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S: Gabrielle Kay Nelson 2011

1: "Any time a thought, sentence, or paragraph inspire you or opens up your thinking, you need to capture it, like a butterfly in a net, and later release it into your own field of consciousness." Steve Chandler

3: Bold

5: "J' ai une soeur | Merci beaucoup

6: love | life

7: My sunshine does not come from the skies, It comes from the love in my dog's eyes. Poet unknown

8: Gabrielle Nelson Look closely at this photograph. Really. Look carefully. It is the last captured moment in time when I was one step ahead of the little kid on the left; when I was the leader and she the follower; when I held the upper hand and she let me lead the way; when I was one step ahead, and she was one (or a half of one) behind; when I was Holmes and she was Watson. The mystics say that love flies on the wing of a dove, it may be so; and yet for me, love came with the soft grip of a granddaughter's "paw", her direction of who I was to play that day; notes on the delivery of my lines; and the utter submission to her will to lead me to such great pride in who she is and will be in her life. Look carefully at the picture. Really. look closely and see a grandfather's heart taking off in flight, soaring like a hawk... Grandpa Ron

9: Gabrielle Nelson, And her middle name is Kay. My first grandchild, my first granddaughter, and her middle name is Kay. This is my most humbling and proudest moment that has lasted me for a lifetime, or at least 18 1/2 years. Thank you, Adrienne. Thank you, son. We all learned early on that anything slimy, crawled on it's belly, had more than two legs, or even a one-legged injured bird, would leap into your heart and remain there forever. We love you because you truly love all living things. We also learned we would never win an argument with you. All arguments were backed up with dates, facts, etc.,-true or not- we were never quite sure, so you were always declared the "winner". We're still scratching out heads over some of those discussions. Remember Christmas night during a major snow storm and you were locked out of the house? Remember all our one-on-one conversations? Remember Chip and how we had to tend him? Dying Easter Eggs every year? Yes, I could go on and on. But be clear on this my lovely granddaughter, my pride for you is boundless, my love for you is forever, my heart and ears are open to you anytime, anywhere. Grandma Kay

10: Gabrielle, I will miss our rides together! Hopefully, when you are home we can fit in a ride sometime. Thanks for all your help with the horses. We wish you the best at college and with your future plans! Some of your biggest fans, Mike and Joan Boren

11: The day I first met Gabrielle, I was nervous and worried that she would be like all the other older teenage girls I had come into contact with; snobby, proud and possessing no wish to interact with anyone younger than they, I was wrong. The first time I met Gabrielle, she was kind, welcoming, humorous, and an exciting person. Funny enough, I'm not exactly sure how it was that we came to be such close friends. I remember the first day we met and then my memory skips to our first summer as barn-buddies; both in T-shirts and jeans, we saddled up and headed to the hills for days of exploration and trail riding. I look back now at all the adventures, heart-ache, grief and happiness we have shared with each other. The past two years with Gabbi have added many stories to my ever-growing library of priceless memories. Gabbi is one of those people you'd always want to have around. A humorous, unique and inspirational person that could always raise down spirits or create something to have a hell-uva laugh about. Gabbi once said, "If today is the worst it can be, tomorrow will always be better."From the moment she said that to me, I have carried that quote with me and thought of it every time I feel like this is the worst it could ever get. Of all th things people have said to me, that is something that stuck As Gabbi heads out into the wild and crazy world of the 21st century, I'm gonna lose a barn-buddy and most importantly, I'm going to lose a best friend. But it's okay. Wherever Gabbi ends up going or doing, she will be successful and happy and I will always be here for her. If she ever needs a shoulder to cry on, and ear to listen to her, or just a good, long, quiet trail to remind her of old times, I'm here for her. Forever and Always. Thank you Gabbi for everything. Margrith .

12: ride

14: My Dearest Gabrielle, There is not one memory of the two of us that stands above the rest because they are all so special. A memory I cherish deeply is when you called me after you came home from Salt Lake City and told me where you had been, for what felt like a decade. It's special to me because you trusted me enough to tell me, I really appreciate that. That's my favorite quality of yours- your honesty. You always told me what you wanted our characters to do and we worked with it. But when you spilled your soul to me I knew that no matter what happened we would always be friends. The thing about real friends is the fact that you don't have to see them all the time to know they are there. So when you go off into the big bad world and I head in the other direction it won't matter because true friendship isn't being inseparable, it's being separated and nothing changes. I know someday in the future we will meet on the street and say: " Hey, I recognize you. It's been awhile, we should talk sometime," and life will go on as usual. So my favorite memory of us is you, plain and simple. Every way you have touched my life is my favorite memory. Because of you I became a writer, not just a creator of characters. Because of you I wrote a book, and don't worry, you will receive a signed copy with your name on the dedication page. It will be there for good reason, because you inspired me. That inspiration encompasses all of those crazy things we did...sitting on the garage roof, waving imaginary swords, wearing ridiculous dresses, riding horses, falling off horses, jumping bareback double on Rosie, exploring a world that no one but us could see. Thanks for all of it, I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Love Hanna, And Sibel, Obsidian, Lykaois, Danica, Tabrem, Magma, Arzi, Aria, Ebony, Sirrus, Vixen, Killian...

15: When I think back on your life...when you were little...I was in California and you were in Utah. I didn't have much of a chance to get to know you. Time went by so fast! You have become a smart well educated young lady with many talents. You are a talented writer who has a strong way with horses. I know you will keep up your drive to grow and improve. You will be a success! Love, Grandpa Vern

16: Gabrielle, Over the years, we have watched you go from a cute, goofy little girl playing with plastic ponies on the soccer field to the beautiful, bright, wonderful, strong woman that you have become. Accomplished horsewoman, talented writer, delightful musician and witty darling... we are so very proud of you. Congratulations on your graduation and we wish you well in all of your future endeavors. Love always, Rod & Teri

17: Gabrielle is the best cousin anyone could ask for. Not only does she share my love for horses, but she's lots of fun playing Breyer Horses. She's always been my favorite cousin and hero!! Love, Jessica | Gabrielle has always been a very fun person to be around. Even when we were little, she always had the best playing ideas. I absolutely love Gabs for her unique and happy personality; and, whenever I get to see her, I always have the best time because with Gabrielle you can't be sad or down. One of my favorite memories of gabs is when we have gone riding together. Her knowledge and experience with horses amazes me, and she is always a fun riding buddy. There aren't enough words to describe Gabrielle. She is simply an inspiring person that I love. I'm lucky she is my cousin! Love, Sarah

18: To My Baby Girl, So Proud of You, more than any words could possibly express.! Congratulations for all accomplishments you've made. Live,Laugh,&Love... xoxoxo, Lisa | ""And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing cuts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt". Sylvia Plath

19: love you... Aunt Lisa | Gabrielle... Your birth restored meaning into my life...

20: Gabrielle, We are incredibly proud of all your amazing accomplishments. You always strive to be your own person, which is difficult at any age. Our advice is: never look back, you can't change the past. Look to the future and make a difference. Celebrate your successes and failures; there is always something to learn. Be who you are, not who people think you should be. Most of all know there are always people in the world who love an admire you. Always with love, Mathew, Toni, Jillian and Evan

21: It has been such a joy to see the beautiful, smart, and talented young woman you have become. You have shown such dedication to your future that we are confident you will experience many wonderful accomplishments in your life! Never forget to savor every moment of you youth and take your time with life! It goes by so fast that not long from now you will look back and remember this beautiful book your parents have created for you while you are writing your own children's farewell for college. We love you, we are proud of all that you have created and accomplished so far and wish you a full and content life. With much love, Gavin, Amber, Ethan, Sicily, Beckett, &Lundon

22: adventurous

24: Gabrielle, Congratulations on your graduation from high school. I am excited about the many challenges, opportunities, and adventures that are now in front of you. You have demonstrated great confidence and poise in the way you have managed your life and your affairs to date and I am confident these talents and traits will benefit you greatly in the future. My final three pieces of advice are to continue to work hard, focus, and make good decisions. Involve your heavenly father in these decisions. He loves you and is very much vested in your happiness and success. Bishop Doug Bates

25: Gabrielle, I wanted you to know that in the time I have spent around you, you have a great energy wherever you go. I enjoy watching people find what they are great at, and have a strong desire in and really follow those dreams. You have already done this and it's fun to hear about the decisions you have made. I know you have a great family and a mother who is an amazing example and who loves you so much. She talks about you often and lights up with pride when she tells me of your accomplishments! Congratulations on this new chapter in your life. I am really proud of you for all you have achieved and I know this is just the beginning. I can't wait to hear about what you will do in the future! With Love, Ronda Hillam

27: Dear Gabrielle, I couldn't of been happier when I was Young Women's President and we had a new family move into the ward. Gabrielle Nelson was a welcome addition to our Young Women's group. She was happy, confident and contributing young lady. We were thrilled to have her in our ward and neighborhood. A couple of years later her sister turned 12 and we were equally as happy to have Emma. When Gabrielle told me her mother was going to have a baby, I just couldn't believe it. It was interesting to see Gabrielle's attitude throughout the pregnancy. At first she wasn't sure how this was all going to shake out. Then as the delivery date got closer I saw Gabrielle get more excited. She even had her own ideas on what to name the new baby boy. I don't remember the name, but it was long and represented several family members. Gabrielle was thrilled when little Eli finally arrived and was the doting sister I hoped she would be. Gabby has always had a love for horses and I'm glad she will have her horse close by when she goes to college. I've heard others say that Gabby relates well with the horses. She has a special way with them. I've even seen her in action. One of her favorite activities in YW's was to ride horses. Gabrielle always new how to handle the horses at the Boren's and prepare them for the riders. She was very thoughtful with the YW as she would teach them what to do and how to respond to the horses. Gabby: I wish you the best as you begin this new phase of your life. I know you'll be successful--I've seen your determination. Whatever you do, you will do well. I'm grateful you passed through my life. I'll always be interested in what you are doing. Take care. Love always, Calista Laney

29: Gabby, I can never thank you enough for your friendship. You are so much fun and taught me so much. I will never forget the summer we spent with the horses up at the Boren's. You are such a good example to me. You taught me about the horses and how to care for them and not be nervous around them. I love horses because of you. We should own a horse ranch someday together! But the endless summer days of bathing, brushing, feeding, and loving the horses are some of my favorite summer memories. I also love all the times we spent together at church, at Emily Erickson's, at your spectacular, wonderful plays, and in your driveway with little Eli. I love you so much. You are so much fun and the smartest girl I know. You are absolutely incredible and have accomplished so much already. You amaze me! I look up to you and hope that I can develop a love for literature, humanities, and life like you have. I hope you realize how much you have taught me and have changed my life. I miss you so much and you're beautiful spirit. Thank you for being a leader to the girls in our ward. They need you to bind them together and unite them before you leave. You're the perfect person for the job. You have a special ability to bring people together. It's a hard task, but you can do it. You love everyone and aren't judgmental. I admire that about you and hope that I can do the same. Always remember how much I love you, and how much your Heavenly Father loves you. You are a daughter of God. I know that with all my heart. He knows you personally; your trials, joys, sadness's and frustrations. He wants to help you and is waiting with open arms. Thank you for your friendship and example to me. I will never forget you and know that you will go far in life. You are talented and beautiful! Good luck with starting college and moving on in life. It's scary, but one of the most fun things you will do! Please remember that when times get hard, and they will, the Lord has the answers. Look to Him, pray; read the scriptures. I promise they will answer your concerns and questions. Never forget how much I love you and appreciate you. Never forget who you are: a daughter of God. That little bit of knowledge has changed my life forever. I love you, Gabby. Good luck! Thanks for everything you have taught me! Cali Laney

30: One of my favorite memories with Gabby is when she was crazy enough to come camping with me and some of my family. We had a great time exploring around the lake, and trying to save a fish that was stuck at the bottom of the lake, and when we tipped the canoe! We hiked down a stream and took a canoe ride with Jacob and Sam, which was exciting! (We thought that we were going to die!) We stayed up late talking about books, stories, and horses by campfire and in the hammock. We had Cannonball and King of the Hill wars off the raft (which we built a fire on!) We played cards in the car. We had a great time role playing and just went crazy and had supper. You are definitely my sister Gabby, an awesome one and always will be! Love, Melissa | Gabrielle, Just a note to let you know how much we love you. We are so excited for your graduation, you deserve a celebration, you have worked so hard!!! You are a special young lady Gabby and you will ALWAYS be special to our family! We have so enjoyed the times you have spent with us and hold your friendship dear to our hearts. I am glad you are not going far away to college so we can still have some get-togethers now and then. We are still going to fit a camping trip in this summer. Remember we are always here, stop by any time! Love, LeeAnn, Alan, Glen, Jess, Jim Jacob, and Sam.

31: Gabrielle You've been such a great friend from the beginning, the classic best friend everyone wanted to have. We spent every recess together, catching butterflies with our hands or caring for a little garden we planted in second grade at Eastwood. I never got tired of playing with you, especially when horses were involved. Breyer model, Pony Pals, imaginary horses, Cloud, and Black Beauty would never get old. We would play Dogs 4 with Lily the dalmatian and Star the lovable sheepdog; Eragon also became a favorite with imaginary dragons and stick swords. We never wanted to part; I remember hiding when our parents would come to pick us up and, when all else failed, using Pony Pal glue so that it was impossible for one of us to leave. Even when you switched from Eastwood to Carden, we saw each other often; when you moved to Boise you made time to see me when you came to Salt Lake and even invited me to Boise. Even apart we found ways to have fun in the summer; camp songs at beehive camp, the question ball at EFY and the pond, Jenna's stories and horseback riding at Quickwater are all fond memories. Thanks for always thinking of me; you've been one of the best friends I've had. You're such a creative, original person; I wish you luck and happiness for the future. You deserve it! Claire

32: There's no vocabulary For love within a family, love that's lived in But not looked at,love within the light of which All else is seen, the love within which All other love finds speech. This love is silent. T.S. Eliot

33: Dear Gabrielle, Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! Time has gone by so fast! We have so many fond memories of you growing up it is impossible to list them all. We remember your childhood days when you would only wear dresses and the seams in your clothing were an issue. How you loved to take Penny up to your room and dress her up in doll clothes. You have a fascination with horses and a love for reading. This love of reading has made you such a prolific writer as well as sparking your interest in theater. It has been a joy to watch you ride horses since the days at the Draper stables. You are now connected to your own "Twilight" which we enjoyed watching you ride an interact with in Boise. Your theatrical tendencies began very young when you would hold your breath to get attention. Now you impress us on stage! We enjoy your musical talents and love to watch you and Emma "jam". Your graduation begins a new chapter in your life. Time to turn the page. We know you will embrace it and devour it like a good book. Love, Grandpa Nelson and Grandma J

34: Gabrielle, I remember going to Uncle Gavin's house to swim. We would sometimes tease you. Of course, it was all in fun! You would remind us all to stop because you had a high powered attorney. Congratulations, we are proud of you! Love, Uncle Craig & family

35: Here is a quote from one amazing woman to another! Life is an opportunity, benefit from it. Life is beauty, admire it. Life is bliss, taste it. Life is a dream, realize it. Life is a challenge, meet it. Life is duty, complete it. Life is a game, play it. Life is a promise, full fill it. Life is sorrow, overcome it. Life is a song, sing it. Life is a struggle, accept it. Life is tragedy, confront it. Life is an adventure, dare it. Life is luck, make it. Life is too precious, do not destroy it. Life is life, fight for it. Mother Teresa

37: Dance

38: Perhaps my favorite memory is seeing Gabrielle come out from under the bed costumed as Satan's henchman, Harry. I never lost the image or forgot the interesting interpretation of Harry. That was only the beginning of an outstanding contribution to Boise High Drama. No part was too small or too big for Gabby to handle. From one show to another the characterizations were always perfect, whether it was a nearly psychotic chef, to a compromised gentle waiting woman. With Gabby in charge, the backstage worked like clock work. I will mis this talented, dedicated, sweet-spirited young lady. Gabby, thank you for your contribution, I wish you God-speed, in all your endeavors. Mr. E

39: perform

40: I'm not sure where to begin. Let's just say that I knew I liked Gabrielle the first time I met her. She is intellectual, daring, and fun. I, on the other hand, must not have made a great impression because she made me work really hard for our friendship. I would meet Gabrielle once a week to go on walks with her. We would walk trails in the foothills, me sweating and breathing hard, her gliding next to me with her longs legs secretly laughing at the out of shape woman next to her. And then to add to our comedic scene she would make me carry on a conversation almost entirely by myself....Don't pretend this isn't true Gabrielle, I have a very good memory. So this is how our friendship began, with the smell of sagebrush, dust in our shoes, and me carrying on a conversation with a person who was only willing to talk if the conversation included "Bloody Jack" books. But, all that hard work payed off. It grew into birthday breakfasts, sharing books, watching her shine on stage, and going to theatrical performances with her. I would have walked many more trails, talking mainly to myself for Gabrielle as I consider it an honor to have her as my friend. Gabrielle, I have watched you grow the last three years and have seen you become a stronger person. If I was to give you any words of advice they would be, to surround yourself with people who make you better. Never to doubt your own worth,; and to remember that there are many who love you, including myself. I will be here if you ever need a walk in the foothills, a cheerleader, a confidant, a partner in the theater, or just a friend. I love you, Gabrielle Emily

41: Gabby, Whenever my kids have their choice of activities and one of the options is a play that Gabby is in, they always choose the play. We all really enjoy watching your ease and flawless performance on stage. When I am working late in the print shop, I wish that you and Emma were there to entertain me with your banter. I'll always remember those late night t-shirt making parties, marked by eloquent and dynamic Shakespeare recitations, and unforgettable t-shirt designs. Hopefully, you'll need some more t-shirts for the people you'll meet in this next phase of your life. Wishing you lots of new adventures. The Kreipls

42: Act

45: Gabrielle Kay Nelson I have a lot of memories of Gabrielle, probably the first memory was when you were born. A beautiful baby girl with a lot of hair and a very pretty complexion. Then in your small growing years, I remember I had taken you to a cousin's party and we were in Uncle Gavin's Mercedes with the sun roof opened. Your pink balloon flew right out of the sun roof. At the time, you would get upset an cry, often you would hold your breath and pass out. This time all of us in the car held our looked up and said "bye, bye balloon." We all breathed a big sigh of relief. When your parents were building a new home, you were living with me. It was spring and my flowers had just started to bloom. You and Emma had gone outside and picked them ALL for a bridal party. I also remember when you and your sister would dance to Ricky Martin in the kitchen. Your dad would come in and say "No Ricky, Ricky make me sicky." Then you turned twelve years old. I took you to the LDS Temple (Utah) to do baptisms for the dead. This was so special for me because it was something only I was able to do with you. Gabrielle, now is the time when you are on a new adventure. You will meet new friends, challenges and excitement. Enjoy your special years to come. love, Grandma Ekstrom

46: play

47: Gabrielle I am your most favorite uncle ever and the most fun. I have great memories of us going to the Oregon coast. The fun started when Grandma and I were already on the plane. We stopped in Boise for a connecting flight, and you were boarding with the rest of your family. I had cut a hole in the newspaper so I could see when you were approaching. When you were close I reached out and grabbed your leg. You squealed and sat by us. That was just the beginning. Congratulations on a whole new beginning of your life. You will do very well. Love, Uncle Jared Your Favorite

48: Gabrielle, You've achieved so much, your hard work has paid off. I'm proud of you, the newspaper articles you've written, I've enjoyed reading and it's just one step towards your success, for the future. Keep up the good ,work, you're heading in for a great future. Good luck! Love You, Grandma Erma

49: Gabrielle, We are so proud of you and all you have accomplished thus far. When you were born we guestioned what and who you would become. As you grew we were amazed at the genuine acts of kindness you gave to those around you. The children that were normally overlooked or not included in play you would find a place for them. Your compassion for animals became apparent when you were unafraid to handle and rescue wild animals. To the extent of waking up every 3 hours to feed a malnurished squirel. It continues on today with rescuing wild birds at the barn and taking them home with you. At age 8 you became an enteurpunear seeking work and care for neighbors pets

53: Soar!

54: Set no boundaries. Let your imagination be the canvas. You are the artist. Find knowledge in the Universe. Set no obstacle. Life is your classroom. You are the teacher. Your dreams are your realities. Dream on. And let your spirits soar. If you can see it, you can have it. If you can feel it, you can be it. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. Dream on. Maureen Weiner

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