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BC: The End

FC: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, continued By:Hayley Zumkeller

1: Sir Gawain and the rest of the court stared in awe, struggling to keep their mouths closed. The Green Knight, who was half way out the door, paused for a minute , then slowly turned his headless neck back at the room. No one spoke, no one moved. After a few seconds of staring, the Green Knight galloped away leaving an eerie expression on everyones face. The court immediately starting chirping at one another. Sir Gawain just stood there, plotting, but his mind was blank, his face pale white. King Arthur escorted Sir Gawain back to his knights quarters. When they reached the sleeping quarters, Sir

2: Gawain thanked King Arthur for walking with him. King Arthur replied, "Your welcome, but i need to talk to you. I made a mistake. We should not have let that, that.. thing get away!" "There was nothing we could do!" shouted Sir Gawain. "We will find him, and we will kill him! We will leave first thing in the morning," demanded the king.

3: The night before they left, they packed up the kingdoms finest two horses and fresh food from the kitchen. The two brave men were on a quest, a quest to kill the Green Knight. The only problem was that they didn't know where to begin to look. "I got it!" exclaimed Sir Gawain. "What? You know where he is?" "Why of course, it is so obvious. He lives in the Green Forest." "How could I be so foolish. We will head there at once, after we visit the fair just a couple of miles away from here. You will be in charge of stocking our bags with the finest weapons you can find, while I

4: trade our old weapons for some extra food for the horses," spoke King Arthur controllably. The two men set off to find the town fair, which was located on a hill just above the Green Forest. When they arrived to the town, people cheered and bowed in honor of being able to meet the king and a knight of the round table. A green man was in the audience. He was not moving nor cheering. His face was a dark green, and his eyes were burning in a radiant yellow. Sir Gawain immediately jumped off his horse and drew out his sword! The man ripped off his mask and threw his hands up in fright. A strong breeze blew over the silent crowd.

5: Sir Gawain released the man in the mask. He was just a performer. He apologized immediately. The word about the Green Knight had been spread so quickly, that people were performing re-enactments of the event. Sir Gawain's cheeks filled with red from embarrassment. He walked away with all eyes glued on him. King Arthur raced after him down a dark ally way, where Sir Gawain sat with his face pressed into his knees. Sir Gawain raised his head with teary eyes and said, "what if that thing doesn't die? What were we planning on achieving on this journey? We could fight him as long as we want but he may just break apart and not die!"

6: "For God sakes man, pull yourself together! Your a knight! Your swore to be courageous," shouted King Arthur. "But sir, if I am going to be courageous and honorable, I must follow through with my promise," explained Sir Gawain tilting his head toward the ground. "It is an unfair challenge, we will discuss this later." With that last word, they both walked back to the cheerful town to enjoy the feast and watch some joust matches, but Sir Gawain couldn't help but think about what might take place if they encounter the Green Knight. The next morning the two adventurers, eager to get started, headed out to the Green Forest. Hours of silence had passed by. Sir Gawain and King Arthur had too

7: much on their minds. Through the distance, they saw the tip of the Green Forest. The horses came to a halt without command. "Common!" shouted Sir Gawain, but the horses would not move. Sir Gawain and King Arthur stared at each other. "They feel it too," explained Kind Arthur. The eerie feeling they felt on

8: their first encounter with the Green Knight was back. They both hopped off their horses, splattering mud all over their leather boots. King Arthur packed up the weapons while Sir Gawain attempted to pack up some courage. Sir Gawain took a deep breath, then they set off into the Green Forest. Struggling to get through the forest, King Arthur noticed some sort of hut near the creek, just out by the clearing. "Over there," King Arthur whispered. Sir Gawain clamped his hands sharply around his ax as they trotted quietly to the hut.

9: To their disappointment, the hut was empty. "Woah!" sir Gawain tripped over a large green ax. The ax came whistling down, cutting off the forth finger on Sir Gawain's right hand. "Aaahhhhh...." Sir Gawain stopped yelling. He picked up his blood covered finger and crept it toward his hand. The two puzzle pieces of hand and finger magically reunited. King Arthur's eyes were wide open, with his jaw dropped.

10: "It's the axe!" explained Sir Gawain, "Its magic! The Green Knight must be a disguised witch!" "It all makes sense now!" agreed king Arthur, "Ive got a plan." Four days later, the return of King Arthur and Sir Gawain was welcomed with a party! There was a misunderstanding though. Sir Gawain never killed The Green Knight, like most of the villagers had thought. The Green Knight was very much alive. One year and one day passed since the last encounter. The King announced a special feast to a take place that day. It would be a cold day, one that no one would ever forget.

11: The guests arrived questioning the feast because they didn't think there was anything to celebrate. They were right, until the doors slammed open, bringing in the wind and snow with it. In the snow was a vast shadow. When the shadow faded, the Green Knight appeared, head perfectly attached to his body. Gasps filled the room. The stories of the Green Knight had shifted content so much, who knows what was going on through everyones minds. The Green Knight hopped off his horse staring down at the crowd of people, who started breaking apart. They formed a clearing, perfect for Sir Gawain to walk straight up to the Green Knight. He did not speak a word though. Everyone was expecting a great battle, but Sir Gawain just knelt,

12: leaving his neck fully exposed. The Green Knight raised his ax. "Stop!" shouted King Arthur, "I don't trust you. You will use one of my axes to strike your blow!" He walked over to the Green Knight and handed him the ax. The ax was a long ax, with a grip, perfect for two hands. The blade was sharper than sharp and perfect for slicing. "A fine ax. This will make nice for a clean cut," the Green Knight chuckled. King Arthur backed up after he whispered in Sir Gawain's ear, "Be brave, it will all work out." But Sir Gawain was still frightened of getting his head chopped off. The ax was raised for a second time, but this time is came crashing down. It was a beautiful clean cut. The Green Knight

13: started walking away with a smirk on his face, until Sir Gawain called his name. "What?" the Green Knight turned around surprised to see Sir Gawain upright with his head completely attached to his body. "How is this possible?" questioned the Green Knight furiously! "Well when you started walking away, I picked up my head and attached it to my body," explained Sir Gawain, who was now the only person with a smirk. "No you idiot! How is this possible?" questioned the Green Knight. "I just did what you did," Sir Gawain picked up the ax and gave it a scratch, unleashing its real color. Green. The Green Knight was speechless.

14: "You see, the day I snuck into your hut in the forest, I realized your ax was bewitched. King Arthur and I went back to a nearby fair and had a replica made. We then traveled back to your hut and switched the axes. Finally we carved and painted the ax we took from you, so you wouldn't recognize it. When King Arthur gave you one of our axes, it was really yours. You are hereby sentenced to death, since you are in fact, a witch. Your death will be taken place tomorrow." When the Green Knight finally understood what had happened, he made a run for it, but it was too late. Knights, covered in armor, whipped out their swords and caught him. The Green Knight was thrown in the dungeon!

15: "Let the feast begin!" King Arthur shouted with great enthusiasm. The next morning the Green Knight was burned as promised. Sir Gawain just sat there, staring. He watched as the witch suffered, while his flesh caught fire. Once the fire burned out, Sir Gawain noticed something. He walked over to pick up the strange glowing object that resembled a tiny rock and placed it in his hands. Sadly he was wrong. This was not a rock nor was it human. In Sir Gawain's hand, lay a beating green heart.

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