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S: T.l.S.P. by: Aiden albright

BC: Follow Al and Mr.Psycho on more epic journeys. Whose side are you on??

FC: The Legend of the Spirit Pumpkin! By: Aiden Albright

1: I dedicate this book to Newt, the best pet in the world.

2: Chapter 1 “Well, at least it will...” stuttered Lucas. “NO!” shouted the company leader, “I will not just let R.O.B. wander around my GALACTIC BASE!” Lucas tried to explain, “We’ll just give R.O.B to the earthling Ema.” “Fine just... just... do it!” exclaimed the company leader.

3: Chapter 2 Meanwhile on Earth, at the ancient ruins of the Incas, Jax is being recruited by Agent L, a Galactic Secret Agent, for the Earth’s G.F.G. - Galactic Fighting Group. Agent L wanted Jax on the team because of his flying ability. He has beautiful gold wings and can fly anywhere without being noticed. Jax also has the ability to read minds! Whoosh! “I knew it! I knew he would leave!” huffed Agent L.

4: Agent L walked to a big brass door that was floating in the middle of the ancient Inca’s ruins. This brass door is no ordinary door because it held a pitch black portal to his room. On his way to the door he stepped on a twig and it make a loud cracking noise. Mr. Zin, the gatekeeper of the portals, heard him coming and he mumbled, “Oh...” and he pressed the big blue button so the door’s password screen appeared Agent L. The screen blinked. Agent L typed in the password: E.(every)V.(villain)I.(is)L.(lemon a.k.a. sour)! The big brass door creaked open. A big, black portal appeared in front of him and he jerked it open and dove in.

5: Agent L looked around and saw chocolate frosted and glazed donuts, empty BRISK cans and a bed. “Ah, home sweet home!” Agent L exclaimed. All of a sudden, Agent L received an MR. PSYCHO ALERT! On the far wall, out of no where, a message blinked “REVERSE WORLD” over and over and over, so Agent L got on his S.P.U.M. - Super Powered Ultra Motorcycle - and set the time for 62:3 (Which he wrote backwards because he wanted to go to the Reverse World at 3:26.) BOOM! Agent L was off to the Reverse World!

6: Chapter 3 Warp, warp, warp, warp, warp.... BOOM! “O.K. where are you?” asked Agent L in a justified voice. Alien-X, in a deep gruesome voice, responded,“Look up!” Then a four armed creature launched himself toward Agent L and hit him in the face! Agent L did not suffer from the intense hit, instead he brought out a ray gun with bright green swirls. In the middle of the ray there was a dull point with a small orange colored ball on the top! Anyway, he shot the ray gun and it hit Alien-X! All of a sudden Alien-X morphed into a bunch of ice and floated away.

7: At the same moment, a carrier of R.O.B.s appeared in the sky. The R.O.B.s turned on their rocket boosters and jetted gently to the ground and surrounded Agent L. R.O.B.s are about 4 feet tall and carry long, thin bombs in their stomach areas. R.O.B. stands for Robots of Bombs. They are evil little minions of the boss, Mr. Psycho. The R.O.B.s surrounded Agent L because Mr. Psycho was afraid that Agent L would interfere with the plan to launch the spirit-pumpkin.

8: The spirit-pumpkin has three purposes: it can shock, make things turn alive, or blow things up. There are only 10 spirit pumpkins and each one is coded to do something different. Each spirit pumpkin has a symbol. The symbols are: @ = shock, # = turning non-living things into living objects and ~ = blow up on contact. Mr. Psycho created these spirit-pumpkins because he wants to see what happens when they are launched to earth.

9: Agent L stood still as the R.O.B.s approached him because he knew he would die on contact if he tried to put up a fight. Agent L did not know why the R.O.B.s were there, but he knew mischief was approaching and Mr. Psycho was up to no good. A second set of R.O.B.s came down from the carrier ship. These R.O.B.s were carrying a metal box. Once Agent L saw this box he realized they were getting ready to launch a spirit-pumpkin. He could not fight back, so all he could do was stand there and watch the spirit-pumpkin be launched to Earth.

10: Chapter 4 The spirit-pumpkin landed on Earth with lightning fast speed. No one even saw it land on the ground. It just so happened to land in the garden of a girl named Ema. Ema is a teenage girl. She and her mom like to garden, so their whole backyard was filled with plants. She did not even notice this new addition to the garden. It fit right in with the other pumpkins.

11: Ema and her mom were talking about how delicious a fresh, pumpkin pie would taste, so Ema volunteered to go get a pumpkin from the garden. It just so happened that Ema picked up the spirit-pumpkin! Ema carried the pumpkin into the house and placed it down onto the counter. She started to gather the things she would need to cut up and clean the pumpkin. As she was getting her “tools” ready she thought about how yummy some toasted pumpkin seeds would be.

12: Chapter 5 Ema was just about to cut into the pumpkin with her sharp knife when it started to glow! The glowing pumpkin was strange, but it did not stop her from cutting into it! She slowly plunged her knife into the pumpkin’s thick outer part. Happy that nothing bad happened, she continued to cut the top off the pumpkin. When she looked inside, she did not see seeds - she saw little micro chips! At that moment she noticed that there wasn’t normal pumpkin goop inside, this pumpkin was filled with multi-colored wires.

13: The wires came alive and started attacking her. She was able to shrug out of the wires clinging to her. The wires then started to form into a human body shape. She used her knife to chop at the wires. The wires retreated and ran out the door.

14: “Ema, I am actually an intergalactic agent that travels around the gamma quadrant that is in space. I try to make sure everyone stays safe.” explained Al. “My name is actually Agent L, but on earth I go by Al.” Al continued, “The man who sent the pumpkin is my arch nemesis - Mr. Psycho. He wanted to get revenge on me by capturing you.” “Why did he want to get revenge on you?” ask Ema. “You are such a nice guy!” “I foiled Mr. Psycho’s plans to create an evil facility by getting rid of Alien-X.” explained Al “Ema, don’t worry about anything, I am going to put Mr. Psycho in jail for his evilness! I have to go now!” “ Be safe Al!” said Ema.

15: Agent L jumped onto his S.P.U.M. and headed back to space. He rode to the front doors of Mr. Psycho’s fortress and he walked inside. Agent L stepped on to the glass floor and that’s when he heard “So you weakling, why would you come to my lair? You don’t seem to have any weapons either. Are you going to egg my palace or what?” Agent L kept walking toward Mr. Psycho, but this time there were 2 R.O.B.s by his side. “What?” questioned Mr. Psycho. “How are they following in your steps?” Agent L whipped out his invisa-ray and shot two tall statues that were on either side of the doorway. It turned the big statues invisible.

16: What? What are you doing?” asked Mr. Psycho. The two R.O.B.s tipped the statues over and the statues toppled over Mr. Psycho’s doorway so he could not leave the room. Mr. Psycho got up and tried to start moving the rubble, but he couldn’t. The pieces were big and invisible. Agent L went into Mr. Psycho’s control room and steered the ship to jail. Mr. Psycho will be in jail for a very long time to come!

17: Agent L, better known as Al, went back to earth and told Ema the good news! Ema had a freshly baked pumpkin pie for his as a thank you gift. She gave him a “No Wires Guarantee!” THE END!

18: About the author He,loves to create comics and loves to eat food!!! 198628045


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