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S: Here are some Memories as you Retire...

BC: The glory is God's! The joy is ours! | Four+ decades of faithful service... | This is a special gift from your kids presented on June 12, 2011, a day of celebration. Today we reflect upon your faithful service with ABWE the past 42 years and embrace the future, a life as a retired missionary! We look forward to many more new memories as you continue to serve God to the end! Nos te amamos mae!

FC: It's time for you to look back with pride and satisfaction on years well lived and look forward to all the things you're yet to enjoy!

1: This book is dedicated to the best mom, best grandma, best co-worker, missionary, sister, ... ultimately, best friend.

2: All because two people fell in love... | David & Barbara | Married on August 14, 1964

3: Family | one of God's masterpieces. | “The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.” | These words were displayed on a plaque in our kitchen for as long as we can remember. There is one thing we always knew...Daddy loved you so very much. | "Taylor" | the

4: "Words can't express how honored we are to have a Mother that truly embodies the qualities of a virtuous woman. No one can deny that she always puts others before herself. Her consistent, Christ-centered lifestyle, has helped each of us (her children) navigate through some of the roughest times our family has ever faced. Through it all she remains steadfast in her faith, devoted in her ministry, selfless in her kindness, passionate in her love for the lost, and hopeful in her Savior, Jesus Christ. As members of the ABWE family, we join you today in honoring the memory and legacy of our Father by expressing our deepest love and devotion to our Mother. We love you, Mom!".. | Special note from Jon read by Dr. Loftis, President of ABWE on March 14, 2011

5: “Her children will rise up and call her blessed.” | Proverbs 31:28

6: Trisha's Spread | Mom, | There are so many things on my heart that I want to share with you. First of all, I feel and know that my kids have been given a gift that not any amount of money could ever buy~ a Grandma that loves God and lives her life for Jesus. Thank you for investing eternally into their lives. You have made a difference by your example. What a beautiful legacy. It is a gift they will cherish forever. They love you so! In 2005 my world was turned upside down. You have been here for me every step of the way. You have encouraged me to see God in this situation. Your cards, phone calls, hugs, and at times as hard as it was for me the truth... spoken in love. Thank you for all times you have organized and cleaned my house when I did not have the strength to do it on my own. Financially, over the years with the daunting doctor bills you have given sacrificially, not expecting anything in return. I am sure you went with out in another area...but that is you..YOU have always been selfless. I pray God's abundance over your life in every area. I pray as you enter this season of retirement that you will truely rest in HIM. Mom, you have been a faithful servant. This season perhaps may be scary because of the unknown, but embrace new possibilities and walk with confidence that God will provide, just like He did in 1998, when things were not making much sense. When dad went to be with Jesus it was such a difficult time. I was not sure you would find your nitch again. I always saw you and dad as such a team, I felt great sadness for you. Never would I have imagined all that I have seen you accomplish. I know God is the one that deserves the Glory. I am just proud of you! ...and I know the journey has been hard and so painful at times but I have seen your perseverance, your never give up attitude, your drive for excellence, and a beautiful characteristic that can sometimes feel like a a weakness, which it is not, on the other hand it is a characteristic of a STRONG woman of God.... it is the ability to ask for forgiveness and seek to make things right when you are wrong. That and your love for Jesus is what I admire about you the most. Thank you for being an example to me. Thank you for praying for me and my family. I love you more than words can say, our relationship and friendship mean the world to me. Love always, Your daughter, | Trisha

8: Cynthia's Spread | Momma, Growing up you were there in my everyday, asking me of how my day was as soon as I got home from school. You were there to encourage me in my homework, to challenge me in my spiritual growth, to wipe away the tears when i got my feelings hurt, and to patch up a scraped up knee. As a teenager you kept motivating me and leading me to the Word. You mentored me and helped me to think on honoring God in my friendships. As a woman, you have been my number one encourager and supporter. You have been there when I cried and when I was joyful. You are a proverb 31 woman and such an example to me as to how I can love God and love others so sacrificially. And today, you are MY FRIEND! I am so very grateful for your example, mom. Thank you for serving GOD faithfully for all of these years and exemplifying what it means to live obediently and trusting in a sovereign God even when life hurts. I love you so much momma! Today we are celebrating YOU and your journey! Te amo! Um grande abraco e mil e um beijos, Cynthia

10: Grandkids spread | Grandma you are LOVED

11: I miss YOU... and i LOVE YOU SO MUCH... and i wish you could come everyday!!!! Thank you for all the books and puzzles you give me. I love it when you read me bedtime stories. YOU are the BEST Grandma, | Fishy kisses | Lauren Ashleigh | Love,

12: Dear Grandma, | From my heart, Danielle | I LOVE YOU Grandma! You are so special to me. You are a huge example to me because you are a missionary. You have lived in Brasil, a place I wish I could visit someday. I love your stories and your hugs. I love you so very much. You are the best Grandma in the world.

13: Grandma, | Hannah | I love you being around the house when you come to visit, you help everybody and especially me, cause you brought my math grade up tremendously and i love you for that. You always give us encouraging words and always are fair in punishing. haha! I just can't even describe in words how much I love you! <3

14: Hey Barb, I’m sure you are finding it so very hard to believe that you are entering this stage of life. Where has the time gone and many other questions are bound to be flying through your mind. As you are taking time to reflect know this, that your decision to become and hang in there, as a missionary, through the good times & bad, has greatly impacted my life, in more ways than you can possibly imagine. As a result of you, I now have a family heritage that I did NOT have before, that I can now, not only look to myself, but more importantly, point my three girls to - that GOD is real and HE is faithful and HE will take care of you and here is the evidence to prove it !!! So Thank you !!! Thank you for everything: All your prayer support; Wise counsel; Financial Help; and being there to pitch in tangibly when needed etc etc etc I believe this new ministry season that you are now entering is going to be just as rich and life changing as the one you have just completed and are now just beginning to build on top of. Looking forward to watching and hearing all about, the things our Lord does in and through you. Once again thanks for everything Barb You are greatly appreciated !!! Your Son-In-law Joey

17: First Church plant- Cocaia.

18: Our chacara... so many wonderful memories. | Always exciting flights to and from Brasil. Customs was always an adventure with 18 dufflebags.

19: Uma casa muito especial. | Feira time. To cheirando peixe. | Acampamento Maranata

20: Second Church Plant- Sumarezinho. | Seminary

21: Eu amo o...

22: Behind every face is a story of God's amazing grace!

23: Third Church Plant- | Itaquera.

24: Saudades...

26: Pastor Roberto Brito e Celia

27: So many memories...

29: Fourth Church Plant- | Sao Mateus. | Pastor Silvio e Lidia

33: December 9, 1998 Daddy's homegoing. We miss you Dad!

34: Missionaries & friends from Brasil

35: "God is not unjust; He will not forget your work and the love you have shown Him as you have helped His people and continue to help them." Hebrews 6:10 When we think of you Barb, we think of a committed missionary, faithfully serving the Lord in Sao Paulo along side of your husband. We first met you in Ventnor, New Jersey where we were spending a furlough and you were on your way to Brazil. We knew you would have a wonderful ministry in church planting in Sao Paulo and praised God for His Hand upon your lives. We remember you as a devoted wife and mother -- so thankful for the testimony your family had in your church planting ministry and the fruit that remains. You were both so enthusiastic and gifted as you ministered in various areas of the large city of Sao Paulo. We wish we could have known your children better but have been blessed to hear of the special ways God has used each one of them to serve Him. We remember your contribution to the Christian Education ministry -- using the unusual gifts God had given you to enhance the production and use of excellent materials. You and Dave were an amazing team and we praise God to-day for the ways He used you both and continued to use you after Dave went to heaven. Be assured of our love, appreciation and prayers for you as you enter a new phase of ministry. In His love and grace, Art and Joyce Cavey

37: Dear Barb, Congratulations on your retirement! We know that that doesn’t mean that you will ever quit ministering, as that is one of your precious gifts. We are so privileged to have had the opportunity to work alongside of you and Dave. You both have meant so much to us. You have been wonderful examples of faithful servants of the Lord in spite of tremendous challenges. We have admired your dedication and joyful spirit. You have taught us much about the importance of ministering to people, not just doing the work. Your love for people has been very obvious and has had a huge impact in the lives of many, both Brazilians and Americans. We trust you will enjoy your retirement, find some time to relax, spend time with family and yet still use your wonderful gift of compassion among believers and unbelievers wherever the Lord leads you. Thank you for your friendship and the example you have been to our family through the years. Love in Christ, Joe and Meta Arthur

38: When I think of you, Barb, so many memories come to mind. You were one of the first missionaries that I worked closely with in Sumarezinho and in Itaquera. You taught me much, always with the most gentle spirit, never proud. I admired your virtuous ways, the way that you cared for your children, your courage, your experience in a variety of circumstances. After listening to your prayers in Portuguese at prayer meetings at the church in Sumarezinho, I found myself patterning my prayers after yours, since I was learning the language at the time. I also was very aware that Dave was much in love with you and enjoyed talking about how you first met. He shared details at a banquet where you couldn't attend, probably because one of the kids were sick. If my memory serves me right, it seems that he wrote a poem about you which had some symbolism with ships, the sea, etc. Both you and Dave had a heart for the Baptist Press here in Sao Paulo, and were always willing to put your talents to work when needed. I was pretty amazed to see that everyone in your family developed artistic talent, but is it any wonder, with parents like these? Probably one of the funniest memories that I have is about something that happened occasionally that involves you, Dave and my husband, Bob. Because Dave and "Uncle Bob" made many trips to Itaquera together to work on construction or do pastoral ministry, they had time to converse on the way. Bob recalls that sometimes Dave would mix his name up with yours and call him "Barb". What was funny, was that you said that once in a while, Dave would also call you "Bob" for the same reason. We still talk about your Dave's hilarious but true stories. Barb, you are one of the sweetest people that I have met. If I had to some you up in two words, it would be "sweet courage". We hope that your retirement brings many more enjoyable adventures, good health and quality time with your family and friends. God bless you and your family. Love, Lois Walsh

39: Lord remind me how brief my time on earth will be. Remind me that my days are numbered and that my life is fleeting away. Psalm 39:4 May we remember to live our alls for HIM

40: Dear Barbara, What a blesssing it was to have you, Dave and your children as neighbors in Sao Paulo! Those were special years and we have many fond memories of our kids and yours on the street, being in each other's homes, playing sports at PACA and singing in the choir together, etc. Remember those neighbor street parties and painting the flags on the street for the World Cup. We thank God for your life and Dave's testimony and the godly example of service both of you were for Christ. Ps. 90:17 With Love and Prayers, Ken & Marilyn Fast

42: Sending Church in Blanchester, OHIO | Thank You.

43: Dear Barb, I am so glad that God put our paths together on the Grace Baptist Young At Heart trip those many years ago! You have been a blessing to me and I have had the privilege of being a guest in your home and visiting in your church ministry as well as getting to know your family. You are a willing servant of the Lord and He has taken that tender heart of yours to minister to people. I know this is not "retirement" but only a new phase of service to our Lord Jesus Christ! May God continue to bless you! Love, Pat Michalski | You have multiplied, O Lord my God, your wondrous deeds and your thoughts toward us; none can compare with you! I will proclaim and tell of them, yet they are more than can be told. Psalm 40:5

44: Dayspring at Alton Road

45: Transition to ABWE North America Team members: Earl and Marilyn Shaffer in Columbus, Ohio

48: MINISTRY & NOTES from Dayspring

50: The Blackburns. | The beautiful rock baptistry done by your dad when he visited us in Brasil.

51: Barbara, Where do I start? There are lots of good memories even though we haven’t lived near each other for over fifty years. Can you believe that? I have always marveled at your God given talents and how you have used them for our Lord. You were willing to leave our comfort zone and go where God was leading so far away. I can’t believe you are actually retiring but I’m glad as I love my freedom in retirement. It allows me to serve our Lord at my church in so many ways that was impossible when I worked. I want to let you know that your painting, “Lemons and Limes” has been an inspiration to me in my kitchen for years. I enjoy it each day knowing that it was painted by you. I know you are very proud of your children as they are so talented, as well. I have several framed copies of Jon’s paintings which I enjoy so much. I have been thinking back to our young lives in the various places we have lived. I have lots of wonderful memories about visits with the Yates family in Dayton picking strawberries. Strawberries are still one of my favorite fruits. At Pineville, we had so many fun times at Gregory’s home, especially the biscuits and gravy served by Mrs. Gregory each morning.. For just a few memories, remember the large leaves we designed into clothes, played in the creek and on the large rocks imbedded in the mountain, when the bread truck spilled all the pastries in front of our house, when Durward escaped crawling up the curvy hairpin road to Gregory’s house and when Dewayne was born at 3 pounds drinking tea instead of milk. Just sitting here thinking, I go back to Clear Creek School and all the fun things we did there even though we had to walk almost a mile to school when Daddy couldn’t take us. Also, remember the “See Saw” that Daddy built for us along the solid rock wall in the front yard. We couldn’t have picked a better playground as children and life was so simple. To hear the “Rest of the Story” we are going to have to get together soon. I’m missing Mom and Daddy but just think of all the offspring we have from them. There are four kids, twelve grandkids, eighteen great-grandkids, and one great-great grandbaby if I figured right. We have quite a bunch of aunts, uncles and cousins that need to get to know each other. My kids send their love and congratulations to you long distance -Markeyta & Mark, Patrick & April, Joshua & Hope, Grant & Michelle (Parker & Jonathan), Miles, Chase and Hunter. Congratulations on your retirement after a Christ lead life of service. I will be praying that you will enjoy your freedom by relaxing as you plan your family visits, home projects, traveling or what ever you want to do. Lovingly in Christ, Joyce and Kenneth..

52: Taylor's | the

54: Dear Barb, You and Dave made a tremendous impact on me during my Jr. High years. Remember teaching me doctrine? Actually you were studying for an exam (or so you told me) and had me ‘help’ you study. I’m still not sure whether you were actually studying or just teaching me. That’s where I learned God’s attributes and His divine work (and how to spell and pronounce them)Omniscient, Omnipotent, OmnipresentPropitiation, Redemption, Regenerationjust to name a few. Remember teaching me Algebra? I made almost straight A’s because you helped me think through the ‘Word Problems’ Remember teaching me manners? I remember you stepping on my toes after I was unkind to someone and telling me “Actions speak louder than words.” Remember teaching me how to clean house? Well, I don’t know if that one stuck very well Remember teaching me how to pray and to have faith? We were in Indianapolis, Indiana, trying to find Gray Road Baptist Church where Dave was to speak that morning. We’d been on a beach youth outing in Michigan the evening before and had been driving all night. We were veryhotdirtysandytired and hungry. We went up and down Gray Road trying to find this church. At a gas station a man asked if he could help us and then told us there were two Gray Roads and that this was the wrong Gray Road. He and his family were on their way (to a different church) but instead of continuing on their way they invited us (total strangers) to their home to shower, change, and then they even fed us breakfast. Instead of telling us how to find the way or giving us a map, they had us follow them to the Gray Road Baptist Church. I never forgot God’s provision for us through this family. Actually there were so many road experiences (since we traveled all summer on deputation)flat tiresbroken down carnot much moneybut God always provided and you and Dave sang and prayed all along the way. It was an amazing example to a twelve year old girl. And then the spiritual training mixed with so much funall the VBS’s, camps, and youth outings with canoeing, camping, hobo dinners. Living with you and Dave those two summers gave me such rich, unforgettable experiences that, along with the example of a loving Christian marriage, were invaluable to me. Andthat was just the startyou have continued to be all through the years such a godly woman, wife, mother and grandmotherwith a heart who loves and serves her Lord above all else. Thank you, Barb. I love you. Irene (pictures taken at Silver Lake, Michigan 1968/Dave and Irene after a dune buggy ride/Barb and Irene playing in the sand)

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