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S: Elizabeth Hernandez

BC: Elizabeth Hernandez

FC: Rolling Off My Tounge | By: Elizabeth Hernandez

1: I Dedicate This Page To: | Mom | Dad | Isai (My Brother!!! | Friends | God

2: I Love You Not For Whom You Are, But For Who I Am When I'm By Your Side. - Gabriel Garcia Marquez

3: TABLE OF CONTENTS | Don't Go.............................................. Poem Taste of Freedom.................... Poem My Fault?......................................... Short story Celebrations....................................... Current evnt I Was The Baby........................................ Poem Thank You...................................... Letter Just Listen........................................... Poem Inside Me........................................... Poem Bullying................................................ Essay Cultural Awarness........................ Essay

4: Don't Go I look into your teary eyes And say Don't go Please stay Something in me Somewhere inside Tells me Knows that You won't come back You tell me it will be fine You'll be back in time But we all know It's too late now So I cry myself to sleep Knowing that it's almost over That your almost gone All I can do is pray That you'll feel better And remember The day AI looked into your eyes And said Don't go Grandma

5: Taste of Freedom | Cold floor against my skin Bars before me And Lonesome to my side Silently I sit And cry All the hate And sadness Comes falling out Like waterfalls I Can't stop I can't think Why do they Get all the breaks While I Sit behind these bars Praying, hoping That my family is safe That someday this will end | All the racism All the hate And every single last bit Of apartheid But for now The struggle of life has- won me And the world i once loved Begins To Fade Away

6: My Fault? | I ran through the house frantically, crashing into everything in my way. The whole time I thought, nothing’s wrong, nothing’s wrong, but I knew that something was, and it was my fault. As I neared the front door I felt sick. I bolted through the front door, accidentally tripping on the front steps. From my place on the grass I looked up and thought, oh my God. “Wake up!” my mom called from downstairs. “I’m awake!” I called back obviously lying. I curled up under my covers and tried to dose off again before my mom came upstairs to pull me out of bed. I would have dosed off if it hadn’t been for my dog T–bone. T-Bone was a Jack Russell, white with brown spots. I loved so much that when he jumped on me in the morning I didn’t shove him off. like I said I love him a lot. If anything ere to happen to him I Lwould hurt myself really bad. I ran downstairs followed by my trusty companion T-bone. The minute I sat down for breakfast my mom started ordering me do to do all sorts of stuff. I don’t blame her; I mean it is her job, but seriously. Well, long story made short I was to give T-Bone a walk and come back to do all my chores. Boring. Well, not the T-Bone part but the rest of it. “Close the door because T-Bone can get away with only the screen door closed!” my mom called at the top of her lungs.

7: Okay, just making sure,” my mom said a little undignified. I looked down at T-Bone who was fast asleep at my feet. This little pup won’t run away, I thought to myself. As my mom the phone rang, and I had been waiting for a call from my friend all week. Excitement rushed through my head and I ran towards the phone leaving a very sleepy T-bone under the table. “Hi, what’s up?” I asked my friend happily. “Nothing much except that you’re invited to my party,” she said casually as if it weren’t a big deal. “That’s awesome!” I nearly yelled. It was then that I was so into my conversation with my friend that I got distracted and didn’t see when my dog woke. Nor did I see when my dog strolled over to the door, and got out. What I did hear was a loud screech, but it was too late. I ran through the house frantically, crashing into everything in my way. The whole time I thought, nothing’s wrong, nothing’s wrong, but I knew that something was, and it was my fault. As I neared the front door I felt sick. I bolted through the front door, accidentally tripping on the front steps. From my place on the grass I looked up and thought, oh my God. I looked at my beloved dog laying still about ten feet away from the gigantic truck that had hit him. In a split second I was up and running at full speed towards T-bone. As I neared him I noticed that the guy that had hit him had gotten out and was bending down over my dog. I looked up at him, hurt, but I knew that it was my fault. It might always be my fault. At least that’s what I thought. I started sobbing all of a sudden, and I was saying over and over that it was my fault. When my parents went home, they would know that it was my fault, everyone would know that it was my fault. It all went somewhat like that. My parents got home and they were told the great tragedy. Even my brother knew and he was heartbroken. We all were, but I think that I was the most. For about two years I thought that it was my fault, but then I understood. It was my fault that I didn’t close the door, but I didn’t know. I didn’t know that he would walk out or that that truck would come by, I didn’t know. I overcame my mistake and have truly, very truly learned from it.

8: How 5 Countries Celebrate Eid al-fitr and the end of Ramadan | Although it may be the same exact holiday, many people decide to celebrate it differently. In this case the holiday is Eid al-fitr, and the end of Ramadan. Indonesia decides to have a color filled fashion on Eid al-fitr where the women are high on fashion and all the bling they can carry. In other places such as Afghanistan prefer to go the more family related way by having egg fights, picnics and activities for children such as kite flying. Saudi Arabia celebrates by having fireworks and other public performances. On the other hand, Iran celebrates by an American prisoner, who has been imprisoned for a year, be set free. Last, I discovered that the form by that Turkey celebrates this holiday may remind an American child of Halloween, where the children go from door to door picking up treats as they go.

9: A single rose can be my garden... a single friend my world. -Leo Buscaglia

10: I Was The Baby | I was the baby born during the blur of a winter storm I learned early Brothers with scissors can cause damage And that lying to your parents will never work out I’ve held four meowing kittens in my hands And felt the sting of the stove against my soft skin A girl once told me she envied me in many ways My friends always appreciated me for who I was, And not for whom other people wanted me to be My angel is always watching over When I’m good And when I’m bad I have had some excellent friends And other who stab me in the back When they have already used me I tell you sincerely That having know so many people In so many schools | Can lead to sadness when leaving them And I have been from church to church Finally finding the right one in Longmont I saw my dog get hit by a truck And die immediately I saw my grandpa take his last breath And die I’m still happy But It’s not the same I once yelled at my dad And got the discipline I deserved I once pushed my cat And experienced the pain of his sharp teeth And only once did I try to run away It didn’t work out Twice I got into a fight with my best friend And three times I lost my best friend to another house Another school

11: I am here to live out loud! -E'mile Zola

12: Thank You | Dear Grandma, I just want to thank you for all you have done for me and for all you have taught. I know and have always known that you wouldn't last forever, and I am ready to enjoy the last minutes I have with you. It may be that you are coming to an end, but that does not mean that all the memories I have of you will come to an end too. I will always remember the time you should me morality, such as responsibility and respect. I know that thins will help in my present and future life. I will also never forget the times we had when we couldn't stop laughing. I love you and you will be in my heart forever. Love, Elizabeth Hernandez

13: Forgiveness is a funny thing. It warms the heart and cools the sting. -William Arthur Ward

14: Top 20 Friend List | 1. Araleny Vasquez 2. Sarai Valle 3. Tracy Villalobos 4. Ericka Chavez 5. Sinai Moctezuma 6. Victoria Loughe 7. Katie C. 8. Ashley Acosta 9. Zierra Lyons 10. Janessa Rea | 11. Tatianna Perez 12. Amanda Gerace 13 Andy Gutierrez 14. Jasmin Six 15. Adrianna Riley 16. Hannah Hassel 17. Joy Corey 18. Jessica Garcia 19. Gaby Gonzales 120. Lindsay Benson .


16: Inside me are my good old friends And my cool new friends Inside me are good times As well as bad times Inside me are a hundred pairs of neon socks Along with a bunch of colorful sweaters Inside me is the humongous love for God Inside me is a gold chain that shines like the sun It glistens in the light Inside me is someone shy And another outgoing Inside me is my loving family Even those who are dead, Inside me is my favorite shirt which is red Inside me joy And a girl who will never give up Inside me are so many things | Inside Me

17: A poem is never finished, only abandoned. Paul Valery

18: Bullying | Dear School Board, I think that there should be a policy that prevents bullying from occurring. Bullying is when someone causes harm to a person physically or mentally, repeatedly over time. As Bullying goes on it causes the students to develop a lot of hate, gain a lower self-esteem, and even the bullies have a higher chance of being criminals. These are only some of the many reasons why bullying should be put to a halt. To start with the bullying is not a normal part of life and can cause the victims to develop hate and to stereo type everyone according to the bullies. An example of is the shooting that happened at the Columbine High school. The shooters were actually students that had been bullied and had an impatient taste for revenge. That day many innocent people died just because of the apathy towards these bullied kids. To prevent this, adults and the students can stand up for the victims, and most of all they can tell them that they’re not alone. The second reason bullying has to be stopped is because the students being bullied are scared to go to school and they get a low self esteem. In America 160,000 students stay home from school because they are scared of being bullied. Also the victims have a lower self esteem and this causes them to go into depression which leads to many other sicknesses, and it may even lead them to commit suicide. Actually, students that are bullied are five times more likely to suffer from clinical depression.

19: To stop this depressed and scared generation from going on everyone must help. First of all, you can help by making the victims feel like they belong. Most of all you have to tell the bully to back off and that he shouldn't pick on someone less than him. The last reason bullying should be stopped is because the bullies themselves are at risk. Research says that bullies have a higher chance of being criminals and being put into jail by the age of 24. We cannot let our future generation be a group of criminals. We need them to be smart and have a job so that this country is not corrupted. One way we can stop this is by letting the bullies know what it feels like to be in jail, and that being a criminal is not just fun and games. Also we can let them know that when they humiliate the people they are committing crime. Maybe the bullies even need some support and they need to talk about what goes on with them and in their home. These are only some of the ways the horrendous bullying can be stopped. All in all, what I am trying to say is that this bullying that goes on in the classrooms, lunch, and even out of school must be stopped. We must understand that bullying is not a normal part of life and that it could lead to some serious problems. Kids everyday stay home from school because they are scared and some even commit suicide because they cannot take one more day. Even the bullies are at risk to grow up and be corrupted people without a life. There must be a policy that goes completely against bullying and that stops this everyday routine. Sincerely, Elizabeth Hernandez

20: Cultural Awareness | I believe that if teachers increase the cultural awareness amongst the students, then there will be a gradual decrease in fear, misunderstanding, and potential violence between different cultural groups. Some topics of interest may be the Christian, Jewish, and Islamic cultures. Therefore we can lead our upcoming and present generation to a more peaceful, and understanding society. Judaism is amongst the many cultures that are judged without even taking time to be culturally aware of their customs, values, and history. To start with, Jews, like in many other cultures, take the time to reflect and meditate on their life. For example, the Jews have to rest and pray each and every day. Also, the Jews believe in one God who is the creator of the universe. For example, they worship him and they believe that he is all powerful and can save them from any bad situations. The Jews also follow 613 commandments. Basically they are laws or can be categorized as values that the Jews must follow. The Jews believe that Judaism is a way of life and not only a religion. Last, the Jews practice holiness. For example, the children are called upon to be holy for their God. Being holy may be following the commandments, and doing the other religious practices. These are only some of the many customs, values, and beliefs that the Jewish culture holds for us, but I am sure that they will change the way you think of this cultural group. I know this because now you know that they too are people in the great battle to either go to heaven, the afterlife, or any other thing they may believe in.

21: Christianity is also judged by many people who don’t even know the background info on its culture. First of all, Christians believe in one God who created the whole world. For example, they believe that God is all powerful and sees all, as well as knows all. This is because we are his creation. Next, Christians have weekly service (mass). This is where they usually sing Christian songs, and then it’s followed by a Pastor preaching or giving a lesson, but the most important service is on Sunday. Also, Christians believe in following 10 commandments. For example, they must not lie, they must obey and respect their parents, and they must not kill. Those are only some of the Ten Commandments there are. Last, the Christians believe that God sent his son Jesus down to earth to die on the cross for our sins. This means that we were forgiven for all our sins we committed, and this is the reason that we are allowed to go to heaven. I believe that these details and examples will help increase cultural awareness because they now get a different view of the story. In other words, they can see the Christian culture from different eyes, and this way they can understand it much better. Islamic culture is somewhat unknown to people, and this causes the people to be scared, or misunderstand them. To start with the Muslims have many values but one of them is generosity. For example, the Muslims must give to the needy. Also, the Muslims believe in communicating with their gods a lot. One way they do this is by praying five times a day, in which they recite 5 mandatory prayers. In the Islamic culture they also believe in prophets; people sent by God to give an important message. For example, they believed that Muhammad Ali was a prophet sent by their god, Allah, and that he was the last prophet ever to be sent. Finally, the Muslims worship their god to show respect and to gain forgiveness.

22: They might worship by fasting for 30 days, or by praying every Friday at the mosque (sacred temple). I am sure that by seeing that all these diverse cultures have something in common, this will increase cultural awareness. I know that now that they know their values and customs, they will therefore better understand this culture. All in all, if we teach the students more about other cultures, then there will be a great increase in cultural awareness. There will be an increase because the students will understand why other cultures do this and that, and they will not misunderstand them. Therefore the violence between the different cultural groups will stop. Maybe then we can start to create a more peaceful and understanding society.

23: Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend. - Albert Camus

24: Comment Page | Girlie girl your amazing hilarious and i freaking LOVE | You're Mixbook looks great!! Lovin' it! -Natalie Staggs | Hahaha your freaking amazing your funny and you have got a little bit of edge hanging around me this year haha love yuh oh and i LOVE your mixbook back rounds! Tatianna Perez | Your Mixbook is so intense. I really love it. -Andrea Gutierrez

25: Looks really cool!!! nice pictures. _-Jasmine Six | You are such the fun person to be around. You can brighten anyone's day!! ~Hope Powers | I love you so much and you know it. I loved hanging out with you this year. I hope we stay friends forever. I love your mixbook its amazing. Janessa Rea

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