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BC: It's the end already?????

FC: A life without words is like a fish living in a world with no water. -Addie | She had it all. The looks. The hair. The clothes. But the only thing I have is writing. She can't have that. Writings mine. She has everything. Writing shouldn't be one of them. -Addie | ADDIES WORLD by Addie Paquette | They sucked the happiness out of my heart. I don't want anyone to know. So I always find a way to simile, so i can stay invisible. -Addie | To cry is a funny thing. Your eyes may dry but it never ends. the pain is always there. The only thing to rely on is words. -Addie | They don't care. No one cares. -Addie

1: I dedicate this book to my Grandma Lilly

2: table of contents inside me-poem this i believe-short story hate is a beautiful thing-letter the king-short story about writing-poem color poem-poem truth hurts-poem if i were told-real seth who-true story christopher reeve-autobiography

4: Inside Me Inside me are butterflies Whipping Fluttering Oh so gently To where it tickles. Panda bears, Grizzly bears, Teddy bears roam inside me. Inside me lives bubbles, When one pops I giggle. Inside me lives a poem, Not the rhyming ones I was never good at those. Inside me lives a caterpillar thinking its time to transform, But way deep down she knows its not time. Inside me is a pink rose, A pink rose sounds cooler than a red one. Inside me lives the coordination of a three year old. Just walking Walking BAAM!!!!!! Right into a trash can, its really embarrassing Inside is a different side The side

5: where losing a part of me, A part of my family Inside me lives pain It hides deep down then rises to the surface When the glass of happiness is shattered. Inside me lives stories that are dying to be heard Inside me lives an elephant Stomping on my heart Inside me is a bright place Until it is washed away Like a river flowing down stream The bright pinks and purples subside to black Inside me lives memories Replaying like a broken record They keep spinning and spinning The wall cracks Spilling the tears that shed down the forbidden gateway to my heart. Inside me lives a box. I try to hide the bad memories. Most of the time the box cant hold them They burst like a thousand fireworks. How do you live? Is the question That question is the melody that scatters through the scars and tears From inside But only one can erase it Or at least keep it away.

6: This I Believe Believing in something is hard. No one can tell you what to believe, It's just there. Believing in world peace or ending world hunger is great but is it true? Some believe in being vegetarian and some can't even bare the thought. That's only what your mind wants. While you're believing in ''appearance is everything”'' others believe in what your heart looks like. I believe that your choices in life are what lead you to either being happy or murderous. Mistakes are what makes the world go round and your heart full. I believe God always forgives, no matter the circumstance. But you have to forgive yourself.

7: Dear Anonymous, I write you this because I would like to say sorry. When we were friends it wasn't fake. But, after you started becoming something your not, I couldn’t take it. I know your thinking,"what the heck!” and “no I’m not!” but it’s the truth. When you say you listen to music that you don’t listen to, it drives me insane. What I’m saying is, is that I liked being your friend. But when you started copying people, saying your “emo”, and “scene”, that just crosses the line. I don’t want to sound mean, but if you still want to be my friend then you better clean up your act. Don’t call me a fake and a poser because you know that’s not true! Again I’m sorry that I exploded on you but that doesn’t change the way I feel. I hope you can understand the circumstances and think about what I have said. Hugs and Kisses, ..?????

8: The King He pounced. It may have been 3 times as tall, but he was the king. The sloppy painted on brown spots covered in red. Earlier the King was hunting for his perfect rib-eye. When he ran after the gazelle he missed and fell on his back. Everyone laughed including those with the lower power. Including the animals he called “long neck’. He wanted revenge. That’s exactly what he got. Hiding in the bushes. Time ticking. He doesn’t care. He pounced. Tackling the long neck. Sinking his fangs into the soft fuzzy skin till he reached the bone. The liquid oozed out while the king ripped away the legs. Down it goes. It flutters its eyes, and then drifts away. The King gnaws at the legs. No one mocked him again.

9: About Writing The only thing to count on is words. Let them fall from your pencil and watch the paper soak them up. Let the sounds slip from your tongue creating pictures. Watch letters become words, words mashed together to make sentences. Watch them form and flutter in your heart. Creating life.

10: If I were told: By this evening you will die, So what will you do till then? I would wake to the blue sky. Slug out of bed. Shower for as long as I dared Compliment my parents Give them extra hugs and kisses. I wouldn't tell them why. Not yell at my brother, which is a hard thing to do. Play with my dogs for an hour or two. Enjoy a sweet breakfast meal with my family. Go to the mall with my entire family. When we get home I would laugh and play. Have my dad cook my favorite food for dinner. Get into my pj's, Brush my teeth, Say goodnight (more like goodbye). And wait for the dreams to drift me away.

11: Truth Hurts Death is sacred. The unspoken language down in the pits of hell. I sail the river of lost souls. The moaning faces of those who have lost their way, never to return. Their eyes pull me to them, drowning me in my own mistakes to where I have gone down to the bottom more and more eyes stare me down. Showing me images of my life choices. I know I have done wrong but the river has become to much for my already dead soul. My spirit was sleeping somewhere cold. Where has this life taken me? “DEATH, The hollow souls gurgle in the river of no water. A tug on the hand pulling up, until the hand tugging me to the safety of consciousness is gone. Slowly I sink back down. Wallowing in my own self pity. Unable to swim in the thoughts leaking from my soul. Darkness before I could even see the light.

12: Pink Pink is the color of the good times we have shared. It’s the color of cotton candy, we devoured at the carnival. The color of roses we planted. Pink is the color of springtime, it’s the color of the secrets told. The color of our cheeks when our crush walks by. Pink is the color of enthusiasm. It’s the color of the crisp horizon sunset, the color of fame we reached. | Pink is the color of our tears we shed it’s the color of strawberry cheesecake, we eat, when were sad, the color of our day dreams. Pink is the color of the grass we lay on and laugh It’s the color of bubblegum we chew 24/7 the color that first comes to mind when we think happiness.

13: Seth Who Seth who flops on the couch for days playing video games. Who is doughnuts and chocolate. Who is plain food and candy. Who is skinny like a stick, Is angry when he loses. Who always says I need help on homework,” and never stops saying,I want doughnuts. Whose eyelashes cause wind currents when blinked. Who can no longer do a back flip on the bouncy trampoline. Who throws the remote on the floor when his character dies. Who no longer has the ability to clean his room. Is hyper. Who runs around in underwear holding a Baby Ruth candy bar. Who is so angry that he rolls on the floor and cries. Who is smart enough to not go in my room. Who has a hard time paying attention during class. Who gets home and says “I'm hungry.!” Who is long hair, and shorts and weird smiles. Who craves the answer for “whens dinner ready.!” Who wears clothing like a surfer. When playing video games he says Die, Die.” Who wants the answer to be yes when he says, I want doughnuts.”

14: Christopher Reeve The famous fictional character “Superman” has finally met his match. Christopher Reeve used to be our universally known Superman before the tragic accident. A horse riding accident caused this star to collapse in a wheelchair for life. Allowing the use of a respirator for his breathing, Christopher was involved in many campaigns for handicapped children and paraplegics, where he founded The Christopher Paralysis Foundation. The Foundation was for spinal cord injuries, and stem cell research. Christopher was very popular in the acting business because he studied at the University of Cornell, and the Julliard School in New York. As the star of Superman and their sequels in 1978, 1980, 1983, and 1987 he did many other films which included Noises Off 1992, and Morning Glory 1994. He continued to work despite his rehabilitation. He again acted in more films like Rear Window 1998, and directed two films; In The Gloaming 1997, and the Brooke Ellison Story. Also his autobiography Still Me 1998. He believed that you can do whatever you set your mind to. It is possible, and that life is short it comes only once so do the impossible. Christopher says, “Either you decide to stay in the shallow end of the pool or go out in the ocean.” Christopher died of cardiac arrest on October 10, 2004. Survived by his wife Dana and his son William. As well as two children, Matthew and Alexandra, from a previous relationship. His wife Dana was later diagnosed with cancer in 2005 then died in 2006 at the age of 44.

16: COMMENT PAGE | It's great and colorful. I love it. - Kim | OH MY GOODNESS the this i beilive story is so true and touching. Ali | I think that this is very creative and colorful. I think that you are a great person and it shows in you writing. jess

17: COMMENT PAGE | This is just like you Addie, beautiful, creative, artistic, and thoughtful. I love it, and I love you!! Mom | Loved it. The whole thing really showed who you are in your writing. Sam F.

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