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FC: What if... | Created By;Zach T. Gage R.

1: Table of Contents | Ancient River Valley Civilization: 2-3 | Classical Era: 4-5 | Post-Classical Asia/Africa: 6-7 | Medieval Europe: 8-9 | Renaissance/Reformation 10-11 | Enlightenment?Revolutions 12-13 | World War I 14-15 | World War II 16-17 | Cold War 18-19

2: Ancient River Valley Civilization | About 5000 years ago the first civilizations came into existence in a place called the fertile crecent. Located between the Southern half of Asia and Northern Africa these people formed their civilizations along the Indus, Nile, Tigris, Euphrates, and Yellow rivers. After settling, they started the Neolithic Revolution and switched from hunting and gathering to farming. These people crated law codes along with their newly formed civilizations such as Hammurabi's code in order to keep order in their societies. Large civilizations formed over time and some of these were known as Mesopotamia and the Babylonian civilization that Hammurabi ruled.

3: What if People had not Learned How to Farm?... | If people never learned how to farm then we would most likely still be hunting and gathering today. If not for the Neolithic Revolution we would never have developed any civilizations, we would still be nomadic people. We would be no where near as advanced as we are today because the Neolithic Revolution was the foundation of our very modern society's.

4: Classical Era: | The Classical Era was the era when the development and expansion of very large civilizations took place. it lasted from 1000 B.C.- 500 A.D. Greece is an example of one of these civilizations. The main characteristic of these civilizations was that they all had extensive trade networks, and grew their nations through military conquest. and helped to develop many of the worlds religions like Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism.

5: If Athens did not embrace democary then the united states would not have the same goverment idears that we have today. The United States might have been eather a communist or a faciouse goverment. | What if Athens had not embraced democracy?

6: Post Classical Asia/Africa | The Post Classical Era began in the year 500 and ended in the year 1500. During this period religion spread and new civilizations flourished. Trade played a major role during this time period as well through the Silk Road (a route that allowed European and Northern African People to trade with China, and other Asian Countries). Through all of the trade new ideas where spread along with the spread of religion, the biggest religion that spread was Islam it made its way from Western Asia/ Eastern Europe all the way to Northern Africa and and Southern Europe. Conquest also happened during this era through the Mongolians led by Genghis Khan they controlled over 50% of Asia and almost all of Persia. They used fear and hit and run tactics to win their battles they always carefully planned their attacks and fought on horseback. The main effect of this era was the ideas of trade, inventions (which spread through trade), and the spread of major religions like Islam.

7: If the Bantu Migrations did not take place in Africa then Africa would not have the technology and resources they have today. They would be in a bigger depression then they already are today also no one would trade with them so they would be like America before Europe discovered them. It would have not been good for Africa if this migration did not happen. | What if the Bantu Migrations did not take place in Africa?

8: Post-Classical Medieval Europe | Post Classical Europe included a change of government ideas, and included a strict class structure. The government changed into a non-centralized government. the class structure had three levels: serfs who were semi-free but belonged to the land, vassals or knights: that lived in the mansions that the serfs worked on and they did the bidding of the nobles/ kings, and nobles who got rich through taxes (nobles were usually government officials). This era also included the spread of Christianity and Europe's society was strongly focused around the Catholic Church. During this time period Vikings were known to pillage the European country's port cities.

9: The world would still be the same as it was back then we wouldn't have tried to find better trade routs and better medicine so the Americas would have never been found. Also medicine would still be based on superstition and leeching and diseases would remain incurable due to the lack of knowledge. | What if the black plague did not attack western europe?

10: Renaissance/Reformation | - | The Renaissance meaning "rebirth" was a time during history when the people of Europe began to renew their interest in the study of classical antiquity. The idea of divine right was created during this era in attempt to keep order in their societies. During this period many Catholics wanted to reform the Catholic church because they claimed it was corrupt through their use of grievances (paying your sins away) this was called the Protestant reformation.

11: If the printing press wouldn't have been invented then protestantism (the principles taught by Martin Luther) probably wouldn't have had such a success as it had in the 16th century. Only because The time it took with the printing press was faster then the time it would have took to make it by hand. | What if Gutenberg hadn't invented the printing press?

12: Enlightenment/Revolutions | The Enlightenment era in Europe was an era of questions and new ideas or understandings of politics, and life overall in the European society. Enlightenment thinkers like John Locke helped to pave the way for these new ideas. They questioned divine right and the ruthless way that their leaders ruled. These very ideas helped to inspire the American Revolution, and in turn inspired the French Revolution.New discoveries were also made like that of planetary motion by Kepler. The Enlightenment Era created a new future for the world. | John Locke

13: What if the Enlightenment ideas were not embraced by the colonists? | If the Enlightenment ideas were not embraced by the colonists the the ideas of devine rights would have lasted a lot longer and still may be around today.

14: World War 1 | World War 1 began with the assassination of Franz Ferdinand. After this it all escalated into a war countries picked sides and it began. On one side it was the Allies: U.K., Russia, France, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Serbia, and Romania. On the other side it was the Central Powers: Germany, Austria-Hungary, The Ottoman Empire, and Bulgaria. These countries primarily used trench warfare to fight each other on the western front in France. The governments of these countries used propaganda to cause people to enlist in their armies. The war ended with the Allies and Central Powers negotiating and Germany sole blame for the war and owed millions of dollars to all of the countries that were destroyed in this conflict.

15: What if Germany had not solely blamed for WW1? | If Germany was not fully blamed for WW1 then Germany would be in much better shape and the Berlin wall would have not been a factor in history also the fighting in the world would probly be a lot more then everyone wants.

16: World War 11 | Germany was on the attack and invaded several countries along their way to take over Europe including Poland. But once they invaded France the war began, and Europe split into two sides: the Allies: England, U.S., Soviet Union, China, Australia, Canada. And the Axis: Germany, Japan, and Italy. The U.S. originally got involved because of Japans bombing of Pearl Harbor. The Germans during this time created the "Final Solution" To kill Jews and Gypsies, the Nazi's killed 6 million Jews and 2 million Gypsies. Germany surrendered May of 1945, and Japan Surrendered August 1945 after the atomic bombs were dropped (bombs created by the Manhattan Project).

17: What if the U.S. had not dropped the Atomic Bombs on Japan? | If the atomic bomb had not been dropped then there would have been many more months of death and destruction on an enormous scale. Also the early timing of its use was fortunate for a reason which could not have been anticipated.

18: Cold War | At the end of WWII the Soviet Union was a prominent force in Europe and relations between America and the Soviet Union were deteriorating. This war consisted of no out in the open warfare only threats of a nuclear war that neither side wanted to have. The U.S. put nuclear weapons in Turkey and the Soviet Union put them in Cuba causing the Cuban missile crisis. The war ended in 1985 due to the Soviet Unions deteriorating economy and government.

19: What if the U.S. had not adopted the theory of containment? | We could potentially still be in the Cold War today. A lot more countries that we have alliances or treaties with could have turned to communism.

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