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S: Mikaela Gambrielle Higginbotham 2011

BC: Senior | Class of 2011

FC: Mikaela Gambrielle Higginbotham | 2011

1: My name is Mikaela Gambrielle Higginbotham. When my mother was little my grandmother thought she was going to be a boy. They were going to name her Michael. So her brother had always called he little Mickey. When my mom had me Mikaela was a form of the name Michael so she named me Mikaela. My middle name is Gambrielle, this is because my mom loved the name Gabrielle for a girl. My Fathers last name is Gamble, so she thought she would somehow make that into my name. So my middle name is both Gabrielle and Gamble, Gambrielle.

2: When I was little I was in tap dance, it was a lot of fun:) | I took Gymnastics for about three years, it was a lot of fun, but it was a lot of work. I got to be so flexible after it though, which was awesome. Also I could do so many flips and got to be very good at it. I got all the way up to level six, within those three years, then I stopped. Being in middle school and being in gymnastics was hard. I always wanted to hang with friends, but I was constantly at gymnastics. So I really had no time to do anything else. So I quit. I regret doing it sometimes because I loved it. But it was fun while it lasted, and I'm glad my mom stuck by me through it all.

3: I was in the National American Miss Pageant for a couple of years. It was a lot of fun, my mom and I stayed in a huge hotel that was beautiful. I met a lot of people and had a blast.

4: Ever since I was very little my family has always been a foster family. My grandmother and grandfather have had almost 500 kids coming into this home, and have helped them. Every kid is different, I have grown and I have learned from these kids. I love what my grandparents do, and I love the kids who come through our home. It is always sad and heart breaking to see the kids leave, but I know they are in good hands. Every kid has helped me realize what I have and not to take anything for granted :) | Jorge & Me | F o s t e r C a r e

5: My mom and I have babysat a lot of kids. Being a babysitter is so much fun; it's a lot of work, but I love it. The kids we take care of are amazing. They are so cute and are really good kids. We have had the same kids for a while, and their parents have had other kids so we watch them, too. Right now we babysit three sisters Olivia, Makayla, and Liah. Also, we babysit two siblings Montana and Keegan. So for now I help my mom watch about five kids. I love these kids; they make my day. | Baby Sitting!!!!

6: There are many of people who are really special to me, but one of my favorite friends and the person who will always be my best friend is Kayla Beeney! I have known her pretty much my entire life! She is more than just my best friend she is my sister. I absolutely love her. :) | One of the saddest memories I have was when Kayla moved West Virginia. :( But I loved going to visit her there. We had so much fun down there. We would ride her four wheeler a lot, play hide and go seek. I will never forget the time I ran so hard I indented my body into Bub's truck. Good Times! | Best friends forever...

8: Movie

9: Time

10: Joseph Samuel Call + Mikaela Gambrielle Higginbotham = LOVE | <3 | <3

11: <3 | I fell in love with this boy named Joseph Samuel Call. He means everything to me. We have been together for a long time now. Each day we spend together just makes me fall more and more in love with him. I hope that we stay together for a very long time. :) | He makes me...

12: Something that is valuable to me I just got this year. My mom bought me a brand new 2011 Ford Fiesta. She bought me this new car for my graduation present. I was super happy to get this car. It is perfect for me, it's the color Lime Squeeze. It is the cutest car ever! I love it. I got this car at Mathews Fords in Marion Ohio. The guy that sold me this car was Michael Saad. My first vehicle was my mother's old truck. This was a 1999 Ford Ranger. It was about the same color as my new car, it was bright green. I loved this truck, but as I got a new car my truck was sold to my boyfriend Joe. When I turned eighteen I went with my Grandmother Kay to go to "The Ink Spot Tattoo Studio" in Delaware Ohio. I was planning on using my money from my birthday to pay for my bellybutton to be pierced. The tattoo artist Woody was busy giving someone a tattoo when my grandmother and I had got there. So as he was giving someone a tattoo we were waiting, as we were waiting we had saw they had a lot of posters for tattoos they could do. So my grandmother and I started to look at them. They had a whole bunch of cute ones, but I had decided that the star one was the cutest. So I asked Woody how much it would be to get the tattoo. I had enough money from my birthday so I went ahead and got my bellybutton pierced and a tattoo on my ankle. I will never forget that day, and I was glad my grandma was there to share that day with me.

13: Someone who means the world to me was my Great Grandfather. I called him Grandpa Flem. I loved him so much, he was always there for me. I loved it when he came to visit me all the time. One year he gave me this beautiful necklace. It looked like a snowflake. I wear the necklace on special occasions, so that he is always there with me. This necklace is very valuable to me. :Picture at bottom:

14: My | Mom: | Keri Elizabeth Higginbotham

15: My mom's name is Keri Elizabeth Higginbotham. I love her more than anything in this world. She is the smartest, strongest woman I know. She makes me laugh; I love her with all my heart, and I am so happy to call her my mother. | There is no way that I could ever thank her enough for everything she has done for me. Also everything that she is doing for me now. I don't know what I would do without her. I love her a lot, she is the best Mom in the whole world!

16: The lake was so much fun. I went with my Mom and her boyfriend's family and friends. This was a blast, the lake was so beautiful. I can't wait to go back there soon! The lake water was so clear, it was huge, and there was pretty huge houses around the Lake. I hope one day I could have beach house outside the lake. I learned how to ski and drive a boat during this week. Well, I attempted to ski, my mom's boyfriend's daughter Brooke was so good at it but when I tried I was terrible. But the more I tried I got better. I got a great tan that week I was there. I loved being there, and can't wait to go back.

17: Lake Cumberland

18: M y B r o t h e r | I have a younger brother named Dewy Winkle. We fight like brothers and sisters fight, but I love this boy with all my heart. I will always have his back, he means everything to me. Dewy makes me laugh a lot:) he does just the cutest things. He can also be very rotten, but no matter what he is my one and only brother, and I love him.

20: 2007 | Homecoming | 2008

21: 2 0 0 9 | 2010

22: SiLly | I have have done a lot of crazy things in my life. But that's just who I am. One story I have about my past was with all my friends. There were Brittanee, Stephanie, and Autumn. We all stayed the night at my house and we decided to go toilet papering. So me and Autumn had put our hair in piggy tails and looked crazy. (Picture of us at top) Well we wanted to TP Emily Peterman's house. We were walking there and started to toilet paper it, but her light came on, so we had to run away. But we left the toilet paper outside her house so we had to run back and get it. So since we were busted we went to Aaron Penney's house and TPed him. As I was throwing the toilet paper into the tree my class ring flew right off. So all four of us were on our hands and knees looking for my ring. We couldn't find it though. So we left his house and walked all the way down to where Dustin lives, it seemed like it took forever to get there, but we made it. We got Dustin's house and I hung my bra on his fire hydrant outside his house and we left. It was so funny. But on our way back home we were being followed. There was this huge truck literally following us. So we ran behind bushes and cars. We got so scared, as we hid he would slowly go past all the cars. We were freaking out so we ran the rest of the way home.

23: TiMes...

24: BOO.. | D I N A

26: D i n a | I have a dog her name is Dina Lou. She is a mix of different type of dogs. The story of how I got my dog was this: I was staying with my friend Kayla Beeney in West Virginia and she had a lot of puppies. So I called my mom and asked her if I could bring a puppy home because she was so cute. My mom said no I couldn't, I already had a cat. So on my way home I brought the dog anyways. She stayed with a friend for a few days until my mom and grandma knew she was mine and they liked her. So ever since then she has lived with me and I love her. She is so hyper.

27: Mr. Flakes | I also have a very old cat named Mr. Flakes. Mr. Flakes was a present to me from my mom. When I was in gymnastics practice my mom got him, and then when I got home he was there and my mom said it was my cat. He is a spoiled fat cat. I also love him.

28: My family and I went to Florida when I was very little. We had seen a lot of things while we were there. It was so amazing. We went to Orlando, Florida, and met a lot of Disney characters, like Tarzan. We went to go see Bugs Life in 3D. It was amazing, and I will never forget it.During the movie they have bumps on your seat moving so it felt like bugs running under you. It was awesome.

30: One of my favorite times was when I went to a concert with my best friend. I stayed with Brittanee for about a week in Florida. We stayed with her mom's boyfriend. He bought all of us tickets to go see Kenny Chesney live in concert. We had seats in the lawn, the concert was like on this huge court yard. The concert was outside at night time. The concert was amazing, everyone had a blast. It was so much fun, and I was glad to share it with Brittanee and her family. I also went to another concert awhile back. I went with my mom, grandpa, and my cousin Steven. The concert was for Shania Twain. But this concert was inside; it wasn't outside like the other one I went to. There was so many people there, I couldn't even hear after that. I tried talking to Steven and he was sitting right beside me and he couldn't hear me. But we had so much fun, and I got a shirt with her on it. | C O N C E R T S

31: When I was little I used to go camping with my Grandpa Terry and his side of the family. It was a lot of fun; we stayed at a camp ground where you could swim, fish, and ride boats. I loved to fish with my Grandpa. At the swimming area they had a huge slide that we would always go on. It was so much fun. I loved camping out; my favorite thing to make over the fire was pizza sandwiches. Camping with my Grandpa was amazing and we always had so much fun. My grandpa Terry is like a little kid, he loves to have fun, and I love him. He would always bring something to stir up trouble while we were there. Grandpa Terry would bring something like water balloons, or shaving cream. We would have water balloon fights and shaving cream fights; it was sweet. I always had so much fun camping and I will never forget it. | Camping :)

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