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S: Julie's 60th Birthday Book ~ August 4, 2011

FC: Julie's 60th Birthday Memory Book August 4, 2011

1: Julie's 60th Birthday Memory Book August 4, 2011 | A collection of Birthday wishes, shared memories, and appreciation for Julie from family and friends. | Assembled by Melissa

2: Mom, As I have worked on this book over the last couple of months I have tried to come up with that one perfect memory to sum you up as a Mother and how I feel about you. Something with Girl Scouts....something with sports....some learning lesson.... I became increasingly frustrated in not finding that one perfect story. That one memory that sums you up. Then I realized why I couldn't. There is no "one story" or "one moment." There are so many memories, moments, and lessons they begin to blend together into this huge collage of memories of you. Why? Because you were such a constant in my life growing up and now. From being my Girl Scout leader year, after year, after year, after year.....taking me to softball tournaments or out of town golf lessons....piano the themed birthday parties with the bubble letter at Nana's pool.....hayrack rides.....get togethers with family friends... As I got older there were Shawnee Heights games and post game parties....sleepovers....hanging out at the Vintage....(what 18 year old spends Friday Nights hanging out with their Mom?) You were always the Mom my friends loved to be around!! You taught me so much about how to be a good person, friend, and mother. Many times when trying to decide how to handle something I literally hear your voice in my head... "What would be the right thing here Melissa?" I think you are the voice of my conscience!! You taught these things though not by preaching but by example. What are you to me today? Besides the first person I want to call every time something good or bad happens? You are the person who I can count on to tell me the truth, the woman I still look to for advice. Also, the woman I love to laugh with....that similar hyena laugh we have!!! So....Happy 60th Birthday to the woman I admire most in the world!! Love you, Melissa

3: Mom

4: Julie, We were a lot younger than 60 on this trip!! What a great time we had...doing something we loved with great friends. I should have made the picture in the back of the van scratch and sniff!! I can still smell the chicken farts even now!!! Go eat some Brookville chicken on your 60th birthday and have a blast (be sure to have a clothes pin for your nose!) We love you!! --Debbie and Ron

5: Julie, I have such fond memories of traveling to visit Karen and Greg Lolley, hayrack rides in the fall, ski trips, Minskey's, and of course Bridge. I have so admired the success you have enjoyed as owner of the Kitchen Gallery. Your passion, dedication, and hard work have truly paid off. With Much Affection, Cindy | Julie and I were good friends in high school. After we graduated from high school, the season of wedding planning began. Within the next few years, there were many weddings that we attended or were in. The summer of 1971 was a very busy one when we both got married. After we settled into married lives in rented apartments, the real world of work began. Julie and I used to get off work for lunch, drive like maniacs to her apartment, and meet for lunch. We would watch the last half of As The World Turns and the first half of The Guiding Light while we dined on canned spaghetti or some other gourmet lunch. We had a fun year before my husband and I left for the Air Force and our visits were limited to our trips home. I remember Julie and Melissa coming to Wichita to visit Amy and I. It was fun to get together with our little baby girls. They have both grown up into wonderful, beautiful women, so I guess we did good. Unfortunately, we drifted apart over the years, but when we get together, it is like time stood still. Friends forever! -Jan (Seward) Brumm | Happy Birthday Julie! I still remember giving you a bridal breakfast for all of the girls in your wedding party when you married Steve. I also remember singing at your wedding too! Then one of my favorite momeries is being able to give piano lessons to Melissa and then her playing for your wedding with Phil. Wishing you many more Happy Birthdays!! Love Ya, Jan

6: Happy 60th Birthday Julie!! Welcome to the Over the Hill Gang... so glad you are joining many of us! I hope you have a wonderful birthday with many great wishes. We've shared lots of memories over the years. You are one person who is always cheerful with a great simile! Continue to make great memories with your friends and families!! Fondly, Cheryl McCrite | Julie is the BEST friend anyone could have and a friend to EVERYONE! Happy Birthday Julie! We love you, Jeannie and Mike | Happy Birthday, Julie!! I can’t think of anyone who deserves more happiness and good wishes. It’s seems impossible that so many years have gone by since our children were little and we started playing bridge together. Good years! I know we’ve both had ups and downs, but LIFE IS GOOD!! I treasure our friendship and the many memories!! Your exuberance of life shows in everything you do and is a wonderful example to all of us. Your dedication and loyalty to your friends is so special and has touched my heart so many times. We always know you will be there. It has been especially enjoyable for me to watch you buy and build your business. I love it when my friend, Julie, is on the covers of the magazines!! You make us all so proud. Happy Birthday, dear friend. And, many, many more!! Much love, Linda Sheetz | Please extend to your Mom "Happy Birthday" from Tom and myself. Julie has been a great friend to Tom and to me, as well as Tom's classmate. We have had many good times together and a few sad times too. There are few people I admire as much as I admire your Mom. I can't believe this woman with the energy of a 30 year old will be 60. We wish her much good luck and good fortune in the years to come. Love, Carolyn and Tom

7: Girls Night Out Pictures Provided by Linda Sheetz

8: Memories from Ann... I enjoyed the Yarrington's living next door. We had GREAT times!! I wish I could find the picture of us when we went to Lawrence after KU won the national championship! | I use to walk on your door and ask to walk Ginger! Also, we had deal where I would trim your bushes and you would do my ironing!! | T-Bird Game Days!!

9: Dear Julie, Happy 60th Birthday! I hope you enjoy these pictures of the homes in which you have lived during your adult life. I had this idea of taking these pictures partly because we had worked together on buying and/or selling three of them. But these are where you’ve lived more than half your life! And I feel privileged to have met you when you lived on Burton, but to have really known you since you moved next to the Tenpenny's on Downing. I have loved knowing you and working with you. You have had more than your share of “bumps in the road” and you have come through stronger and more independent each time. You deserve a smooth ride for awhile! That is my wish for you on your 60th. Love to you on this special day and always, Jeanette Johnson | Home

10: Growing up one of the things I appreciated the most was your support in all the things I enjoyed doing. Taking me to guitar lessons, putting up with my countless hours of playing music I'm sure you didn't enjoy. The art classes I took. Allowing me to build ridiculously unsafe ramps for my love of skateboarding, which somehow never resulted in broken bones. Those things meant a lot to me. I'm very proud of where you have come with your shop. It's cool to hear my friends see you on TV and refer to you as a "local celebrity." And one last thing, it's only taken me 30 years, but I think I have come to terms with being left behind in the grocery store! Happy Birthday Mom, love you!!!!!!! ~Michael | Mom

11: This is my friend Julie. She is wearing super-humongous plastic drinking cups under her shirt, just to see if anyone on the mall will notice. Why? I don't remember, but it might have something to do with the pitcher of Wine-A-Ritas she hides in her Kitchen Gallery backroom refrigerator. Julie hangs out a lot in my shop. People ask her if she works here at Dickerson's. Sometimes she actually helps my customers. Sometimes she accosts them and recommends that they shop at Kitchen Gallery instead of Dickerson's because she sells better stuff than I do. Sometimes she bribes them to come down to her end of the mall with peanuts and cheeseballs. Sometimes she steals things out of my shop when we're not looking and puts them in her window display (like we wouldn't miss that giant rabbit).But I don't care... I just laugh. We laugh a lot. We also bitch and moan a lot: that bratty kid put his hands in the coffee bean jars! that stupid woman licked the vanilla candles! there's a cross-dresser in a nurse's uniform scaring the old lady walkers on the mall! the taxes! the shoplifters! the bad checks! not enough traffic! too much paperwork! My friend Julie listens and understands and lets me cry on her shoulder. She's a real pal. And not just to me. I'll never forget how good she was to my old Dad. She takes care of folks who need to be taken care of... In fact, I can't think of one single person who is BETTER to her friends than Julie is. Why, she often helps my elderly mother wash down her prescription drugs with "little" cups of alcoholic beverages on Friday afternoons! Happy Birthday, Julie! We're so glad you were born! ~Kris | Julie Wulie....I had the same pic of the onion ta-ta's as Kris so...just a simple Happy Birthday!!!....Love, Kelley Welley. | laugh

12: To the “sister” I never had ~ For all the wonderful memories... raising children together, family fun, always being there through the good times and bad. Ever a friend and supporter, giving of yourself, your kindness, your love. You're a caring, devoted mother and grandmother... someone who made everything better by just being in our lives all these years. Much happiness always—no one deserves it more! Love, Vicki | Joyfully jabbering Unconditionally understanding Lovably lovely Incredibly interesting Engergetically enthusiastic

13: Happy Birthday Julie To my #1 daughter – in – law who’s always been there for me and has a special place in my heart. Love, Betty Lou

14: What I love about my Grandma... | When she makes a funny pose. | How she never stops talking. | When she makes a silly sound before she kisses me. | When she makes me laugh.

15: I love Grandma because.... | act silly when you put the blanket on top of your head in the hotel at Mike & Janet's party. | ...she makes funny kissy sounds when we go to bed. | ...she sings silly songs like, "Twinkle twinkle little star...Grandma's gonna pee pee in the car!!"

16: Aunt Julie | "Happy birthday Aunt Julie! Today may you feel the warmth of all of the many hearts you touch with your sweet and fun-loving spirit and giving heart. We love you and are so lucky to call you "family". Love and hugs, Courtney, Frank, Quentin Addison & Cooper

17: My memory that sums up Aunt Julie is this: It was the night my mom found out about my Dad and his relationship with Carol. I was six maybe 7 because we were living in the Pembroke house. All I remember is hearing my mom crying downstairs and Aunt Julie came over to make sure Courtney, Adam and I were tucked in and then to take care of my mom. I distinctly remember her tucking me in and I was asking her what was wrong with my mom and why was she crying. I was very upset hearing my mom crying and wanted to be with her. Aunt Julie sat on the edge of my bed tucking my covers in around me and said “your mom isn’t feeling well and I came over to kiss you goodnight because she can’t right now.” She reached down and gave me a hug and kiss on my forward head told me not to worry that she was here to take care of my mom and that everything was going to be alright. I remember still worrying about my mom after Aunt Julie left the room, but I also remember thinking to myself well Aunt Julie is a mom she will know what to do to make my mom feel better. Now as an adult I realize what a rock Aunt Julie was for my mom that night. I sincerely thank her for being what my mom needed that night. Aunt Julie has a kind and gentle heart. She is always making sure everyone is taken care of before she will even think about taking care of herself. That is what she did for my family that night and I love that it was her that helped my mom through that difficult time. Happy Birthday Aunt Julie! Love, Carrie | Happy Birthday Aunt Julie!! Love ~ Adam

18: Congratulations Julie on your 60th Birthday celebration! I have so many fond memories of the fun we had together, however there is one in particular that I would like to share... "The night the gang went to the Casino" (minus Julie and Phil). We had such fun calling you early the next morning to let you know that we all were coming over for breakfast. You and Phil were in such shock! Though we thought it was funny, you were such a good sport about our prank. You always are a good sport about life!!! I am still laughting over your reaction! Our best to you on your 60th birthday. Love, Jenny and Doug | Happy Birthday Julie! Wishing you the best always and appreciate your friendship! Love, Rise & Tom-Tom | Julie was one of the first new friends I met in 1995 when my Leadership Greater Topeka mentor, Chris Canfield, invited me to The Vintage. At the 'round table' were many happy faces, with Julie being one of the first to welcome me. Then, and even now, her energy, love for life and her love for her family and friends, is so refreshing and an inspiration. Julie is a very special person who I cherish as a friend. I dare any 35 yr old to keep up with her! Love ya, Jules! Jeanie Schuler

19: Julie, The very idea of you being 60 is difficult to get a handle on. You are always so outgoing and willing to share whatever you have with your friends. Of course, that openness is also an invitation for those same friends to play jokes on you and try to sell you a bridge or two. It's a wonder you haven’t shot all of us. If what we have heard is true, the next 60 are supposed to be even better. But, in the meantime, Happy Birthday and good health to you. Judy & Duane | Happy, Happy Birthday, Julie. Sending you LOTS of Birthday Love & Hugs and Wishes for Many More Happy Birthdays!!!!! Love ya, Gerald & Brenda | "Happy Birthday Julie! We really wish we were there to celebrate with you. You are such a compassionate, wonderful person, and we are very proud to be able to call you one of our best friends. We plan on moving back to Topeka when we retire just so we can be close to our best friends whom we love so much. You are one of the bestest! We love you, Sweetie. Enjoy your day. Best Wishes and lots of Hugs & Love. Ron Mikkelsen/Peggy Stauffer | Julie A lot of memories over the years. The parties with Phil on stage wearing that Elmer Fudd hat-Raymond on stage as Tennille- AND one of the best acts, you as one of the church ladies. I watched a film clip of that performance a couple of months ago. You all were good! The best to a great gal on her birthday ~Jim Cates | Started thinking back to how long I have known Julie and was shocked to come to the realization that it has been about 25 years. I had met her previously , but it was the Vintage Restaurant where many of us became friends. Julie is a classy lady and a very good friend and I hope she has a great birthday and about 50 more to follow! ~ Randie Currie

21: Julie is a devoted, caring, loving Mom and Grandmother. She loves her friends and I think to her... they are all extended family members. She has a big heart and is always there when they need a hand, an ear or just anything. Her passion, besides family and friends, is the Kitchen Gallery... her staff and it's patrons. She goes like a bullet from the time she wakes up to when she finally sits down at the end of her 30 hour day and has been known to enjoy her glass of wine then...and sometimes before. Lastly, it is said if you haven't noticed, that if Julie's hands were tied behind her back she would probably be unable to talk!!! Happy 60th birthday Julie from an older man......Raymond | Happy 60th Birthday Julie (aka Grandma Julie) from the Crawford Family!! Wishing you the BEST birthday ever! We are so blessed to have you in our lives and appreciate your love and kindness that you show to our boys! They always get super excited when they hear that Grandpa Raymond and Julie are coming down to visit! We hope you have a memorable birthday and enjoy your special day!! With much love, Jason, Tricia, Jake, Grant and Ty

22: Happy 60th Birthday Julie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am very grateful for the wonderful times we have had over the past 15 years! Our relationship as evolved from “step-mother-in-law”, to Grandma Julie of Emily and Elijah, and now, close friends. It has been a journey throughout and the blessings I have been given with you in my life have been countless. Sometimes we take our journey through life for granted, and as I step back, there are times reflected of which you have been instrumental to my growth as a mother and as a woman. We have many “One Day At A Times” as we celebrate years of life, some days we move with relative ease and others days, we struggle. I believe with Faith, we can grow as individuals to be our best. We know that both pain and joy join in our destiny, and you have met calamity with serenity in many different situations. I have witnessed your ability to move through good times and bad with dignity and grace and I am appreciative of the opportunity to share life’s blessings with you. I look forward to many more special moments and memories with you. I wish you a wonderful birthday and know you are special, loved, and thought of often. Your Birthday is your day to shine!!!!!! Love, Paula

23: Julie- 60 wow! It’s hard to believe we’ve known each other for 20 years. Over the years we’ve shared a lot; kids, grandkids, family, friends, holidays, good times and bad times. I cherish our friendship and the fun we’ve had making memories. Some people don’t get our relationship but we get it and it works for us. So Happy 60th Birthday to you my awesome friend! Love ya, Kaye | Happy 60th Birthday Julie! From your favorite Son - In - Law. Love ya, Jeff

24: Happy 60th Birthday Julie! It has been a blast sharing memorable times of the past 36+ years with you. We met you for the first time in Topeka probably at one of Mike and Janet's parties. We lived in Topeka three times over the years. Beta Sigma Phi sisterhood is a common bond we have. We loved seeing you over the years at the various gatherings, weddings, birthdays, and retirements. Here are a couple of pictures for you to enjoy and remember. Take care...Love you!! Your Friends, Frank and Marilynn Chapman

25: Julie, What I remember about you is when we were Sunday School Secretaries together. You came in one Sunday morning and were laughing. I asked you why and you said that Melissa told you that she was going to marry Jeff Krug. Melissa was only in the 7th or 8th grade so we laughed for a long time about it. Many years later we had a surprise when they did get married! --Happy Birthday Julie Pat and Dan | Gracie Cam Pic in Hospital when Megan was born! | Hey Julie, Happy 60th Birthday! We always enjoy playing dominoes with you, unless you're dripping food on your shirt, spilling your wine or almost falling asleep at the table....otherwise it's a great time! We always have a great time at your 4th of July party. We party on the porch and stay to help clean up. We will never forget when you and Raymond surprised us down at the Bahia Mar, South Padre Island. We all had a great time. When you guys were getting ready to leave, after a few too many, Raymond pointed one way to go back to your Condo and you pointed the other way........sorry Julie, but you were wrong.........we always thought you were the smarter one. Anyway, we love you Julie! Curt & Benette Clark | Happy Birthday Julie !! I am very blessed to have you in my life...You are a beautiful person inside and out!! Kailee and I adore you.. I hope you have a very Happy Birthday! I love you!! Angie

26: Jules, I cannot think of a better time than your birthday to thank you for being such a special friend to me. While we have known each other for a long time, our friendship really began when I started working at the Kitchen Gallery. I think there are levels of friendship, from casual to the ones you hold most precious in your heart and that is where I place you. I will forever remember our front porch wine nights, July 4th parties, the Vintage, kidnapping Jack Dickerson's stuffed Easter bunny and the tuna press! You are a loyal and trusted friend. We have shared our deepest sorrows and our greatest joys. You are the kind of person who lights up a room when you enter and the party does not really begin until you have arrived. You give of yourself unconditionally and many people have been on the receiving end of your generosity, me included. I can remember so many times that you have been there for me, to listen, to offer ideas and to cheer me up. So, on this special day, I am wishing you all the happiness you so deserve for many years to come! Fondly, Debbie

27: To My Dear Friend Julie, There are three things that I especially admire about you. Your enthusiasm for a project - whether it be Melissa's Brownie Troop, planning a Toga Party or buying the Kitchen Gallery! How you've rebounded from the sad times in your life with grace and no bitterness. And, of course your great sense of humor. One story that has always stuck with me is the time the "Lushes", Joe's name for our bridge group, were playing cards at my house. It was also the first day that lottery tickets could be bought in Kansas. Julie thought we should all throw in some money and she would drive to Harry's IGA to buy the "lucky" tickets and we'd be rich. The first time was a bust, but Julie's enthusiasm for the project convinced us that another collection should be taken and another run made to Harry's IGA. This might have went on for a third time - I'm not sure because the wine had set in by that time. However, this was a prime example of Julie's enthusiasm for an idea with no bitterness at not winning and just having a good laugh together. Happy 60th Julie!! - Karen Geier | I’ve known Julie since our kids were knee high to a grasshopper. That means for a very long time—at least 30 years. We started playing bridge back then and are still at it today, although it seems like there’s more talking and eating and drinking and less bridge playing these days, which suits everyone just fine. Julie has been through a lot of ups and downs, but no matter what life throws at her, she puts a smile on her face and just gets on with things. Julie, I’m so glad our paths crossed all those years ago and that we’re still friends today. Happy 60th! And I can tell you from experience, life is sweeter after 60! Nancy Seitz

28: Dearest Julie, Believe it or not, when Melissa emailed and asked for us to write a "short note" for your Birthday Book, I was speechless.......rather hard to believe for me, but none the less, I hardly knew where to begin. Thinking back to when we first got to know each other (summer of '69) who knew we would be as close as we are today. Just shows you, one never knows what life has in store for you. Over the past 40 plus years we have shared so many things....working at AAA, going to night school and working full-time during the parties, ski trips, hayrack rides....babies, teenagers, weddings and grandchildren....birthdays, Christmas celebrations, trips to Market, and more fun times. And wine, always lots of wine!!! We've shared our bits of sadness as well, but as survivors, it is up to us to think of what we have today rather than what we don't have. Recently I received this message from a friend and it seems very appropriate to add to this celebration book for you.... "Surround yourself with people who make you laugh. Forget the bad, and focus on the good.... Life is too short to be anything but happy. Falling down is a part of life, getting back up is living." And boy do we know how to live! Sharing this 60th Birthday year with you has been such fun! Like sisters, we are always there for each other, and that is a comfort to me. You recently told me that "blood is thicker than water" but in our case, it really is practically the same. I love you like a sister and look forward to many more years of that kind of friendship and bond. So, raise your glass and toast to "us" and all of our "yesterdays, today and tomorrows"! I love you, girlfriend, Janet P.S. Reading through everything that Janet said reminded me of all those times together and more! Hope you have a "yummy" birthday on this big 60 and many more to come. Love, Mike

29: Sisters

30: Jules, What a wonderful place to work and all the great fun times and memories we have made together at Kitchen Gallery. I can remember going to yours and Phil's wedding several years ago. Our paths have crossed many times over the years. Then in 2000 I started to work at Kitchen Gallery. Some of the great memories were the little creatures we would find in the microwave or refrigerator. Sometimes they even carried over to our "FUN" Christmas Parties. The Christmas Parties were always so much fun, never knew what our gifts might be, even the cookie cutter I received one year. Listening to all of your squirrel stories, what a hoot. You were just giving them a place to put there "nuts". Lots of fun memories I share with a very special caring wonderful person. The 60's are pretty good years, enjoy them. Happy 60th Birthday, Jules.....Love, Linda


32: Who is "Jules" ? J "Jewel" of a Gal! U Unique, considerate friend and Understanding Boss! L Looks and Acts Years Younger than she is! E Exuberant & Energetic, and an Enthusiastic Wine Lover! S Sassy sense of Humor - So fun to be around!! Have a Groovy Birthday!! -Mary Ellen

33: Happy 60th birthday Julie and may there be many many more to come. I first met you through Phil and then again through Karen when I offered Karen the Kitchen Gallery managers job. Yes, she turned me down but told me that she knew the perfedct person for the job. Shortly thereafter you quit your job selling womens clothing and assumed the job as Kitchen Gallery manager. This was the beginning of a great Win / Win situtation for both of us. I will always remember the first markets we went to where you were overwhelmed with all the new items and remembering the new sales associates names and what each had to offer. It was great to see you grow in the kitchenware business and soon letting me know what was good or bad and which sales persons we could trust. I still miss going to the markets around the country but am so proud of you in learning the business and are carrying the Kitchen Galllery name forward. It is in good (great)(exceptional) hands. Merlin | Happy Big "60". Hope your day is full of good times. I just want to say I think you are one of the kindest and helpful people I know. For example how many people do you know that would step right up and help someone they hardly know with their wedding. I had my own personal wedding coordinator, you gave me a bridal shower, helped me pick out a dress, pick up things for me, took me to the beauty shop and let me know how my hair looked , and got me to Jayhawk Towers and helped me get ready. I will never forget how kind and helpful you were. Over the years I have seen you display your kindness in numerous ways to numerous people. Also thanks for training and letting me be a part of the Kitchen Gallery. I am a luck person have you as a friend. Teresa | I can't believe you are going to be 60, in time you will catch up with me... July It has been a pleasure and lots of laughs some times to be associated with you the last 20+ years you have made my life easier most of the time. Love Irma

34: Mom, Happy 60th Birthday! I thought of a story the other day that illustrates how awesome you are. Then today I saw Brad Kemper (prospecting for AFLAC) and out of the blue, he brought up the same story. How ironic is that? So here it is... The year after I played for the Chips (little league baseball) I found myself without a baseball team. This would have been my second year in the Gopher league, maybe 12 years old? The way I remember it now was they moved up to the Pony league and I was left behind without a team, because I was a year younger and still had to play in the Gopher league. Although Brad just told me today that whatever team I was playing for cut me and told you "I just wasn't very good". I don't remember hearing those words, obviously you weren't going to tell me that. Although I can't really argue with that assessment because my first year with the Chips was when I lost the fly ball in the sun and it landed on my face! Thinking back now, maybe I should have joined Melissa at Junior Golf. Who knows, maybe the world would be saying, "Tiger who?" lol. But that's not what I wanted to do, I hated golf and loved baseball. I do remember that you turned into the equivalent of a sports Super Agent. You were on the phones talking with coaches from different teams and managed to get me on the Hammers. There was no way your son was not going to be playing baseball that summer. You knew how upset I was and how much I wanted to play. Brad told me today he was sitting close to you in the stands when we played against the team that cut me. I hit a homerun and he leaned down and said to you, "not very good, huh?" That's just one small story that illustrates how great a mom you are. You did an outstanding job raising Melissa, Michael, and I and I love you very much. Love, Matt

35: Why I love my Grandma Julie, Because her heart is filled with joy. Because she always buys me clothes. She is really nice. Because she is my Grandma. Because she loves me. Because she is a good person in and out. She is caring and loving. Because she is sweet. She lets me help her at work. She loves everyone in the family. I love my Grandma Julie! Kailee Yarrington

36: Going to concertsGordon Lightfoot, our favorite, of course. Our memory books are filled with pages of fun Including ski trips to Colorado, hayrides, parties, parties, parties Too many to mention every one. One year we spent a lot of time Cross stitching Christmas gifts late at night, While drinking hot chocolate with Amaretto Oh, we were a sight. (Then we’d slip away for late-night shopping at Richard Gordman’s.) At 60, we like to think we’ve matured From our Boone’s Farm wine drinking days. We prefer wine tasting at Page Seller’s Winery in Sedona. Yes, we have learned a lot in many ways! We now email and Facebook to stay connected, And we can even text. We download and upload, But we like playing with our smart phones the best. I know if I’m ever on a bumpy ride, Julie would be there to hold a hand to the end. Especially if it’s a rough airplane flight Because she’s that kind of forever friend. Cheers to you Jules!! Love, Connie | It’s my dear friend Julie’s birthday, Who’s turning Sixty years young. Time to light all the candles, And get her birthday song sung. We first met in Lawrence Way back in 1971. That’s when our friendship began And so did the fun! She reminded me of Natalie Wood, The earliest memory, I still recall With her dark hair, pixie nose, bright smile, Big brown eyes and all. We’ve traveled many memories together During our friendship of 40 years. Fortunately most have been shared with laughter And only a few with tears. When I think of Julie, Her bubbly personality comes to mind. With a laugh and a giggle That is definitely one of a kind. Over the years of our friendship We’ve shared in many joys and blessings, too. Weddings, births of our children, And now ‘grandchildren’it’s true. | Happy Birthday, Julie it’s your turn to turn ‘60’!!

37: Memories

38: Grandma

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