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S: sHappy Anniversary Babes

FC: Book Of First's

1: * Best first kiss I have ever had. *Mmmm...the shower the night of the drive inn amazing! Our first time making like a lot *First time in a beer pong tournament at Bdubs. You carried the team. Haha. But we perfected my shot. *First time you brought a girl to the golf course. You were cute trying to teach me...but I was horrible. haha. *First time you ever threw as hard as you could at a girl. Popped a blood vessel in my hand! Psycho. *We took a shower today and you tried different hair styles. Cracked me up! Felt like it was worth mentioning. *First time I met your grandma and grandpa.I made you drop your hot dog twice sorry! Haha. *First time we played put-put golf...AND I WON!!! WHOOOOOOO!!!! *First time I have ever made breakfast for a boy...your favorite fruits and French toast. Mmmm. *Best sex I have ever had! Mmmmm like-a-lot.

2: Memorial Day Weekend | *Our first trip up north first time bringing home a boy. *First time I’ve ever participated in “certain activities” on the way up. "You are going to have to hurry Ben.” *First time you have had a girl at your new house. *First time you met my family, "You violate my sister I will kill you!” Ahhhh... *First time at Ness Rd. Stars, water, everything was perfectI I'll never forget it... *First time I have brought a boy home to meet my friends, "Ben is way sweeter than you Jen.” *First time I called you my boyfriend. Smooch! *First time I have ever carved my name into wood with a boy. *First time you heard “Free” by Zach Brown Band together on our way home. *First time you have ever done it on a golf cart!! AND in that position. | "One day in the country is worth a month in the city."

3: Coyote Joes | Jarred Neman concert!!! Our first concert together. You rode the mechanical bull and STILL have the scraps on your knees... I know because you complain about them every SINGLE time we make like a lot. | "I am a grown ass man Jen." | "Good ol' Drexel."

4: Mmmm...the date you planned!!! *First time I ever got that dressed up for a date. I wore the dress you chose. *Spent the day on Belle Isle rollerblading, and throwing the ball around. *You tried doing a cart wheel cracked me up! Haha...what a joke! *Night time activities were AMAZING! Consisted of: zip ties, lube, HOMEMADE chocolate covered strawberries, blindfold, and Zach brown band. God Ben, you are so sweet!!! Smooch | “My underwears are always missin.”

5: Fourth of July weekend! *First time I have ever done it at the Arcadia lookout. YES!!! *First time you saw the hang gliding station... that Polish guy was nice. *Went canoeing with your whole family and Nick...we flipped 3 times, but you remembered your keys! *First time I saw the “swamp"... it was dark and we stopped for some late night activities...Mosquito bites on your ass. Haha. ~~I love laying in the hammock with you~~ | “Ben...they are just coyotes.” | "My favorite fireworks are the ones that look like sperm." Pshhh...typical

6: Random moments.... | BJJ taught me the punches and I bruised my hand punching the bag without gloves on. Haha. It hurt sooooo bad! The next day it was swollen and you told me you had never seen anyone do that to themselves before. Haha. Out to Richards Lake house...water was freezing but it was still fun! It’s always fun with you. I’ve never had this much fun with anyone. We went skinny dipping with Richard, Aaron, and Elise. That was a bit crazy for me...I prefer skinny dipping in the river up north. Well...we had our first fight. You told me you loved me and it would take more than a petty fight to make you leave me. Smooch! :) | “Jen! You will never guess what happened! I won the rock, paper, scissors tournament!”

7: Drive up: Big boy, getting naked on the express way and personal favors. Mmmmmm! First day: 7 am-"Hey Ben wake up lets go get breakfast!", breakfast at Rosie’s then a LONG nap afterwards, shower together, Dinner with the Smucks in Traverse, and FINALLY...steak dinner with baked potatoes, corn, salad, peach champagne. SOOOOOOO GOOOOODDD!!!! DESSERT: My lingerie, chocolates, and super man ice cream. Plus a blindfold and hands tied. | Second day: 10 am-Good morning like-a-lot, my house for some lunch, biking from Beaulah to Frankfort, Swimming in Lake Michigan, extreme butt soreness...Jill Gum gave us a ride to your truck, homemade pizza. FISHING!!! I felt pretty sick...ugh. But we caught a couple! Third Day: More good morning like-a –lot, Traverse city with AJ and Ashley for go-carts, bumper cars, water slide and putt putt golf, dinner with the fam, Then off to the field and E beach to swim in the HUGE WAVES...”Hey Jen I’ll be right back”...”NO BEN DON’T!” continue to go out deeper and I had a minor heart attack. JERK!!! | First Trip Up North ALONE!

8: "Sometimes I love you so much...I feel like I'm going to explode!"

9: First Time we said "I love you" | Second day: Off to work out, Elberta Beach all day just you and me....perfect weather and huge waves. It was a BLAST sitting in the boat. Then your house for dinner...the steaks you made were honestly UNBELIEVABLE!! Third day: We slept in then layed around until 3 oclock!! Then off to my house for family dinner, then my FAVORITE part.... The Motorcyle ride: It was perfect Ben! Like in a movie...the sun was setting, the temperature was just right, and you were so cute in your helmet! Then we stopped at the look out. You said... “Jen love is an emotion, you either feel it or you don’t. Sometimes people feel it and don’t say anything, other times people say it and they don’t feel it.” response: “Well, I am not saying it first.” :) You: “Well neither am I....So lets both say it on the count of 3” I turn around and face you and you pulled me in close and whispered 1....2....3.... I waited until I heard you say it first. Haha. Then I said it. “I love you too”. I hope it lasts! | First day: You got there around 10. I was sooooo glad to see you. I missed you so much! Hung out with your family, waited until they went to bed then we made like-a-lot on the PICNIC TABLE! Haha. Then cuddling on the hammock.

10: TOLEDO ZOO *Cooper came, it was so fun! *“Hey Jen look at that!” you slip the cup into my hand and I don’t notice. Haha. *“Let’s go fight some tigers!” *The pool at Aarons that night...cough cough...tiger fighting under water and casual talking above. | ~~You were walking around on the porch up north naked...and I couldn't stop laughing it cracked me up. :) ~~In the shower one day every time I would bend over to get something, you would stick BJ in my face. Haha. I was laughing so hard I couldn't breath! | Random....

11: *Ben....I’m sitting here across from you right now at Panera Bread. You are studying for your nurse’s test and you look so cute. I just locked my keys in my car like a dumb ass!! AHHHHHH!!! And last week I broke off my mirror. I’m an idiot. Summer ends tomorrow I can’t wait for all our new adventures to come! *I bought you a card the night before your was the most perfect card for us. It even had the deserted island like the picture I drew you. Haha. Then I gave you a back massage and some mint gum for your nerves. I know you will pass. *YOU PASSED YOUR TEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOO!!!! I’m proud you Benjamin Scott Copple! Smooch! *You got a job! | SMOOCH! | "I love you Ben...I know you do Jen."

12: Me missing you... *School has started....I miss you because I don’t get to see you as often and when I do it’s for a short time. *School has been crazy for me lately and I miss you so much. You came over the other night after you got back from up north hunting and it felt like I hadn’t seen you in forever. I feel like when I’m with you, nothing else one has ever done that to me before. I hate school Jen and I miss summer Jen and Ben. All I want is to spend an entire weekend or a week or 2 weeks with you ALL ALONE and NAKED like when you were walking around on the porch up north. I love our no pants parties. *Babes....I swear being apart this entire summer has made me miss you more than ever. I just don't feel as happy without you in my life. I know this summer wasn't a good start to our 2nd year together...but it will get better. We will be okay. I love you so much babes. Its time we quit talking it out and bang it out! | "Jen if my brother ever broke up with would kill yourself." | "You give me butterflies."

13: Room for YOU to add whatever...

14: Amish Country Your Bday Getaway | "Jen, where are you taking me?" ...As a Tractor cruises down the road.

15: *We saw a buck farm and stopped and took pictures. *We drove through the hills for the last part of the drive, it was so pretty and the weather was so nice, it was perfect. *Checked into the cabin and it was so beautiful! It was so perfect I can’'t even describe it. *We attempted a bike ride and failed miserably then headed into town to walk around. * We checked out a few places then headed back to our peace in the cabin. *With classical music playing, your favorite beer and a fire in the fire place, we played HOMEMADE Jenga. *Then afterwards we headed up stairs to 84 candles lit and a Jacuzzi tub. I stripped down for you into my corset outfit and knee highs, then we jumped into the over flowing bubbles. | ~~Berlin Ohio~~

16: *Mmmmm...the Jacuzzi was wonderful...amazing... it felt sooooo good! I loved it. *Then to the bed for massages and a little bit of like-a-lot *Next to the shower where I received my first ever pearl necklace. Haha. *Finally, we read some of the stories then fell asleep cuddling on the couch by the fireplace...It was so warm and cozy. *Mmmm...I love you! *In the morning we went and got breakfast and took a shower together then packed up.

17: *You wrote a sweet message about us in that book...ugh I love you Benjamin! Smooch! *The day was fun too...we just walked around town then drove around the country side. And finally we found a great souvenir it took all day! I love it though, thanks babes. | It was so perfect Ben. It felt like it was a fairytale!

18: *You worked ford field for me that day, so the night before I spent all day making you dinner. *We burnt the mashed potatoes, but the rest was pretty good. Then we retreated to my cave for some like a lot and a little harry potter. *Ford field was better with you there...everything is better with you there. *That night we went to Toms house for dinner. The food was amazing and we looked at pictures from Italy. Lets go there someday. | *You called off work right away and came with me home. It meant so much to me babe. I love felt so good sleeping next to you up north. Ben you make me so happy. *Spent some time running around and you were great. We were cracking up in Walmart for really no reason at all. My mom thought we were crazy. | House Burnt Down

19: Christmas | My gift: SUPPOSE to be a couples massage, but instead we settled for separate ones. Dinner at the Hills Bar in Rochester was delicious! I loved my and best of ALL sweats! But the best gift of all, your customized boxers. You were cracking me up in your santa hat. I love you so much!!!! Up North---We went for a snowmobile ride....I had to show you how to really drive. Haha. And dinner at the cabbage shed with your parents. | First picture with my new camera! | “Ben...when snowmobilers drive by and hold up their fingers, they are telling you how many are traveling behind them...not waving. “

22: ~~Ohhhh my IUD inserted last Friday! It hurt sooooo bad!!!! AHHHHHHH. But you took care of me. Got me the heating pad, gave me drugs, and snuggled with me the whole night. I love you! I can’t wait to put this to use!! Mmmm! --Who knew how great titty fucking was??? New found discovery! ~~I had the craziest week last week and was SUPER stressed and you handpicked me roses. It made me feel so good babes. I love the little things you do more than you will ever know. ~~Well, I lied about getting my first true pearl necklace. BJ decided to christen my neck, chin and face last night! Haha. I couldn't even help it, I busted out laughing mid climax. It cracked me up! | RANDOM EVENTS

23: ~~You brought me flowers and a balloon. Haha. The balloon is huge. And the flowers are very pretty. They smell so good. ~~I gave you a full body massage and made you breakfast in bed. ~~First time you have ever had a picture of a girl in your room. Smooch! LOVE YOU!!! I feel like you fill me up babes. I’m so glad I found you. | ~~You took me out for dinner on a Thursday before we went bowling with DK and her boyfriend. I had a HORRIBLE day at practice and was unsure if I should tell you what happened...but I did..and you were an ass and made me cry. Haha. ~~ BUT, as soon as I started to cry you were so cute. I could tell you felt bad. You were giving me a foot rub right in the restaurant. The waitress probably hated us. Haha. ~~THEN we stopped by Cirellas.....Mmmmm! Bought some massage oils, glow in the dark condoms and a vibrating pleasure giver. Lets just say that night was DEFINITELY worth mentioning in our book of firsts. Mmmm..sooooooo good babes! ~~Oh yeah, bowling was fun too. | Valentines Day | Buffalo Wild Wings

24: "Lets stop and get some treats.""

25: My Birthday Getaway! *You came over Friday night and we tortured each other to build the suspense for Saturday night. *We got up early, showered together and we were on the road with our glasses on! | “"Ben, tell me you love me" "You love me.”

26: *Went out to eat at the brewery and it was Mmm... Mmm Good! Had pizza and beer. My beer was great...yours tasted like crap. Haha. *Then we walked around the town, bought some bacon cheese....Delicious! * Stopped at the taffy place. :) You ate them all weekend and on the ride home. Haha. *Stopped at a little store that had wine and chocolate tasting. It was so fun!

28: Bavarian Inn...Famous for chicken!! *Then dinner at the restaurant. The chicken was so good and the accordion player was cool. It was really fun....but all I really wanted to do was to get back to the room.... | “Stop looking at me like you like me.” "Don’t tell me what to do.”

29: Finally my favorite part of the whole trip.!!! HOWDY BEN COPPLE! You looked sooooo good dressed as a cowboy I could not control myself. sexy! | I wore a black and pink bra with knee highs and heels....I can still picture you in your hat....Mmmmmm!

30: *In the morning we had breakfast....I had banana bread french toast soooo good...and i offered to share unlike somebody else who wouldn't share at IHOP. :) *Then we went to Bronners and that cool little brewery museum. You were loving the beer variety.

31: Bronners Christmas Shop

32: *Then we drove home and went and played racket ball with Doug and had dinner. That night we rented movies. IT WAS SUCH A FUN WEEKEND! Thank you babes. I love you.

33: *Babes, our first year together was amazing. We have so much fun together. I think that if we always remember to enjoy each other and we don't get caught up into every day life or the little things, we will be okay. You always make me laugh and you are my best friend. You are my home away from home. I love you babes. | Here we come year 2....I can't wait for our adventures and memories to come!

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