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S: My Family Report

BC: names after page

FC: My Family Report

1: My Maternal Ancestry | Devorah Leah | Simcha Zirkind | Frieda Zirkind | Mordechai Shachna | Miriam Mariasha | Yitzchok | Zishe | Me | Saadya Liberow | Tzvi Hirsh and Rivka Sheina | Moshe Menachem M and Kreina Devora | Kreina Devora | Aidela Guberman | Tzvi Zev and Batsheva Altshuler | Mordechai Shachna and Pesha Golda | Yakov and Sheina Rochel Guberman

2: Mendy Fox was born on September 19th in the year 1991. Mendy was born in Queen Mary's hospital in Montreal, Canada. He was born at 1:46 P.M. Mendy has black hair with blue eyes and he weighed 9.8 pounds. His loving doctor was Dr. Brassard. Mendy's whole name is Menachem Mendel. He was named after the Tzemach Tzedek. Mendy's bris was located in the hall of Adath Yisroel in Montreal, Canada. The bris was run by Rabbi Pesach Sperlin. The Sandik was my Zaidy Zirkind. The Kvatter was Rabbi Yeshoua and Esther Yarmush. Mendy is a copy of my father. He has the same personalities and traits as my father. They both enjoy learning together in their spare time. Mendy is a fun person to be around with. His favorite sport is Basketball. Mendy loves to travel and explore other countries. He's been to Peru, The Congo, Africa, Isreal and spent a Pesach in Italy. He helps out the Shluchim when he goes. Mendy learned all his elementary years in Lubavitcher Yeshiva located in the heart of Crown Heights. Then for Mesivta, he learned in Staten Island under the Hellers. Then, for Zal, my brother went to Ohr Elchonon Chabad in Los Angeles, California. Mendy finished off his Zal years by learning in Oheli Torah School. He is now a shliach in Chicago, Illinois.

4: \ | I was born in Tuesday, the 30th of Shevat in the year 5755, at around one o'clock. The hospital was Jewish General Hospital located in Montreal, Canada. My name is Ady which originates from Aidella. Aidella means nice and pure in Yiddish. I think my name suits me very well. My middos are fine and my friends say i am nice and calm. I am named after my maternal Great- Grandmother. She was my grandfather's mother. Her name was Mrs. Ada Zirkind. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. All the people who had met her over her lifetime and after her passing too, agreed that my great-grandmother was a real fine and special lady. She had a beautiful handwriting and knew English very well. Bubby Ada used to help her Williamsburg neighbors with their English forms and documents. Many ladies knew her because she was their English principal at the Pupa School. After moving to East Flatbush, my Bubby became Beis Rivkah's first English Principal. I am very proud to be a student in that school. I have three kids in my family. The oldest, Mendy, was born on the 11th of Tishrie. The youngest, Mimi, was born on the 25th of Iyar. My brother is named after the Rebbe and my little sister is named after my maternal great-grandmother. She was Mrs. Miriam Maryasha Liberow of Belgium. My parents both work from home. Their company is called Finders Keepers. Finders Keepers is a business that helps you retrieve lost and abandoned assets. The assets can be tax returns, paychecks, dormant bank accounts and inheritance monies that families are not aware of. They are always on the phones telling their clients about the assets and then my parents send them the paperwork to claim their assets. I have a fun , easygoing personality. Some of my traits are inherited from my father and everyone tells me that I look exactly like my mother. My favorite subjects are Rabbiem and Holocaust. My favorite type of foods are Milchigs. The best place I have ever been to was Isreal for Pesach of 2008. My parents gave me the best birthday present which was the Tiffany Bracelet. I am presently in Eleventh Grade and loving Beis Rivkah High School.

6: Mimi Fox was born on May 7th, 2002 at 4:23 PM in the Methodist Hospital located in Parks Slope. She was born w eighing 9.13 pounds and her height was 21 1/2 inches. He loving doctor was Dr. Leu. Mimi is named after her Great-Grantmother, Miriam Maryasha Liberow. Bubby Maryasha passed away in Adar of 2002, so Mimi was one of the first ones to be named after such a special lady like my great-grandmother. When Mimi was a little girl, | the door slammed on her tow and the nail was taken off by the door. So she had to get stitches. This is something Mimi will never do again. Mimi is a copy of my mother. No one ever denied Mimi not looking like my mother. They both share the trait of being clean and responsible. Mimi is very fun and artsy. She loves to scrapbook about herself or family. Mimi loves to go swimming. She has one specif responsibility in the house which is helping to decide what is for supper that night. Mimi will often choose macaroni and cheese. Her favorite treat is a French Crepe made by Nosh World. Mimi's favorite place to go on vacation is Baltimore where her aunt and uncle live.Chuck E Cheese. When she grows up, Mimi wants to be an actress and a dancer. We could see that happen because she dances all over the house beautifully. Mimi is presently in 4rd grade in Beis Rivkah Elementary School in Brooklyn, NY.

7: Mimi Fox

8: My mother, Devorah Leah (nee Zirkind) was born in Montreal, Canada, on Chof Hey Shevat (Feb, 20th 1971). My mother was born in Jewish General Hospital. My mother has three older brother than her: Levi, Mendy and Zalmen. My mother also has three younger sisters and two brothers younger than her: Chaya'la, Nechama Dina, Shternie, Izzy and Shalomke. My mother went to school at Beis Rivkah Academy and graduated from there. My mother studied one year abroad in Kfar Chabad, Isreal. My mother continued to Beis Chaya Mushka Seminary in Montreal, Canada. After the year in Seminary my mother then worked for my grandfather who is a fundraiser for two years. Once my mother finished being a secretary, she got engaged and married to my father, Noach Fox from Philadelphia on Gimmel Kislev,1990. As newlyweds, my parents moved to Crown Heights, New York. They lived in a small apartment on Kingston Ave. While living on Kingston, my mother worked as a office manager. and then worked in Manhattan for a year. Once our family grew and the apartment wasn't fitting our expectations, my parents decided to move to a new condo located on 711 Eastern Parkway not too far from our old apartment. After seven years of the condo, My mother saw in a newspaper about a house on Crown street, three houses from the corner of Kingston. My mother pushed my father to look into it and we bought the house. During the late 1990's, my parents opened a business called Finders Keepers which locates lost assets. My mother and father work in the business and they are very happy with their position. I am so happy to have a mother like mine, one who cares and one who loves.

9: My Mother

10: My Father

12: My parents got married on Gimmel Kislev of 1990. | My Parents

13: My Family

14: levi

15: This is my uncle Mendy's Family. He is married to Hindy Schaffran. And they have Knh 7 kids. Mottel, Saadya, Rochel, Benz, Yossel, Estee and Zalmen. They live in Montreal, Canada.

16: zalmen

17: chayale

18: Nechama Dina (aka Twinny) is married to Rabbi Pinny Turk and they live in Chicago, Illinois. They have bh 5 kids: Chayale, Mendel, Moishy, Miriam and Shaina.

19: Shterni ( aka Twinny) is married to Shloime Litzman and they bh have four kids. Mendel, Reuvi, Mushka and Yossele. They presently live in Monsey, New York.

20: Izzy Zirkind, my uncle, is married to Shaindy Thaler and they have three adorable kids, Mendel, Rivkah and Zalmen

21: Shalomke is married to Nuchie Hecht and they have 3 kids: ,Mushka, Mendel and Sheina. | Baby Sheina

22: Gramman from Shalomke and Nuchie's Wedding Nuchie and Shalomke mazel tov We came to celebrate your wedding tag we flew in from oversease and the states who could miss this important dates Now let's introduce the Zirkind fam There's Tatty and Mommy are the heads of the clan Levi the Bechor he comes first He's married to Chanie Avtzon They are out in Fresno They have a whole bunch of girl and a few boys you know The second boy lives in Montreal- He's Mendy He used to live in Ottawa with his wife Hindy They throw the best barmies You get wined and dined at Chirqui's | Zalmen is third with Rochel his wife He lives in Montreal and has a perfect life two girls read a whole day and night and I am sure those 4 boys just sit and fight Devoiry the first maidel you were finally born coming after 3 boys what a lucky girl She lives in Crown Heights and is married to Hagoan Noach All their kids have his great Moach Then comes Chayala who lives in the Vall Married to Yehuda who could not have gotten a more beautiful gal They have one Yigel and 2 Maidels She gets all her jewelry from Mommy Fraidel Nechama Dina and Shternie we know as twinny with have seven kids under the age of 10, how did you managa mommy?

23: Identical twins who dressed alike till they were 16 year old To tell them apart, no one was ever able Nechama Dina lives in Chicago, the windy city Married to our family storyteller, Pinny They have 4 kids 2 girls and 2 boys and they only play with Jet Toys Shternie and Shlomie live in Monsey With Mendel, Ruby, and Chaya Mushkie Traveling the globe till a hundred and twenty Selling plastic plates even on the moon Shaindy, you got Izzy who makes the best jokes When you have enough you give him a look and some pokes We love getting your snapfish about Mende'le Now that he is one we hope it is not done | Shalomke was born with a golden spoon in his mouth Building Lego Models that no one could touch Now after twenty three years you found Nuchie as a wife That is why we are celebrating your new life. MAZEL TOV! Credits to Nechama Dina Turk

24: Birthdays and Anniversaries Zaidy Zirkind: Bubby Zirkind: Levi Zirkind: Channie Zirkind Anniversary: Mendel Zirkind: Chaya Zirkind: Cheina Zirkind: Aidella Zirkind: Estee Zirkind: Sheina Zirkind: Meir Zirkind: Shnuer Zirkind: Mendy Zirkind: Hindy Zirkind: Anniversary: Mottel Zirkind: Saadya Zirkind: Rochel:

26: Father | Grand Mother | Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Mother | Great Grand Mother | Noach Fox | AdinaHorowitz | Harold Fox | Rivka Hecht | Ben Horowitz | Chana | Noach Fox | Sophie Levin | Louis Hecht | Mary | ? Horowitz | Unknown | Unknown | Ita Molie | Zuffa Fox | The parents of Zuffa are Mordechai and Chanchy Rose Fox. The parents of Ita Molie are Moshe and Bryna (Cohen) Melamud.

27: Mother | Grand Mother | Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Mother | Great Grand Mother | Frieda Liberow | MiramMariasha | Reb Saadya | Devorah Leah | Simcha Zirkind | Aidella | Mordechai S. | Kraina Devora | Moshe M M | Rivka Shaina | Tzvi Hirsh | Shaina Rochel | Yaakov | Zishe | Yitzchok | Zishe's parents are Tzvi Zev and Batsheva Altshuler. Yitzchok's parents are Mordechai Shachna and Pesha Golda.

30: Grammen from Zaidy Zirkind's 70th Early 1900's, was a boy named Mordechai Schachna He davened with the Malachim, With Ralph and Pesach his Bro He worked as a butcher in the Bronx Selling chicken, meat and a few franks Then he met a woman named Ada Guberman a journalist for the Boston Globe, Miss laine was her penname They wed on 3rd of Sivan, 1928 Together they had a fam' of Leizer Pessa, Rena Then on the 7th of Av in 1938, born a baby boy The proud parents were Max and Ady He was named Simcha Yerachmiul after his Bubbleh His mother's mother, who was Shaina Rochelle grade school at Bedford and Dean he attended growing up in the era after the WW2 had just ended | Neighbors to the Satmar Rebbe in Williamsburg but being a Lubavitcher he went to high school in Pittsburgh On to Montreal, learning on avenue park With his future mechutanim, Benz and Leibel learning real shtark In 62' he met Frieda Chana Liberow He chose Fraidel to be his Beau Together they wed in Paris Quickly moved to Tunisia on Shluchis Their Bechor Levi was born in 64' In Paris by Bubby and Zaidy Liberow After a Yechidus the Rebbe escorted them outside of 770 The Rebbe waiting for their cart to depart Mendy was born in Tunisia In the heat of the summer of 1966 Six Day war was over and Isreal won

31: The Zirkinds had to move back to Brooklyn Moving to Montreal where Zalman was born On Moutain Sights on Chanukah Morn' Working for Beis Rivkah for maidels They finally had Deovrah Leah Nechama Dina and Shternie the twins were born Right before Yom Kippur of 1974 Bargaining and fundraising is in Tatty's veins Dialing, talking on the phone while switching lanes Fundraising for Colel Chabad, Tzach and Machne Yisroel doing all this while a new son was born- Yisroel working as a Rabbi for the oldest shul in Canada Poeli Tzedek on St. Urban with just a few membas The house was noisy with big boys fighting Finally off to LA they went for learning Packing receipts on the dining table | A way of earning money which we were enabled Walking to the Russian center with you in the freezing cold Going out on Sundays for a trip we never grow old Learning Shabbos morning, a maamer, sicha or Tanya Everyone had to be up by 9 in the am Sleeping in wasn't a option oh no Unless you want to be wet from head to tow Shalomke was born the mezinkil Who is his mother, Mommy or Deovraleh? Finally our family grew Chanie, Hindy, Rochel to name a few Lets not forget Noach, Yehuda, Pinchus and Shlomie and of course Shanidy and Nuchie The eineklach are the light of you eyes Bh so many girls and boys Every time they visit they get a matana whether it's a book or a toy from Walmart Canada Thank You Bubby and Zaidy for bringing us up like Mentchen

32: Bubbe Miriam Mariasha was born right before Pesach in the year 1904 in Gjask. She went to school in Russia with her two sisters and four brothers. That is how she learn Chumash, Gemorah and kitzer Shulchan Aruch. Since she didn't learn Hebrew, she bought a tehillim with a yiddish translation, so she will understand it and she would say the tehillim many times a day. She was orphaned at the young age of eighteen. When she was nineteen years old | she met my great-grandfather Reb Saadya Liberow. They got married on Yud Beis Kislev. To earn a livelyhood, my great-grandparents opened a fabric store of which they both worked there together. Since it was in Communist Russia, it was bad and dangerous for the Jews. in the year of 1939, the Nazis were world power. So Bubby Mariasha and Zeide Saadya and their family moved to a non- Jewish neighborhood in Gjask and hid for four years. The Friediker Rebbe told Zeide Saadya to move to France and then to Morocco. there, Bubby Mariasha influenced a lot of women to become religious and light candles. They then Moved to Beligium since the community died out. She merited seeing five generations before passing away on Beis Adar of 2000.

33: many people to Yidishkeit. My Zeide had the zechus to do many things with the Rebbe. An example of this would be that he sat next to the Rebbe whenever Reb Saadya would come to the Rebbe's Farbrengans. He merited having nine children Knh: Shalom Ber, Shmuel Menachem Mendel, Sender, Shnuer Zalmen, Rivkah Sheina, Kreina Devorah, Esther Hadassah and Frieda Chana. | Zeide Saaya Liberow was born on Ches Shevat in the year 1900, in the city of Calabi. He was the third of eight children. By the age of eleven, he was chosen to learn in the famous Tomchei Temimim Lubavitch in Russia. Usully they accepted over Bar Mitzvah Bochurim but Zeide Saadya was different. People nicknamed him Saadia M'kalaidie. He got married to Miriam Mariasha Eidelman on Yud Beis Kislev in the year 1924. Zeide Saadya was zoche to be a Chossid Neman of three Chabad Rabbiem, the Rebbe Rashab, Friediker Rebbe and our Rebbe. When the Rebbe Rashab was very sick and frail, Zeide Saadya signed two years of his life for the Rebbe Rashab. When the Friediker Rebbe became rebbe, he asked Saadya to move on shluchis to Morocco. They lived there for eighteen years and brought back

34: Zeida Saadya and Bubbe Mariasha

36: Moshe Menachem Mendel Eidelman Neither his birthdate nor his passing is known. Zeide Moshe Menachem Mendel's parents had many children who died in childbirth. His parents recieved a Brocha from the Tzemach Tzedek for a healthy child. He was born as a result of this blessing. | Kreina Devorah Eidelman The only known information about my bubby, Kreina Devorah is the fact that she was orphaned at a tender age.

37: Zeide Tzvi Hirsh Liberow lived in Calabi, Russia. He was a Lubavitcher Chossid who worked as a gardener adn spent all of his free time learning Torah. He died a natural death during the time of the Holocaust. Since the exact date of his death is unknown, his children use Tannis Esther as his Yartzeit. His mother passed away a young age and his father remarried and had some more children. | Rivkah Sheina Liberow (Feldman) Not much is known about the life of my Great-Great-grandmother, Rivkah Sheina. She passed away on the thirteenth of Cheshvan in the year of 5669.

38: Mordechai Shachna was born on September 18th in the year 1903. Bubby Aidella was born on April 10th of 1903. Mordechai Shachna Zirkind and Aidella Guberman met in a true act of providence. In actuality, they were second cousins once removed. Aidella's mother, Shaina Rochel and Mordechai Shachna's Grandmother , Batsheva were first cousins. The Gubermans whom lived in Boston at the time knew that had cousins in New York and were interested in getting in touch. They placed an advertisment in the newspaper and the plan succeeded, for soon the Gubermans were off to New York. It was there that the two cousins met and eventually married. Mordechai Shachna continued the family legacy and became a butcher. This had an added bonus because the family didn't have a problem with kosher meat. Mordechai was a unique individual with an interesting personality. He was known to be a quite humorous. Once, while walking home from work, he was so tired he walked over to the police station and asked him if he can stay here a night, even though he had illegal cargo on him. The police officer gladly gave him a room for the night. As a Lubavitcher, he davened in a Nusach Ari shul, but after a while it died down. Then the Rebbe's Secretary, Rabbi SImpson told him to daven with the Malachim. Aidella was the first English principal of Beth Rivkah Elementary School. Her last job was a Pharmacist. Aidella was known to have an aristocratic air about her. Once, while walking on a snowy day a group of teenagers threw a snowball at her face. with her aristocratic grace she turned around and exclaimed, "Wow! You made that especially for me?!". Needless to say, the teenagers were quite embarrassed and slumped away. They had Five children: Rasha Feiga, Eliezer Tzi Zev. Pesha Golda, Simcha Yerachmiul and Zushe. Zaide Mordechai Shachna passed away May of 1971 and Bubby Aidella passed away Januraruy 25th of 1985.

39: Bubby Aidella and Zaide Mordechai Schachna - My Grandfather's Parents

40: Yaakov and Shaina Rochel (Altshuler) Guberman Shaina Rochel Altshuler was born in a small town Koitzitz,Russia. As a young girl she was sick with Bronchitis. Koitzitz was a amlll town adn everyone knew everyone's problems. Therefore, when it came time for her to find a shidduch, she moved to a larger city in Kiev. In Kiev, she worked as a housekeeper until she married Yaakov Guberman who was a military tailor. Yaakov immigrated to America to escape the Russo-Jap war. although he really wanted to settle in New York, he missed his boat and took another one which took him to Boston. Once in America, he worked a little until he had enough money to take his family out. His wife had a friend who had no family behind. So, Yaakov worked an additonal year to save her too. Yaakov also paid for five additional families. One of their daughters, Aidela was around four years old when she arrived in America. As a young child she was teased by her grademates because she had pierced ears. This was not popular in America to have pierced ears. She was nicknamed "Little Foreigner". She therefore asked her mother to get her earrings off. The teachers in the school Aidella went to was very anti-semetic. They were very bitter since they could not get married. The Jewsih students had a hard time and they were never allowed to do errands for the teacher. Aidella was an exception because her father as a tailor she had beautiful clothing and was always well dressed. The teachers respected her and allowed her to do errands./

41: Yitzchok and Zirshe Zirkind My American lineage in the Zirkind family begins in 1907 with my great-great grandfather Yitchok Zirkind. Little is know about the origin of the name Zirkind, the English version of Tzirkund, yet it known to be a German name and means ornamental child. Yitchok was born in the town of Bobruisk. His father passed away before he was born. As a child he didn't get much of a chance to learn, instead the burden of supporting the family left to him (it is questionable about whether Yitzchok's mother remarried. The only evidence is the ship manifest where Yitzchok writes a father, with a different last name, as a closest relative. Being that we know Yitzchok was born a orphan, it could only have been a stepfather) when he got older, he started dealing in the cattle business. He would buy cattle, shecht it, and sell the meat for a profit. This was keeping in line with the family occupation of butchers. Yitzchok came to America in 1907 from a small town in Russia called Koitzitz. He arrived alone and worked for seven years until finally scraping enough money for his wife Zishe and his oldest son Mordechai Shachna, who's one year old at the time, to join. Zishe helped raise money by selling the family cow. They traveled on to Lusitania, one of the last voyages before being torpedoed by the Germans. They arrived on January 9th, 1914. They settled in Harlen where Yitchak started the Tzemach Tzedek shul. Sadly, the community died out so did the shul and eventually it had to be closed down. He started the Tzemach Tzedek cemetery (the older one) in Staten Island. In America, Yitchok continued his practices as a butcher. His business was privately owned and therefore he had no problems with Shabbos. Kashrus wasn't either an issue because there was always meat in the house. Yitchok and Zishe's home was known to be an open house. They portrayed true Hachnasas Orchim, and everyone felt comfortable in their home. Although Yitzchok

43: My great great great grandparents lived most of their lives in Koitzitz, Russia. After marrying Tzvi Zev, Batsheva had six children. Then for Seven years Tzvi Zev went to learn by the Lubavitcher Rebbe. When he returned, Batsheva had another six children. Because of this, Batsheva was known to have two sets of children. Batsheva's maiden name was Altshuler. Her ancestors were the sponsors of the Altneu Shul in Prague. This is the origin for their name, Altshuler which means old shul. In their older years Tzvi Zev and Batsheva decided to immigrate to America. They traveled with only a few | of their children. Due to a problem with their documents, Batsheva and Tzvi Zev were detained in Paris. While staying in Paris, Tzvi Zev fell ill. The children each pledged years of their lives. When it came to Batsheva's turn, she said that G-d has plenty of years let him give some. Tzvi Zev passed away and was buried in Paris. In America, Batsheva settled in the Bronx. One of the first things Batsheva bought in America was a sheital. In Russia it was forbidden to wear a sheital and everyone in Europe wore two Tichelach. Batsheva wore her sheital with a tichel on top. When she sent a picture to her family with her new look, they all thought that she was becoming modern as many people did once they reached the shore. This was far from the truth as she was stringent with all the Jewish traditions. She was known to be a very funny lady. Once, She washed a tichel and then hung them to dry and suddenly heard screaming. The goat was eating her tichel Everyone laughed.

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