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S: Texas Sports Rowell and ziaja

BC: David J. Rowell was born April 5, 1998 in Austin, Tx. His parents are Richard and Patricia Rowell. Dave competes in lacrosse, wrestling, and school football. He plays defense and attack in lacrosse, and is a center and nose guard in football. In 2009, for the first time in Westlake history, his tourney team won the Cy-Fair Lacrosse Tournament in Tomball, Texas. Westlake has competed in that tournament for many years, but never won. They won only because Dave chased the goalie around the net until the goalie accidentally passed it to our biggest scorer on the team. Dave has also gotten second in the Southwest Open in wrestling as Rookie/Novice. Dave is quite the athlete. | Justin J. Ziaja was born November 24,1997 in Austin,Tx. His parents are James and Mary Ziaja. Justin competes in football, basketball and track. He plays center and nose guard. Justin played basketball as a center and as a wing. In track, Justin was the first person in his family to compete in a track meet. The B team football team would have never won the game against Marble Falls without Justin leading the team with 4 sacks and 3 tackles that game. That is why Justin is such a great athlete. | About the Authors | Dave (red) is about to score in '09 Westlake vs. St. Andrew's game and make the score 7-2, Westlake

FC: Texas Sports | By: David Rowell and Justin Ziaja

1: Table of Contents Bowling... pg.3 Colt McCoy... pg.4 FC Dallas... pg.5 Erwin Center... pg.6 Football... pg.7 Golf... pg.8 Houston Texans... pg.9 Ice Bats... pg.10 JJ Swim Center... pg.11 Darrel K. Royal Memorial Stadium... pg.12 Lance Armstrong... pg.13 Dallas Mavericks... pg.14 Nolan Ryan... pg.15 Alex O'Brien... pg.16 Pasadena Convention Center... pg.17 Omar Quintanilla... pg.18 Red River Rivalry Shoot Out... pg.19 Sharp Gymnasium... pg.20 Tiger Stadium... pg.21 UIL Championships... pg.22 Volleyball... pg.23 Williamson County Rodeo... pg.24 XIT Rodeo... pg.25 Yoakum Rodeo... pg.26 Alan Zinter... pg.27 Map... pg.28-29

2: ACU Wildcats are one of the best Division II sport team in Texas. They've had three football players go into the NFL so far. They are most known for having famous players play for them like Brad McCoy. ACU has won 12 championships for Division II football and won best Religious football team in Texas in 1993. To me, ACU will become a Division I football team one day. | ACU Wildcats Team Football |

3: Bowling History Bowling | Bowling is a sport in which you have to hit all the pins down to get a point. Bowling was created in the 1920's. Bowling is know one of the most played sports in America. Most people don't think of bowling as a sport that takes skill but it does, you have to know where you have to roll the ball and how fast you have to roll the ball. Bowling Championships are on T.V. now so that all the people who love bowling can watch. I think that bowling is a great sport. |

4: Colt McCoy Individual Football | Colt McCoy was born September 5, 1986. McCoy played high school football at Jim Ned while his dad was coach. As a red-shirt freshman, McCoy became the Texas starting quarterback. In his first bowl game against Iowa, Colt threw two touchdown passes to tie the NCAA freshman record for most touchdown passes. Then every year McCoy got better and better as a quarterback. Now McCoy is starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns and is trying to win a Super Bowl. |

5: FC Dallas Team Soccer | FC Dallas is an MLS soccer team located in Dallas. FC Dallas has been known throughout the United States as a never give up team. FC Dallas has won the MLS championships five times. FC DAllas plays in a big field not so far from Dallas. Their stadium can hold up to 35,000 people at a time. The team's mascot is a longhorn because the team owner went to the University of Texas. The team has hopes and dreams for this years titles. |

6: Frank Erwin Center Venue Basketball | The Frank Erwin Center has been know for being home of the University of Texas Women's and Men's Basketball Team. When ever a big concert comes to Austin, it's usually in the Frank Erwin Center. The Frank Erwin Center can hold up to 70,500 people at a time. The stadium was built in 1977 by Kappa Sigma, former Longhorn graduate. This year, the Frank Erwin Center will be hosting the Davis Cup because Andy Roddick wanted to have a tennis tournament here at the Frank Erwin Center. |

7: Football history football | Walter Camp created the game of football after he played a game of Rugby. Football has been played for many years and still is the most popular sport in the United States. Football is a sport in which you have to be big and strong to play. The key to win a game of football is you have to score more points than the team your playing. To me, Football is the best sport ever. |

8: Golf History Golf | Golf is a sport that takes time and effort to play. Golf was made in 1567 in Scotland. The objective of golf is to hit the golf ball as hard as you can until you hit it in the hole. The best Golfing title is the Masters. When you win the Masters, you get a green jacket and welcomed into the Hall of Fame of Golf. | www.CBSsports/

9: Houston Texans Team Football | The Texans have about 30 players on the team. The Texans are in the AFC South Division. The team has had many success in years but most years they have been rusty. The Houston Texans first were the Oilers but they changed due to new ownership. |

10: Austin Ice Bats Team Hockey | The Austin Ice Bats were a famous hockey team. Then in 2004 the team went bankrupt and had to close down there arena. Even though this terrible thing happened no one will ever forget the great memories of the Ice Bats. The Ice bats have won 12 conference titles and 6 division titles. The Ice Bats arena is know a ice skating rink open to the public to skate and practice hockey. But no one who lives in Austin will never forget the Ice Bats. |

11: JJ Swim Center Venue Swimming | The Joe Jamil Swim Center is located in Austin, Texas after Joe Jamil. The swim center has had very famous races there. Michael Phelps has swum in many races at the Joe Jamil Swim Center and famous native Texan swimmer Arron Pearsol. The swim center is a public pool to all college students. Joe Jamil Swim Center has 1.5 million gallons of water in the pool. The pool is 9 feet deep and 15 feet wide. |

12: Lance Armstrong Individual Biking | Lance Edward Gunderson-Armstrong was born September 18, 1971 in Dallas, Texas. He is a world-class road-racing cyclist. He's won Tour de France 7 times, and is the World and National Cycling Champ. His nicknames are The Boss, Juan Pelota, The Texan, and his most common is Mellow Johnny. He is currently retired and resides in Westlake with his two children. He also owns a bike shop in downtown Austin called Mellow Johnny's. |

13: Darrel K. Royal Memorial Stadium Venue Football | DKR Memorial field was named after the Texas Longhorns legendary Coach Darrel K. Royal. The field has been played for high school football games but most of all college football games. The stadium can hold up to 102,500 people at a time. In 2007, they got one of the biggest screens in Texas. |

14: Dallas Mavericks Team Basketball | The Dallas Mavericks were founded in 1980.The Mavericks have won 3 division titles and one conference.According to the Forbes magazine the Mavericks are the sixth most valuable franchise in the United States.The Mavericks owner is Mark Cuban and has promised fans if the Mavericks make the NBA Finals this year, he will lower prices on food and drinks by 45%. The Mavericks have never won an NBA Finals, but this year they are in it to win it! |

15: Nolan Ryan Individual Baseball | Nolan Ryan was born January 31, 1947 in Refugio, Texas. From '66-'93, Nolan was a pitcher for the Mets, Angels, Astros, and Rangers. He's thrown 5,714 career strikeouts, throws and bats right, and has always been #34 except being #30 on the Angels. He was inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame in '98 by 98.8%. Right now he owns the Texas Rangers. | www.nolanryanhistory/

16: Alex O'Brien Individual Tennis | He was born March 7, 1970 in Amarillo, Texas. He was #5 in the ATP Tour, ranked 30 in the world, and is #1 in doubles in the world. He's competed in New Haven, Cincinnati, Miami, Rome, Paris, Australia, and Canada. He is currently President of the Bank of Commerce, a small branch in Amarillo and McLean, Texas. After leaving his tennis career, he started Littlefield Ranch. His family has been in the beef business for 60 years, working with the LIT Ranch. |'

17: Pasadena Convention Center Venue Hockey | Its address is 7902 Fairmont Parkway in Pasadena, Texas. It has 100 acres in fairgrounds, 40,000 square ft. of buildings, and 63,000 square ft. of covered outdoors. Its Concert Hall has seating for 2,850. Its halls are almost universal; they could be used for sports, concerts, and banquets. Common sporting events are hockey and indoor soccer. |

18: Omar Quintanilla Individual Baseball | Born October 24, 1981 in El Paso, Texas. He was drafted to the Oakland Athletics in the 1st round of '03. He had a .358 batting average with the A's. He is currently with the Rangers, with a .226 average; he plays shortstop/second base, bats left, throws right, and has had 2 home runs. |

19: Red River Rivalry Shoot Out Competition Football | This competition is highly anticipated by fans of UT@Austin Longhorns and Oklahoma University Sooners. This rivalry has gone on for 105 years, since the campus was there while Oklahoma was a territory. The rivalry has intensified in recent years, past the UT and A&M rivalry. It takes places just north of Dallas. Even though UT has won 59 times, OU has won 41 times, and had 5 ties, OU won last time. |

20: Sharp Gymnasium Venue Gymnastics | Sharp Gymnasium is located in North Texas. The gymnasium has been held for many state wide district meets and recreational meets. The Sharp Gymnasium was made in 1992 but finished in 1994 do to reconstruction. To me the Sharp gymnasium has been a model to the states gymnastic athletes. If you do gymnastics you have to go to Sharp Gymnasium. |

21: Tiger Stadium Venue Track & Field | Part of Collins Middle School and High School in Corsicana Independent School District. The field is used for football, track and field, and soccer. The field is made of turf, shredded pieces of rubber and plastic. It is also used by Navarro College Bulldogs. |

22: UIL Championship Competition Basketball | The UIL state basketball competition is held in the Frank Erwin Center in Austin. To reach the UIL state Championship the teams have to have a good recored and have to go throw the different rounds of the playoffs. It's not bad if you get 2nd place; you still get a medal, but if you get first place, you get medals and a big UIL state championship. The UIL state has been going on for 2o years and still going. To me, just to watch a UIL state basketball tournament is magical. |

23: Volleyball History Volleyball | Volleyball is a sport where you have to score more points than the other team. Volleyball is the most played sport in the us by women. Volleyball has been played for over 60 years. volleyball has many rules that players have to follow. To me volleyball is a great sport. |

24: Williamson County Rodeo Competition Rodeo | The Williamson County Rodeo is one of the wildest rodeos in central Texas. The Rodeo is so big that it is held in the Round Rock Express Stadium. The rodeo can be seen on Fox Sports Southwest or listened to on the radio. At the rodeo, they have 5 bulls and 7 sheep for the entertainment. Most of the people who go to the rodeo don't know that the people riding the bulls are police officers. Who ever wins the rodeo gets $50,000 and an extra week for winter break. There has only been one rider hurt and that has been the only injures recored. The Williamson County Rodeo is the best rodeo in central Texas! |

25: XIT Rodeo Competition Rodeo | The XIT rodeo is a state wide event. The best bull riders in Texas come to this event to win a grand prize of $75,000. The rodeo is a week long event. The rodeo sells fried corn, fried coke, and fried chicken. Their chicken is some of the best in the world. The rodeo has games and amusement park rides so everyone has fun. At the end of every rodeo, everyone goes out under the stars and looks up at the sky. They see a two hour show of fireworks which dazzles everyones eyes. The XIT rodeo has been known to be one of the best rodeos in the state of Texas. |

26: Yoakum Rodeo Competition Rodeo | The Yoakum Rodeo is only a county event. Most of the bull riders are police officers and firefighters. The Yoakum rodeo has been going on for 35 years. The rodeo has 10 bulls and 15 calves. The main event for kids is the sheep riding. The kids get on the sheep and hold on for life to try to win $100. The adult main event is the bull-riding contest. The adults ride on the biggest, meanest bull the rodeo has to try to win $10,000. To me, I would say the Yoakum rodeo is mainly for family fun. |

27: Alan Zinter Individual Baseball | He was born May 19, 1968 in El Paso. He started out as a 1st round pick for the Mets in 1989. He played in the minors for 14 years as a first baseman. Then in 2002, he was called to the Houston Astros and played 2 years with them. In 2004, he was called to the Arizona Diamondbacks. His batting average was .204 (7 to 34). He's currently 42 and a batting coach on the Mobile Bay Bears, part of the Diamondbacks' organization. | www.alanzinter/

28: Lance Armstrong, Dallas Mavericks, and FC Dallas - Dallas | Omar Quintanilla and Alan Zinter - El Paso | Frank Erwin Center, Austin Ice Bats, JJ Swim Center, DKR Memorial Stadium, and UIL Championship - Austin | Houston Texans - Houston | Alex O'Brien and Sharp Gymnasium - Amarillo | Tiger Stadium - Corsicana | Red River Rivalry - North of Dallas | Williamson County Rodeo - Williamson County | Yoakum Rodeo - Yoakum County | ACU Wildcats - Abilene

29: KEY Individuals' Hometown... red Venue... blue Recent Competition's Location.... green Current Team's Location... purple

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