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S: You Had Me At Hello

FC: You Had Me At Hello

1: This Book Belongs To | ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________

3: It all started with a boy.....

4: And a girl .....

6: In 2009 | The Beginning of it all | I remember the first time we laid eyes on each other. I was a freshman, you were a sophomore. It was January 31, 2009 at Northern High School's "Black and White Ball" You were standing in the hallway by the gym in a large group of people that I knew. I Walked out of the gym quickly not really paying attention and came over and wrapped my arms around you and gave you a kiss on the cheek thinking you were my boyfriend. Then 2 of my guy friends were coughing and making noises trying to get my attention and they were finally like "EMILY. THAT IS NOT CONNER!" and I turned and looked at your face for the first time and realised that indeed you were not my boyfriend but were indeed one of his friends. Then you looked at me with a bit of a surprised face and said. " Hi. I'm Tommy" and you smiled at me this cute little smile. Near the end of that year we had spoken a few times as friends but nothing anything more.

7: I will however admit I thought you were quite handsome and I had an itty bitty bit of a crush on you. The following year when you were a junior and I was a sophomore we had gemoetry together for all of about a week. And didn't talk the rest of the year until Summer 10'. I was in Myrtle Beach with Abby and you were in Florida with Ryan. You texted me at 1 in the morning while I was walking on the beach. After that we texted everyday for about 3 weeks. School started and I asked you to homecoming. You said that we should hangout and get to know each other better first. So the following weekend you and I hung out for the first time with Michael and a couple other times that week by ourselves. On September 16th we had our first official "date" We went to the homecoming football game together , in the rain, and the mud, and the Northern Patriots won for the first time all season after you betted they would lose and I told you they would win :) And that day I knew this was going to be the start of something great :)

8: September 18, 2011. The night of homecoming. It was a busy day to say the least. Woke up, got my hair and nails done, came home got dressed and tried my best to impress you. You and Ryan picked me up at my house and then we went to eat dinner at your parents house. Steak, corn, and baked potatoes with salad. The dance was at 7. We spent the remainder of the night dancing and having fun with our friends. I hadn't had this much fun in the longest time. Right as we were walking out they played "single ladies" and I put my hands up. You yanked mine down and said that I wouldn't be single for long. Then once we were at my house watching TV and cuddling and you were about to leave. Ryan walked out of the room and you made me the happiest girl in the whole world. You told me I looked beautiful and asked me to be your girlfriend :)

10: September 1 month

11: And I was enchanted to meet you, so enchanted to meet you

12: And then he said he loved me | We were sitting on the front porch on that wonderful October night. Sitting in the swing rocking back and fourth just talking. I swear the feeling was absolutely incredible because for the first time I felt things that I had never felt.... and for the first time in a long time I felt myself falling for someone and really caring about someone and trusting them. I felt alive... worth it. You looked at me with such gentle caring and understanding eyes and you told me you loved me. And as crazy as it sounds I KNEW you meant it and in that moment something even crazier happened. I just... I knew that I loved you too, really loved you. And that this was going somewhere. Its rare for people to fall in love in 3 weeks and actually mean it. But remeber, its rare , not impossible. And for us, it was possible. We were different. We were the people that actually meant it.

13: I will always love you

14: On October 20 2010 we spent the evening at the Calvert County fair walking around, visiting friends, looking at animals and playing games. I got to hold a baby goat and you had a staring contest with a bunny. I made it a goal to win a fishy and somehow failed. But instead you made it a goal to win me stuffed animals which was incredible. We walked out of there with a creepy puppet bear, a big huge blue bear with a patch and a little turquise bear. It was so much fun riding the rides and everything else. One of my favorite fall activities.

16: 2 months | October

18: Happy Haloween! | This was probably one of the funnest Haloweens I have ever had. After weeks of thought you convinced me to go as a sexy cop while you decided to be Officer Dangle from Reno 911. Because it is your favorite holiday and because of the people we spent it with there were so many great points of it .From finding Jesus , who actually turned out to be your best friend, to sitting on my couch watching Charlie Brown and eating candy and everything in between. Even if my dad says I was inappropriate and you looekd gay :)

20: I'm missing you so much, I'll see you die tonight. Just so i can get to you before the sun will rise. I know these times are hard and I feel this too None of that ever seems to matter when I'm holding you. And I'm wasting away, away from you And I'm wasting away , away from you. What have I gotten into this time around? I know that I had sworn I would never trust anyone again but I didnt have to You had me at hello. I've never seen a smile that can light the room like yours. It's simply radiant, I feel more with every day that goes by. I watch the clock to make my timing just right. | (: Our Song :)

21: Would it be ok? Would it be ok if I took your breath away? And I'm wasting away , away from you. And I'm wasting away , away from you. What have I gotten into this time around? I know that I had sworn I'd never trust anyone again but I didn't have to. You had me at hello. You gave me butterflies at the mailbox (You had me at hello) (8x) What have I gotten into this time around? I know that I had sworn I'd never trust anyone again but I didn't have to. You had me at hello. You had me at hello. You had me at hello.

22: November 3 months

24: Shanendoah Mountains 2010 | In early November we went on a trip to Shanendoah Mountains with my mom and borther and met my dad and step mom up there too. We took walks, talked, ate food, joked around, and took pictures all day. It was so beautiful up there and peaceful. There were also some very memorable moments such as playing in the gift shop with the stuffed animals and little ranger outfits, walking down that cliff and getting covered in those sticky things that stuck to | everything on us including our skin and hair, the fact that said sticky things made us itch everywhere for hours on end, all of our funny car ride pictures on the way home and seeing the beutiful full moon from the top of the mountain. This was our first trip together and a very memorable one at that

30: December | 4 months

32: Annmarie Gardens Text Message Art Exhibit Grand Opening | December 12, 2010 was the grand opening of the Annmarie Gardens "Text Message" art exhibit. It was a big reception and awards ceremony for all artists selected by the counsel to be featured in the gallery as well as for their families. It was an honor to be in such a gallery because there were over 700 applicants and only 120 accepted peices of work. I entered 4 peices of work and 3 were accepted. So it was truly an honor to be there with such an amazing family and a wonderful boyfriend. It truly made the night special for me.

39: On December 18, 2011, our 4 month anniversary we spent the day in Harrford County MD visiting my dads family for their christmas celebration. Although there were a few minor problems that day overall we had a good day endulging in family, food, and good conversation. Not to mention my family loved having you. Plus the fact that this all made a great joke about how this was quite the Jerry spring Christmas between having you, my mom and her boyfriend, and my dad and his pregnant girlfiriend all in one house for Christmas :) Can we say awkward?

41: Around the hollidays its always fun to induldge in all the holliday festivities you can do like deccorating the tree, baking christmas cookings, setting up the Christmas village, filling the stockings, buying presents and of course building gingerbread houses :)

42: Christmas eve in my mind was one of my favorite memories. We spent the morning at your house talking with your family, listing to Amber play... some interesting quitar tunes with her.. lovely.. singing voice :) Then we all gathered in the living room so that I could give you my presents and you could give me mine. It was wonderful. I got you the new Ipod touch 8gb, a hat, Gizmo a stuffed Ferret simply because you said Ferrets were one of your favorite animals and a framed photo of us with the lyrics to our song written on the matte. And you absolutely spoiled me! You got me a ton of bath and body products, candles, a Build-a-Bear moose named Ollie Alexander who by the way wears a Capitals uniform and a BEAUTIFUL 1kt Aquamarine neckalce with an 1/8 of a kt diamond surrounded by white gold with matching 1kt aquamarine earings. It is the most beautiful necklace I think I have ever seen! It was so much more than I deserved but I loved it so much and promised to wear it everyday! After a peice of your mothers amazing pie we went back to my house to eat some dinner and get ready for church. It was such a wonderful day. I honestly can not remember a moment that day that I was not smiling . And it was all because of you!

44: January | 5 months

46: Everything you say Every time we kiss I can't think straight But I'm ok And I can't think of anybody else Who I hate to miss As much as I hate missing you

47: F | E | B | U | A | R | Y | 6 months

48: For Valentines day weekend you , Lyndsi, Ryan and I, as well as the rest of the Peake youth group left Calvert County for Seven Springs , PA to go on a snowboarding trip for the weekend. Honestly I had so much run despite the fact that I am a terrible snowboarder and between you and I you are the only person that should ever do it. However I can honestly say I would have never made it through the day without you because I would have never made it down the mountain. And I also have to say that you so much for sticking with me every step of the way even if it meant going down the | slope backwards, holding my hands, picking me up when I fell, not being able to go ahead of me, and watching your bestfriend pass you going down the slopes 3 times when we havent made it down once <3 I love you for doing that for me.

52: After a wonderful weekend of snow storms, snowboarding, hot chocolate, fun bus rides and friends it was kinda nice to spend a quite valentines day together. We went out to dinner at Jaspers with your parents , watched The Notebook and exchanged gifts. Such as stuffed wolfs, pillowpets, cupcakes, roses. moose, chocolates, and singing puppies <3

53: However the absolute greatest gift I got on valentines day was not the dinner, or the presents themselves. It was you. Being with you and spending time with you and making memories with you . You being the person that you are was the greatest Valentines day present you could have ever gotten me.

54: The ROTC Cadet Ball is the annual dance that happens every February the weekend after Valentines Day. It is a chance for Cadets and their dates to kick back and relax as well as have fun and socialize. It encludes food, dancing, couples pictures and the announcement of the Royal Court. Of course there is always a bit of tension between the girls before the court is announced every year but that is just part of the fun. This year I was honored to have you , my amazing boyfriend as my date for this and I could not have been happier to share this night with you. I had so much fun dancing and joking around with you and truly just getting out and having a good time.

55: Also I was thrilled for you to be there when I got crowned ROTC princess for the 3rd year in a row. It truly made the whole night that much better. I could not begin to think of another person I would have wanted to spend this night with. It was wonderful. From getting crowned pricess to Tremain being the only black man in the room cowin down fried chicken. I loved every minute of it :) All because of you

59: I will admit my dear, the snowflake ball was kinda sucky. For the fact that nobody went, for the fact that girls didn't know how to keep their bums off of you,, and for the fact that neither of us was really in a dance kinda mood. Truth is I had more fun in the hour we spent sitting on my couch watching TV and falling asleep than I had at any other point the whole night... ok that is not entirely true. Every moment I spend with you is a good one but honestly I was | happier spending quality time at home with you as opposed to spending 4 hours at some stupid dance.But on another note you looked soo handsome that night. You look good in red , just like you do in everything else. Thank you for sticking out the hour and a half that we were at the dance though! :D You're a trooper <3

60: We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love. | 7 Months | March

62: April | 8 months

64: "Easter 2011

66: April 30th 2011 is a memory that will always stick out in my mind. The day I got to go to Prom with the most amazing boyfriend in the entire world. I honestly could not have been happier. It was such an amazing and wonderful night for so many reasons. How good you looked in your tux, your smile, the laughs, the flowers, the bracelet you gave me..everything about this night was absolutely perfect. Dinner was fun and delicious , even if Katie and I got stared at and got called a princess while you and Ryan made us wait outside. Not going to lie it was also pretty | amusing running around Annapolis Town Center in heels and big puffy dresses all so Ryan could find a lint brush. Prom itself was great too. Even if we had to wait around all night for the photographer , seeing our friends and dancing and not worrying about anything was... amazing. It was one of my most memorable nights, this was definately a night i would never forget.

68: Today was a fairytale, you were the prince I used to be a damsel in distress You took me by the hand, and you picked me up at six Today was a fairytale, today was a fairytale Time slows down whenever you're around But can you feel this magic in the air? It must have been the way you kissed me Fell in love when I saw you standing there It must have been the way Today was a fairytale

76: May | 9 months

77: I will always love you

79: Emily's 17th Birthday Dinner | For my 17th Birthday you and me and my mom, dad, step mom, and baby brother all went to Sakura Japanese Steak House. The food was delicious and the chef was hysterical :) Thinkin he was gangster and what not. It meant a lot to me that you went out and celebrated with me, you made the night so much more fun!

80: On May 20, 2011 I was able to celebrate my birthday with some of my closest friends. I had so much fun talking and eating and joking around with the best people in the whole world. One of those people was of course you, My party truly would not have been the same without your shining face!

83: June 10 months

85: June 1, 2011 Dear Thomas, Today you are graduating from high school and I am so proud of you. You are finally finishing a major milestone in life and moving on to much better things. You have made it so far and accomplished so much over the years. You have worked hard. I am so happy that I am a part of your life and am able to sit in the crowd and watch you walk across that stage. Northern will simply not be the same without seeing your face in between classes or sitting with you at lunch. The world holds great things for you in the future and no matter what you choose to do in the future, weather it be the military or a civilian job, I will be proud. And I will be right here to support you every step of the way :) Love Always Emily Elizabeth Sanders

87: On June 26th 2011 we had to say goodbye for awhile. You were leaving for Army LTC Bootcamp in Ft. Knox Kentucky for a total of 5 weeks. This is the longest we have ever been apart. No phones, no email, no facebook, or oovoo. Nothing but old fashioned letters. I can honestly say this was one of the absolute hardest moments of my life. Saying goodbye to the person who has gotten me through so much and been there for me , taking care of me, helping me get stronger day by day. I would not have made it through this year without you by my side. You have made the happiest girl in the whole world and saying goodbye to you | was extremely hard, even if it was only for a short time. The moments leading up to it were.. unbearable... they felt like forever. And when the moment came when I had you in my arms and I was saying goodbye I never wanted you to let go. Letting go and wathcing you walk away... that was the hardest part. And away you walked, my letter and your orders in hand. It felt so unreal but I couldnt be more proud.

88: July | 11 months | Cadet Thomas Snider D CO/4 PLT/4 SQD2 2-485 IN BN Fort Knox Kentucky 40121-5610

89: Dear Thomas, July 18 Day 23 Happy anniversary baby! Today it has been 11 wonderful months since you asked me to be your girlfriend. And 11 amazing months they have been indeed. You have no idea how much I wish you were here right now. Being away from you sucks. But ya know? I'll always be here waiting for you because I believe in us. I believe there is not one other person on the face of the earth I would ever want to be with besides you. You are everything to me. I would not have made it through this year without you by my side taking care of me, supporting me , making me smile, and making me stronger day by day. Thank you for loving me even when I am at my most unloveable. Thank you for making me feel so alive. I wish you were here with me today, but your not, your there. And there has no idea how lucky it is <3 Know always that even if you can't hear my voice , or feel my touch , I am always right there by your side. Remember that the distance is only physical my love. Now I have to be honest. I'm tired of being alone so hurry up and get here already! :) Love Always Emily Elizabeth Sanders

90: Finally on July 27 after 34 days of nothing but short phone calls and letters me, your mom, and your dad drove a total of 688 miles totalling 13 and a half hours from MD to KY just to see your shining face and be able to take you out and see you on family day. And the trip was 100% worth it. After what seemed like hours of Army guys talking and talking and talking they finally told us where to find you and your mom and dad chose me to be the one to come in and get you. That first moment I saw your face, that first hug was ...incredible. I can't even begin to describe the intense happiness running through my veins. Even if your drill srgt thought that I was your sister. :) I absolutely loved hearing all your stories about your friends and you experiences. I know that I could never in a million years ever accomplish the things that you have accomplished over these past couple weeks. It is crazy to think about all that you have been through. And the life you are about to start and the career you have chosen. Best part of the by far though was when we went swimming and just talked for hours . It was amazing, i loved every minute of it. Being so ... carefree and relaxed and just enjoying the time we had together <3

92: Dear Thomas, July 28th 2011 Day 34 Congrats! Today, after 5 intense weeks of training and being away from your family you are finally graduating LTC Bootcamp as apart of Delta Co. Today | its impossible to describe how extremely proud I am of you. and all you have accomplished. You have been through more that most people can say | They have ever been through | although this life may not always be | easy, I promise it will be worth it. As long as this is what you want and | what makes you happy then I will stand by you. No matter what you decide I will be | here for you every step of the way. From calvert county to across the world through thick and theough thin. | We can make it through anything and I will always love you. TheArmy is | gaining one amazing officer and I am so thankful I was able to share in the moment | you walked across Brooks Feild with your platoon and took another step closer to a life of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, and Integrity

94: Aug 2, 2011 Taylor Swift Speak Now World Tour Verizon Center Washington DC Got tickets 2 hours before the show started :) Floor Seats 10 feet away from the stage Best Concert EVER.

96: He asked me out on September eighteenth I remember that night I was so happy I could not sleep every moment , every kiss another granted wish my favorite face in every room love like no other all the way to the moon skipping beats a brand new start he's the boy that stole my heart supportive like no other, my rock upon the shore many amazing days and amazing nights, lets hope theres many more a smile that makes me smile myself a touch a hug a kiss a hold that always helps togerther for always never apart maybe in distance but never in heart stronger he builds me everyday because he is the one that sees I need to be saved to hold my head high is what he says I need but no one can see the wonders his love alone does for me my world in a nutshell, its him , its him because when things get tough and stregnth grows dim his face reminds me why I get up everyday and I love him forever and always is all I can really say the only one I've ever loved no one higher up above

97: feelings I've never known before present themselves now at my door hes the only one I've ever loved for that I know is true because not one other person can make me feel the things I know he can do my world , my everything, thats what he is to me and thats something everyone can know and see for nothing in this world could ever feel so right except for the boy of which I think upon this night so if I am wrong about anything I know this isnt one his face, his love, his smile, his eyes , make him shine like the sun he's all I could ever want and oh so much more than that his qualities are ones that every other man in this world undoubtably lacks so the final thing I shal say is I love him through and through and there is nothing you or you can do for no one could ever love someone so much as him to me and me to you.

98: August 1 year

99: No matter the miles that come between us I will always have forever on my mind

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