'" in the Snow | Harry Potter Premiere


27: Christmas Time in San Juan

29: Rockin' the | Karaoke Mic


31: Skiing at Beaver Mountain

32: Shopping for Emily's Wedding Present | Beehive Grill

33: Facials....Hair Dye... and Living Room Sleepovers | Bridal Shower for Emily!

34: Roommate PHOTO SHOOT

36: QUOTE WALL | Meg-"It's not invisible, it's soundless." Callie- "Silent." Sarah-"What's the score of the USU vs. BYU basketball game?" Emilee-"I don't keeps changing." "One time I found an oatmeal square up my sleeve." -Sarah "Sarah, I didn't kiss you!"-Emilee Meg-"I almost said something funny." Cal-"Say it, say it!" Meg-"I'm going to punch him so hard it's going to be like an enemma from Meg." "My underwear is wet...I need to change it."-Meg "Show me with your hands..." -Meg Emilee Loves Airborne "It is time to tell you that I love you."- Richard G. Scott "Get out of the freakin' shower!"-Kenzy Emily-"Like a cabbage?" Sarah- "No like a savage!" "You're black and I'm white" -Sarah (To Katy Perry's Hot and Cold) "YOU!"-Emilee (Also to Katy Perry's Hot and Cold) "Wait isn't this Summit Hall?"-Random Asian that walked into our apartment "It's hot right there!"-Emily (Whispered) "I can't help it if you look like an angel!"-Emilee Goat Runners! "Boise!!!"-Callie and Kenzy "I would rather dip my toes in fire than do this right now!"-Sarah "I'll get dust cloths...I mean basketballs."-Emily Payne "Our apartment smells like ASIANS"-Callie Callie+ Mattress+ Stairs= Kenzy almost peeing her pants "Are you saying you want to kiss me?"-Emilee "You love Christmas TOO?!"-Emilee Callie- "You totally have a spider behind you!" Kenzy-"AHHHHH!" "I am eating your schedule...not the actual....AH hahaha!"-Emilee "I can't get my pants off."-Callie "I was trying to fall asleep and guess what I thought of....I'm a gummibear!"-Kenzy | "Enjoy your breath." -Raenbow Mars Thumbs UP-Emily Payne "I love you ok?!"-Sarah "Dare you to run!"-Meg "She's my mom...NO SHE'S NOT!" "Too bad I'm not wearing pants anymore."-Emilee Callie- "Does anyone have a screen gun thingy?" Sarah and Em-"Like a screwdriver?" Callie-"No like a VMMMMMM thing." "CALLEDGE!" Emilee-"Do you want to sit here?" Emily-"ME?!" "You don't even know how bad they need it over there!"-Callie "These pants are restrictive."-Callie "All their getting is what you're giving put your hands together."-The Logan Rodeo "The fat rolls are BULGING." -Meg "I am BULGING."-Sarah To Emily refering to her pumpkin baby "But how did it get there???!!"-Sarah Callie- "Are you walking...It's icy!!" Sarah-"That's why ya have a cool tree pattern on the bottom of your boot!" (Shows boot) "It was just me and Jason Mraz in my bed all night!" -Emily (After holding back tears and the milk jug from being thrown at Cal's head) Emilee-"Eerything is good with chocolate!" Sarah-"Except for pumpkins!" "I'm just sitting here with my phone on my face."-Sarah "WAIT...Their Christmas is in July?!" -Emily Hanukkah Prayer by Emilee ...CHANUKKAH...Best Moment Ever "And they took off their coats and their boots (pause) and their jewlery." -Kenzy telling a bedtime story "If we get lost yell the code word!" "CA-CAW!" B.H. H.P!"-Sarah and Em Is it relief society or is it the middle of the night?" -Callie "I just had a dream that I met Taylor Swiftt....(walks away)."- Callie Sarah-"Your fly is down." Meg-"I know it"'s cause I was taking off my pants and then you said something mean!" "He's a SKANK?!"-Callie

37: "Harry Potter isn't about looking cute it is about looking awesome!"-Emilee "Dance break!" (Insert spazzy head bob here)-Sarah Emilee-"She texted me SI? Does that mean she is in an S.I.?" Emily-" Like yes?!" Sarah and Emilee-"OOOH!!" "Amen and Thank you!" "Colon?...No it's Caden." "...FAR and behalf of" "Smiley Lady"-Logan Temple Gems "CRAZY cores!"-Sarah "Justin..." "Justin drink your juice sweeite." "Justin don't pull that out of your arm." To Kenzy "Sometimes I just want to make your hair pretty!"-Meg "I'm not a bitter human. I just act like it."-Sarah "#1. I want to punch airborne in the face #2. It tastes like carbonated chapstick!"-Meg To Callie "It's ok it will be dark!" -Everyone "Tomorrow I am going to the store and getting me some!"-Sarah "Will you grab my chapstick and my glasses?"-Callie "What was the thing you saved me from?"-Harry Potter (Sarah, Emilee and Emily) "Kenzy, are you cuddling that stool?" "I'm Easy!"-Kenzy "What if their are creatures under there?"-Sarah "There was a fly on my backpack today! I had to kill it wish a tissue!"-Emilee "You're actually a rhymes with B..." -Callie "Goodnight Ladie-SCH"-Sarah "I get so EXCITED that I run out of breath!"-Kenzy (Doing Karaoke) Callie-"It feels good!" Meg-"No when your NAKED!" Note written by Kenzy: Don't close this door or Sarah will sing opera in my right ear. "Sarah, You are like satan!"-E.T. "i feel like Christmas was just last year!"-ET. "Everytime I saw an animal this week I said "Meow!". I picked up a donkey and I said "Meow!" Note written by Kenzy: "Don't close this door please or Callie will sit on me again." Callie-"Wait you have energy class with Tawnie?" Kenzy-Yes. ESLC?" Callie-"Yes! 12:00-1:15?" Kenzy "YES... WE HAVE CLASS TOETHER AND WE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW!" Sarah-"You look sun-kissed" 10 minutes later. Emily "I look baked! I look like a lobster." Sarah- "You look like a LOBSTER." "I'd poop in front of you guys!" -Meg "Grab my neck!"-Callie | Emilee-isms: "I did a dance to this song..." "I learned in Psychology..." "we should go to Disneyland together-I don't know why you guys don't think it's possible" "Wow you can see the planets!! I mean the stars."-Kenzy "Did I ever tell you about the time I backed into a parking space/"-Emilee "Wait Emilee got a Joke?!" Emilee-"This is a BIG moment guys!" "WORD DROP" "I've been chattin' on babes all day.... oh wait."-Kenzy Kenzy dying hair-"Oh my gosh I'm in college!" To Aaron "Hey how was you picnic... on Nebraska?"-Callie "In relationship with Cafe Rio, where is it?"-Emilee "You guys want to hear something....snap...SPANDEX!"-Callie "Meagan "ALL"Red" Sarah-"we could write about all of our hard times!" Callie-"Yeah, Meg's legs, I was sick when I was little..." Emilee "And I have Epilepsy!" Callie "WAIT WHAT?!" "Cause we are tired and we ares ore." Emilee-"Ya and we are sore....wait you just said that." Cal-"you know they say about not kissing..." Sarah-"It sucks" "NUM-boer"-Callie Resume for Emilee's Husband: "O a list of you priorities where does Disneyland fall?" In reference to Emily's honeymoon baby: "I will send it to Callie in a box... I'll put air holes!"-Emily "I'm bushwacked. I feel like I just got shacked by a bush!"-Sarah "You think I have a hickie?!"-Emily "Is chicken meat?"-Sarah "Sarah...I'm gonna SIT ON YOUR FACE!"-Emilee "Is it really 2:30 already.... I think i just got emotional."-Callie "I'm not your average blonde, I know to put spaghetti sauce in the fridge."-Sarah (Emilee Scowls) Emily telling a scary story: "The Asian was like "Touch and old guy."" Nose plugged states song (50 nifty United States) "Like one time we were on the coach and he was like 'Hey baby scoot closer to my ear!"-Kenzy "You could be in any decade, but this."-Emilee "He can't here the pitch of my voice, so I'm like 'HI GRANDPA.' (Really low voice)"-Emilee

38: "Sarah, watcha doing? " Sarah-"Just holding my face..." Emilee leans in close to Sarah: "I think we should get married." Sarah leans back: " I accept." "Faith is like a mustard seed." (sung)-Callie Man on American Idol playing the guitar and singing. Emilee-"Where'd he get that guitar?!" Callie- "He brought it...." Sarah: "From my Grandma-She's a champ!" Emily: "Did you just say your grandma's a tramp?!" Sarah singing: "What's wrong with the world Mama. "Wait! What is this? " "She was not meant to be a politician....she was meant to be a Canadian soccer mom... Oh wait! Canada's not part of the U.S."-Emilee Scottie McCeery Voice: "Nobody makes me laugh as much as you"-Emilee (Sarah crying) Callie and ET driving and sing/yelling to T-Swift...ET violently taps on Callie's shoulder...Whispers"Beehive Grill!" "Hey HUDE" "Oh what a night!"--Kenzy and Callie "My HRr (hair) is oRNge!"--Kenzy "You went to Nickel-Cade last night?!"--ET "Don't roll it up...I've got my 'I love you!' out the window!"--Kenzy "Is Rome in Egypt?"--Callie "I've got some frozen broccoli in the freezer...."--Kenzy "I think I just got confused!"--ET "You know what they say...watching someone fall off a skateboard is like eating's just good!"--Sarah "Kenzy, Emilee, Sarah...4...3...."--Emily "SPIDEY GLASSES!"--Kenzy and Sarah "You should do it! Not that you are FAT!"-Emilee "Shredding up the street cred at the BEAV" "Do you see anybody in here falling in love with me? No? That's because you don't fall in love with people that make you crap your pants!"-Paris "Kenzy, you can be Rapunzel's dad?"-Emily "Why are my windows blurry? Oh...maybe i should turn my windshield wipers on..." (It was rainy)-Emilee Callie getting her teeth brushed by Kenzy-"Healthy gums is a happy mouth..." "Come over her and I'll give a menstrual hug!"-Callie to Emily | An impresson of an obese Sarah greeting Russell at the airport..."RUTHEL...It's me Tharah!"--Kenzy Callie--"Anything is sassy if you add ok to the end of it!" Sarah--"Will you pass me that...OK?" "It was like Jillian but you couldn't pause her!!"--ET 'It's All Coming Back to Me Now' by Celine Dion playing in the background..."This reminds me of going to the store with my mom and she would buy my dinosaur toys!"--Emily "I've got my BIN-OCKS on and I still can't see you!"--Kenzy "You know what they say...Raindrops equals fun drops!"--Sarah "A giant unsuspecting Asian...what was I supposed to do?"--Kenzy's Mom "You look nice today....not in the sweats but in the face!"--Ken to Kenzy "I'm an animal!"--Sarah Kenzy--"No, when humans....what's the word...evolute?" Callie--"Evolve?" "What is Politics?"--Kenzy "...Do you want to see a picture of my grandpa?"--ET Talking about ET: "She's like Jesus...but a girl."--Max (EP) "HOME!"--Emily while playing four square "CompEEtative!"--Sarah while playing four square "You should do it...Not that you are fat!"--ET Kenzy--"I took some pills that help with amnesia..." Sarah--"Insomnia?"

42: As you grow up, you will have your heart broken more than once and it's harder every time. You'll break hearts too, so remember how it was when yours was broken. You'll fight with your best friend, you'll cry because time is passing too fast, and you'll eventually lose someone you love. SO TAKE TOO MANY PICTURES. LAUGH TO0 MUCH AND LOVE LIKE YOU'VE NEVER BEEN HURT . BECAUSE EVERY SIXTY SECONDS YOU SPEND UPSET IS A MINUTE OF HAPPINESS YOU'LL NEVER GET BACK!

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