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BC: About The Author Aubrey Mitchell is 11 years old, lives in Macungie PA. She got the inspiration for this book from her two cats, Pandora and Tiber. She loves to read, swim, and spend time with her friends and family. She has a little brother named Hayden and has a mother and a father. She also loves to write and play lots of word games.

FC: Two Cats By: Aubrey Mitchell

5: Dedication I want to dedicate this book to my mom, my dad, my little brother Hayden, and my inspiration, Pandora and Tiber.

7: Two Cats By Aubrey Mitchell 2011

8: Once there were there was a nice family of four who lived in Lower Macungie, Pennsylvania. There was the father Marc, the mother Gwen, the daughter Aubrey, and the son named Hayden. They had two cats who they loved very much.

9: The older cat's name was Tiberius, Tiber for short. Her fur was colored in a shade of brown, with black and white. She was quiet, liked to sleep, and lounge for hours in the sun being petted by someone. The younger cat's name was Pandora. She had the same colors in her fur that Tiber did, but they looked very different. She absolutely loved to jump, play with lots of yarn, and explore. One day in early May, Pandora wondered why everyone was so excited. She soon overheard Aubrey and Hayden whispering about a nice picnic. A picnic! She thought, this might be fun...

10: Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Marc, Gwen, Aubrey, and Hayden were talking to each other.

11: "Can we bring them PLEASE???"Hayden asked. "Alright, as long as you don't scare them and they let you bring them to the picnic." Mrs. Mitchell said. With that, Aubrey and Hayden rushed up the stairs with two cat carriers.

12: Mr. Mitchell shrugged and said to Gwen, “At least I think you're right.”

13: Twenty minutes later, the two cats and the family were at the park! The cats were in a large covered playpen with a small hole in the top. Aubrey, Hayden, Marc, and Gwen had a lunch of hamburgers, French fries, lemonade, and brownies. After lunch, the Mitchell family went off to play tennis together.

14: Kitties | Before they left to play tennis, Aubrey said “stay here, out of trouble. I do not want anything happening to you two.” Pandora wondered why Aubrey and Hayden didn’t trust her. She thought for a little while and finally got an idea!!! She was going to get out of the playpen, wander around for a while and come back safe and sound. It was perfect! She carefully found the hole in the top of the playpen and gracefully jumped through it, landing on her four paws. As she did this Tiber spotted her and went after Pandora to see where she was going.

15: During tennis Mr. Mitchell asked “Did anyone give the cats lunch?” “Uuuggghhhhh Aubrey, Hayden, can you two go feed the cats?” Mrs. Mitchell asked unhappily. “Alright mom” they both said in unison. “Oh, and ummmm. Oh yeah, don’t cheat dad!!!” yelled Aubrey as she rushed over to the picnic table with her brother in tow. Poor kitties, they must be starving, Hayden thought to himself.

16: Pandora ran through the fields at top speed enjoying the fresh-air and freedom. Tiber however, was just trying to make sure that Pandora came back in one piece. As they both ran through the tall grass, Tiber noticed that the sky was getting darker and darker, and they were nowhere near the park. This isn’t going to end well, thought Tiber.

17: Cats!!

18: “ Aaaaaggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!” Aubrey screamed at the top of her lungs. “Aubrey, Hayden what’s wrong?” Marc said as he and his wife went over to the shocked looking girl and her sobbing brother. Th-they a-are GONE!!!” Hayden wailed. “What he is trying to say is that they g-got out of the playpen and r-r-ran away.” Aubrey explained calmly, yet shakily. Gwen and Marc just stood there, occasionally stealing glances at one another.

19: “I guess that we should go home and search later.” Gwen said finally, breaking the silence. What!!! No! We can’t just leave them wandering out here alone! We have to find them! She cried. Then she spoke quietly to herself “We have to find them, we have to. We have to.” “Aubrey, I know it’s hard, but you have to listen. We will go home now, and come back later.” Her dad said. “And it’s starting to rain.” he added quickly. “Fine.” Aubrey grumbled quietly. “Good, let’s go.” Her mother said.

20: At the pizzeria outside of the park, it had started to rain. Tiber and Pandora both knew that if this rain didn’t stop soon, their family might leave. Oh this is terrible! thought Pandora. I’m lost, cold, and hungry. And to make it worse I’ve dragged Tiber into this!

21: At home, no one could stop worrying about their two missing cats. “Well, I guess we should go to the animal shelter and look to see if anyone has found them.” Marc said. | “Alright.” Everyone grumbled.

22: Back at the pizzeria, noise could be heard by Pandora and Tiber. At that moment two men in uniforms passed by the alley and Pandora hissed. The men turned around and walked closer. The taller one had a name tag that read “Hi I’m Dave” on it. He had red hair, green eyes, and seemed very clumsy. The other one had a name tag that just said “Jon” on it. He had black hair, green eyes and seemed kind of bossy. “I knew I heard some animals back there!” the one named Dave said. | Hi I'm Dave and Jon

23: “Shut-up and look already. We can talk about it later.” said Jon. With that being said, Pandora and Tiber had two choices, stay there and get found and caught, or put up a fight. Of course, being cats, they chose to fight. They hissed and scratched and bit and clawed until the two men shot them with something. Then everything went black...

24: Half-an-hour later, “Jon, Dave what happened to you two!!!” their boss Greg said. Greg was about five feet seven inches tall. He had red hair and brown eyes and right now, was staring at them with a confused look on his face. “We got beat up by two cats.” Dave admitted unwillingly to his boss. “The good news is that they have collars.” Jon piped up hopefully. “Well, I suppose we should try to find the family???” Dave said. “We got a family waiting in there, go talk to them”, Greg said, now bored.

25: “Yes sir” both said as they stumbled through the door. When they entered the door they were met by a mother, a father, and two children. | “What happened to you two!!!?” Mrs. Mitchell asked nervously as the two men walked in. “We were attacked by two ca-“he was interrupted by a loud squealing voice. “What! Where!” Aubrey asked urgently. “On East Texas Road, right near the park.” Jon said, confused. “Let us see them!” Hayden said, gaining hope. “Oh fine. They just woke up anyway.” Greg said, popping his head through the door. Dave led them through a door towards a cat room.

26: “Right there.” Jon said pointing. In a corner was Pandora and Tiber looking very confused. Being very happy, the family grabbed the now joyful cats and went home. Now I know that they will always love and trust me thought Pandora.

27: The End

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