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S: SHARLENE - The First 70 Years

FC: SHARLENE The First 70 Years

1: Sharlene Kaye Oeste was born November 11, 1941 at 1:02 AM in the Woodland Clinic, Woodland, Yolo County, California. She weighed 8 pounds 4 ounces and was the second daughter born to Laverne and Ethel Heidrick Oeste. Her birth fell on her sisters third birthday.

2: My grandparents, Wildah and Andrew Heidrick, parents of Ethel Oeste. Grandma was an amazing seamstress. Grandpa was a former school teacher and farmer. | My aunts and uncles with their spouses. Bernie & Vera Gorman, Emmett & Mildred Heidrick, Joe & Edith Heidrick, my mom, Louise & Tony Farnham, and Fred & Helen Heidrick. Grandma and Grandpa Heidrick were very proud of their family.

3: My Grandfather, Adolph Oeste, died in 1934 at the age of 56. My grandmother, Sadie Wurth Oeste, married Harold Murray later in life. My great aunt, Sophia Oeste, had a tremendous impact on my life. She never married and died in 1954 at the age of 69.

4: November 21, 1941 I left the hospital and arrived at 627 Third Street, Woodland, California which was my home for the next five years. My older sister, Sharon Lee Oeste, was excited to have a new sister. The above pictures were taken April 4, 1942 when I was almost five months old.

5: As a little girl, I enjoyed playing with my sister, the neighbors, and my cousins, Nancy, Bernie, Freddy, and Susie. The picture with my cousins was taken August 22, 1943 on our front porch in Woodland, California.

6: Mom took a lot of pictures of my sister and I. She would spend lots of time curling our hair, often using rag curlers, and dressing us to look pretty. She was a hard working, wonderful mom. | 1944 | Taken in the backyard in Woodland. | Gloria Heidricks birthday party.

7: Sharon and I loved the pink wool outfits our Grandma Heidrick designed and made for us. Mom often put a pretty bow in my hair. I loved playing with our neighbors next door in Woodland, the Keene kids and the Marcks kids. 1945

8: Mom took my sister Sharon and I to visit Santa Claus at Bruenner's Department Store in Sacramento. I was probably asking Santa for new front teeth for Christmas! This picture was taken December, 1947.

9: I always had fun riding a tricycle. After this trike became too small for me, my parents got me a much larger model. It had a big basket on the front and I rode it for many years. Balance was always an issue for me but eventually I learned to ride a bicycle. | Our family didn't take many vacations when I was a child. When we did, it was usually up the coast to Washington or Oregon. I remember all of the beautiful waterfalls.

10: "The Cobbler And The Elves" May 20, 1949 Starring Knute Fisher and Sharlene Oeste | I was a 4-H member for over 11 years. | Mom braided my hair every day before school.

11: 1955, Davis Jr. High Student Body President. | At 15, I was baptized into the Baptist Church. | Cats have always been my favorite pets. | 4-H demonstration with Karen Rosenberg. 1956

12: From Masque & Scroll Club, 4-H Conventions, Editor of the yearbook, and marching in the Davis High Band, I was very busy in high school. | Tom Elliot was my date for The Senior Prom in 1959. Our group of friends had a pre-graduation party at Molly Vaughns house before the graduation ceremony.

13: Gilbert & Sullivan's "The Gondoliers" College of the Pacific Stockton, California 1957

14: 1957. Officers: Sharon Heidanus, Barbara Doty, Susie King and Jeannie Allen. | Lena Bainer and Marsha Herrala installed me as Worthy Advisor for The Davis Rainbow Girls. Among those attending were Mary Lynn Vaughn and Susie Gorman, my cousin.

15: HUB Newspaper Staff. 1959 | My Chevrolet Impala

16: Our family moved into this new home in Davis when I was five years old. It was located on Russell Blvd next door to my grandmothers home. It was always fun swimming at my friend Nora's pool at Cactus Corner. At graduation, I was very proud to be awarded The Gordan H. True Service Cup for Loyalty, Citizenship, and Service; The Bank of America Award for Business; and selected to be a speaker at our graduation ceremony.

17: Off to college, September, 1959. | I lived at Kay's Dorm on Ivy Street in Chico, California. | Chico State had a "party school" reputation. | Kathy Murphy was my roommate for two years.

18: "Amahl and the Night Visitors", and "Most Happy Fella" were two of the plays I was in at college. I really enjoyed both the Drama Department and singing in The Acappella Choir. | Concert Choir uniform. | Loved those cigarettes! | Cleo in "Most Happy Fella"

19: Moving away from home opened up a new, wonderful world for me. It was finally acceptable to be a little different.

20: The summer before my Junior year in college, 1961, I spent six weeks attending The University of Hawaii Summer Session on the island of Oahu. I was nineteen years old and had the time of my life. What a great experience.

22: Brave, brave, girl.

23: With passport in hand, I flew to Europe for the first time on June 25, 1963. I met up with a small tour group in New York. Quite an adventure for a twenty-one year old country girl.

24: Members of our group came from all over the United States and there was a wide range of ages.This group picture was on Capitoline Hill overlooking Rome. Everyone got along well and we had a good guide and bus driver, Carlo Georgetti.

25: It was so exciting to see so many sites I had always heard about. From the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the doormen in London, to the Isle of Capri and The Blue Grotto. From the balconey on my room in the Grand Hotel in Paris, I could look out over the magnificent Paris Opera House.

26: Venice, Italy is a magical place. I was only there for two days but hopefully I can return again some day. From the Bridge of Sighs, the Basilica of St. Mark, the Venetian Glass Works, to a Gondola ride on the Grand Canal, magnificent! Carlo was also fun.

28: I met William Fred Stahl III when we were both students at Chico State College. He was an Engineering student from Pomona, California and he drove a cute little green Ford. I was a Business Administration major living in my first apartment.

29: Married December 28, 1963, we had a small but beautiful ceremony. Fred's sister, Beverly McKay, poured tea at the reception. My grandmother, Sadie Oeste, attended with her husband, Harold Murray. He was a wonderful man.

30: I graduated from college, January, 1964 and became a stay at home wife. | Before long, I was pregnant with our first child. Our son, William Fred Stahl IV, was born February 26, 1965 in Enloe Hospital at Chico, California.

31: As a young married couple, we didn't have much money so our vacations were usually camping trips. | After Fred taught me how to fish, I loved the sport. It was always a challenge to cast my line just right, but fun.

32: Our first house, 38 El Cerrito Drive, Chico, California. Before Freddy's first birthday, Fred graduated from college and we moved to Camarillo, California.

33: Shana Kaye Stahl was born January 26, 1968 in Ventura, California. We lived at 3013 Old Coach Drive, Camarillo. Fred and I enjoyed having pool parties. The pool was a wonderful source of entertainment over the 23 years in Camarillo.

34: In the mid 60's, Hawaii truly was a lush, tropical paradise. Bob Lum was our driver while visiting Oahu. | Hawaii has always been a special place to me. I've visited Oahu, Maui and Kauai on numerous occasions. I first visited Oahu when I was nineteen years old.

35: Big brother and baby sister. | Shana Kaye Stahl 1968 | Crescent City, CA after tsunami. | Port Hueneme, CA beach picnic.

36: Jeffrey Duane Stahl joined our family July 11, 1969. I loved having three kids and took them out a lot. We swam, camped and picniced at the beach.

37: Berney Falls, California

38: Tradewinds Restaurant, Oxnard, California. Dinner with my parents, Ethel and Laverne Oeste. | Family portrait taken in 1970. Freddy was mad at me because he had to wear a suit.

39: We all enjoyed visiting Grandpa Murray and his wife Arlene in Woodland. I was proudly wearing a blouse and vest I had made for myself. Sewing was fun. | From Disneyland to a petting zoo at Sutter's Fort in Sacramento, we were a busy family and had lots of fun together.

40: My parents came to visit in November of 1978. It was always fun decorating for birthday parties.

41: December of 1978 we spent a wonderful holiday in Colorado. After spending Christmas at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, we spent some time at The Pine Valley Ranch. | On this trip we also took a great tour of The Air Force Academy. The Chapel was breathtaking.

42: Moscow, Russia with my niece, Lory Anderson. | Check Point Charlie, Berlin, Germany | Amsterdam, The Netherlands | On a hydrofoil, The Fjords, Norway | 1 9 7 6

43: Our family October, 1978. We had two Himalayan cats, Dusty and Destiny. Grandpa Murray invited us to his house for dinner several times. He was a wonderful man

44: 1982. Shana graduated from Monte Vista Jr High School. The same summer, I graduated from Cal-State, Northridge with a Master's Degree in Educational Psychology, with an emphasis on Counseling and Guidance. Photos by Jeff. :0)

45: Hosting German soccer players from Berlin was a very positive experience for our family in 1977. Jeff graduated from Monte Vista Jr High School June 10, 1983, Camarillo, California. | Summer 1983. Leaving Fred at Stanford University was very emotional for all of us.

46: Some of the best times of my life have been spent with my adult children. I have always appreciated their thoughtfulness to include me. On a trip to Wisconsin to visit Jeff, he took me out to see tornado damage and we also met some delightful Amish people. Shana and I met her cousin, Bob McKay, for a visit in Boise. Although I am not a big fan of the desert, I've enjoyed seeing the California desert.

47: After graduating from USC, Jeff went on to work in radio and television. I flew back to spend Thanksgiving with him one year while he was living in Wisconsin. Naturally, we had to visit Lambeau Field, home of the NFL Green Bay Packers. | Fred graduated from Stanford University, June 12, 1988. It was a wonderful day with family and friends.

48: Fred & Karen, November 24, 1990 Carmel, California. Shana & Larry, August 3, 1996, near Stanley, Idaho. Jeff & Marian, April 22, 2006, Palm Desert, California.

49: Family wedding festivities. Don and Nelda Grant have known the kids their entire lives. | Beverly Unck and Esther Richter attended Shana's wedding in Stanley.

50: I always looked forward to the day I would become a grandmoither. | I feel very fortunate to have six healthy, happy grandchildren.

51: PANSEY | Bringing a smile to someone is absolutely priceless.

52: On the deck in Stanley. | Western Idaho Fair | Christmas, 2001 | Sharadin and Grandma

53: CLOUDY, my faithful cat. 1994, my mother's 80th birthday was celebrated in Boise. Three generations of lovely ladies. 2001 Christmas photograph taken in the Idaho State Capitol Rotunda, Boise, Idaho.

54: Lunch with my cousins in Woodland, California. Aunt Vera, Aunt Helen, Mom, Aunt Louise and Uncle Fred. Dinner with my cousin, Linda Heidrick Lucchesi. She passed away Friday, May 13, 2011.

55: Picnic in Davis, California with Beverly Stahl McKay Unck. The home I built near Stanley, Idaho 1991 - 1992. On the shore of Lake Como, Italy with a tour group.

56: Visiting with Don and Nelda Grant. Grandmas love Santa Claus too! St. Luke's Women's Fitness Celebration with Shana and Corie.

57: Family Vacations | Cannon Beach, Oregon. Maui, Hawaii - 2009

58: Visiting with Gene Gullingsrud while he was in California at Fred's house in 1997. Gene was Fred's roommate his first year at Stanford. Kendra was a brand new baby. | New daddy Jeff with Joshua 2009 | 1999 Moving Mom to Boise. | Face painting is a lot of fun.

59: Sharadin and Nick enjoy grandma's snowy backyard. | China Painting is a wonderful hobby. Profitable too! | I took Freddy to visit the Human Rights Memorial. | 2010, Jackie and Kendra came to visit in Boise.

60: GRANDMA PICTURES Sharadin and Nick at the Idaho Fair. Jeff and family in Boise Jackie and Nick at CynDe's Beauty Salon. Grandma holding three month old Joshua in Maui. 2009

61: When Kendra and Jackie came to Boise in July of 2011, I took them to CynDe's Salon for a pedicure and a manicure. Such pretty young ladies. This picture of Sharadin at the Zoo Boise Butterfly Exhibit has always been one of my favorite.

62: It is hard to express the joy I feel when my grandchildren are with me. Each one of them is special in their own way. They are thoughtful, kind and interesting people. I love them. | Sharadin and Freddy 2010 | Kendra at pizza restaurant 2010 | Joshua at the park in 2010

64: The National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. AKA Punchbowl, was opened to the public on July 19, 1949. Our guide, Masimo, also took us to visit the historical Pali. | The Pali is always windy. The view is magnificent. | Oahu, Hawaii July, 2011 | Shana and family at The Royal Hawaiian Hotel.

65: Whether sightseeing, eating or just hanging out, we all had fun.

66: Freddy Stahl, my oldest grandchild, came to visit me the summer of 2011. He is twenty years old and a student at the University of California, San Diego. | Nicholas really enjoys his cousins. Freddy is a good role model for him and they have fun together.

67: dur | August 22, 2011 we had a great dinner at the Green Chili Restaurant in Boise, Idaho. Sharadin, me, Shana, Freddy and Nick.

68: MY MANY FACES | Throughout the years, I have had many different "looks". As a small child, my mother would spend a great deal of time working on my hair so it would look nice. When I started wearing braids (aka pigtails) she used gallons of "gooey" to make my hair lay flat and smooth. Of course, that was before hairspray. The summer before my third grade, my grandmother took me to an optometrist in Sacramento who told us I was extremely near sighted. Glasses were a blessing. I could actually see windows in buildings. I started out as a blonde and kept returning to it over the years. Body image was a crucial element in my development. Whether overweight or normal, whatever that is, it made me the person I am today. I am content.

70: China Painting, aka Porcelain Painting, has been a hobby of mine for over 35 years. These pieces were a lot of fun to create.

71: Here's to the next 70 years!

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