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S: Hawaii 2011

BC: Enjoy the.... | JOURNEY

FC: Hawaii 2011

2: This was a very special day for Kade and I. We were able to attend the Laei Temple in Hawaii! It was so beautiful inside and out! I've never seen such exquisite landscaping. The grounds are so well kept. Another reason why this was such a special time was because, my mom and dad stood in this very spot back in 1968 when they got to see each other for a very short week for my dad's R & R from vietnam. They got to spend some time in Hawaii for one week and then he had to return to Vietnam for another 6 monts! We are so forturnate that we could enjoy this Temple , and be together!

3: What a beautiful place that I will never forget! I'm so glad that I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints! And I'm so blessed to be able to attend the temple! When we were at the temple, we were able to attend the visitors center there and see the beautiful statue of Christ. The room had bright colors that made the statue stand out even more!

5: Kade currently works for Vivint as a sales representative doing home securtiy systems. And each year our office has a "draft" which tells you where you are going to go during the summer months. This year we were fortunate enough to get Hawaii as our pick!!! We were so excited! We arrived in Hawaii (Oahu) on the 19th of April , a Tuesday, and decided to vacation for a few days before we went to work! So we were able to attend the temple, go to Pearl Harbor, see the Polynesian Culteral Center, And hang out on the beach for a while! It was wonderful! It felt just like the vacation that we've never had! The pictures on the left are of Kade and I just enjoying ourselves on the Oahu beaches!!!!

6: Pear Harbor | Kade and I at Pearl Harbor in front of the submarine (pictured at the right). How proud we are to be Americans! | What an honor it was to see Pearl Harbor and all of the names on the memorial wall. We cannot even comprehend the cruelty of war. We also know that through extreme tragedy comes a great uniting of people!

7: This submarine was constructed a year after Pearl Harbor. | She was know for her severe mass destruction. No one messed with her! | This picture was taken inside the submarine. This was the kitchen area. It kinda reminded us of a camper! | All the rooms are very compact, not a lot of space down in the submarine. | Kade and I were able to look through the binoculars. | We also got to wear these headphones that had a real commander from this submarine tell us all about it as we walked through!

8: Hike to Rainbow Falls!

9: This was definitely a must see. You can drive right to the falls and get out of your car and see them! We had fun hiding in the huge tree trunk, and playing with the frog!

10: These scenic photos are some of my most favorite shots that I've taken! The day was absolutely perfect! | I love how the water moves and makes each picture so different! These photographs were taken in May, at a Kona beach.

13: We definitely had fun on this beach! We built our house, well sort of, it was a vacation house with an observatory on the top so we can look at stars! The beach was wonderful! I took pictures, watched Kade body board, played in the sand, and just soaked up the beautiful Hawaiian sun!!!

14: This is at the same Kona beach just more photos to kinda show what we did that day. We are so grateful for this opportunity to see such a beautiful part of the world! | On the right, you can see a picture of Kade destroying our house that we built! Hmm, imagine that! There's definately a reason for the name he aquired growing up!....."Seek and Destroy!"

16: Our trip to Akaka Falls was breath taking! I'm amazed at the beauty that is here all over the islands! Akaka was an easy paved sidewalk that took you through the forestes around a loop where you could see two waterfalls, Akaka being the main waterfall. On our little walk, we got rained on a bit, which was kinda nice, because we just sat under a little pavilion and watched the falls until the rain let up.

19: This was the weekend of our anniversary. On Saturday night, June 4th, Kade took me out to eat at a yummy restaurant. He bought me a fresh flower lei to wear to dinner. It was beautiful! And the next day I wore it to church, (pictured on the left). And after church, we decided to take a stroll along the beach. We had a lot of fun taking pictures, seeing the sights, getting sprayed by waves (pictured above), and just watching the ocean! It was a great day! And later on that evening, we had a BBQ with our vivint friends! (Pictured top, left)

20: These two photos are some of my absolute favorites!!! They were taken on the Big Island at Richardson Park! Absolutely stunning lava rock shores!!!

22: I can't believe that I got to ride horses in Hawaii!!! We were fortunate to meet a wonderful friend, Marlo who then led us to meet more friends which opened up the door to being able to ride this beautiful animal! I really felt at home being able to ride!! I also got to help Marlo train her horse!

24: Deep Sea Fishing!!!!!!

25: Kade was so lucky to meet Patrick, while he was working. Patrick is a local here in Hawaii and has a boat and fishes for fun but also does it commercially. He told Kade that he would take him fishing if he wanted to go. So we took him up on his offer! And Kade had an absolute blast!!!! The fish on the left page are Ahi Tuna and an Aku. The fish above is an Ono and was caught about 5 minutes into the trip! This was a very neat experience!

27: On one of our Big Island adventures, we got to see some really cool geo thermal pools. The pool is man made but it fills naturally with the ocean waves! The boys had a lot of fun playing in the water. They did chicken fights and backflips......well...those who knew how to do back flips! Kade was the only one who could!

29: The sand felt a lot different than normal sand, but it was still soft and fun to walk in. | Another place we visited was the black sand beach! And for sure thats what we found was BLACK sand!

30: These little Geckos run around EVERYWHERE! But I love them! They eat all the bugs! They are great! And they have some amazing colors. This gecko was on our lani and I think he was posing for the camera because Kade got really close to him!

32: On Sunday July 10, we took a little walk across the street from our apartment to the beach, to face time with Kade's brother Tyson. We saw this cute little turtle taking a nap on the beach, just enjoying the sun! So we grabbed a quick pic of him!

33: This was the same turtle. We went home for a while and came back later on in the evening to watch the sunset and he was just taking off to go swim in the ocean! I think the turtles are so unique!

34: Us at the botanical gardens! So beautiful! So many flowers and so many scenic places everywhere you look!

35: These were some of my favorite flowers in Hawaii! They are everywhere! I think my most favorite type of flower was the plumeria! Because of the smell! (white flower pictured above, pink pictured below)

36: These were also Kona sunsets but taken from the saddle road on our way home from Hilo, with my mom and dad! Very beautiful country!!!

37: This is another Kona sunset! They are absolutely stunning! They are amazing! And I have so many pictures of them but somehow its not enough! We were fortunate to live right along the ocean during our stay in Hawaii, so I would literally walk across the street and take these photos!

38: My mom and dad were able to come visit me!! I was so excited! I made one of the fresh flower leis in the picture! this was the first night they were here. I brought them right to my apartment and we walked right across the street so see the sunset!

39: When my mom and dad were here the time flew by! There were so many fun things that we did! On this page, it shows a few things that we | We went to the equestrian center and saw the horses and where I rode, we shopped at the farmers market, bought yummy pineapples that my dad couldn't get enough of, went to the beach, visited the volcano and watched my dad try to catch a gecko! Nice try dad!!!

40: At the volcano! | In the parking lot at the volcano! The wind was horrible! haha! | The smoking volcano in the distance! The last time it errupted was in 1983. | Going down to the lava tubes. It was kind of a rainy day, thank goodness there were extra umbrella's in the car! | Mom and dad standing in front of the lava tube entrance. | This was at an overlook of the volcano. It was so foggy that day. I actually loved the fog in this picture!

41: To the left was behind Kade and I's apartment in Hilo. We were fortunate to be able to stay there for a night! My mom and dad loved the drive over there, all the sights and it was great showing them were we lived and the fun beaches we always went to! | One of the beautiful sights we were able to see while on the Hilo side, was Akaka Falls! It wasn't a really hard walk so I thought my mom and dad would like to see it, and they did!

42: We were able to see the scenic outskirts of the botanical gardens (picture above) and Rainbow falls (picture below, lft) and the old lava flow up on top of the saddle road! My dad could not believe all the lava that is here on the Big Island! And the people use it to make beautiful rock walls! He loves the rock walls! And he loved all the views of the islands!!!

43: SUBMARINE!!! | I'm still pretty shocked that my mom even stepped foot on the submarine! She is not a water person nor does she ever want to be! And she does not like boats, let alone to go 100 feet under the ocean! It was so fun though! Fun to see her face her fear and have a good time. She was brave and I think once it was all over, she could say she enjoyed it! We saw lots of bright colored fish and some pretty silver ones too. We also went by a ship wreck. And the submarine actually parked on the ocean floor at 100 feet!

44: I felt so lucky to have my mom and dad with me for the 4th of July! My most favorite holiday of all time! We were able to attend a rodeo with horse races up in Waimea, which got rained on, but hey, it was still fun! And then we got to go back to Kona and enjoy the parade that went down Alii Drive. The parades are much different than back home! I'm not used to seeing palm trees in the surrounding scenery while watching a parade! And we got to sit on a little stone wall that was in front of the ocean while watching i! Fun times!, And we did get to see a little bit of the fireworks from the ocean.

45: We flew to Oahu for the 5th and 6th and how crazy is it that I booked our hotel | right by the international market place where my parents had come 44 years ago!!! | We feel like it was meant to be that the hotel was that close to where they had stayed before! We were able to do lots of shopping, | see the pineapple fields, go to the temple, and see the Polynesian Cultural Center! | Time always goes way too fast and before I knew it, my parents were gone:( Thank you mom and dad for sharing these wonderful memories with me in Hawaii! I will always cherish those moments!

46: We got to eat at Bubba Gump Shrimp with our company, which was really fun. We got to dine right on the ocean! And the Mahi Mahi that I had was amazing! Yummy!

47: The picture above and to the left is Kade and I hanging out on the Magic Sands beach which is only a mile from our apartment. Its one of our favorite and most frequented places:) And as you can see, there was a shark sighting, two days in a row! The one day the shark was 15 feet long and came right into the shoreline! Yikes!! The picture below was at our apartment, Kade came home one day chewing this huge piece of bubble gum and I just couldn't resist! I had to smash the bubble on his face! He wasn't very happy with me!

49: Kailua Kona Hawaii sunset Big Island | 2011

50: We had a small group of wives this year since we had the whole Big Island to ourselves, but it was still so much fun! We had lots of beach get togethers and lots of pool get togethers! And I know I have some great friends for life! | FUN AT THE | POOL!

51: We lived in Hilo for about 2 months and then moved over to the other side of the island, Kona. Because housing is so limited in Hawaii due to the vacation attraction, we all lived in different apartment complexes all summer. The nice thing about this was that there were a number of pool selections! We could scope out each others pool and visit them all if we wanted. When we lived in Kona, Trisha and Nancy's pool was definitely the icing on the cake! We LOVED that pool! And this particular time that we went there(pictured lft) NO ONE was at the pool! We had it all to ourselves! What a blast! It was nice because it had a BBQ area, workout area, pool chairs, sink and cooking area, nice bathrooms, and a hot tub! It was great! I told Kade that him and I are going to have to go over and swim!

52: This is one of our many Sundays together! We love seeing the sights of Hawaii but we also love just relaxing together and hanging out at the beach and watching the sunsets! Every sunset is so different and so colorful! Sunday is my favorite day!

53: We went to Hapuna beach about 30 minutes from Kona on Sunday July 17th, just to check it out and see what it was like. We had heard about the sand and was excited to see it, because there are not a lot of sandy beaches on the Big Island. When we got there it was awesome! So we are definitely coming back! We walked around with our shoes off and wrote little love messages in the sand!

55: While living on the Big Island we were able to make many trips to the temple! And we loved every minute of it! We traveled from the Hilo side a few times which was a 2 hour drive one way and then when we moved to Kona, we drove about 5 minutes to the temple! Our church here in Kona was right next to the temple! Only feet away:) We considered ourselves extremely lucky to live that close to a temple while we were here! And the view from the temple grounds is stunning! You can see the ocean really well because Kona rests on a hill. Kade and I really enjoy our time in the temple. We feel like its the closest we can get to our Heavenly Father, because its his house that we are visiting. | Our little piece of Heaven on Earth!!!

56: Our neices Madison and Savannah and our nephew Dallas were all able to come and hang out with us for 10 days! We had so much fun! We hung out at the beach all the time! We loved body boarding with Kade. We also loved swimming with the turtles! Kade took me for a fun ride on the body board! And the bottom (right pic) is of the kids when they first got to Hawaii. Fun times that I will always cherish!

57: We seriously did so many fun things. Some of our favorites were playing beach volley ball and making sand castles! The sand castle or house I should say, was amazing! It was really cool! It had a little of everything you could imagine!

58: There was this fun cowboy and a boot that we got some pics with. We got a little carried away with this handsome cowboy! And the painting on the boot was amazing! | On one of our excursions, we took a drive to Hilo, on the other side of the island. We stopped in Waimea, a very cowboy type town. Waimea is the home of Parker Ranch. There is a lot of cowboy history there.

59: We took a scenic route on the Hilo side by the botanical gardens. It was beautiful and the "teenagers" (not kids) liked it. Its very tropical on the Hilo side and a lot warmer on the Kona side. We also got to watch the waves come in, which was so neat because they were HUGE that day! We also got to see Akaka Falls while in Hilo. Akaka is one of my favoirte places! Its really tropical and beautiful, like something out of a movie!! I think Madison, Dallas and Savannah enjoyed their stay with us! :)

60: More adventures that we had together was a visit to the temple, eating out, Donkey Balls factory (yummy chocolate), Cracking coconuts in Hilo, and a quick stop off the side of the road to see a lava tube! :) We also did lots more things, beach beach and more beach! I love the Larson's! They were a hoot and a half!

61: This picture was taken at a beach near the Kona airport while I was on a walk with Madison. I think my sunset pictures get better and better or else this was an amazing day! Maybe a bit of both! I will forever miss these beautiful ocean sunsets!! Truly a gift from God!

62: This was the lava rock shores of the Hilo side of the island. When you think of lava rock, you don't imagine it to be so beautiful! But it is! Its stunning! And the pools of water that fill up naturally from the ocean are really neat! There is so much life in each little pool! Lots of little fish, eels, and coral!

63: The pine trees here are unlike any other pine tree that I've ever seen! The best way to describe them is a "tropical pinetree". Sometimes they use them to protect their orchards because they grow so tall. We stopped at a little beach underneath a bridge and we saw all these rock statues and decided we should make the biggest one of all!! And below was another picture of the temple that I absolute love so much! It was taken out the winddow of the visitors center!

64: Savannah and I look like aliens with our snorkel gear on! haha! Oh well, at least we could breath underwater right!!?? :)

65: We had a BLAST snorkeling! We saw so many cool fish! And Madison saw a Jelly fish! Yikes! And an eel! Double yikes! And Dallas and Kade saw all these yellow and black fish who seemed to love them. One of them swam right under Dallas's armpit! You could literally reach out and touch them! What an awesome experience!!! And thank goodness for our underwater camera!!!

66: Kade held the camera out to take the picture, and he acted like it wasn't working right so I had to hold the pose (kissing) longer! I finally caught on and started laughing! ;) | Beautiful | Day!

67: On Sunday Aug. 7th, Kade and I took a drive to Waipio Valley. I think this was one of my favorite places yet! It is so scenic and beautiful and there are wild horses that roam the bottom of the Valley! I told Kade I could live there! One of the prettiest places I've been yet! And the horses just walk right by you!

68: On our way home from Waipio Valley, we took a scenic drive up to Hawi. I'm so amazed that you can drive from tropical lush foliage to a type of desert! Its crazy! The Big Island has most of the climates that even exist! When you drive up over the mountain, you definitely need a jacket, but then you drive a little further and go to the beach with your swimming suit on!

69: We also stopped at Hapuna beach, one of our favorites! Hupuna has amazing sand and wonderful sunsets! | We saw so many rainbows that day too! I think we saw 3 or 4!

70: On Sunday, Aug. 14, 2011 we took another sight seeing trip to South Point, which is just that, the southern most point of the whole USA! And at South Point, there are cliffs, 40 foot cliffs. People dive of these cliffs. There were some people there diving that day. | South Point....! Southern most point of the USA!

71: There was one guy who acted like he was going to do it but then when it really came down to it, he couldn't do it! He was too scared. Kade walked over to him and asked him what his name was, the guy said it was Andrew. Kade told Andrew that if he would jump so would Kade! I was thinking, Yikes! So Andrew said that he would if Kade did. So Kade took off his shirt and jumped into the ocean 40 feet below! It was so fun to watch! I got the whole thing on video too! I love how adventurous Kade is! He always keeps me on my toes that's for sure! | Cliff | Jumping!

72: Aug. 27, 2011 was our last day of the summer sales! We were excited to be done selling but sad to be leaving Hawaii. But our little adventure wasn't over! Kade's mom and dad decided to come visit us and hop the islands with us. We took a plane from Kona (The Big Island) over to Kauai where we met Dennis and Rhonda Saturday night. We got to stay in Princeville at their time share at the Bali Hai. It was so beautiful! On Kauai, we went to Church on Sunday and then toured the island. We stopped at this yummy fruit stand and got some fruit smoothies! We will always miss the fruit in Hawaii! | Site Seeing On Kauai!

73: We had to fit so much into so little time because there is a lot to see on these beautiful islands. One of our stops on Sunday was a place called "The Grand Canyon of the Pacific". It was stunning! Kauai is one of the oldest islands so the terrain is very mountainous and beautiful! And the rainbows seemed to be following us everywhere we went! | "Grand Canyon of the Pacific"

74: White Sand Beach! | On one of our adventures on Sunday, we went to a white sandy beach to walk in the sand and play a bit in the ocean. It was beautiful! And the sand was really sinky. Kade ran on the sand and jumped down the little hill that led to the ocean and he sunk clear down to his knees. It was fun. So I had to do it, then Rhonda did it.

75: There were many scenic overlooks along our journey and this was one of them that overlooked the Napali Coast. Stunning! | Kade was very excited to see the views as you can see on his face!!!

76: Na Pali Coast Aug. 28, 2011 Kauai

78: On Monday evening after Kade and Dennis went surfing, we went to this beautiful beach to snorkel, bodyboard, and enjoy the sunset. It was one of the prettiest beaches I've ever seen! Just beautiful mountains right on the beach! And of course we took lots of pics and had a lot of FUN!

79: It kinda sprinkled on us a bit, so Rhonda was hiding under her towel! | If you notice the Hawaiian wedding going on in the background. That was kinda fun to watch two people get married right on the beach. | It was fun to see Dennis and Rhonda having fun in the ocean! | Sunset time! That is one of the things I will miss the most is watching the sunset everynight. | When we lived in Kona, I would walk across the road and watch the sunset each day and see the turtles! | Relax on the BeAcH!! | (Island of Kauai)

80: Helicopter Ride!!! Wahooooooo!!!!

81: On Tuesday morning we got to go on a Helicopter ride! It was SO fun! One of the funnest things I've done! It was so beautiful! Some of the most beautiful sites that I've ever seen! And we got to jam out to all kinds of Hawaiian music during our ride! | It seemed that everywhere you looked there was a waterfall! At one point we were in a canyon with waterfalls cascading all around us and these pictures just don't do it justice! I would say the Helicopter ride was my highlight of Hawaii! | (Kauai Island)

82: SURFS UP! | Kade and his dad took some surf lessons while we were on Kauai, and it was so fun for them! It was fun for Rhonda and I to watch them out there learning how to catch those waves! | The day could not have been more perfect! The weather was good, and there was a huge rainbow in the distance! I absolutely LOVE Kauai!!!

83: Kayaking And Hiking Adventures At The Ancient Hawaiian Village! | On Tuesday afternoon after our helicopter ride we decided to go visit an old Hawaiian village where we were able to do some kayaking. | We were able to see some really cool scenery while on the kayaks. We stopped and did a hike into a waterfall, and also some cliff jumping/rope swing diving! There was a funny cat (pictured above) that hopped on Kade's lap, like Kade was his best friend. I told Kade his is a cat whisperer!

84: More Pics of the Kayaking Adventures! | Fun Memories!

86: Luau! | After Kayaking, we were pretty hungry, and we knew we had a Hawaiian Luau planned, so we were excited! We got to ride on a little train around the gardens at the Luau and then we watched the boys take the pig out of the pit! And then......we ate Hawaiian style!.....TOO MUCH!

87: Off to Maui! | After we left Kauai we flew over to Maui for a couple days. We went right to the beach while we were waiting to check into our condo. We saw the biggest waves of the summer! They were HUGE! There was a south swell that had come in that was making the waves giant! The surfers were in heaven! | Sea shell hunting

88: Road to Hana | In Maui we did the road to Hana, which is a lot of fun. It was a very long drive but well worth the sites seen! We saw so many things, and even some parrots!

89: There's always someone off the side of the road selling something for the tourists. On one of our stops we met this man who was making really neat woven baskets and hand painted coconuts. We found out that he was LDS and that he was one of the first fire dancers at the Polynesian Cultural Center! And now his son is there doing fire dancing as well! How cool! He decided to take his shirt off to give us a better, more authentic picture!

90: We did so many things on each island, it went by so fast! On Maui, we saw the big waves, we found lots of sea shells, played in the ocean, watched Kade and Dennis surf, did the road to Hana and went to an amazing Aquarium! The aquarium was amazing. We saw some very exotic fish! Some that I didn't even know existed until I went there! Very interesting! And......I even got sick the first day we were on Maui. Luckily I got some good rest that first day that we arrived. I was able to pick right up | and keep on going, which I am very grateful for. After Maui, we headed to Oahu where we were only going to spend the day and then we were going to be catching our flights that night. | We were able to show Dennis and Rhonda the pineapple fields, see the north shore, see BYU Hawaii and the temple. We also were able to do some shopping and see Waikiki Beach. We visited the international market place and found a guy named Lihai who was carving tikis. He happened to be LDS and was going to BYU Hawaii! Needless to say, we bought one of his tikis! We did so much in such a short amount of time! as the evening was coming, | and we knew our flights were coming up, we decided to find a place to eat. We dinned at a nice restaurant that overlooked part of Pearl Harbor! It was beautiful! And it was partially outdoors, so you felt like you were on the ocean!

91: Sometimes I can't believe our Hawaii adventure is over! And sometimes I still wonder if it was real or if it was just a dream! Thank heavens for pictures and our memories! I absolutely loved my summer in Hawaii and will always be grateful for it! We feel so blessed to have had this once in a lifetime opportunity that many never experience and more importantly we were able to share it with some of our family! We consider this journey a huge blessing in our lives, one we will never forget!

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