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S: Ms.. Baytop's 20th Reunion

BC: MWS-2011

FC: Ms. Baytop's 5th Grade Class 2010-2011 20th Reunion

1: This album is dedicated to our %5th grade teacher Adrienne Baytops with sincere gratitude and admiration. """Your hard work and dedication made us better and sent us on our way.! Your Class of 2010-2011

2: That was then..... 2010

3: This is now.....!! 2031

4: After 20 years, where are our classmates?

5: Ms. Baytop's 5th Grade Class from 2010-2011 Heather Bienstock – Famous Movie Star and Set Designer - San Francisco, California Sofia Dartnell – Marine Biologist and Author - Blonay, Switzerland Angelica Dziurzynski – Famous Scientist - Grand Manan Island, Canada Layla Garyk – Veterinarian and Author - Small Town, Arizona Christian Hamilton – Policeman - Stamford, Connecticut Ellery Kenyon – Acclaimed Author and Speech Writer - Ketchum, Idaho Whit Knight – Potions Teacher - Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (Somewhere in England) Charles Maybury – Dolphin Trainer - San Diego, California Gabby Meeks – Physician and Volunteer with Doctors Without Borders -– Laguna Beach, California William Riddle Owner of Sea Island Golf Club and Resort Sea Island, Georgia Emily Rose – Professional Squash Player and Former World Champion Los Angeles, California Annabel Sagan – Top Designer at Harry Potter Land - Orlando, Florida Connor Santry Pro HockeyPlayer and Captain, Carolina Hurricanes – Raleigh, North Carolina Ben Shore – Musician and Founder of TubeDrive - Oahu, Hawaii Walker Williams – ESPN Sports Broadcaster -–Greenwich, Connecticut Alixy Zabin – Furniture and Home Designer, TV host of Drop Dead Gorgeous Homes - Baltimore, Maryland

6: Name: Heather Bienstock Age: 30 years old Residing in: San Francisco, California Occupation: Famous actress Dear Ms. Baytops, Hello from San Francisco. It has been a long time since I was in your 5th grade class. After 20 years I wanted you to know how you changed my life. When I came into your class, I was a good listener but remember how I couldn't even calculate area or circumference????? You taught me how to analyze with geometry and have fun doing it.! When I went to college at Stanford, I majored in drama. I am now a famous actress. Before some of my shows, I help out with the scenery by calculating the area and circumference to make sure that the set will fit in the filming room. I am living with my breath-taking swim suit model husband, Larry! I have three kids and two pet frogs. In my free time, I walk up and down the Pacific Heights selling my famous homemade chocolate chip cookies. Thank you for being an inspiring teacher. You changed my life. Come visit me and we'll, bungee jump off the Golden Gate Bridge!! Heather Bienstock

8: Name: Sofia Dartnell Age: 31 years old Residing in: Blonay, Switzerland Occupation: Marine Biologist and Author Dear Ms. Baytops, Hello from Blonay, Switzerland. It has been quite a while since I was in your fifth grade class. Twenty years later I would like you to know how you changed my life by being my teacher. When I came to your class I was a good writer, except for the fact that my paragraphing and comma usage was sloppy. You have changed that and now I write about my adventures in the great blue wilderness (a.k.a. the ocean). It is beautiful here in Switzerland. I am trying to find new species of fish and grasses in Lake Geneva. Come visit me and we’ll have some fondue together on my porch (chocolate or cheese your choice). You are the reason I got to have my dream job, Sofia

10: Name: Angelica Dziurzynski Age: 31 years old Residing In: Grand Manan Island, Canada Occupation: Famous Scientist Dear Ms. Baytops, Hi. I haven’t been able to talk to you in a while because I have so many things to do, now that I am a scientist. I was able to fulfill my dream of becoming a scientist all because of you. I still remember way back when I was in fifth grade, you taught me very important things I needed to become who I am today. Most importantly, you taught me how to write essays. This has been a huge help because now, I write essays on all sorts of different animals, plants, and even the world every day. Thanks for making my fifth grade year an outstanding one, and most importantly, thank you for making my life wonderful! Love from your essay writing scientist, Angelica Dziurzynski

12: Name: Layla Garyk Age: 31 Living in: Small Town, Arizona Occupation: Veterinarian and Author Hi Ms.Baytops! It’s been 20 years and I now live happily in a small town in Arizona with my loving husband and my 2 year old daughter Yasmine and my 4 year old son Taylor. You have helped me so much to get me where I am today. In school with my writing you were never afraid to tell me what I did wrong. Because of that I was able to fix my mistakes and become a best-selling author. You also let me express my love for animals and your reactions and responses were friendly and kind-hearted, which also gave me confidence to become the amazing veterinarian I am. Also you are absolutely hilarious and fun, which reminded me that no matter how old you are you can still have fun. So, now my friends and I still have sleepovers and “playdates” and talk and talk! I don’t think I can ever forget you Ms.Baytops. Love, Layla

14: Name: Christian Hamilton Age: 31 years old Residing in Stamford, Connecticut Occupation: Policeman Dear Ms. Baytops, Hello from Connecticut. It has been a long time since I was in your 5th grade class. After 20 years I wanted you to know how you changed my life. When I came into your class I was kind of good at math but I didn't know how to write script. Remember how I couldn't write any script in the beginning of the year?? I am now living in Connecticut with my wife that I met at the police academy. You helped me with math which later on helped me to measure and find the area of crime scenes. You were the best teacher out of all the teachers that I've met. Thank you Ms. Baytops! Christian Hamilton

16: Ellery Kenyon Age: 31 years old Residing in: Ketchum, Idaho Occupation: Famous Author and Speech-Writer Dear Ms. Baytops, Hello from the White House.! I wanted to tell you, Ms. Baytops, how sincerely grateful I am to you for all your wonderful (I still don't use "amazing”) pointers that helped me be who I am today. You may be wondering what I'm doing at the White House. Well, the President invited me to spend a week here! He loved my last novel so much (Ms. Baytops, I do hope you’re keeping up with all my books) that I even sit with him at his table for dinner! It is such an honor. Your former student, Ellery Kenyon

18: Name: Whit Knight Age: 30 years old Residing in : Somewhere in England Occupation: Potions Teacher Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Dear Ms. Baytops, Right now I am living in England and I am a teacher at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Remember when you would say “yes sir and yes, maam” to all the girls and boys in our class? I do the same with my students and they really like it. I also might teach my students about the Civil War. I think they will like it. As I think about it, there is a student in my class who reminds me of myself when I was in 5th grade. His name is Phit Pnight. And as I did at GCDS love lacrosse, he loves Quidditch. He is the seeker. Well, it has been a long time since I have seen you. Hope to see you soon. Whit Knight P.S. I won the Quidditch World Cup every year from 2022-2028. Then I became a teacher.

20: Name: Charles Maybury Age: 31 years old Profession: Dolphin Trainer Residing in: San Diego, California Dear Ms. Baytops, Hello from San Diego, California! It has been such a long time since I was in your class. After 16 years I wanted you to know how you changed my life. I loved both animals and scuba-diving when I was younger and in college I majored in Marine Science. Now I am a dolphin trainer! My dolphin proteges remind me in many ways of my 5th Grade classmates: highly intelligent and very energetic with appealing characters. But often they would rather be out in the ocean swimming and playing than settling down to some serious training. From you I learned how to motivate them through praise and incentives (sardines in this case). You taught me that I have to treat each dolphin as an individual, because students learn in different ways: Flipper couldn't even swim when he came into my class, but I now have him jumping through hoops, and bending over backwards to please. And just like your 5th grade students, mine finish each day with huge, happy grins on their faces. Come and see me out west! You'd be welcome any time and my Californian girlfriend, Barbie (she's going to be a Hollywood star, you know), would love to meet you in person. Warmest wishes, Charles Maybury

22: Name: Gabby Meeks Age: 31 years old Residing in: Laguna Beach, California Occupation: Physician and Volunteer for Doctors without Borders | Dear Mrs. Baytops-Paul (Greetings from Ghana!) I'm writing to let you know that I just finished reading your latest novel, I simply could not put it down. I absolutely loved it! I can't believe 20 years have gone by so fast. I still remember sitting in your class, secretly trying to compete for your attention. You would give me a quick smile, which made me feel very special. Thank you for teaching me to believe in myself, work hard, shoot for the stars, and always remember to give back. I am a medical doctor specializing in Oncology, I found a cure for Cancer! I spent the last 2 years volunteering all over the world with "Doctors Without Borders". I'm also in the midst of writing my autobiography; be on the look out for the chapter especially dedicated to you. Thank you for being my teacher, and my role model. After 20 years, your influence remains very strong.___P.S. I would be delighted to have you come for a visit. Your student, Gabby

24: Name: William Riddle Age: 31 Years Old Residing in: Sea Island, Georgia Occupation: Owner of Sea Island Golf Club and Resort | Dear Ms. Baytops, I just got back from a fun vacation with my son Will and we were discussing my 5th grade experience, since he is just fininshing 4th grade. I told him I was very nervous about 5th grade too. I remember walking in to your classroom; I was so scared because I heard you gave a lot of homework. After time, I knew I was lucky to be in your class because you taught me how to write a detailed and informative story. When I went to University of Georgia I was also so very thankful for all your hard work helping me to write better. I am now the owner of Sea Island and have to write so many letters and reports. The skills you taught me in 5th grade helped prepare me for high school, college and now my own business. In my free time I talk to the guest and relax on the beach with a glass of wine and a good book. When you come down to Sea Island, you can stay in one of the cottages next to where your favorite basketball player, LeBron James lives after recent retirement. He will be there next weekend if you want to come and be my guest. Please call me at 912-634-9613 if you would like to come. It would be nice to see you again. Sincerely, William Howard Riddle, III

26: Name: Emily Rose Age: 31 years old Residing: Los Angeles, California Occupation: Professional Squash Player Dear Ms. Baytops, Hello from LA! It has been a long time since I was in your fifth grade class. After 20 years I wanted you to know how you changed my life. When I came into your class, I was a Kobe Bryant fan but then you taught me to pick the team with the best sportsmanship, so I became a Heat fan. On the school front, you taught me how to be a writer. When I walked into your class I wrote without detail. Remember how I always had to add more to make my story logical? When I walked out of your class, bang! I wrote with elaboration and detail! When I was in college, along with playing on the squash team, I majored in English, and when we had to write a story the professor said, “Wow, Miss Rose, you can write like a real author!” I explained to her, “I learned it from my fifth grade teacher Ms. Baytops. I owe it to her.” I have won many squash tournaments including the World Championships, and last year at the Espy’s I sat next to LeBron James, and now we’re really tight. I asked him if he could come to Greenwich with me for my annual visit to meet you! I want to thank you so much for all your patience, jokes and for putting up with me in 5th grade. I’m coming with LeBron this summer so hopefully we can meet up and have crpes at Meli-Melo, Emily Rose

28: Name: Annabel Sagan Age: 31 years old Residing in: Orlando, Florida Occupation: Top Designer at Harry Potter Land Dear Miss Baytops, Hello from Orlando, Florida! It has been a long time since I was in your fifth grade class at GCDS. After twenty years, I wanted you to know how you changed my life. When I came into your class in 2010, I was an "okay" math student, but you taught me how to use math in everyday circumstances. Now I am the top designer at Harry Potter Land. You taught me about shapes and fractions which have proven most useful when designing rides and the castle. All of the creative writing that we did in your class has inspired me to "let my imagination flow" and dream up thrilling rides for our park. Now we are making billions of dollars a year, and I am also designing new surprises as I write. In my free time, I write with J.K. Rowling about the adventures of Harry Potter's children. Thank you for being a kind, awesome, and inspirational teacher. You have changed lives, and I am living proof of that! Come have a Butterbeer in the Great Hall with me sometime! Yours truly, Annabel Sagan

30: Name: Connor J. Santry Age: 31 years old Residing in: Raleigh, North Carolina Occupation: Professional Hockey Player Dear Ms. Baytops, Hello from Raleigh, NC. It has 20 years since you taught me in 5th grade. I wanted to write and tell you how well I've been doing since you were my teacher. I got a scholarship to Yale for my awesome expository writing and I proved you could be smart and play hockey. I was drafted by the Carolina Hurricanes and became the leading scorer for the team. We recently won the Stanley Cup and I was awarded MVP. If you hadn't taught me to love writing and appreciate poetry, I would never have gotten into Yale and be playing hockey at this level. I am writing an autobiography in my free time entitled, “Lessons Learned Playing Hockey -- Don't Be a Dumb Hockey Player--Learn to Write!.! Come see the Carolina Hurricanes play hockey sometime soon. It might make you prefer hockey over basketball. By the way, I am friends with Lebron James and I will introduce you to him and we can all hang out. Gratefully, Connor J. Santry p.s. Thanks for all you have done. You are a MVP to me.

32: Name: Ben Shore Age: 31 Years Old Residing in : Oahu, Hawaii Occupation: Recording Artist and Founder of TubeDrive Hi Ms. Baytops, You might be surprised to hear from me, Ben Shore, from your fifth grade class at Greenwich Country Day School back in 2010-2011. I am now 31, and enjoying a wonderful life as a musician in Oahu, Hawaii. I have three kids and a beautiful wife. In addition, I have a record deal with Offshore Records. I am so grateful for all you taught me about poetry. Your lessons have helped me with song lyrics on so many occasions. Specifically, you stressed the importance of similar syllable counts in each line. That definitely comes in handy when composing songs. You also taught me the importance of giving back and trying to create balance in society. As a result, I now run a program called TubeDrive. It is a non-profit program for kids from the ages of 5-16. In the mornings we surf and in the afternoons, we dry off and make music. I am using all you taught me about the importance of racial equality as the kids in this program range from Pacific Islanders to Asians to African Americans. Understanding and tolerance of our differences is a key part of our program. The kids put a smile on my face every day. I am thankful every day for the lessons you taught me in fifth grade. They formed key elements of the person I am today. Sincerely, Ben Shore P.S. Four days ago I told my TubeDrive kids about the time you "caught" the tree frog in your mouth. Two days ago we saw a frog on our dock; the kids spoke through their teeth the entire time.

34: Name: Walker Williams Age: 31 years old Residing in: Greenwich, Ct. commuting to Bristol, Ct the Home of the ESPN Headquarters Occupation: ESPN Sports Broadcaster Dear Ms. Baytops, Hello from the ESPN Headquarters in Bristol, CT. It has been a long time since I was in your 5th grade class. After 20 years I wanted you to know how you changed my life. When I came into your class, I was a hardworking student who loved sports but was a little shy when it came to presenting some of my projects or writing. You taught me how to research, write and present great compelling stories. I'll never forget how much you liked my first story about one of my football games. I'll also never forget how much you loved sports as well and how you found the time in your busy schedule to coach basketball. When I went to Princeton, along with playing hockey and lacrosse, I became an announcer for my college radio station. I got a job with ESPN right out of college and moved back to Greenwich where I live with my gorgeous wife who is also a ESPN Sideline Reporter. I spend my free time coaching my two little boys in lacrosse. Thank you for being such a great teacher. You changed my life.!! Look for me on ESPN Sports Center Walker Williams, Sports Broadcaster - ESPN

36: Name: Alixy Zabin Age: 31 years old Residing in Baltimore, Maryland Occupation: Furniture and Home Designer TV Host of Drop Dead Gorgeous Homes Dear Ms. Baytops, Hello from Baltimore, Maryland. I hope you remember me! My name is Alixy Zabin and I'm 31 years old. I was your student at GCDS 20 years ago! I am now a home designer and started a fabulous tv show called Drop Dead Gorgeous Homes!! (Don't you love the name?) I also design custom furniture for people's homes. Thank you so much for teaching me how to find the area in math class. Now I know what carpet to find for customer's homes. I also still love to clean! Would you like a free home makeover? Call me anytime at 111-222-3333. Love, Alixy Zabin

38: And the million dollar question is...... " Where is Ms. Baytops?

39: Adrienne Baytops is an accomplished novelist and screenwriter. Her career took off with the publishing of her novel, A Man's Man which became a NYTimes Bestseller. She adapted the novel into a screenplay starring Denzel Washington. She now writes and teaches creative writing at the Sorbonne University. She splits her time between her fabulous apartments in Paris and Hollywood. | A Man's Man by Adrienne Baytops, a historical novel based on a man's journey from the south

41: This album was created with love by the fifth grade class for a very special teacher xoxoxox

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