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2: My parents got divorced when i was really young. this one thing caused a number of other things that happened in my life. it was like a ripple effect, one thing that led to another that led to another. One of the things that happened was after my mom got remarried I went from being an only child to having two brothers and a sister. it was really hard at first to adjust to having to share with other people. I have to share a bathroom with three other people so I always try to be the first one up for school so I can get in the bathroom first. After I got over the fact that I would have three more people in my house i saw siblings as a plus because I have them to hang out with and talk to anytime I want to. i knew my future brothers and sister before my mom and my step dad met. They lived down the street from me so I already hung out with them and we already got along. Don't get me wrong we fight like any other siblings do but we rarely have those moments where we don't get along. At first i was not looking forward to having siblings but after our parents got married i saw them as a good thing. | I never used to have anybody to play basketball with in the driveway but now I play with my brothers all the time. We are all very competitive so sometimes there might be a fight or two but we get over it by playing again until everyone wins at least once. i can remember the first time we went on a family vacation. We went to Tennessee to see our grandparents and we had to take two cars because we didn't have a car big enough to fit all of us yet. We needed the extra room though to fit all our bags so it all worked out. I never knew that a single pebble tossed into a pond could cause so many effects in one person's life. Getting new siblings was not the only ripple effect that my parents divorce caused in my life but it's the one that had the most impact on my life. I also remember another time when our family started playing baseball out in our front yard with a tennis ball. We always pick teams before we start and we play five innings and we play that you can be pegged with the tennis ball if you are running the bases.

3: I think that is the worst part about it because my brothers throw the ball really hard and when it hits you it really hurts. It's a really fun time playing with my family and bonding together over something that we love to play and do. My favorite time to play is on the long, hot summer days when we can play until nine o'clock and the fireflies start coming out. We play until we can hardly see the tennis ball or each other. Sometimes after it gets dark and we can't play baseball anymore because it was so dark we get out the glow in the dark basketball and play basketball until we get tired. I'm glad that this change happened because I would have missed out on all these things that other families get to do that I might not have gotten to experience if my mom had not gotten remarried.

4: About two or three years after my mom and dad got divorced my mom started to date again. She dated a couple of different guys before she started dating my stepdad. It was a little awkward at first because I already knew him because I would play with his kids. Also the times that I would always see him he was with his wife. After he got divorced my neighbor that lived across the street from me at the time set my mom and him up on a date. The longer my mom dated him the more I got to know him and really like him like she did and still does. I think they dated for almost a year before they got married. I guess you could call it dating even though whenever they went on a date I would always be with them. After they got married and even a little before it was kind of bittersweet because we were packing up our stuff out of my house and moving down the street to the house that my stepdad lived in. I lived in another house in the same neighborhood but I don’t really remember it like I remember this house. Even though I only moved right down the street from my old house it was still sad because I had a lot of memories good and bad in that house. I guess you could say it was like the house that built me and made me who I am. So after we moved all of our stuff from one house to the other we had to start unpacking it all and putting things where they went. After the wedding and reception all of us went back to the house and we started moving furniture from one house to the other. My mom and stepdad didn’t go on a honeymoon because we had to move all of mine and my mom’s stuff down to our new house. We were probably up until about one or two in the morning and we finally got to go to bed after we got all the beds set up. The worst part though was that when we were putting together my mom and stepdad’s bed my stepdad dropped the headboard on my youngest step brother’s hand and we thought that he broke it. Of course this was the middle of the night and everything was closed so we couldn’t take him to the doctor but he said he didn’t think it was broken and he could move it and stuff so we didn’t worry too much we just kept putting the bed together. My bedroom furniture was already set up so I could go to bed before anyone else. My room was very boring before I got to decorate it. This was the fun part because I got to decorate a whole new room in my new house and could do whatever I wanted with it. My room in my old house I didn’t decorate so I was really excited about picking out the paint color and hanging things up on the walls everywhere. I am a really big Duke fan so I wanted to paint my room Duke Blue and hang Duke stuff up everywhere. So my room is still Duke blue with Duke stuff everywhere but now I really want to change it because I’m just ready for something new. My room is the bonus room in the house so it’s the biggest room in the house which made my step brothers and step sister mad because their rooms are much smaller than mine. They are over it now though because all of us usually end up hanging out in my room all the time so its kind of like one big room that we all share.

6: I use to be an only child until my mom got remarried to a guy who has three kids. It was a really big adjustment at first because I was use to having all the attention all the time with just me and my mom. It was just me and my mom for the longest time so I had gotten use to the idea of having her all to myself all the time. When she got remarried I had to learn how to share her with my stepdad which at first was not easy. Over time though it got easier and I also learned to share other stuff with my new siblings. Being an only child I didn’t have to share anything with anybody. So going from that to having to share a bathroom and space with three other people was a little bit of a challenge for me. I can remember the first time we all had to get up and go to school when we were all there together; it was like a battle for bathroom time. One of my brothers would be yelling for my sister to get out of the bathroom because she was taking way to long in there. Then when she finally got out it would be a fight to see who got in there next. Another big thing that changed was going to someone’s ball game every weekend. | . Before my mom got married our house was always calm and quite and we never had all these places to be like we do now. Our house now is always so hectic and crazy because pretty much everyone has a game or practice somewhere so we are always on the go. If someone doesn’t have a game then one has practice or if someone else doesn’t have practice then they have a game. I have gotten use to it now though because we have been doing it for over four years now so it doesn’t phase me any more like it did when it first started. People joke with us all the time by calling us the Brady Bunch which doesn’t really make sense because we only have four kids not six like in the Brady Bunch but I guess we act like them at times. There are some things that I really do miss about being an only child like the peace and quite of the house, alone time where I can read or just relax. I don’t think though that I would ever go back to being an only child though because I have gotten so use to being in the chaos that I think I would miss it. Some people might see that as crazy but if they were in my shoes for a day they would understand where I am coming from

7: I don’t miss being an only child at all because I have people in my house now that I can relate to unlike before when it was just me and my mom and she didn’t really understand me like my siblings do because we are so close in age we can all relate to each other really well. I also love having people my age to play videogames with or play outside with because before I didn’t really have friends on my old street to play with. There are still times though where I want to get away from my siblings because I just want quite time or they are just annoying me so I just go in my room where it is quite to get away from the chaos for a little while. If I was given the opportunity to go back and change things I wouldn’t because I like them just the way they are.

8: New House | Old House

9: Many people may think that moving is not that big of a deal especially if they are staying in the same city or state that they have grown up in but for me it was hard to move even right down the street from the house I grew up in. I lived in another house before we moved into the one that I grew up in but I don’t remember it at all. My old house was two stories with a huge bonus room that over looked the living room downstairs. We had my ping pong table set up in there because it was the only room in the house that was big enough to fit it in. The house had three bedrooms; a master bedroom and two other smaller bedrooms. My bathroom was ocean life themed and there were fish and all kinds of other sea life painted on the wall. Anytime people came over and they saw my bathroom they would always compliment on it. It was very vibrant and colorful. My room however was not as colorful as my bathroom. My room was extremely boring, it had white walls and my bed and a dresser and that was it. The rooms in my old house were much smaller than the ones in my new house. The only thing that I could fit in my old was just a bed and dresser. That house is filled with many memories good and bad. I lost all my baby teeth in that house, I played endless hide and go seek games with my friends because there were so many great places to hide. | This is the house were my mom and dad told me they were getting divorced and the house where me and my mom lived by ourselves for about three years. Having to leave so many memories behind and move into a new house was really hard for me. I had to learn where everything in my new house was unlike in my old house where I knew exactly where things were. There were however very good things that came out of this move like for one I got to decorate my new room the way I wanted it and also I got to pick out the paint color for mine and my siblings bathroom since I live there all the time and they don’t. It was a big adjustment at first when my mom and I moved into my stepdad’s house not so much for my mom as it was for me. It took a little while for me to learn where everything was and to just adjust to living in a new place but now I am use to it. The fact that I had to move from the house that I grew up in doesn’t bother me as much as it use to because looking back there are more bad memories in that old house than there are good and I just want to forget them and let the past be the past. My family and I are making tons of great memories in our new house now. I won’t forget however all the good times that my mom and I had in my old house though because those were special memories that brought us closer to each other. My mom is my best friend and we tell each other everything and I don’t think that we would have gotten this close if we hadn’t gone through the trials that we did.

10: For most young kids their grandparents are the ones that spoil them and buy them tons of presents. Grandparents to me are the best people that any little kid could have because they will buy you whatever you want. When my mom got remarried not only did I get a new dad I also got a new set of grandparents. Usually kids only have two sets of grandparents but I got lucky and got a third pair. My favorite time of the year is Christmas because my family and I get to go to all of their family’s houses and celebrate Christmas. My stepdad’s family lives in Tennessee so every year we travel there to visit. Before Christmas rolls around my aunt usually puts all the grandkids name in a basket and she passes it around to each kid and we each draw a name. The name we draw is the person that we have to buy a Christmas present for that year. I remember a couple of years ago when two years in a row I drew my Cousin Alyssa’s name. Alyssa loves getting presents from me because she says that I am her favorite cousin. Alyssa is nineteen years old but is mentally handicapped and acts more like a five year old. She is so sweet to everyone and always has an upbeat attitude every time I see her. I love going to see all my family during the holidays because that’s usually the only time we get to see each other each year. The best part is getting extra gifts from my third set of grandparents and they usually give the best gifts. A few years ago they got me a fifty dollar gift card to Dick’s Sporting Goods which was awesome because I needed a new pair of basketball shoes and I used that gift card to get my shoes. There are twelve grandkids that my grandparents have to get gifts for every year so to get such a big gift like that is really cool. All my cousins get good gifts too. My grandparents try to spend the same amount of money on each grandkid. . I am very thankful that God has blessed me with loving grandparents that are willing to spend money on all of their grandkids even though we don’t really need any presents or gifts. My step brothers and sister really like the extra set of grandparents to because they get extra gifts just like I do. I can remember one time when my step sister was about eight years old and she asked my stepdad, “Dad does this mean that we get more Christmas presents than everyone else because we have more grandparents?” He laughed then answered, “Yes, Bailey it does.” When she asked that I can remember me and my step brothers laughing so hard because when she said that she was so serious about it. Christmas is not the only time that I love spending with all my family. Thanksgiving is another great time to spend with them. My stepdad has three brothers and a sister and my grandparents have a small house so during Thanksgiving there are a lot of people in a small space. Walking into my grandma’s house at Thanksgiving the aroma of the ham and dressing just fills the house and hits you right as you walk into her house. The smell mixed with noise of all my aunts and uncles and my cousins is an atmosphere that is indescribable. My family before my mom got remarried was kind of small so going from a small family to a big family was really different. Even though things maybe chaotic and tend to be crazy I wouldn’t have it any other way.

11: My Third set of Grandparents

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