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S: Fictional Narratives 2010 - 2011

FC: Fantastic Fictional Narratives by Ms. Nneka and Ms. Brianna's Terrific Third Graders Brooklyn Charter School 2010 - 2011

1: A Note From the Teachers: Our third graders have been writing fantastic fictional narratives! Fictional narratives are made-up stories that seem realistic. They have characters, settings, and plots that are made-up but could happen. We have also been working on the importance of using a mix of narration and dialogue in our writing. The students put their hearts and imaginations into these stories and we are so proud of them! We have made this class book of their stories to celebrate the exceptional writers they have become and we are thrilled to share these stories with you! Happy Reading! -Ms. Nneka and Ms. Brianna

2: The Luck of the Irish by Renee Alexander There was a boy named Kyle. His friends were Russell and Kassey. At his school, East High School, Kyle was on the basketball team. There was a basketball game. During the game, Kyle shoots and scores over and over again. Kyle won the game for his team. He always won the game. Russell said, "We won!" Kyle went to his house looking happy. Kyle's mom, Mrs. Johnson, gave him spaghetti and lettuce with soy sauce. Kyle made a gulp sound. Kyle said, "What is our heritage?" Kyle's dad, Bob, said, "I think your grandfather came from Cleveland." Kyle laughed.

3: The next day, Kyle went to the computer lab to look for the Johnsons. There were 145,000 Johnsons in America. Kyle found out that his family was Irish. Later that day, Kyle and Russell went to the Irish Parade between Candy Ave. and Marcus Garvey St. At the parade, there were fake lucky coins and necklaces. The people on the stage started to play Irish music. Then they started to do the Irish dance. When they played the Irish music, Kyle got attracted to the music and started doing the dance. Russell asked, "What are you doing?" Kyle said, "I don't know. It just came to me!" He realized he was proud and lucky to be Irish.

4: Monster House by Taneyah Anthony Katelyn, Jala, and Armani all went in a house, as known on their block as "the scary house." "Don't push me!" yelled Jala. "Hurry, I'm scared!" said Katelyn. As the door shut behind them, the floor curved. "Run!" shouted Armani. They all ran upstairs, then, after a minute, they came back down. "Aaaahhhh," yelled Jala. "There's blood on my hand!" "Mine too, " replied Katelyn. "Ssssss - spiders!" shouted Armani. Suddenly, the doors locked and so did the windows. After hours and hours stuck in the house, they felt hungry and thirsty. They all fell on the third floor. Boom!

5: "A bottle of water, " exclaimed Jala. They all drank the water and saved some. When they went on the fifth floor, they found that one door wasn't locked so they went through the door. As they all came out of the house, the house collapsed. They decided never to go back to that house again. They all went to Jala's house. "We had a rough day," said Katelyn. Jala took out the bottle and threw it in the garbage.

6: Monster House by Camryn Beckles One scary Halloween day, Amiyah, Yahya, Lesasia, and their parents went to Monster's Scary House. Their dads didn't go because they were going to a party together. The owners named it Monster's Scary House because the man who owned it had the name Monster. Amiyah, Yahya, and Lesasia all got separated from their parents and ended up together. Amiyah and Lesasia screamed together, "I'm really scared!" Yahya closed his ears. "I'll get you out of here, " shrieked Yahya. "Sarcasm," Lesasia whispered to Amiyah. They all wondered and wondered how they would get out of there.

7: Suddenly, they all heard a rumble from the house. "Maybe this house is alive," Amiyah wondered. "No kidding, "Lesasia said madly. "Hey, look, I found my mom!" Yahya said happily. "Where are our moms?" Lesasia questioned. "Let's go look Lesasia. Yahya, stay with your mom, " Amiyah said nicely. When Amiyah and Lesasia were a mile away, Yahya and his mother ran out of the house. "Remember when Yahya said he would get us out of here? He lied." Lesasia said out loud. "Don't be grumpy, Lesasia. We're alone, tired, and mad. Let's find our parents," Amiyah said madly. "Look, our parents are frozen! Let's hit them with a hammer!" Lesasia said. So they hit them with a hammer and the parents unfroze. "Let's get out of here, " they all said. So they used the hammer, smashed the house, and ran home. The house collapsed into a million pieces with Amiyah, Mrs. Harper, Lesasia, and Mrs. Hardy yelling, "Hooray, the house is down!"

8: The Haunted House by Coji Belcher One day, my friend and I decided to go into an abandoned house. Everybody said it was a haunted house, but we are brave. The next day we went into the house. The door shut behind us. My friend said, "It smells like someone farted classic rock." I asked my friend, "Didn't you hear the door close? We didn't close the door." We wondered how the door closed by itself but we were brave. We were walking through the hallway. Every step we made, we heard creak, creak, creak. We went up the stairs and the mannequin dressed up as Jason was hanging from the ceiling and blood was dripping down from his face. My friend said, "I want my mommy!" I pulled the mannequin down from the ceiling and said to my friend, "Shut up you wimp."

9: When we got to the last step, we saw this remote control car with Chucky on top of the car. We ran right to it then jumped over it. The remote control car turned around. Chucky was still on top of the car. The car was chasing me and my friend! My friend said, "I definitely want my mommy and my daddy, my uncle, cousins, brother, sister. I want my whole family!" I told my friend, "If you don't shut up, I'm going to walk without you." "OK, I'll shut up, " he said. We walked up another staircase and we heard this bang, bang, bang. My friend said, "I'm scared." Then this person dressed up as a mummy bumped into me. I unwrapped the toilet paper and it was my brother. My friend said, "Your brother is a mummy!" Then, my mom, my dad, and my sister jumped out and said, "We tricked you and your friend!" We all started laughing, "Ha ha ha!" The End.

10: The Haunted House by Armani Charles Once upon a time, there was a house on the end of the block that we thought was haunted. So me and my family and friends went inside of the house. My mom said, "I'm going that way with the family." "OK, but I'm too scared to go by myself," I said. "I'll send you with Uncle Max and Uncle Matt," Mom said. "OK." When we were walking, they got caught in a net. Uncle Matt and Uncle Max said, "Help me please! Go get your mother!" "OK," I said. "Mom!!!"

11: My mom came and cut the net and we left the haunted house. When we were walking out, we decided never to go back in the house again.

12: The Finder by Synphoni Gladden There was a girl named Terry and her mom got arrested. She got put in a foster home. A week after she was put in the foster home, she started crying every night. "Why did she put me here? I miss her so much! Why couldn't I stay with my dad?" Terry didn't know her dad. For many weeks, Terry stayed quiet. She didn't try to make a friend, but finally, someone came to talk to her. "Hi," said the stranger. Terry stayed quiet. "My name is Suzey. What's yours?" "Terry," she said with a quiet voice. "My mom gave me up," Suzey said sadly. "Well, my mom got arrested and I don't know my dad so I ended up here," said Terry.

13: Years and years passed. Suzey and Terry got older and they became best friends. It was time for them to leave. "We're finally leaving!" they shouted. "I'm going to find my dad," said Terry. To be continued...

14: Lose a Sister by Tyler Gurley When you lose a sister, it's ok. But it's not when your mom finds out! One hot summer day, my sister and I were walking to the movies. When we got there, the tickets were sold out. "Well, we can't see the movie, Kayla," I said. "Can we see the other movie, Big Mama?" asked Kayla joyfully. "Fine, I'll get the tickets," I said. We were so lucky because there were only two tickets left and they were for free, but then I remembered that I had spent the rest of the money! "OK, I got the - " I paused. Where is she? I thought. I looked everywhere. I even checked outside, but I just couldn't find her. "Ah!" I yelled in my head. "If I don't find her, my mom is going to ground me!" I kept searching and searching for her.

15: "Well, I guess I'm going to be grounded," I thought. So I just used one ticket. But then I found her! All this time, she was saving us a spot in line for the movie! "Why didn't you tell me where you went?" I said. "I didn't want to be in the back row, so I just walked away," Kayla said. "Fine, but I'm telling mom when we get home." "Next!" called the man. We had the last two front row tickets. We were both lucky because when we went in there, two people were heading for the front row seats but we ran faster than they did and we sat down. "Sorry," I said. We watched the movie and had a great time.

16: Scream! by Lesasia Hardy It was a dark and stormy night and I heard a terrible scream. "Aaaahhhh!" my big sister Amy screamed. I ran upstairs to see what was going on and when I got to her room I saw a huge spider crawling on her bed. "Don't worry, I'm going to get help!" I yelled. "OK," shrieked Amy, "but you better hurry!" I went downstairs and called 911 and went back upstairs. "The police are coming," I said. I came in her room and tried to yank the spider off her bed but it held on very tightly! As soon as the police got to the house, the spider disappeared mysteriously. "Where did it go?" asked the police. "We don't know," we said together. "Well, goodbye," the police said and left. My heart was beating so fast and Amy said hers was too.

17: "I got scared out of my life just now," I told her. "Me too," she said. "I'm so glad you're ok," I said. As soon as my mom came back from work, we told her all about it. "Really, a spider? I don't believe this! I'm calling the exterminator!" mom said. "He might not find the spider," we said.

18: When Friends Fight! by Amiyah Harper One hot summer day, I went to the park with Taliyah and Mrs. A. I saw a swing and Taliyah saw it too so we both grabbed it at the same time. I screamed, "Taliyah, I saw the swing first!" Taliyah screamed back, "No, I saw the swing first!" So me and Taliyah were both mad at each other. We rode our bikes without talking to each other. We never do that. When we were done riding our bikes, we sat down mad. We still weren't speaking so we played by ourselves.

19: I was feeling lonely playing by myself and I was tired of fighting so I said, "You know what Taliyah? Let's just take turns." Then we went home with Mrs. A and we were friends again.

20: Lost in Town by Zorell Olya Havercome One bright afternoon, four friends went to the mall. Their names were Brittney, Aariana, Nancy, and Jada. They were buying clothes for a Sweet Sixteen party. "Hey, do you think this dress is cute?" asked Brittney. "Totally," Nancy agreed. "How do these shoes look?" asked Aariana. "Hot," smiled Jada. They all ran to their cars. As they were driving, Aariana made a wrong turn. All the other girls were so anxious when they found out that Aariana was gone.

21: They found her in a park. Each girl was so anxious! "Where were you?" asked Brittney. "You got us all over looking for you!" said Jada. "Sorry," Aariana said, starting to cry. "Aari, no need to cry," said Nancy. They all went in their Jeeps and headed home. They got dressed and then they headed to the Sweet Sixteen party. Always remember people sometimes lose their way. Sometimes, just forgive them if they do.

22: The Spooky House by T'aliyah Higgins One night, a girl named MeeMee woke up all alone. MeeMee shouted, "Where is everyone? I'm scared!" That's when she ran out of the door. She saw a house that was old looking, creepy, and nasty. Then MeeMee went in. MeeMee got locked in! MeeMee was scared. She decided to go through the rooms but every time a ghost popped out! But it was really her sister TeeTee. "Why did you scare me like that?" yelled MeeMee. "I thought that it was funny," said TeeTee. Then MeeMee went in the next room. There were mummies in there. But not people, they were robots!

23: MeeMee kept looking in the other rooms but the same thing kept happening. Snakes and zombies were not really zombies. But the snakes were real! MeeMee was really scared of snakes. She was afraid they would bite her. But suddenly, all her friends popped out and said, "Boo!" It was all fake. Her friends were laughing at their prank.

24: The Cat Dog Run by Isaiah Jefferson-Tillery There was a marathon between a cat and a dog. It was a race. I chose a dog. There was no way we could lose! But there was something in the race that dogs don't like. Cats. They always bark at cats. But it's ok. Me and my dog just had to train. We worked together. We were strong together. We were ready for the race. We got to the park. It was hard. There were lots of things to do like swimming, jumping, and doing tricks. "We can do this," I said to my dog.

25: Then we won because we were the fastest swimmers, the highest jumpers, and we did the best tricks. We rolled around and sang. It was sad that the cats lost but they weren't good at the swimming because cats hate water. "I knew we could do it! You're the best dog ever!" I said happily.

26: Wow! by Katelyn Johnson One cold morning, my mom and I were going to Colgate. We were the second ones to get there. We came back home at 6:00. My mom opened the door. There was blood all over the floor. "Blood on the floor!" I yelled. "Why is there blood on the floor?" my mom asked in a creepy way. My sister Khadia came behind us. "OMG," she whispered. The blood was leading us to my brother's room. "Ramel, are you ok?" I yelled. "No, I'm sinking in water!" We busted into my brother's room. "Ramel," we all said together. When we looked on the bed, he was on the floor. "Hi Mom," he said. He was not really sinking in water. He was talking about his game!

27: My mom's face was turning red. That's when we knew there was something wrong. But then mom asked, "Why was there blood on the floor?" "That's not blood, that's juice," Ramel said. My mother started getting mad. "Oh my God, I'm counting to 3. 1..2..3..." my mom said. When she got to three, everybody ran. Ramel ran next door to his friend's house. Khadia and I ran to our sister Wana's house. We came banging on her door. She opened up. "What's wrong?" Wana said. "Mom went crazy!" we yelled. "Come in," Wana said. We started talking to Wana. "Why did she go crazy?" Wana asked. "Well, as I remember, Mom thought that there was blood on the floor," Khadia said. "But it was really juice!" I said. Wana said, "Wow, Mom is really crazy."

28: Halloween by Jaquan Lowe One Halloween, I was dressed up as Triple H and my friend Joshua was dressed up as John Cena. My friend Joshua yelled, "You can't see me!" Joshua and I went to my house. My mom gave us a loooot of candy. Joshua and I went to our friend's house. Our friend's name is Armani. He was dressed up as The Rock. I asked him, "Why are you dressed up as The Rock?" Armani said, "I like The Rock." Joshua yelled, "Stop it!" I yelled, "Joshua, what are you doing?" "Trying to stop the fight," Joshua said. I said, "Let's stop fighting and go get Matthew." We went to Matthew's house. He was dressed up as The Miz. We all started fighting again about our different wrestlers.

29: Finally, Joshua said, "Stop fighting! Let's go trick-or-treating." So we stopped fighting and had a great time trick-or-treating.

30: Almost Gone by Liliana Maitland I was in Hawaii on vacation. We went there for a look at the volcano. "I don't want to go to a volcano. I might lose you," I pouted to my sister. "Don't worry, I'll be fine," she said. As soon as we got to the top of the volcano, my sister tripped. She fell in! I grabbed her hand. She was really heavy. Suddenly, the ground shook. "Wooooh!" we screamed. The volcano erupted. I pulled my sister up and we slid down the volcano with hot, boiling lava behind us. When we got to the ground, we did not have time to get in the car. We immediately ran.

31: We borrowed a car from a town nearby. Luckily, the town was far enough from the volcano. We got in the car and drove home. "Thank you," Valina said tiredly. "Don't mention it," I proudly said, with a grin.

32: The Place by Yahya Nassar One day I was walking home from school. I passed by a weird house. I wondered who lived in there. "Maybe a ghost," I thought. I passed by the house every day, wondering who or what thing is in there. One day I saw the door open. I hid. I saw a man with a black jacket. He spotted me and said, "Hello, kid." I said hi really softly. Then I ran really fast.

33: One day I saw him again. He shook my hand. After a few days I finally had the guts to ask him to be my friend. He said, "Yes." I jumped up and down. Now, he walks me home from school every day.

34: Nicky, the Sneaky Girl by Jada Rodriguez Nicky was mad because she couldn't go to a teen party. She was a sneaky girl. Whenever she wanted to go out, she couldn't go so she would sneak out. "Why can't I go?" Nicky asked. "Because I said so!" Mom screamed. "I hate when you do that," Nicky grumbled, slamming her door. "Well, good, stay in there!" Mom said meanly. So Nicky was thinking and thinking. Then she jumped off her bed with a smile on her face. "I can sneak out the window, but first, I have to give my sister my phone so she can text me on my other phone. That way, if Mom finds out that I snuck out, she can warn me," Nicky thought. So she went in her sister's room and gave her the phone. "Jessica, when Mom says she's going to get me, text me saying she's coming! She's coming! Leave the party! Okay?" Nicky said. "Alright," Jessica said.

35: Nicky went back in her room and opened the window and jumped out. "Nicky, honey, I'm sorry that you can't go to the teen party," Mom said calmly. Mom went into Nicky's room. "She snuck out the window because the window is open!" Mom yelled. "I'm going to get her." Jessica texted Nicky saying, "She's coming! She's coming! Leave the party! Leave the party!" Nicky saw the text so she left the party and got back in her room by the window. On the way out, Mom heard a thump coming from Nicky's room so Mom went back in her room. "Hi Mom," Nicky said. "Did you leave this room?" Mom yelled. "No, Mom, and please stop yelling at me," Nicky said.

36: Locked Out! by Kraig Tai After school, Kraig was going home and Kraig found out no one was home. Kraig was never locked out before! Kraig's big brother was supposed to be home. "Ring, ring." Kraig's phone rang. It was his mom. "Hello, Kyle's not home," Kraig said. "What?! That boy was supposed to be there," Sharon screamed. "Mom, when will you get home?" Kraig asked.

37: Boom! A truck's air tank blew up. Kraig got stabbed with a sharp piece of glass. He had to cover it with his shirt. He had to call 911 and they brought him to the Emergency Room. He got surgery on his hand. He had to get stitches on his arms and legs. When his mom found out, she came to get him. He had to rest and his brother got in a lot of trouble.

38: Halloween by Joshua Vasquez One time on Halloween, a dark cold night, I was scared. Ding dong! "Who is it?" I asked. "It's me, Jaquan." He was dressed up as Triple H. Me, Jaquan, my dad, my mom, and my three brothers went to Morgan Ave. We were going trick-or-treating. My sister Mandy came up behind me. My sister scared me by saying, "Boo!"

39: We got on the train. I got really bored. Jaquan cheered my up by giving his PSP to me. Finally, we got to my grandpa's house. While I was watching TV, "BOOOOM!" A loud noise came from the basement. I left the house and went to my dad's car. I drove as far as I could and went to my house. I never found out what the noise was.

40: The Missing Earrings by Jala White E.T. always had the best time at grandma's house, where she lived. She likes living there because she gets really nice, expensive stuff. Her favorite gift was her hoop earrings. E.T. was watching a scary movie on TV. She touched her ear to see if the earrings were still there. They weren't! She jumped up and started searching. She looked under the couch, under the table, and on the dog!

41: She couldn't find her earrings anywhere. Suddenly, her cousin Zarah came in the door. E.T. saw that Zarah was wearing her hoop earrings. "Why are you wearing my earrings?" screamed E.T. "You let me wear them. I asked you yesterday, remember?" Zarah said. "Oh, ok," E.T. said. She was so happy to have her earrings back.

42: The Haunted House by Jahmilia Williams Once upon a time, there was a girl who went into a haunted house with her friends. Her name was Nakayla. Her friend's names were Kayla, Jahniya, and Jahmilia. They all got lost in the same place. "I'm very scared," whispered Jahmilia. "We are all scared," Nakayla said in a shaky voice. "Jahniya," said Nakayla. "Yes?" murmured Jahniya. "Are you scared?" "Yes," whispered Jahniya. "Ummm, Jahniya," said Kayla. "Yes," mumbled Jahniya. "Don't you think it's dark?" asked Kayla. "It really is," whispered Jahniya. Kayla and Jahniya stopped walking. Jahmilia and Nakayla kept walking. Suddenly, when Kayla and Jahniya turned around, they couldn't find Jahmilia and Nakayla. Jahniya and Kayla got lost.

43: "Help!" screamed Jahniya and Kayla. "Where are Jahniya and Kayla?" asked Nakayla. "Yeah, where are they?" asked Jahmilia. "Wait, I think they are lost." "That's the problem," said Nakayla."Let's go find them," she murmured in a squeaky voice. Jahmilia and Nakayla went to go looking for Jahniya and Kayla. "I think we are getting closer," said Nakayla. "I think I see them!" screamed Jahmilia. "Don't scream," said Nakayla. "I think I see Jahmilia and Nakayla!" said Kayla. All of them started running to each other.Then they found light and went home.

44: Sometimes Friends Fight by Matthew Winfield One day, Jaquan and I went to the movies. I said, "I think we should see Spider-Man because it is a cool movie." Jaquan said, "No, I think we should see The Hulk." We argued. I yelled at him, he yelled back at me. We decided we were going to see The Hulk. After that, we were going to see Spider-Man: The Movie. It was so much fun.

45: We wanted some food, so we went to the food buffet. I wanted to have popcorn. Jaquan wanted to have candy. I said, "Let's have popcorn AND candy!" It tasted weird but it was ok and the movies were good.

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