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S: 2010 Our Family

FC: 2010

2: Daddy's Ice Fishing Catch Ling cod from Flaming Gorge | Slimy!

3: Berries are Boston's favorite food. He even loves to eat them frozen - "cold berries" | Boston loves to play his guitar while Spencer plays Rock Band on the Wii. | "Oh great! Just great!" This is what happens when you don't get Boston's breakfast fast enough.

4: Boston helped with the cake! | Happy Birthday Daddy | Lily 4 Boston 3 Jackson 1

5: ... all about the EYEBROWS | Boston watched a segment of Sesame Street about eyebrows. Bert uses his eyebrows to show emotion. That evening he made Bert's eyebrows out of play dough and was showing me his angry and surprised eyebrows. From then on it was...

6: Sun Valley | We spent Spencer's R&R with Shannon, Scott and Jackson French at Sun Valley. | Boston had a great time skiing. He learned to make a wedge and slow down but never wanted to actually do it because he only wanted to go fast. He was so excited to see everything around him that he didn't pay attention to where he was going so Spencer had to keep a close eye on him.

7: We enjoyed a horse drawn sleigh ride to a great restaurant. It was a beautiful evening, cold but calm with patchy clouds. Boston kept the people on the ride entertained with his funny comments. ("I can't see the horses or hear them but I can smell them.") The food was delicious. Boston loved the accordion player and asked him to play "Yellow Submarine" | The heated pool was nice after a cold day skiing. Spencer thought it was too hot. | Boston really enjoyed the elevator. We had to use it every chance we Could and sometimes several times in a row.

8: Too cold! waiting in the truck for Daddy | Daddy loves to go ice fishing and one day he decided we needed to come. | "Come on poles make some fish."

9: Happy Valentines Day! Boston delivered Valentines to Grand and Grandpa Nessa and Justin at the Hotel | Oh Canada! Vancouver Olympics Grand & Grandpa Nessa & Justin came for opening ceremonies

10: Ice Festival - Green River | Sun & Snow makes SMILES | Hippy made a big snow hill in Bentley's yard

11: Spencer and Rick went ice fishing at the Gorge and caught these fish plus a few more big ones that "got away."Hayden and Boston were instant friends. They both have happy fun personalities and kept us laughing with their funny choice of words. Boston provided us with a little adventure, when he clogged the toilet (for the 3rd time) and flooded the bathroom while the guys were gone. | Nessa's game closet is so much fun. | smashing bananas for banana bread

12: We took Boston to a Mexican restaurant with a mariachi band. We were seated up front and it was a little loud. Boston used his crayons to make ear plugs. | Derek and Amber's wedding dinner | Boston loves getting Grand's mail. | Yummy! Grand always has ice cream!

13: The MANY faces of ...

15: You Rock!

16: Riding Trax we see the cranes and the temple! | Go JAZZ! | Boston loves playing basketball and thought it was great to watch a real game.

17: More Snow

18: The Easter Bunny visited Grand and Grandpa's hotel room | Boston was concerned at first because his basket was empty.

19: We love the Easter Bunny | It was too cold to hunt eggs outside so the Easter Bunny hid them in the grounds shop.

20: Boston likes to scrape the cheese out of his cheese and crackers with his thumbs. | Lily and Boston

21: This is the hat Grandpa C used to wear to church.

22: Happy 1/2 Birthday!

23: Adventures with Daddy | Spencer lays a loop of string around a prairie dog's hole and waits for it to poke its head up then he pulls the string and lassos the prairie dogs. (Boston brought an orange out to feed the ground squirrels.) | Flaming Gorge

24: Just like Daddy! | We thought it was great that he fell asleep one night with his hand on his new back hoe. Then another night we saw that he had wrapped his dinosaur up in polka dots. | He wants to ride every four wheeler in the store

25: Old Bike! New Bike! | Old Truck! New Truck! | My favorite flower My favorite smile

26: The lady at our post office asked us to hurry up and come pick up the mail because we had a box that said "Live Insects -Open Immediately". She wanted it out of there as soon as possible. We ordered caterpillars on the Internet for our butterfly house. "Did our caterpillars turn into butterflies yet?" Boston asks this question at least eight times a day. We are very excited! They were just tiny caterpillars when we got them but they grew and grew. Then they hung upside down from a paper attached to the lid. We had to carefully remove the paper from the cup and pin it to the side of the butterfly house. One morning we woke up and all the butterflies had emerged for their chrysalis'. A few days later we took them out in the backyard and let them go.

27: there they go Wow!!!

28: Spencer's new dirt bike | Almond Joy cake for Jessica's b-day | "the girls" Lupe and Fatima | Flaming Gorge Days! We love the parade ... homemade floats, horses and lots of candy to catch.

29: Exploring the desert Summer Fun! Swimming in the backyard

30: We got a phone call early, early in the morning that our flight had been canceled due to mechanical problems. We scrambled to find another flight. The only other a.m. flight was leaving in about an hour. We had to move fast. It was raining while we waited to check in but at last we made it on to the plane. | The thing Boston remembers the most about the ferry ride? ...Eating ice cream. | Spencer tried to prepare Boston for the take-off by telling him to sit back in his chair.

31: We rented a house on the beach for our whole family. 4 bedrooms - 3 bathrooms -kitchen - dining room - living room - TV room - and an great yard. We were amazed at how nice the house was. We loved having a kitchen so that we could eat breakfast at home, make our own lunches to take with us, and we brought dinner home several times. It was so nice to do something different than a hotel. | Vancouver Island June 12-19

32: Sunday: We went to church with the Gillilands then headed to the wharf. The Gillilands brought fish to feed the seal. Boston convinced Art to dance with him on the pier. When the musician finished Boston pointed at him and shouted "you rock!" Next we went to Beacon Hill. Art and Barbara brought bread for the birds. Boston was very apprehensive about brushing the goats but, Spencer helped him see the fun in it. Boston thought that the feathery chicken was very interesting. We spent the evening in Chinatown.

34: Monday: We went to the butterfly garden while everyone else went to Buschart Gardens. At first Boston thought we had to look in the plants for the butterflies. He was the first to have a butterfly land on him. A silly bird took an interest in Spencer's shoes and then mine. He nibbled at them like he was going to untie them. Boston loved it but did not want to see if the bird liked his shoes.

35: Afterwards, we all went to Cole Beach. We had a great time exploring the tide pools. There were lots of star fish and sea anemones. We were excited to find a sea cucumber and a sun star.

36: Monday evening: Art and Barbara came over for dinner on the patio. Spencer and Boston went out to check the crab traps. We enjoyed an evening relaxing at the house.

37: Tuesday: We started the day out with some five pin bowling. Then it was on to Bright Angel Park. We enjoyed a walk through the forest. It was fun to play on the teeter totters we found at the park. Boston liked the suspension bridge, he ran back and forth. Spencer spent some time fishing while the rest of us went shopping. He caught a few fish, mostly tiny ones.

38: Mom stayed with Boston while the rest of us went kayaking. Then we all went to China Beach. Vanessa and Justin taught Boston how to say I Love You, Thumbs up,and OK with his hands. Here he says "I Love You" to Spencer.

39: Art and Boston Arthur | Good Bye! We will miss you!

40: Happy Fourth! Nessa and Justin, Grand, Grandpa and Great Grandpa 'Slip came to visit. We had a bike parade and fireworks at the water tower on Saturday. On Sunday we did fireworks in the neighborhood. We were so happy to have Grandpa 'Slip come for a visit.

41: We celebrated the 24th at Great Grandpa 'Slip's. There was a piñata, a sawdust dig and lots of cousins.

42: Spencer's 33" lake trout from his backpacking trip to Cathedral Lake in the Wind Rivers. "Just look at the size of his head and fins compared to my hands. It's enormous!" Unfortunately the photo is not the best because he caught it at night.

43: What do you do in the summertime ...

44: We took Sammy and Ayen to the forest to roast hot dogs and make s'mores for their first time. Boston was so excited to help carry the firewood. Unfortunately he tripped while carrying some firewood and cut his chin.

45: Boston is in a stage where every flower is for me. Luckily there are dandelions everywhere so I always have fresh flowers.

46: Whoa N-n-n-n-n-n-no!

47: We took a trip to Cedar Mountain to scout out deer one evening. We had a picnic at Ringdahl Reservoir. Boston had to take some time throw rocks in the lake. On our way out we drove over a sharp rock that pierced our tire. We changed the tire mostly in the dark while Boston fell asleep.

48: Spending time in SLC always means fun things to do ...

49: Boston spent a long time playing with these markers in the grass. I was never quite sure what he was doing but he was very intent on. | Boston loves playing in the rain. He really likes sticking his head under the downspout.

50: We love spending summer days in the backyard pool. | It is always fun to have Elizabeth, William and Karen come for a visit.

51: Boston's current favorite songs include: 1. Apologize -One Republic 2. Mr. Roboto -Styx "Seatbelt Seatbelt I got a Seatbelt" 3. High Enough -Damn Yankees 4. Rich Girl -Gwen Stefani 5. So What-Pink 6. The Animal Song-Savage Garden 7. Sweet Emotion-Aerosmith 8. Over You -Daughtry 9. How to Save a Life-The Fray 10. Dance Floor Anthem -Good Charlotte Anything and everything by the Beatles -particularly Yellow Submarine, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Here Comes the Sun, Hard Days Night, Revolution, Birthday, Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da,and I am the Walrus (often he is the eggman and the walrus) | Spencer took Boston camping with Sammy and Richard. He fell while carrying some rocks and almost cut his chin open. | We got a new dinosaur. The last one mysteriously disappeared, | We looked for mermaid tears while in Canada but did not find any. Boston found this piece of half melted glass and was so excited to give me the mermaid tear he had found.

52: Bentley and Boston -Buddies! | We spent an afternoon at Exploration Island at the Arts Festival.

53: Family Night We visited four parks in one night! | Boston loves to eat frozen corn dogs ... FROZEN. He insists that it not be cooked, or even barely defrosted.

54: Boston loves peas! | An outdoor concert - Boston loves to play his guitar and make up songs. One day there will be standing room only rather than only the trees and sky.

55: When we found out that the Beatles Tribute Band "Imagine" was playing the opening night of the Utah State Fair we knew we had to take Boston. The weather was supposed to be horrible and we were worried that the day would be ruined. The weather was a little windy and threatening at times but it kept the crowds away and never did actually storm. Boston was interested in which pig built the brick, straw or stick house. Grandpa taught him to greet the cows with "How now Brown Cow!"He was also very worried about the animals pooping. (Spencer has a special book called "The Mole Who Knew it was None of His Business" that they like to read together. The main theme of the story is poop. It's perfect for Daddy and Bos.) He really liked the fun house mirrors. Then it was time for the concert. By this time we had thoroughly worn him out so he was a little over stimulated. The band played a couple of songs he knew but he was really hoping for Revolution, I am the Walrus, or Lucy.

56: Must hop. must skip. must jump. | A fishing trip along the Green River | Do you see these foot prints?

57: A beautiful autumn day | Fatima, Lupe, Boston, Jerzon, and Elle

58: Yo | ho! | Yo | ho!

59: A pirates life for me!

60: Hello Samantha! Sammy and Ayen's daughter | Silly Pumpkins! Silly boy!

61: Trunk or Treat | Trick or Treat at the hotel

62: Spencer complained about the weather one night . He looked out the window and saw the snow crystals blowing around and said "This isn't even snow". Boston looked out the window and said, "No! It's sparkling!"

63: Our first big snow

64: Another trip to the Green River on a beautiful November Day

65: Boston and I were sitting on a small hill near the river playing while Spencer fished. Spencer was within sight, a little ways up the river. To either side of us was a fence and the river was in front of us so we were in a relatively small area that was fairly confined. Boston and I were talking and throwing rocks into the river. Occasionally a car or semi would drive along the highway on the horizon, we could hear it before we could see it and would watch for it. As we were sitting there we could hear the rumble of what sounded like a large truck that would be crossing the horizon soon. It was taking longer than I thought it should and I turned around to see what else it could be. At the top of the hill we were sitting on was a herd of sheep with the big rams at the front coming to the river to drink. A man was herding them on a horse along with two dogs so, they were in a hurry. When they saw us they tried to stop but their momentum and the sheep behind them pushed them down the hill. As soon as I saw the sheep I grabbed Boston. I picked him up by the back of his jacket so his feet were just off the ground and ran to the fence that was closest. I thought that the fence would help us because we would then not be surrounded by the sheep. I wanted to keep Boston in a position that if I fell he could keep going so I did not pick him up entirely. When we reached the fence I had to run along it until we reached the bridge that crossed over the fence down to the opposite side. By the time we got over and looked back the sheep had crossed through the opposite fence and had dissipated. The herdsman rode up and said, "Looks like those big rams gave you quite a scare." Spencer was shortly behind him. He saw the sheep before I did . He kept thinking we would move as the herd got closer and closer. He wanted to do something to warn us but was too far away to do anything but whistle. I heard him whistle to us just as I turned around to see the sheep. At the time we laughed about it. Later I talked to my mom about it and she was amazed at how blessed we were in the situation. As I look back on it I see that it would have been so easy for Boston to have been far enough away from me that I could not get to him before the sheep. The sheep were at least as tall as him and it would have been easy for them to run right over the top of him. We are grateful for the many blessings in our life.

67: Spencer, with the help of the back hoe, made a great big sledding hill in our front yard. (I think it would have lasted through the next summer if they had not torn it down in the spring.) After every storm Spencer spent an afternoon improving the hill. The neighborhood kids and Spencer had a great time all winter. Even Grand and Grandpa took a turn.

68: Little America Children's Christmas Party. They serve a small lunch for the kids and Santa comes on the firetruck. He passes out presents and then they drive him away in the firetruck. Boston asked Santa for a violin.

69: The Ward Party. The primary put on a nativity. Boston was a very distracted shepherd. He was disappointed that he could not be Mary, so he dressed up at home. | Again Boston asked Santa for a violin.

70: We were able to go to the Salt Lake Symphony Polar Express. Boston enjoyed seeing all the instruments that he had heard about in his CD stories. On another trip to SLC we visited Temple Square for a quick few minutes. It was freezing, freezing cold. | Boston got a guitar ornament to add to his collection.

71: Jingle Bells! Jingle Bells! Boston loves to sing.

72: Christmas Eve was a beautiful day. It had snowed the night before and Spencer had the day off so we went sledding with Scott and Jackson. I went once and wished I hadn't. (I hurt my back on my one and only trip down the hill.)

73: Egg rolls for Christmas Eve. Scott, Shannon, Jackson, Cooper, Sammy, Ayen and Samantha celebrated with us. Boston was so happy with the Legos from Sammy and Ayen. | Look what Santa left! and all the presents under our tree.

74: Finally we got to meet Tanner Malan. Boston was so excited and always wanted to help his cousin. | Boston was "sure" that Tanner wanted to wear this hat.

75: Grandpa taught Boston to sing "Oh Christmas Tree" at the back door to make the lights come on. | Grandpa 'Slip told my Mom that she had to get this crane for Boston even though she had all of his gifts. Boston loves it.

76: December 31, 2010 Presents with Nessa, Justin and Tanner, Grand and Grandpa. Then fireworks. Boston wanted to have chocolate ice cream pops instead of cake.

77: January 1, 2011 Birthday Waffles Party with Grandpa and Grand, Grandma and Grandpa Riggs, Great Grandma Coleman, John Sharon Jackson and Bradley, Mari and Lily. We had a solar system cake and his favorite present was his electric guitar.

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