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S: The Building Blocks of Me by Isabella Svaldi

FC: The World of Me by Isabella Svaldi | The Building Blocks of Me by Isabella Svaldi

1: I dedicate this book my whole family and all my friends for all the inspiration and wonderful memories.

2: Table of Contents Inside me Poem Bullying Essay The color Poem Forgive and Forget Memoir Cultural Awareness Essay I Believe List The Outsiders Essay Who Am I Story My Role Model Essay Mom Poem

3: Inside Me Inside me are cards playing poker all night My mind imagination feet filled with soccer and winning Inside my legs are sports, swimming and smiling Inside my hand is a ping-pong paddle My eyes oceans of the world Inside my shoulder is a blue blazing night Inside my heart is travel, family and laughter My stomach stuffed with cookies and candy Hands for drawing Inside my leg is a summer night Inside me is family hugging me tight

4: Dear Adams 12, I think that we should have a system or plan in our school that can help kids that are being bullied or prevent kids from being bullied. One problem is that kids are being bullied during passing period and in the hallways when no one is around. Also, kids are getting bullied with physical violence. The last way kids are getting bullied is by verbal violence. Those are some ways that kids are getting bullied in our school. The first problem is that kids are being bullied in the hallways during passing period. A way that kids are getting bullied in the hallways are that no one is around to witness them being picked on. A solution for that is if kids are late to class they should have a pass. Also if you are all alone and no one is there to see you get bullied then, no one can help you. A way to help that is to have teachers in the hallway until passing period is over and the hallways are cleared. That is one problem and the resolution to a bullying issue. Another problem with bullying is that kids are being physically bullied. One way they are getting bullied is they are getting kicked or slapped during lunch and everywhere in the school. A way to stop fighting is to have teachers watching make sure there is no harm to students. Another way kids are getting physically harmed is being book checked in the hallway. A way to stop that is not to book-check people and having teachers in the hallway. A way to try to prevent fights is if you see one stop it. If you get in a fight there should be harder punishment. Those is another reason why we should have a bullying program at the school.

5: The last problem is verbal violence. One example of verbal violence is spreading gossip between students. A solution for gossip is to stop it and not spread it. There is also cursing at one another. A way to prevent that is to have people not use foul language and stop it if you hear it. Then, there is name calling between students. If you want to stop the person, tell them to stop. Finally, the biggest one is rumors or even worse false rumors. If you hear a rumor that you isn't true don't spread it and tell people it's not true. In the first place don't start rumors because it could ruin the persons life. That is the final reason to have a bullying program at this school. Those are the reasons that we need a program to stop and prevent bullying. The first reason is physically violence. The second reason is that there is bullying in the school and in the hallways. The last reason is verbal violence. All these reasons are why we need a bullying program at our school. From, Isabella Svaldi

6: "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing" -Helen Keller

7: Blue Blue is the color of outer space It is the color of people laughing at a joke The color of ocean eyes, Staring into the open Blue is the color of newly fallen snow Blue is the bright expression of getting a new toy The color of new smiles Blue is the color of presents under the tree It is the color of silents in anticipation The color of a new birthday present Blue is the color of friendship It is the color of the ocean waves deep deep below The color of flying over the earth at midnight Blue is simple fun board games It is the color of the air bubbles, Slipping though the water when you exhale Blue is the color of happiness

8: Forgive and Forget The bright classroom lights vanished when her shadow blocked everything. She turned around in one fluid motion, not even looking, and fell on me. It was strange I could see her falling on me and it was like in a movie, all in slow motion. While she was falling on me I could not here anything it was as silent as a still pond. All the people in the classroom were watching and surprised. She was talking me to the nurse, but in the hallway it was all bright white with a huge blue tick line in the middle of it and it was all stretched out. It made me upset because she got ice for her knee also, when it was her knee that crushed my arm. That day out side was cold and wet that was exactly how I felt cold and worried. I do not know if I was glad or upset that it was a Friday. I guess I would be glade if I did break my arm on a Friday so I would have the weekend to heal it, but I would be upset because she had ruined my Friday.

9: What do you know, I did brake my or should I say she broke my arm. At that point I was mad because I had not broken a bone in my whole life but she had taken that away from me. After the doctor shot me the news we had to put a cast on and I had to sit in a chair that was almost like a dentists chair. It was big and white makes you feel like you are smothered and empty inside. While he was putting on my cast his large wide hands were yanking my arm and squeezing it with the tight cast, and his deep voice that was supposed to calm me down did nothing but scare me. I still could not believe that I had broken my arm, that something so strong can be broken, weak and use less in a blink of an eye. I have a memory of what she was wearing it was a purple shirt, jeans and some kind of boots. But another moment I will always remember her face once it happened her jaw dropped to the floor and her face was as bright as the sun. But the one thing I will always remember is what my mom had said that day when I told her the story. She said always remember,’’ FORGIVE AND FORGET.” That night I was lying there with my eyes as open as a window on a 90 degree day. To this day I shall always remember to forgive and forget and I have grown from that and not to keep a grudge and always forgive and forget.

10: "Notice what you notice" -Allen Ginsberg

11: "It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get up " -Vince Lombard

12: Dear Principal, I think we should increase cultural awareness because people need to learn about cultures so people can understand the differences between cultures. They will learn the values, religions, customes and histories of cultures and they might relate. If people learn about other customs in different culture's they could do the same things or they might think it is exiting. Then, if people learn more about culture's values they might not make fun of other culture's values. Finally, you could find out about people's religions and, history you could be very interested on what they find out. First, there is customs of the religion, Judaism, that is a popular religion in the middle east. They practice there religion by praying and practice some rituals. One, ritual is to gather in their churches on a regular basis and pray. Another is to keep a day the Sabbath day (Shabbat). Also, every Friday evening until Saturday morning they pray and rest. Finally, they gather in a holy building called Synagogue. Some of the kids might relate to some of the traditions in different cultures and they might want to start to have new traditions. That is why we should increase cultural awareness to learn about practices, rituals and traditions. Second, there are values and things that matter to different cultures and religions. The Bahai religion has many values and rituals. One, value of the Bahai religion is the holy book, Kitab-i-Aqdas. The Bahai god is Bahaullah and there is the set motion to break down barriers of race and class. Another value is prayers, meditation and devotional gatherings. Finally, a value is to gather in services in the community. Some people might think that the values of the cultures they learn about might be interesting and they might have common values with their families. That is another reason why we should increase cultural awareness.

13: Finally, there is always history about a culture or a religion. It is always good to know about history and religions of a culture. One thing about the Islamic religion is the five pillars are the basic practices; it is found in Koran. In the Islamic religion most towns have their own god. Mecca is soon to be the religious center with 360 shrines, one in each day in a lunar year. In the Islamic religion or history is not a source of mortality. In Islam the Arabian Peninsula was originally a home of the nomads. It is always great to learn about history, religion and culture. People can learn history of different cultures and be able to admire people who have helped us get the things we have today. That is another reason why i think we should increase cultural awareness. These are the reasons why I think we should increase cultural awareness in schools. One, is that people will learn the cultural values. Another reason is you will learn the practices and rituals of a culture. I think that increasing cultural awareness would help people look past the differences between people and find the good within. Finally, you can learn the history of a culture or a religion. That is why we should increase cultural awareness at schools. From, Isabella Svaldi

14: "An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind" -M.K Grandhi

15: This i Believe I believe that there is peace in the world I believe that hatred is alive I believe that we control our own destiny I believe that we have choices in life and it is up to us to make the right ones I believe you should do what you love I believe nature is beautiful I believe life is a gift I believe honesty keeps friendships alive I believe poetry is beautiful I believe money can break you I believe good friends can help you and wont hurt you I believe apathy kills I believe men are strong but women are stronger I believe people can change I believe laughter cures sadness

16: THE OUTSIDERS In the novel, The Outsiders, Johnny Cade battles with some difficult teenage issues. One issue that Johnny faced was that he got beat up by a bunch of Socs and hurt terribly. He also has to live on the thought of killing a boy and to run away from the cops. Another thing he has to face was getting hurt in a fire when he was trying to help some kids. Johnny Cade has a scar on his check, is a greaser, has black hair that is greased back and is abused by his father. When Johnny gets beat up by the Socs he was innocently kicking and they attacked him. They gave him a scar on his cheek and know he is always terrified of Socs. Now Johnny carries a blade but doesn't want too. He doesn't walk alone anymore and had to try to stay away from Socs. Johnny did not get tougher sense he got beat up by Socs he got scared like never before. You could say that Johnny got revenge on one of the Socs but he didn't want that at all. Johnny had stabbed a Socs in the stomach after they beat him up again and were drowning Ponyboy. He killed a boy and had to pay the price for it. He had to run away, hide and cut his hair. Johnny went to go see Dallas and got some money, a gun and clothes that weren't wet. They hid out at an old abandoned church house until Dallas came to the rescue.

17: After doing something bad Johnny and Ponyboy wanted to do something good. What they did was just a reaction, the fire was burning down the church. They were little kids in there, and they went to the rescue. They got all the kids out, but Johnny got out but terribly hurt and badly burned. Ponyboy, Dallas and Johnny all went to the hospital, but Ponyboy got to go and see his brothers. That night they were having the rumble with the Socs. After the rumble they went to go see Johnny, but when they talked to him he died. Johnny had written Ponyboy a letter, and then the cops shot Dallas. I think that Johnny Cade has faced true adversity by all the things he has been through in his whole life and what had happened in the past week. Although Johnny has said that he was going to kill himself he never wanted to die. Once he was an inch away form death he realized that he hasn't done everything that he wanted to in his life. Now that he knows that life is to short Johnny would have changed his life and made it fun, filled with joy and laughter.

18: What am I???? I am flying through the air waiting, waiting to fall free and see where the wind is taking me. The bird I was on took me everywhere it was fun but now I am gone old to bad for the bird, I wasn't wanted but now I have landed. Alone like the blue sky when the are no clouds;in the dirt light blowing, blowing, blowing in the wind.

19: "We don't have anything if we don't have the stories" -Leslie Marmon Silko

20: MY MOM ,MY ROLE MODEL There are a lot of people that could be my role model, but my mom is the best choice. I chose her because she is always healthy and fit. I would also choose her because she always has time for her family and friends. Best of all she will always have fun, makes you laugh and is the best mom eve. My mom is a wonderful role model because she is always fit and in shape. She has a great job, house, and family. She will stay young and amazing no matter what happens. She plays tennis, has dinner and parties with her friends and family. Another reason she is the best role model is because she teaches me things from what she learns and she will always be there to listen. She has black beautiful hair like silk. My mom will always care for her family, friends and job. My mom is a great role model because she always has fun and always is supportive. She hangs out with her friends and me. Any time my mom is free to play games with me go shopping and make me laugh. An amazing thing that she will do for my brother and I is she will take us to special restaurants, trips and to the most beautiful places. She will always make my day when she smiles; her smile is as bright as the sun. My mom is a great supporter for my soccer games and my school work. She has never missed one of my soccer games or one of my school events. My mom will always be there, even if she is late she will be on time because she is like a rocket. The best thing about my mom is she will always be proud of me no matter what. One of my favorite things about my mom is that she is always taking care of me and wondering what i want. If I have a tough adversity she will stand by me forever, no matter how far I am stuck in the mud. If I am sick she will take care of me and make sure I get better and feel the best I can feel. If I ever come home with a frown face she will turn my frown up-side-down. She will play board games with me, paint my nails and always get me the greatest gifts of all, laughter. My mom is my role model because she is there for me and supports me. She is the best mom she can be. She is the best role model and the best mom i could ever ask for. I am so lucky that i have a terrific mom like her.

21: Mom Mom who takes pictures of nature And sits on the couch Who is smart and is almond joys Who is coffee and laughter Whose hands are like butter Who is always at the store Who tells me, “you brat” Who is always telling me to pick that up Brown eyes like chocolate Can not jump high anymore Scrapbooks at the tennis court Who used to take hikes and go camping Is helpful Is drinking smoothies in the garden Is a fun, sharp shopper Who does not travel with me to the beach anymore Who is smiling in the kitchen Who says,”I love you” Who is cleaning typing and making cards Who says, “You are the best” Laughs like it earns you money Who asks if you are okay If you are okay, she asks

22: Comment page I like the the metaphor in the Inside Me poem. Emma Lewis I like the What Am I poem it was mysterious and the book was creative. Ali Lovins I loved the graphic detail in the Forgive and Forget memoir. Gianni Svaldi

23: "We must erase indifference from our society. You cannot be indifferent. If you are, you allow the small forces of evil to win." -Benjamin Meed | Closing Page

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